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Earth Avocats

Earth Avocats is heavily involved in the management of public projects. It provides its legal expertise in France and abroad. The support in the implementation of public projects is thus at the heart of its know-how, in order to promote the success of the most complex operations. Earth Avocats is composed of 36 lawyers, divided between the Paris Office and the Brussels Office (30 lawyers in the Paris Office and 6 lawyers in the Brussels Office).

Earth Avocats specializes in public business law and related matters. It is composed in Paris of nine partners, Yves-René GUILLOU, Florence DAVID, Thomas LAFFARGUE, Bruno KERN, Jean-Philippe DEBATS, Karim HAMRI, Maïté LAVRILLEUX, Benoît PERRINEAU, Ian OUAKNINE, Marie-Pierre Alix and Stéphanie DE LAROULLIERE (seven of whom are dedicated to public business law) and three of counsel. The firm’s partners and of counsel are supported by a team of about ten associates.

In addition to its Paris office, Earth Avocats has a structure in Brussels, composed of two partners, two of counsel and four associates (specialized in public law and competition law) as well as a secondary office in Belfort managed by Bruno KERN (specialized in public law).

Earth Avocats is divided into different areas of activity:

  • Mobilities
  • Health, Social Housing, Sport / Culture
  • Energy / Water / Waste
  • Development / Construction / Real Estate / Environment
  • Telecoms and their installations
  • Taxation
  • Corporate / Company law
  • IP / IT Personal Data

This organization into sectors of activity guarantees our clients lawyers assigned to each mission who have a perfect command of the legal aspects of public law (contracts, public domain, institutional law of establishments, etc.) and also the specific contextual elements of each of these sectors.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public and Administrative Law Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Construction Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Real estate Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Media, culture, sport and leisure Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
The Regions Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Construction Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Public and Administrative Law Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Environment Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Data privacy and data protection Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Corporate, M&A Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Compliance Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
The Regions Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Public and Administrative Law Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Construction Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Media, culture, sport and leisure Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Intellectual property Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Data privacy and data protection Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Real estate Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
The Regions Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Tax Jean-Phillippe DEBATS 01-45-62-71-17
Public and Administrative Law Karim HAMRI 01-45-62-71-14
Public and Administrative Law Bruno KERN 06-07-06-72-45
The Regions Bruno KERN 06-07-06-72-45
Restructuring and insolvency Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI 01-45-62-71-05
Intellectual property Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI 01-45-62-71-05
Private Equity Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI 01-45-62-71-05
Construction Benoît PERRINEAU 01-45-62-71-20
Environment Benoît PERRINEAU 01-45-62-71-20
Corporate, M&A Ian OUAKNINE 01-45-62-71-10
Restructuring and insolvency Ian OUAKNINE 01-45-62-71-10
Construction Stéphanie DE LAROULLIERE 01-45-62-51-38
Real Estate Stéphanie DE LAROULLIERE 01-45-62-51-38
Construction Marie-Pierre ALIX 01-45-62-51-37
Real Estate Marie-Pierre ALIX 01-45-62-51-37
Photo Name Position Profile
 Marie-Pierre ALIX  photo Marie-Pierre ALIX Partner Construction and Real Estate Division
 Stéphanie DE LAROULLIERE  photo Stéphanie DE LAROULLIERE Partner Construction and Real Estate Division
Mme Florence David photo Mme Florence David PartnerHead of the Health, Social Housing, Sport and Culture Division
Mr Jean-Philippe Debats  photo Mr Jean-Philippe Debats Partner (Tax specialist) Head of the tax department
Mr Yves-René GUILLOU  photo Mr Yves-René GUILLOU Lawyer Managing Partner 
Mr Karim Hamri  photo Mr Karim Hamri Partner Head of the telecoms division and their infrastructures Head of litigation
Mr Bruno Kern  photo Mr Bruno Kern PartnerHead of the major public services and local authority division
 Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI  photo Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI Partner Co-head of the corporate division
Mr Thomas Laffargue photo Mr Thomas Laffargue Partner Head of the mobility and transport division Co-head of the energy…
Mr Ian Ouaknine  photo Mr Ian Ouaknine PartnerCo-head of the corporate division
 Benoît PERRINEAU  photo Benoît PERRINEAU PartnerHead of Urban planning, development, environement division
Partners : 11
Of Counsel : 3
Associates : 16
Key Clients : Bouygues Telecom/ Hospital Group of Sud Francilien/ Evolea/ ASIP Santé/ SIAEAG / Bouygues Bâtiments/ Ile de France / Créteil Hospital Center/ Eau de Paris/ Guadeloupe Airport/ University of Strasbourg