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Dispute resolution > Dispute resolution: class actions (including derivative actions) Tier 2

Berkman & Co’s firm-wide focus on dispute resolution pays dividends in a steadfast client list that includes names the boutique has been advising for decades, including Pelephone Communications. The team handles a significant volume of class and derivative actions, with notable expertise in telecoms, financial services, consumer protection and securities, among others. Firm founder Ron Berkman has a pioneering record in class actions and anchors a group that also includes experienced litigators Nachum Kubovsky and Gilad Porat.

Practice head(s):

Ron Berkman; Nachum Kubovsky; Gilad Porat

Other key lawyers:

Sharon Markovich

Key clients

The Phoenix Group – Phoenix Pension and Savings

Adv. Yaakov Atrakchi – Founder and Presiding CEO of Aura Israel

Israel Chemicals Group

Migdal Insurance Company

Meitav Dash Investment House

Dr. Michael Har-Noy

Yakov Benjamin Investments and Holdings et al.

Edeltech Group

10 directors in Bazan Group

Pelephone Communications

Harel, Chen, Gil and Israel Shapira – Brothers and controlling shareholders of Shapir Engineering and Manufacturing Group

Nesher Baz, Adv. Erez Aharoni and Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer & Co.


Work highlights

  • Representing the Phoenix Group – Phoenix Pension and Savings in legal proceedings and an appeal against the certification of a class action of more than NIS100m concerning management fees.
  • Representing Migdal Insurance in a large class action, involving six other respondent insurance companies, which — after 12 years of litigation — was concluded with a settlement agreement (pending court approval).
  • Representing Meitav Dash Investment House in an appeal against the certification of a NIS400m class action and in the subsequent settlement.

Dispute resolution > Dispute resolution: local litigation and arbitration Tier 2

A dispute resolution boutique, Berkman & Co stands out for its ‘thorough and determined team’. The firm’s exclusive focus on contentious work pays dividends in a broad case list that encompasses commercial litigation, shareholder disputes, class and derivative actions, and arbitration and mediation proceedings, among other work. Founding partner Ron Berkman is a key contact for complex cases and co-heads the department together with administrative law specialist Nachum Kubovsky and Gilad Porat, who brings to the table significant expertise in international disputes. The group also draws on Elad Chen, Yair Leder and Roy Berkman — all of whom handle civil and commercial litigation.

Practice head(s):

Ron Berkman; Nachum Kubovsky; Gilad Porat

Other key lawyers:

Elad Chen; Yair Leder; Roy Berkman; Shachar Haselkorn


‘A thorough and determined team. It never gives up.’

‘Lawyers are very helpful and professional.’

Key clients

Israel Chemicals Group

Edeltech Group

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Messer’s Moshe and Mandy Gertner

Mr. Haim Taib and a controlled company

Controlling shareholders of Eitan Medical

Acro Real Estate Group

Infin Capital

Group of directors (Kibbutzim) in Tnuva Group


Mr. Nahum Bitan, Controlling Shareholder in Yenot Bitan Retail Chain

Messers’ Keidan Dahari & Yaron Adiv, owners of Tnuport Yielding Properties


Dow Group

Mr. Ilan Ben Dov

Mr. Lev Leviev, together with companies under his control


Delloitte Touche Israel

Mr. Oved Anter and companies under his control

Soda Stream (of the Pepsico Group)

Gazit Globe Group

Pelephone Communications

The Brown Family

Controlling shareholders of B.S.R Europe

Nakash Family and Ampa Group

Electra Construction (of the Electra Group)

Work highlights

  • Represented Israel Chemicals Group in a $300m claim against IBM, and also in IBM’s $35m counterclaim against Israel Chemicals Group, arising from the cessation by IBM of a global SAP project across Israel Chemical’s worldwide subsidiaries.
  • Represented Moshe and Mandy Gertner in a $1.5bn dispute with Dan Gertler, as well as in a $15m claim against the Stambler family in relation to joint real estate projects in Poland.
  • Represented Haim Taib, founder of Mitrelli Group and president and founder of Menomadin Foundation, in a dispute with his former partner, Eytan Stibbe, concerning a foreign joint business venture.

