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At Fichte & Co., Alessandro Tricoli and Ravi Jawani handle a range of shipping litigation covering cargo issues, unpaid insurance and vessel losses, as well as some sensitive non-contentious projects, some of which include advising policy makers. Name partner Jasmin Fichte has handled a number of pro bono cases for abandoned crews as well. Sudanese-qualified Moaz Forawi is another notable partner.

Practice head(s):

Jasmin Fichte; Alessandro Tricoli; Ravi Jawani

Other key lawyers:


‘They are very knowledgeable, fight their client’s corner and obtain good results.’

‘Alessandro Tricoli is well connected and very easy to work with whilst Moaz Forawi works very hard to achieve the client’s needs and objectives’

Key clients

Port of Fujairah

LH Asian Trade Finance Fund Limited

Union Insurance Company PSC

Seaco Global Limited

Tatiana Akhmedova


Polimar Shipping Agencies

Gulf Energy Maritime (GEM) PJSC

Charterer’s P&I Club

The firm: Established by Jasmin Fichte in 2005, Fichte & Co is a full-service law firm comprised of an experienced international team of experts.

The staff includes 25 local and international lawyers that are dual-qualified and multilingual with experience from practicing in a wide variety of countries, including the UK, Italy, Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Korea, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Canada, India, Australia, Romania and Armenia. The firm has also built a strong network in other jurisdictions, working closely with firms in the UK, Singapore, Europe, the GCC, and offshore locations such as the Cayman Islands, BVI, and Jersey.

Fichte & Co offices are in Dubai – Business Bay. The company is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, reflecting the firm’s ability to set and maintain high standards of operation.

Fichte & Co has professional liability insurance from AIG, covering an aggregate amount of US$5m. The firm’s standard terms of business limit liability for any indirect or consequential loss suffered by its clients, exclude personal liability of its lawyers/consultants and caps liability to AED250,000 (unless a different amount has been agreed with the client). In addition, while the firm does not accept any liability for advice or services provided by any professional adviser or service provider engaged on your behalf, it will remain accountable to you for any defective advice or quality and will take appropriate corrective steps.

Areas of practice
Corporate and commercial: Fichte & Co has a steadily growing client base that includes local and international companies as well as SMEs and start-ups. The key types of work currently handled by the team include mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, finance, and capital markets, real estate and energy infrastructure projects, corporate governance and compliance, and also banking and finance.

Maritime: Fichte & Co has built a strong reputation as a market leader in both contentious and transactional matters. Instructions from P&I clubs, H&M insurers, and drydocks have substantially increased in the year. The firm is playing a pivotal role in the liquidation of OW Bunkers-related claims. The firm has been very active in ship sale and purchase, with more than 20 transactions completed in the period for an aggregate value of circa US$250m. In addition, Fichte & Co has concluded the transaction on superyachts and one mega yacht for an aggregate value above US$80m.

Dispute resolution: the DIFC/litigation teams have been involved in numerous enforcement actions and landmark decisions whereby they have obtained DIFC orders in respect of foreign arbitral awards for ongoing enforcement in Dubai and the wider UAE. They wrote the UAE chapter of the Thomson Reuters book “Enforcement of Judgements and Arbitral Awards” and published “The UAE Legal Guide”, a book that aims to provide an overview of the UAE’s legal system, main UAE laws, and the UAE courts system.

