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Sousa Machado, Ferreira da Costa & Associados
1250-066 LISBON
Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and companies/M&A Manuel Ferreira da Costa
Corporate and companies/M&A Ana Luísa Oliveira
Civil and commercial contracts Alexandre de Sousa Machado
Civil and commercial contracts Ana Luísa Oliveira
Labour law Jaime Dória Cortesão
Labour law Bruno Ferreira Domingues
Litigation and arbitration Manuel Ferreira da Costa
Litigation and arbitration Alexandre de Sousa Machado
Litigation and arbitration Mafalda Vaz Pinto
Insurance Manuel Ferreira da Costa
Insurance Isabel Marta
Insolvency and debt collection Sandra Amaral Gomes
Tax Inès Matoso
Telecommunications IT Alexandre de Sousa Machado
Telecommunications IT Martim Pita Negrão
Family law and inheritance Alexandre de Sousa Machado
Family law and inheritance Mafalda Vaz Pinto
Intellectual property Alexandre de Sousa Machado
Intellectual property Rute Louro
Intellectual property Lourenço de Sousa Machado
Insolvency and company restructuring Manuel Ferreira da Costa
Insolvency and company restructuring Mafalda Vaz Pinto
Administrative law Jaime Dória Cortesão
Administrative law Fernando Meira Ramos
General and corporate litigation Manuel Ferreira da Costa
General and corporate litigation Mafalda Vaz Pinto
Number of lawyers : 19
International Law Firm Association (E-iure)
Contacts : Manuel Ferreira da Costa
Contacts : Alexandre de Sousa Machado
Other offices : Oporto