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Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership
151 25, ATHENS

Greece > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 1

Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership provides ‘high quality and cost-effective advice’ to stakeholders engaged in big-ticket insolvency and restructuring mandates, with clients appreciative of its ability to provide ‘innovative solutions’. Eirinikos Platis, who was involved in the drafting of the new Insolvency Code, assists clients throughout the life-cycle of a mandate on both contentious and non-contentious situations. Platis has successfully concluded many restructuring projects for the Greek State, and has been appointed as legal counsel of the Special Administrators to debtors in a number of formal pre-bankruptcy procedures. Vassileios Mavrommatis is adept at handling both formal insolvency procedures as well as more transactional restructuring work, regularly acts for bank side clients helping to secure significant returns as creditors while Marina-Eleni Theodorou  is also a key member of the team for corporate restructurings.

Practice head(s):

Eirinikos Platis; Vassileios Mavrommatis; Marina–Eleni Theodorou

Other key lawyers:

Evangelia Nikolopoulou


‘It is a very well-organized firm that provides high quality and cost-effective advice.’

‘It is a leading firm for restructuring and insolvency and excel in providing  innovative solutions.’

They have exceptional knowledge of Bankruptcy Law.’

‘Eirinikos Platis has contributed to the drafting of the new Insolvency Code and is regarded as an authority on the subject.’


Key clients

G. Lazaridis Marmor S.A. Under Special Administration

FESSAS S.A. Under Special Administration

Hellenic Vehicle Industry S.A. (ELVO) Under Special Liquidation

TEMKA S.A. Under Special Administration

Maria AVEE Under Special Administration


ALEX. P. PALAIOLOGOS S.A. Under Special Administration

ONEX GROUP – Project Elefsis Shipyards

AXON HOLDINGS S.A. Under Special Administration

INTRUM HELLAS SA – Project Salamis Shipyards

Work highlights

Greece > Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 2

Noted for its ‘innovative approach’, Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership provides ‘solutions-focused and business-grounded advice’ across a range of banking and capital markets matters. Although the firm does handle some transactional work, it is undoubtedly best known for its regulatory prowess, both in conventional banking and fintech-related matters. ‘Responsive, productive, and solutions-oriented’ managing partner Eirinikos Platis has been pivotal to the team's success on the regulatory front and, as well as advising commercial banks, has been instructed by the Greek Ministry of Finance for advice in relation to the four systemic banks, in addition to a recent high-profile mandate regarding the modernisation and strengthening of the country’s capital markets infrastructure. Vassileios Mavrommatis co-heads the team alongside Platis and is noted, in particular, for his NPL knowledge.

Practice head(s):

Eirinikos Platis; Vassileios Mavrommatis

Other key lawyers:

Alexandra Balta


‘The firm provides solutions-focused and business-grounded advice.’ 

‘It is a very strong team with superior knowledge, especially on banking and finance matters. Their ability to solve the most complex regulatory matters and their exposure to digital financing distinguishes them from others in the market.’

‘Innovative approach. A highly skilled team of young professionals committed to providing the best solution to their clients.’

‘Eirinikos Platis is our trusted advisor for our operations in Greece. We often engage him with advice for multiple European jurisdictions.’

Eirinikos Platis is responsive, productive, and solutions oriented.’

‘Superb drafting of contracts. They ensure that all legal aspects are considered in our projects.’

‘The team demonstrated a strong understanding of the legal challenge we were facing and put forward a practical approach tailored to the industry’s characteristics to address the issue. The team exhibited a remarkable cohesion, with each legal advisor being well-informed and possessing an in-depth grasp of the legal framework.’

‘The qualities I would highlight about the firm include teamwork, problem-solving ability, technical proficiency, attention to detail, creativity, negotiation skills, network and ethical behaviour.’

Key clients

Greek Ministry of Finance

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Hamburg Commercial Bank AG

Viva Payment Services Single Member S.A.

Individual Mortgage Solutions – Financial Consulting (IMS-FC OE)

Santander Consumer Finance S.A.

CERO Generation Holdings Greece Limited

Nordic Leisure Travel Group

Starboard Digital Strategies

Work highlights

  • Advised the Greek Ministry of Finance on the project for ‘Designing the Capital Market Development Strategy for Greece’’, aiming to strengthen the Greek capital markets.
  • Obtained, on behalf of IMS Individual Mortgage Solutions FC, the first licence ever to be provided by Bank of Greece to an independent housing credit intermediary.
  • Provided legal advice in relation to the establishment of the FinTech Regulatory Sandbox at the Bank of Greece.