Department Name Email Telephone
Maritime Jasmin Fichte +971 4 43 57 577
Maritime Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Maritime Ravi Jawani +971 4 43 57 577
Risk management Jasmin Fichte +971 4 43 57 577
Mergers and acquisitions Dr. Laura Voda +971 4 43 57 577
Mergers and acquisitions Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Corporate restructuring Dr. Laura Voda +971 4 43 57 577
Corporate restructuring Dr. Laura Voda +971 4 43 57 577
Corporate governance and compliance Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Corporate governance and compliance Dr. Laura Voda +971 4 43 57 577
Banking and finance Dr. Laura Voda +971 4 43 57 577
Banking and finance Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Real estate Dr. Laura Voda +971 4 43 57 577
International trade and commodities Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
International trade and commodities Ravi Jawani +971 4 43 57 577
Oil and gas Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Litigation Ravi Jawani +971 4 43 57 577
Litigation Moaz Forawi +971 4 43 57 577
Arbitration and mediation Jasmin Fichte +971 4 43 57 577
Arbitration and mediation Ravi Jawani +971 4 43 57 577
Commercial disputes Moaz Forawi +971 4 43 57 577
Bankruptcy Moaz Mustafa +971 4 43 57 577
Marine insurance Jasmin Fichte +971 4 43 57 577
Marine insurance Ravi Jawani +971 4 43 57 577
Charter parties Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Charter parties Ravi Jawani +971 4 43 57 577
Ship finance Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Ship building, ship repair and conversion Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Ship building, ship repair and conversion Ravi Jawani +971 4 43 57 577
Ports & terminals development & operetions Alessandro Tricoli +971 4 43 57 577
Photo Name Position Profile
 Mahmoud  Ahmed  photo Mahmoud  Ahmed Litigation Associate
 Habib Babikir  photo Habib Babikir Junior Associate
 Jasmin Fichte photo Jasmin Fichte Managing Partner
 Moaz Forawi  photo Moaz Forawi Senior Associate
 Anastasiia Golovko  photo Anastasiia Golovko Associate
 Ravi Jawani  photo Ravi Jawani Partner
 Shehab Mamdouh  photo Shehab Mamdouh Senior Associate
 Anna Mkrtchyan photo Anna Mkrtchyan Associate
 Neelesh Pillai  photo Neelesh Pillai Company Set-up specialist
 Hassan Rabiya  photo Hassan Rabiya Associate
 Ahmed Salih  photo Ahmed Salih Associate
 Alessandro Tricoli  photo Alessandro Tricoli Partner
Dr Laura Voda  photo Dr Laura Voda Of Counsel
Number of lawyers : 25
Support / administrative staff : 23
WISTA (Women in Shipping and Trade Association)
IBA (International Bar Association)
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Insurance Association
Transportation Lawyers Association
Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts

Jasmin Fichte, Managing Partner

Managing Partner Jasmin Fichte explains how the firm is adapting to clients’ changing needs

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Fichte & Co from your competitors?

Fichte & Co offers international and local expertise at the same time. The company was founded in the UAE almost 16 years ago and since then grew with this country. We can boast an extensive knowledge of the local law, the local community and all the dynamics that regulate the processes. Our litigation team, for example, comprises talented Arabic lawyers, which continue to break boundaries in the local courts. At the same time, Fichte & Co holds a highly experienced global litigation, arbitration, and mediation experts team. We can proudly say that we are a one-stop-shop lawfirm capable of offering our clients holistic support in multiple subjects.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Legal practices are constantly changing. Some changes, driven by innovations and technologies, have started a few years ago and will be more and more vital as progress advances. I refer to the whole branch of the law concerning cybersecurity, data privacy or artificial intelligence. For example, think of the latter. Artificial intelligence opens the door to a whole new type of law that necessarily involves informatic engineers and other sector experts. How do you determine who is responsible in the event of machine error? And what happens if instead of witnesses a judgement will have to rely only on machine data? Not only the lawyers’ practices but the whole legal system will change.

The other practices that I expect to grow significantly are those related to the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic: employment law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, commercial bankruptcy, etc. Unfortunately, we all have to face this crisis, but we will do everything we can to support and help our clients to overcome this period and become stronger than before.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

The changes and the evolutions of Fichte & Co have been many, since the first day. We are a relatively small and independent law firm, and this allows us to react quickly to client needs, decide on an ad-hoc basis and react swiftly to market needs. We always listen to the clients’ feedback. If something can be improved, I am in first-line working and cooperating with my team to solve the issue as promptly as possible. I wouldn’t say that there was “a main change” that customers benefited from. I would rather say that we have grown with our clients, always developing and enhancing our performance and services to best support them and meet their needs.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Thanks to technology, the communication we undertake with customers is seamless. Many of the services we do with regulators are exclusively online, which takes less time and effort. We utilize less overhead in providing the service, allowing us to be faster and more efficient.

We digitize a lot of our work. In fact, most of the work we do is now online, which saves time and costs.

Even the meetings are now mostly online, both for business and teleconferencing purposes.

In terms of billing, we have been using accounting software for many years, which makes things extremely simple, availing information without depending on an accountant or financial officer; everything is available in front of you on your computer.

In these months, we plan to launch an app that embeds all the work conducted on a matter and our accounting part. The app will have an interface for the lawyers and an interface for the client.

We use technology to document our work; any information from different legislative systems are now immediately available and easy to find.

Technology is essential for Fichte & Co, and the impact on our performance and the service we can provide is significantly positive.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

For us, transparency and honesty are fundamental. For example, it happened that a client, who represented a medium maritime company, approached us to start the proceedings for a lawsuit, which would probably have lasted years. Litigation is sometimes inevitable, but that time my suggestion was to let us try to mediate before embarking on the litigation path. Some mediation attempts had already been made, but not by our lawyers. The team worked hard to study the case and found the perfect mediation strategy. It all ended in an agreement that made everyone satisfied and saved that company a lot of money in legal fees.

