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Eldib Advocates has a track record spanning many decades, having been a key adviser to major players in the shipping market. It acts for numerous P&I clubs operating in Egypt's ports, as well as assisting major shipping lines and multinational companies from its four offices in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said. Hisham Eldib, Abdelhamid Fahmy and Hamdy Madkour - all based in Alexandria - are the lead practitioners. Their work spans demurrages, collisions, allisions, shortages in cargo, cargo damages and claims, groundings, death incidents and much more.

Practice head(s):

Hisham Eldib; Abdelhamid Fahmy; Hamdy Madkour


‘Eldib is well connected and extremely knowledgeable about its jurisdiction.’

‘The firm is a well-established maritime law firm. It consists of highly experienced lawyers in the industry.’

‘Eldib is one of the first law firms that started to use technology in billing and case handling.’

The team is very open, honest and their advice is soundly relied upon because of their experience.’

‘One of the key things I look for in a lawyer is their personalised care and attention towards their clients. Personally Eldib Advocates provides this for me. They are always there to help me with whatever I need.’

‘Top class. Perfection and attention to detail is key for them.’

‘They provide prompt assistance in emergencies and are reliable for all kinds of shipping related cases.’

‘They have a good team both at partner and associate level and as a specialised shipping law firm they are attuned to our requirements.’

Key clients

MSC Egypt


Maersk Egypt

Arkas Egypt

North of England P&I

West of England P&I

The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Ltd.

Yang Ming Egypt

Eurogypt Co

Tarros S.p.a.

Hapag Lloyd


The firm: Eldib Advocates is a full-service law firm based in Egypt and is recognized as one of the oldest and most reliable firms having been established in 1875. Its offices have a diverse team of attorneys collaborating across various practice areas in four office locations across Egypt and caters predominantly to Middle East clients. Eldib effectively explains its clients’ options and the risks involved in any venture and leads them to make the most appropriate decisions to secure their businesses and endeavours. The firm’s client base includes emerging and middle-market businesses, national and multinational corporations, financial institutions, public entities, educational and nonprofit institutions, and individuals.

Areas of practice
Maritime: Eldib is renowned as long-term, specialist advisers to the international shipping community. The firm’s longstanding experience and proficiency lead it to represent most of P&I Associations in the Egyptian ports and to become the legal advisor to the Shipping Chambers in Egypt. As its most renowned and specialised field of expertise Eldib Advocates has a solid understanding of how the market works from the perspective of the P&I Clubs, underwriters, ship-owners, charterers, freight forwarders and cargo interest. The firm’s complete coverage in the Egyptian ports has fostered its experience in dealing with the port authorities, terminals, and other respective governmental departments, which allows it to attend to its clients’ requests efficiently and in the prescribed time. Eldib Advocates focus is on assisting its clients to guard against and manage risks, and to assist them in resolving disputes. The firm specialises in handling all matters related to the maritime industry.

Employment and labour: the firm’s labour and employment sector covers the following principal areas: General advice and counseling, Employment litigation and ADR, traditional labour law, drafting all types of employment agreements and handling disputes that may arise, in or out of connection with the employment agreements, between the employer and employees. Other services, including client assessments to ensure employment law compliance, business immigration and international labour law.

Commercial and corporate: Eldib Advocates provides services to clients through an extensive network of associates and correspondents offices worldwide in respect of commercial arrangements, new business structures, mergers and acquisitions, private and public equity, advice on transactions and projects, real estate, construction, intellectual property, insurance, human resources, tax and regulatory issues. It also has a strong core team, specialised in preparing and advising on agency, distributorship, sponsorship and all other forms of commercial agreements and petroleum services agreements.

Legal consultation and contracts: Eldib Advocates provides legal consultations supported by legal evidence and court precedence in all branches of the law. Its legal advice is provided either in writing or verbally, subject to the client’s request. The firm has a specialised team for preparing, drafting and reviewing all kinds of legal contracts translating, same to foreign languages, and vise-versa.

Litigation and dispute resolution: the firm relies on its expertise and full knowledge and awareness of its clients’ requirements and needs ,with an aim to resolve disputes and differences in the most efficient and effective manner. The firm’s litigation attorneys have gained extensive trial experience in commercial, civil, administrative, constitutional, family affairs and criminal proceedings. Eldib Advocates also advises its clients on means and appropriate methods, which would assist them in preventing or minimising future litigations in their particular field of business.

