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Major banks and financial institutions turn to Raposo Bernardo for advice and assistance in a range of matters, including deals involving the aviation, renewables, and oil and gas sectors. A popular choice for Asia-based investors looking to expand operations in Mozambique, the team regularly advises on solar, LNG and other forms of energy projects. Joana Andrade Correia is highly praised by clients and considered a restructuring and M&A expert in the aviation, tourism and banking sectors. Head of real estate Manuel Esteves Albuquerque also supports the practice. Edson Santos is the firm’s Mozambique local partner and maintains a focus on commercial and licensing law.

Practice head(s):

Joana Andrade Correia; Manuel Esteves Albuquerque

Other key lawyers:


‘They have it all: the technical skills, the market reputation, the leading role when other firms are involved, and the experience in how to do it best and always attentive to new technologies in a proactive way, finding very skilled solutions through digital platforms that help us organize our work as well as access the legislation of the countries where we have intervention. Highly recommended, for sure.’

‘Our company could not be more pleased with this law firm.’

Joana Correia is absolutely outstanding, very strong analytically who is extraordinarily responsive and, more importantly, very thoughtful in her responses. She is knowledgeable about the subject matter and is excellent at client care and communication. She has a well-earned reputation for innovative thinking.’ 

‘Manuel Albuquerque is also a very confident lawyer, always available to help and hard-working lawyer. He works very closely with Joana and her team. Both are top top lawyers that should be ranked in the first positions.’

‘Raposo Bernardo is a firm 100% focused on delivering results to the client, that grant us an assuredness about their work clearly above the average. Our opinion is that it is one of the best law firms in Mozambique, which has had tremendous growth and presents a great dynamic.’

‘Our company works usually with Joana Andrade Correia that coordinates Raposo Bernardo’s office in Mozambique. She is incredibly thoughtful, fast, innovative. She is focused and we can tell that she has a lot of experience and know-how of corporate affairs of companies, knowing exactly what we need to fulfil in each transaction.’

‘Raposo Bernardo is a law firm that stands out for the high performance in the responses to each request from our teams. They are a full service firm which is an advantage for us. They have a multidisciplinary and multinational team, allowing to solve and advise with a global perspective instead of merely local.’

‘Our preferential contact is the lawyer we treasure called Joana Andrade Correia. Joana is fantastic, managing to respond to our greatest concerns, always getting involved in our affairs, giving the right answers in an exemplary way. It is clearly perceived the sophistication of her advice by the type of contractual instruments used together with her undeniable experience.’

Work highlights

  • Advising a client on an integrated road and bridges construction project.
  • Advising a client on a loan agreement and a pledge agreement with the public infrastructure authority.
  • Advising a client on a hydroelectric plant project.

Raposo Bernardo is a full service law firm recognized for its ability to combine the strength of advocacy tradition with the most modern and advanced technology, the aim being to provide the greatest benefit to our clients.

We believe that in order to provide top level legal support it is essential that our lawyers, in addition to high technical skills and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our clients’ activities and projects, also have a sharp sensitivity to their specific way of conducting business.

The cooperation culture existing between all members of our teams is the same cooperation culture we maintain with our clients. This spirit of collaboration and closeness makes it possible to create strong and trusting relationships, and thus achieve the best outcome. It is also with this purpose in mind we specialize in the matters, projects and the specific activities of each one of our clients.

We are aware of the clients’ needs and what they value most. We do everything in order to exceed their best expectations. That is why we differentiate by making available specific and individualized solutions thus guaranteeing that clients can gain the best benefit from our services. That being the case we make some important commitments such as each client having more than one partner coordinating their issues, and the guarantee of maintaining the same team during the execution of a project without rotation and changes that could harm the continuity and execution of the work. We also know that our clients like to benefit from our services in different jurisdictions.   That is why we have put in place a very advantageous system allowing the benefiting of conditions practiced in the jurisdiction with the lower value, independent of the jurisdiction in which the client requests our services.

We maintain permanent and intense internal training and refresher training, which we believe is essential so that our teams are always at the forefront of the most advanced and sophisticated practices in the international legal market.

With full independence we keep working relations with law firms all over the world,  and those partnerships provide services for the benefit of our clients’ projects.

After more than 25 years we renew our commitment to combine experience and tradition with innovation, modernity and sophistication through pragmatic advice that adds value for our clients.  We always maintain the same ability to respond fast and rigorously and with a culture of full availability and cooperation.

Focus in tailor-made service: For our firm the client is at the heart of our work. To achieve the clients’ satisfaction when dealing with its matters is one of our main objectives. To exceed its best expectations is one of our main goals. That is why we maintain a very close relationship with all our clients and try to know in detail their activity and the market in which they act.

Quality and rigour in the services provided: We provide our clients with top quality services and for that purpose we work with the utmost rigour. The results provided to our clients are the best indicator of this. We are fully aware that the speed of an answer is essential and we are used to working under time pressure and to anticipate the agreed deadlines.

Innovation to the benefit of the clients: Apart from the tradition we are proud of, we seek the most innovating procedures and solutions for the benefit of our clients. For this purpose we permanently invest in training and in technology in order to increase the efficiency of our services.

Professional ethics: All our procedures, practices and culture are based in transparency and ethics. An ethical attitude and behaviour is essential in order to meet clients’ expectations and to ensure the quality of our services. The same ethics are always present in the relationship with our colleagues and the market in general.

Global services: We provide specialized services in all areas of law to all the industry sectors. We also provide services for several other jurisdictions, especially for Portuguese-speaking African countries, either through our network of local partners or our specialized desks.

Diversity and inclusion: We provide legal services with pleasure and for pleasure. We can´t be any different. That is why we need a well-being environment that is at the same time stimulating and non-discriminating. We are a law firm exempt of any type of discrimination. Nevertheless we develop programs and initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion.

Social responsibility and pro bono: We are strongly committed to our social environment. We are aware that everyone will benefit if we have a positive social environment. That is why we do everything within our means to share part of what we receive from the community and try to involve ourselves in pro bono and social responsibility activities.

Managing Partner Nelson Raposo Bernardolisboa@raposobernardo.com+351 213 121 330
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