Greece > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Described as a team with ‘knowledge, skills, and a professional attitude’, Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership is adept at solving corporate, commercial, and M&A matters, particularly within the pharmaceutical, technology, and commodities sectors. In Athens, Julia Pournara and Lia Vitzilaiou co-head the outfit, with the former specialising in handling commercial transactions and compliance matters, whilst the latter focuses on M&A, antitrust, and EU law issues.

Practice head(s):

Julia Pournara; Lia Vitzilaiou


‘Perfect teamwork and technical knowledge and ability.’

‘The main characteristics of the individuals are their resourcefulness, kindness, experience, and knowledge.’

Knowledge, professionalism, effectiveness, and prompt delivery.’

‘Prompt service, knowledge, skills and a professional attitude. I would like to give a special mention to Lia Vitzilaiou.’

‘Deliver a high quality of legal services on time and as requested. Availability on request and accurate in meetings and discussions. Excellent knowledge of local and European law and directives, adapted to our specific cases. Good use of new technology. Collaboration is of a high standard. A commercial attitude and human approach when applicable. Billing is always reasonable and aligns with an accurate analysis of the services provided.’

‘They are always available upon request, reachable by email, phone, and Teams meetings, and respect our business needs and deadlines. The advice and services delivered are always to the point and in the client’s interests.’

Key clients

Fujitsu General (Euro) GmbH


Missoni SpA


Kotsovolos S.A. (Currys)

Cisco Interworking Systems Hellas Société Anonyme

3M Company

Aquila Capital Management GmbH



Cepal Hellas Financial Services Single Member S.A.

United Technologies International Operations INC

GAP Pharmaceuticals SA

Orchestra Hellas Société Anonyme Children’s Clothing Commerce

Yara Hellas Société Anonyme Commerce of Fertilizers

Honeywell International Inc.


Voestalpine Böhler Welding Hellas S.A – Welding consumables

Work highlights

  • Provided full transaction support services to Fujitsu General (Euro) GmbH with regard to an intended acquisition in the local market.
  • Assisted Missoni SpA with the cross-border merger with its Greek subsidiary and the registration of a Greek branch.
  • Assisted Hellas Gold S.A. with regard to the design and implementation of a merger with an affiliated company, as well as with the identification and fulfilment of the necessary regulatory requirements and notifications.

Greece > Employment Tier 3

Advising on complex, often multi-jurisdictional labour and employment matters, Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership's practice assists both international and domestic entities. Displaying extensive expertise in HR issues, employee transfers, and post-deal transaction integration measures, the team is led by Maria Rigaki, who specialises in employment law litigation and collective dismissal procedures. Maria Gkatzou focuses on immigration and social security law matters.

Practice head(s):

Maria Rigaki

Other key lawyers:


‘They have experience, knowledge, and capability. They deliver solutions, and they are business oriented and supportive.’

‘The team compromises experienced professionals who bring to the table industry-specific experience, enabling them to navigate complex challenges with precision, identifying and solving the most intricate issues and offering customised solutions that address the unique needs of the client.’

‘The teamwork and cooperation between the different departments allows the client to benefit from the collective knowledge and skills of the entire team, which ultimately leads to holistic solutions.’

‘They understand the client’s unique needs and tailor their services accordingly.’

‘Maria Rigaki always prioritises our unique needs and objectives, creating strong relationships. She is always available, even at short notice, providing expert, accurate, timely and tailor-made advice. Finally, she maintains the highest ethical standards in all her interactions and decision-making.’

Key clients

Randstad Hellas S.A.

Elpedison S.A.

Foundever- Sitel Group


Viking Norsafe Life- Saving Equipment Hellas S.A.

Hack the Box



Oliver Wyman


Eu Kable


Dixons South‑East Europe SA


Greece > EU and competition Tier 3

Demonstrating the ‘highest technical competence and innovative thinking’, Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership advises clients from across the public, energy and pharmaceutical sectors on complex competition law issues and during proceedings brought by the Hellenic Competition Commission. The department is jointly led from Athens by the ‘very experienced’ Lia Vitzilaiou and Julia Pournara, who specialise in agency and distribution affairs, along with antitrust compliance matters.

Practice head(s):

Julia Pournara; Lia Vitzilaiou


‘This practice stands out due to the team’s ability to offer customised, client-centric services, leverage cutting-edge technology, and provide evidence of past successes through case studies and testimonials.’

