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Augusta Abogados
Vía Augusta 252, 4ª - 08017 Barcelona

Augusta Abogados is a professional law firm specialised in commercial law, tax, restructuring of companies, labour law, air and space law, intellectual property and procedural law, amongst others, with the aim to create an innovative project, able to attract high-standard professionals. It currently brings together a set of partners, namely: Jaime Fernández, Juan José Hita, Miquel Àngel Alonso, Alicia Herrador, Sergi Giménez, Juan José Terraza, Rodolfo Fernández-Cuellas and Borja de Abadal, all of whom are renowned for their remarkable reputation and broad experience. The partners at Augusta Abogados are joined by a high performance, close-knit team of professionals who cover the main areas of corporate law.

Augusta Abogados proactively tackles the constant changes the practice faces with new technologies, new trends in economic activity, consumer habits, corporate practice, business models and, above all, the regulatory framework. Our work is agile and effective, directed at providing the appropriate legal solutions in a globalised, digital, hyper-dynamic and greatly changing world.

Augusta Abogados is geared towards providing added value services within the practical quality and technical rigours of our services. We engage with our clients for the planning and development of their corporate activity, thus contributing to their goals with effectiveness and legal certainty. Our services are provided by multidisciplinary teams made up of professionals whose broad experience is complemented with ongoing, top level training.

We advise a wide range of clients: large corporate groups, listed companies, multinational companies, private equity companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, high net worth individuals, family offices, start-ups, management and NGOs.

We have strong commitment to service and by the practical orientation of the advice we provide with the aim to build a long-term relationship based on trust.

We seek clients who honour us with their trust and enable us to feel proud of their achievements and who offer stimulating challenges, who encourage us to innovate, to seek creative solutions, and who demand practical results.

Our clients offer the opportunity to exercise our abilities, to widen our knowledge, to learn from them about their businesses and their management capacity, while building our experience.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate & Commercial, Aviation Sergi Giménez +34.933.621.620
Aviation Jaime Fernández +34.933.621.620
Litigation & Arbitration Alicia Herrador +34.933.621.620
Tax Juan José Terraza +34.933.621.620
Labour Juan José Hita +34.933.621.620
Public Law Miquel Àngel Alonso +34.933.621.620
Corporate & Commercial, Litigation & Arbitration Rodolfo Fernández-Cuellas +34.933.621.620
Tax Borja de Abadal +34.933.621.620
Photo Name Position Profile
Miquel Àngel Alonso photo Mr Miquel Àngel Alonso
Borja De Abadal photo Mr Borja De Abadal
Jaime Fernández Cortés photo Mr Jaime Fernández Cortés Partner of Augusta Abogados He assumes the direction of disputes in any…
Rodolfo Fernández-Cuellas photo Dr Rodolfo Fernández-Cuellas
Sergi Giménez Binder photo Mr Sergi Giménez Binder Partner of Augusta Abogados Sergi Giménez boasts a long career in the…
Alicia Herrador Muñoz photo Ms Alicia Herrador Muñoz Partner of Augusta Abogados Alicia’s professional activity is centred on civil and…
Juan José Hita Fernández photo Mr Juan José Hita Fernández Partner of Augusta Abogados Advises in all employment law topics, industrial relations…
Juan José Terraza Torra photo Mr Juan José Terraza Torra Partner of Augusta Abogados Lawyer specialized in personal and Corporate Taxation and…
Staffing figures : 55
IAWA (International Aviation Womens Association)
IBA (International Bar Association)
International Trade Mark Association (INTA)
L2B Aviation
International Practice Group