For our law firm, a lawsuit that was lasting years would have been more profitable, but we believe in what we do, which means that our success is achieved only when we obtain the client’s best result, building a relationship of trust and esteem. That is more important than profit.

We work hard because we believe in creating value for our clients and seeing them achieve their goals and their tremendous growth constantly motivates us.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

In three years from now, Fichte & Co will still be at the side of its customers. The most important things will not change; the extreme dedication and attention we have for customers, our reliable teamwork, the atmosphere and the passion we share for this work. For the rest, we are always ready to discover and adapt to market changes, to evolve with new technologies and to support our customers with all our expertise.

An Interview With Jasamin Fichte

A homemaker, a mother, a passionate golf player and a Managing Partner of one of the leading law firms in the UAE, Jasamin Fichte is an inspiration to many. If there is one thing the maritime lawyer could do with, it’s more time. To read a good book, go for a quiet walk, maybe finish that Ph.D. on wreck removal, and then there’s a golf handicap that needs some serious work. In an exclusive interview with, Trade Winds, The Global Shipping News Source, Jasamin Fichte talks about her life so far.

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Shipping has historically been a male-dominated industry and that tradition runs long and deep. There are just a handful of women who have taken the initiative to be a part of this rat race. In an exclusive interview with IHS Maritime & Trade - Fairplay, our Managing Partner, Jasamin Fichte talks about her commitments towards the cause of turning Dubai into a global shipping hub.

Is UAE Maritime Court in the Pipeline?

The UAE is steadily climbing the ranks of the leading nations in the global maritime industry, and this requires a process of constant development and reform. With more than 17 years of experience in the UAE maritime sector, our Managing Partner, Jasamin Fichte, who deals with the UAE Litigation on a daily basis, stated - 'Looking at the current UAE court system it is apparent that it is not in sync with international standards and not easily accessible'.

New law to provide flexibility in job market

It will hugely enhance the current labour market, say lawyers

Enforcement Of Foreign Judgements 2018

Fichte & Co is thrilled to announce our contribution to  Enforcement of Foreign Judgement 2018.

Let’s talk all things bitcoin

In 2013, when a forum member made a typo in a post to announce - in all caps - that he was "hodling," he had no idea that the term would go viral. And so, 'hodl' was born (meaning to hold on to rather than sell), along with many other phrases and urban slang that have since surfaced, thanks to the digital trend that is Bitcoin.

Will The New UAE Maritime Law Serve Shipowners?

Geographically, as being in the centre of the World, UAE is arguably an “ideal” Maritime location. Talking about the new hashtag #Maritime law, our Managing Partner, Jasamin Fichte focuses on some of the key issues that need to be immediately addressed should UAE desire to remain in the league of Maritime nations with a thriving Maritime industry. This article was first published on Marasi News magazine.

UAE legal guide to be launched for expats

The 243 page handbook simplifies the complexity of the current Arabic legal law.

Is it illegal to trade in cryptos in absence of regulations in UAE?

Any legal dispute related to crypto assets will be handled "in exactly the same way as any other dispute.

Dubai Maritime City Authority completes initial stage of Maritime Advisory Council

Council preparing for further enhancement in competitiveness of Dubai maritime sector

Breakfast With EMAC: Seminar Advises On Ship Sale And Purchase Disputes

Dubai, UAE, 11 March, 2018: Continuing its aim to facilitate the ongoing dialogue between the region’s legal experts and maritime industry professionals, the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC) hosted its third successful breakfast session of 2018 on 11 March at its offices in DIFC.

VAT registration to increase substantially

The number of companies registering with the Federal Tax Authority for value-added tax (VAT) will increase substantially - especially from the retail and F&B sectors - over the coming months as some of the businesses are still preparing to register for new tax regime.

Stranded Sailors Waited 28 Months for this Day

A three-year stand-off involving 40 sailors and eight vessels off the UAE belonging to the same company has ended. It followed a long legal battle that saw the Federal Transport Authority (FTA) take action against Dubai-based Elite Way Marine Services. Effective June 6, 2018, the FTA banned the company from all commercial activities and also from operating in the UAE ports and waters.

New “Dubai Future District” for Future Economy

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai has announced the launch of a new district combining the key commercial and financial hubs in Dubai and is dedicated to the development of the future economy under the name of 'Dubai Future District'.

Change of Options for Changing Times

This article was published on the Lexis Middle East Law Alert magazine, brought to you by LexisNexis Middle East and ACC Middle East (June-July). You can also download the digital version of the magazine by clicking on the link at the bottom of the article.