‘I had the privilege of working with Lia Vitzilaiou, and I must say, her expertise and dedication left me thoroughly impressed!’

‘Throughout the process, Lia demonstrated remarkable strategic thinking. She was quick to identify potential pitfalls and develop innovative solutions to overcome them. From our first consultation, it was evident that she possessed an unparalleled understanding of competition laws and regulations. Her ability to dissect complex legal issues and provide clear, concise explanations was truly remarkable.’

‘In the world of competition law, Lia is a true standout. Her depth of knowledge, dedication, strategic acumen, and outstanding communication skills make her an exceptional choice for anyone seeking expert legal counsel in competition law matters. She is, without a doubt, a legal superstar! ’

‘The Platis-Anastassiadis competition team has the highest technical competence, innovative thinking and they are incredibly business oriented. This means that they are able to provide legally impeccable but at the same time commercially focused advice.’

‘Lia Vitzilaiou has impressed me not only for her expertise and technical abilities, but also her efficiency and business thinking. She is an expert of competition law but at the same time she has a very clear understanding of the commercial, business and reputational aspects of the issues at hand, and always focuses on the points that really matter. She inspires trust and she has exceptional work ethic.’

‘In-depth knowledge of competition law, experienced partners.’

‘Lia Vitzilaiou: very experienced and hard working, well respected among the competition law community in Greece.’

Key clients

EUROPEAN COMMISSION (Directorate General for Structural Reform Support)

Kotsovolos S.A. (Currys)

Fujitsu General (Euro) GmbH

Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems

Yara Hellas Société Anonyme Commerce of Fertilizers

Pharmathen SA

Cosmos Aluminium S.A.


Work highlights

  • Secured the successful bid in the RFP of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION (Directorate General for Structural Reform Support) entitled Greek State Aid Modernisation – Strengthening the institutional setup for state aid control in Greece.
  • Supported Fujitsu General (Euro) on drafting a legal opinion regarding a potential merger filing obligation to the Hellenic Competition Commission.
  • Provided competition law compliance services to Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems including competition law seminars and trainings.

Greece > TMT Tier 3

Being ‘strongly attuned to the business needs’ of clients, the digital law team at Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership provides extensive insight into data protection measures and issues surrounding IP rights. The group has specialised legal services in the fields of AI, crypto-assets and digital transformation, with the Athens-based practice being spearheaded by Antonios Broumas, an expert in technology law. Eirinikos Platis is highly regarded for his participation in digital transformation projects in banking and capital markets.

Practice head(s):

Antonios Broumas

Other key lawyers:


‘The team is always willing to support us in any query or need we have, their response is always prompt, accurate & thorough.’

‘Antonis Broumas has a high level of expertise in his field and both him and his team are always willing to help.’

‘Platis-Anastassiadis’ TMT practice is strongly attuned to the business needs of its clients, while at the same time offering solid scientific and technical support at a competitive price.’

‘While the entire TMT practice is comprised of creditworthy professionals, the team’s leading manager, Antonis Broumas, deserves special notice. Antonis has superior communication skills, can explain complex notions with ease, and goes to great lengths to ensure that the client’s needs are met with haste, comfort and confidence.’

Key clients

Free Now Greece S.A.

Kotsovolos S.A. (Currys)


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Piraeus Bar Association

Information Society S.A.

National Centre for Scientific Research Democritos

Work highlights

  • Acts as external DPO for Kotsovolos (Currys), a major electronics retail company.
  • Executed the public contract under the title Provision of Intellectual Property Exploitation and Advisory Services on behalf of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Acts as DPO of the Piraeus Bar Association, executes the client’s data protection compliance programme and supervises its day-to-day compliance with data protection law.

Greece > Real estate and construction Tier 4

With expertise spanning the entire property life cycle, including joint ventures, financing and development, Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership draws upon the global EY Law network to offer cross-border support in due diligence and transactions. Based out of Athens, Eirinikos Platis heads the real estate practice, regularly advising international and domestic clients on the structure of their acquisitions and financing, while Paola Mammou focuses on real estate projects for either commercial or residential use.

Practice head(s):

Eirinikos Platis

Other key lawyers:

Paola Mammou

Key clients

Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF)

WFC Greece 1 Single Member Société Anonyme

G. Lazaridis Marmor S.A. Under Special Administration


Maria AVEE Under Special Administration

Alpha Kentavros Real Estate Société Anonyme

FESSAS S.A. Under Special Administration

TEMKA S.A. Under Special Administration

Hellenic Vehicle Industry S.A. (ELVO)

Work highlights

Platis – Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership is the associated law firm of EY in Greece with a core team of 45 lawyers. The firm was established in 2011 and in a short period of time, has developed into a leading Greek law firm, both in conventional as well as innovative law fields. It is part of the global EY Law network, spanning in 90+ jurisdictions and comprising more than 3,500 lawyers.