The firm: Berkman & Co. is a boutique firm specializing in complex commercial litigation in all its diverse aspects, as well as in the field of class actions and derivative actions.

The firm is headed by Adv Ron Berkman, founder of the firm and one of the most experienced, well renowned and leading attorneys in Israel in the field of commercial litigation

The firm’s repute and considerable experience, and its regular ranking in the top-tier group in the various legal directories, in Israel and worldwide, position Berkman & Co. as a leader among law firms in its areas of practice.

The firm’s clients include, among others, domestic and global private and public companies, high-tech companies, banks and financial institutions, leading law and accounting firms, telecommunications and cellular companies, insurance companies, some of the most prominent and important business people in the Israeli economy, as well as public company directors and officers.

Berkman & Co. is committed to the success of its clients and believes in personal relationships and in quality, focused and in-depth management of cases, tailored individually to each client’s needs, all the while drawing on its deep understanding of the business world and the needs of the client.

Areas of practice
Commercial litigation: Berkman & Co. handles large-scale, complex, high-profile cases in all civil-commercial litigation channels.

The firm represents Israeli and foreign clients in commercial disputes on a large scale involving the multiplicity of issues which are at the heart of business activity, among them corporate control contests in public companies and in partnerships, commercial disputes of vast scope, minority discrimination and oppression claims, director and officer liability, class actions, derivative actions, libel, and more.

The firm’s clients include, inter alia, giant corporations and leading business persona in the Israeli economy, such as Israel Chemicals, the Dead Sea Works, Mr Lev Leviev, Mr Ilan Ben Dov, the Saidoff Group, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Excellence Investment House, Meitav Dash Investment House, Pelephone Communications Ltd., the Edeltech Group, the Ampa Group, the Nakash brothers, SodaStream, and other prominent businesspeople and companies in the Israeli economy.

Over the years, the firm has accumulated significant experience and has earned an excellent reputation. Berkman & Co. is regularly ranked in the top-tier category in the various legal directories in Israel and abroad as one of the leaders among Israeli law firms in the field of commercial litigation.

Class actions and derivative actions: Berkman & Co. represents companies, directors and officers in class actions and derivative actions, in both the economic-commercial sphere and the consumer sphere.

The firm’s team has extensive experience in the representation of companies in hundreds of class action cases spanning a variety of fields, including communications, consumerism, securities, banking, insurance, environmental protection, and more.

In addition, the firm has considerable experience in representing directors and officers in class actions and derivative actions in the economic-commercial arena, as well as in defending accounting firms and professional companies that provide professional opinions, guarantees and credit, etc.

The firm’s clients in these fields include, among others, the Meitav Dash Investment House, Pelephone Communications Ltd., Mr Lev Leviev, the Edeltech Group, Easy Forex Ltd., Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar & Co., Trigger-Foresight,  Nirlat Ltd., as well as officers in private and public companies (among them Oil Refineries (Bazan), Israel Petrochemical Enterprises, and more).

Over the years, the firm has accumulated extensive experience and has earned an exceptional reputation. Berkman & Co. is regularly ranked in the top-tier category in the various legal directories in Israel and abroad as one of the leaders among Israeli law firms in the field of class actions.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation Ron Berkman
Litigation Nachum Kubovsky
Litigation Gilad Porat
Litigation Elad Chen
Litigation Yair Leder
Litigation Roy Berkman
Arbitration Ron Berkman
Arbitration Nachum Kubovsky
Arbitration Gilad Porat
Arbitration Elad Chen
Arbitration Yair Leder
Arbitration Roy Berkman
Class actions Ron Berkman
Class actions Nachum Kubovsky
Class actions Gilad Porat
Class actions Elad Chen
Class actions Yair Leder
Class actions Roy Berkman
Administrative law Ron Berkman
Administrative law Nachum Kubovsky
Administrative law Gilad Porat
Administrative law Elad Chen
Administrative law Yair Leder
Administrative law Roy Berkman
Derivative suits Ron Berkman
Derivative suits Nachum Kubovsky
Derivative suits Gilad Porat
Derivative suits Elad Chen
Derivative suits Yair Leder
Derivative suits Roy Berkman
Number of lawyers : 15