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Earth Avocats
20 rue Quentin Bauchart
75008 Paris

Administrative and public law Tier 5

Earth Avocats


A responsive team providing high quality work’.

Key clients

Bouygues Telecom

Groupe Hospitalier Sud Francilien


ASIP Santé


Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France

Centre hospitalier de Créteil

Eau de Paris

Aéroport de Guadeloupe

Université de Strasbourg

We are a business law firm, combining a deep knowledge of the regulated sectors with the transactional approach of private law firms.
We offer our strategic vision and legal expertise to public and private players in charge of health, mobility, infrastructure, energy, electronic communications and real estate.
We put the business at the heart of the human and the human at the heart of the business ” We are very committed to the success of our clients’ projects. We combine a strategic vision with a very high level of expertise. »


Department Name Email Telephone
Public and Administrative Law Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Construction Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Real estate Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Media, culture, sport and leisure Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
The Regions Yves-René GUILLOU 06-86-84-43-82
Construction Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Public and Administrative Law Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Environment Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Data privacy and data protection Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Corporate, M&A Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Compliance Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
The Regions Thomas LAFFARGUE 01-45-62-71-09
Public and Administrative Law Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Construction Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Media, culture, sport and leisure Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Intellectual property Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Data privacy and data protection Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Real estate Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
The Regions Florence DAVID 01-45-62-71-03
Tax Jean-Phillippe DEBATS 01-45-62-71-17
Public and Administrative Law Karim HAMRI 01-45-62-71-14
Public and Administrative Law Bruno KERN 06-07-06-72-45
The Regions Bruno KERN 06-07-06-72-45
Restructuring and insolvency Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI 01-45-62-71-05
Intellectual property Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI 01-45-62-71-05
Private Equity Maïté LAVRILLEUX-CARBONI 01-45-62-71-05
Construction Benoît PERRINEAU 01-45-62-71-20
Environment Benoît PERRINEAU 01-45-62-71-20
Corporate, M&A Ian OUAKNINE 01-45-62-71-10
Restructuring and insolvency Ian OUAKNINE 01-45-62-71-10
Associates : 9
Of Counsel : 4
Partners : 13
Key Clients : Bouygues Telecom/ Hospital Group of Sud Francilien/ Evolea/ ASIP Santé/ SIAEAG / Bouygues Bâtiments/ Ile de France / Créteil Hospital Center/ Eau de Paris/ Guadeloupe Airport/ University of Strasbourg