Platis-Anastassiadis & Associates Law Partnership combines high-quality legal services beyond geographical boundaries, with a focus on business perspective, practicality and industry-specific knowledge. Based on such an approach, the lawyers of the firm work closely with other EY professionals to provide cross-sectoral offerings and serve as an one-stop shop for foreign and national investors.

Our lawyers understand the increasingly complex commercial, corporate, regulatory and tax laws of the global economy. The firm provides holistic guidance around strategic business decisions, reducing the gap between business advisors and legal counsels, and offering support services that increase efficiency and reduce costs of both strategic as well routine legal activities.

Areas of practice: The firm advises on every aspect of Greek corporate and commercial law; transactions; M&As; competition law; civil law; banking and finance; data privacy and digital law; labour law; restructuring and insolvency law and tax law.

Corporate and commercial: The firm advises clients on their day-to-day corporate law issues; corporate restructuring; establishment of legal entities and branches; corporate secretarial services; drafting commercial agreements of any kind; representing clients within the frames of commercial litigation.

Transaction and M&A: The firm provides full legal support with regard to transactions and M&A, ranging from legal due diligence in a wide caliber of industries, to drafting all necessary transaction documents, providing legal support during negotiation and implementation, including drafting all necessary corporate resolutions and ancillary contractual documents. For the transaction and M&A services the firm often cooperates with other EY professionals, including valuation and transaction advisory.

Competition law: The firm provides full legal support on competition law, including antitrust compliance; addressing implications arising from all aspects of clients’ business; providing legal support within the frames of sectoral inquires by the Hellenic Competition Commission; legal advice within the frames of state aid;  establishing distribution networks; merger filings; providing legal support within the frames of agency agreements.

Banking and finance: The firm provides advice on banking and capital markets regulations; credit and financial institutions’ compliance requirements; assisting regulated entities with their entrance into the Greek banking and finance market and providing support throughout the establishment procedure;  NPLs legal framework, as well as stock exchange and securities regulations. The firm also acts as legal counsels in privatisation projects.

Digital law: Platis Anastassiadis has invested in developing a practice to tackle all legal issues related with the application of new technologies. It is the leading firm in the provision of legal services in the field of data protection law in Greece. The firm has supported the compliance of major corporations with the General Data Protection Regulation and offers legal support to data protection officers and businesses across the Greek market. The firm also provides all-round legal services to prominent clients in the Greek TMT and Banking sector and is engaged in high-profile projects of EY related to innovative technologies, such as open banking, big data, 5G, IoT, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Its expert digital law team consists of five business-oriented professionals with significant experience on the field, cross-sectoral practice and in-depth knowledge of EU and Greek digital law.

Employment law: The firm has a broad experience on a wide variety of labour law matters of individual or collective nature such as HR due diligence, collective redundancies, termination of executive personnel, company reorganisations, transfer of undertakings, compensation and benefits and from day-to-day counselling, to negotiations and sophisticated litigation. The practice is recommended for its ‘excellent knowledge of Greek and EU labor law’ and is particularly knowledgeable of labor matters in the energy, financial services, retail, shipping, human resources and tourism sectors.

Restructuring and insolvency: The firm’s dedicated Insolvency and Restructuring team has risen to become a market leader, demonstrating a long record of successful projects in: common and special insolvency, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedures, as well as special administration and special liquidation procedures. More specifically the team is a pioneer in the Special Administration procedures of law 4307/2014 by already handling multiple debtors under the special administration regime, where it provides holistic services from the filing of the petition before the courts until the final distribution of proceeds, on behalf of the firm’s clients, i.e. Greek Systemic Banks (creditors). In addition, the Insolvency and Restructuring team is the legal advisor of numerous restructuring proceedings in a wide range of companies and relevant procedures.

Healthcare and life sciences The combined expertise of a dedicated multidisciplinary team within the firm is uniquely positioned to meet the diversified needs of clients active in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. We provide creative and business-oriented advice on a variety of matters puzzling clients in the pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics industries, as well as in the medicinal and industrial cannabis sectors. Our specialized services cover compliance and ethics, audits and investigations, competition and anti-trust, data privacy, M&As, regulatory and licensing requirements, commercial collaborations and promotional activities.

Tax law: The tax controversy team consists of experienced professionals with a strong academic legal and economic background and an business acumen that distinguishes them from the rest of the law firms in the Greek market. The tax controversy services offered by the firm include support and representation of the clients during all stages of a tax audit, i.e. towards the tax authorities before the issuance of tax assessments, at the stage of the quasi-judicial appeal before the Tax Dispute Resolution Directorate and eventually at the level of courts up to the Greek Supreme Court (Συμβούλιο της Επικρατείας ΣτΕ). The current success rate of the firm at court level is unprecedented. This is the reason a rising number of Greek and foreign multinational clients are entrusting the firm with the resolution of their disputes with the Greek tax authorities.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial Eirinikos Platis 00302102886512
Competition Lia Vitzilaiou 00302102886512
Banking and capital markets Eirinikos Platis 00302102886512
Data protection Antonios Broumas 00302102886512
Civil Eirinikos Platis 00302102886512
Energy Eirinikos Platis 00302102886512
Labour and employment Maria Rigaki 00302102886512
Real estate Eirinikos Platis 00302102886512
IP/IT Antonios Broumas 00302102886512
Insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings Vassileios Mavrommatis 00302102886512
Tax Tassos Anastassiadis 00302102886592
Healthcare and Life Sciences Julia Pournara 00302102886915
Photo Name Position Profile
Efstathia   Stavropoulou  photo Ms Efstathia Stavropoulou Associate
Tassos Anastassiadis photo Tassos Anastassiadis Partner
Katerina  Artopoulou photo Katerina Artopoulou Associate
Alexandra  Athanasiou photo Alexandra Athanasiou Associate
Chrysa Bakirtzoglou photo Chrysa Bakirtzoglou Senior Associate
Alexandra Balta photo Alexandra Balta Manager
Antonios Broumas photo Antonios Broumas Senior Manager
Alexandra  Daniil photo Ms Alexandra Daniil Senior Associate
Kyriakos-Christos Dimitriadis photo Kyriakos-Christos Dimitriadis Senior Associate
Giorgos  Filippakis  photo Giorgos Filippakis Senior Associate
Dionysis  Fotopoulos photo Dionysis Fotopoulos Trainee Lawyer
Nikolas  Galdadas photo Nikolas Galdadas Trainee Lawyer
Stephanie  Georganta  photo Stephanie Georganta Trainee Lawyer
Maria Gkatzou photo Maria Gkatzou Manager
Maria  Ioannou photo Dr Maria Ioannou Manager
Glykeria Kolovou photo Glykeria Kolovou Associate
Elia Kostopoulou photo Elia Kostopoulou Trainee Lawyer
Maria-Eleni Kougiatsou photo Maria-Eleni Kougiatsou Assistant Manager
Paola Mammou photo Paola Mammou Manager
Vassileios Mavrommatis photo Vassileios Mavrommatis Partner
Marilena Mykoniati photo Marilena Mykoniati Trainee Lawyer
Evangelia Nikolopoulou photo Evangelia Nikolopoulou Manager
Panagiotis  Papachristos  photo Panagiotis Papachristos Associate
Jenny  Papakonstantinou photo Jenny Papakonstantinou Trainee Lawyer
Nikolaos  Papameletiou photo Mr Nikolaos Papameletiou Associate
Gelly  Patsialou photo Ms Gelly Patsialou Senior Associate  
Chrissa  Penlioglou photo Ms Chrissa Penlioglou Associate  
Eirinikos Platis photo Eirinikos Platis Partner
Julia Pournara photo Julia Pournara Partner
Mary Radou-Gatsia photo Mary Radou-Gatsia Associate
Maria Rigaki photo Maria Rigaki Partner
Kalliopi  Roussou photo Ms Kalliopi Roussou Senior Associate
Katerina  Stasoulakou  photo Katerina Stasoulakou Associate
Dimitra  Strompola  photo Dimitra Strompola Trainee Lawyer
Marina-Eleni Theodorou photo Marina-Eleni Theodorou Manager
Eleftherios  Tranakos photo Eleftherios Tranakos Associate
Stella Tsianta photo Stella Tsianta Trainee Lawyer
Danai Tsouni photo Ms Danai Tsouni Associate
Maria Vertzagia photo Maria Vertzagia Senior Associate
Lia Vitzilaiou photo Lia Vitzilaiou Director
Christina  Ziakka photo Christina Ziakka Associate
Number of lawyers : 41
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