Department Name Email Telephone
Arbitration and ADR Mohamed Abdel Rehim
Aviation Hassan Elkhashab
Aviation Mohamed Hashem
Banking and Finance Hassan Elkhashab
Commercial and corporate Hisham Eldib
Commercial and corporate Richard Tibichrani
Customs Mohamed Farid
Customs Hamdy Madkour
Employment and Labor Mahmoud Belal
Employment and Labor Adham Abdelmoniem
Intellectual Property Hisham Eldib +201222161313
Legal consultation and contracts Hassan Elkhashab
Legal consultation and contracts Hisham Eldib +201222161313
Litigation and disputes Hassan Elkhashab
Litigation and disputes Mahmoud Belal
Maritime Hisham Eldib +201222161313
Maritime Hamdy Madkour
Maritime Mohamed Farid
Maritime Abdel Hamid Fahmy
Property transaction Hisham Eldib +201222161313
Property transaction Mahmoud Belal
Tax Mahmoud Belal
Translation services Samir Naccash
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Adham Abdel Moniem  photo Mr Adham Abdel Moniem Associate
Mr Mahmoud Belal  photo Mr Mahmoud Belal Partner
Mr Hisham Eldib  photo Mr Hisham Eldib Managing Partner
Mr Hassan Elkhashab  photo Mr Hassan Elkhashab Partner
Mr AbdelHamid Fahmy  photo Mr AbdelHamid Fahmy Partner
Mr Mohamed Farid  photo Mr Mohamed Farid Senior Associate
Mr Mohamed Hashem  photo Mr Mohamed Hashem Associate
Mr Hamdy Madkour  photo Mr Hamdy Madkour Partner
Mr Samir Naccash  photo Mr Samir Naccash Senior Claims Handler
Mr Richard Tibichrani  photo Mr Richard Tibichrani Junior Partner
Lawyers : 25
Claims Handlers : 5
Support Staff : 15
IBA (International Bar Association)
International Law Association (ILA)
INTA - International Trademark Association
Arabic Society for the Protection of Industrial Property (ASPIP);
AIPPI (The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham)
Egyptian Bar Association
Contact : Hisham Eldib
Other offices : Cairo
Other offices : Port Said
Other offices : Suez

Eldib Advocates’ commitment to diversity and inclusion is a vital part of the firm’s mission statement. Since the firm’s inception in 1875, the named partners have varied from foreign to local nationals, including all faiths practiced in Egypt. Eldib Advocates always aims to hire the most qualified lawyers based entirely on their merits. The firm strongly promotes a driven environment that encourages diversity and holds great esteem to the unique contribution which each lawyer, legal assistant and team and staff member can bring to our client. Our motto of merit and inclusivity continue to be the guiding strengths in the firm’s philosophy and progress.

Many of the firm’s leaders now started as trainees before and through law school, establishing roots in the firm before becoming key players over the years. Eldib Advocates is proud to act as a home and training ground, fostering generations of trusted and qualified lawyers. Our firms’ lawyers and staffs’ different backgrounds, skills and experiences act as the force driving our progress and growth as a team and as a firm.

One of the main ethos of the firm is that the strength of the firm depends on the strength of the community around it. We find that educating the up-and-coming legal generation is key to both the society as a whole and to the future of our legal thinkers and doers. Our internship program has expanded over the last year and we are proud supporters and sponsors of the University of Alexandria’s Faculty of Law Vis Moot team. We have equally trained young men and women from University and aim to further expand the internship program across all our offices.

Eldib Advocates aims to always provide the lawyers at the firm access to training courses, higher education, and other various opportunities to add to their success. We believe that each one of our team members uniqueness and strength is what holds our strong team together. We continuously learn from each other and strive to push ourselves through friendly challenges. The leadership at the firm ensures our ongoing commitment by staying involved in the community, through pro-bono work for up-and-coming talent as well as being the legal advisors to various chambers of commerce. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, colour, creed, sex, religion, age, disability or any other attribute or characteristic protected by law.

Moreover, our firm has taken on the CSR initiative of providing pro bono legal assistance to the newly founded Meem Foundation for Autism, based in Alexandria. We find that the growth of our community both legal and societal play a vital role in our achievements overall. Eldib Advocates recognizes that what makes the firm unique is the combined strength of our diversity and community. As the firm continues to grow, our aim is to constantly employee, preserve, cultivate and encourage our lawyers and staff in order to best serve the interests of our clients, our communities and our firm.


Eldib Advocates is a renowned law firm with more than 145 years of experience in the various fields of law particularly labour, shipping and commercial law. Our team of lawyers is exceptionally capable of handling all matters related to labour law in Egypt, with the majority of our clients being employers. Furthermore, we have keenly established a reputation of success in employment matters with a success rate of about 80%. We excel in handling matters arising between employers and employees, following up in a professional manner, drafting and handling settlement contracts based on the best terms in favour our client or representing the latter before the court when and if needed.

We carefully handle matters between employees and employers, commencing with the drafting of the labour contract, followed by the investigation of the infractions that occur, dealing with disputes that arise, moving through settlement negotiations or lawsuits, aiming to always achieve the best result through the courts or via settlements.

Eldib Advocates is adept in drafting labour contracts pursuant to the respective labour law 12/2003; our team drafts contracts that clarify the rights and liabilities of each party under the aforementioned law in a manner that does not allow for confusion or ambiguity.

Eldib Advocates maintains good relationships with the competent authorities such as the labour office and has years of expertise in dealing with different courts. Moreover, Eldib Advocates has a team of lawyers that are skilled in carrying out the necessary formalities, drafting the vital notifications, handling the settlement negotiations or attending to court with a carefully planned defence drafted under the supervision of our experienced lawyers with respect to our client’s best interest to the best of our ability.

Moreover, the majority of cases we handle are related to dismissal, as under the stipulation of the labour law article 69, the employer reserves his rights to terminate the labour contract if the employee fails to fulfil his obligations arising from the aforesaid contract or if the employee committed an infringement, then the law lists nine examples of such infractions, the most common reasons for dismissal are the absence of the employee from work for 20 sporadic days within one year, absence for 10 uninterrupted days or based upon gross misconduct. Our team drafts the proper notice in order to initiate the dismissal process.

Eldib Advocates labour and employment team is divided across our four offices in Alexandria, Cairo, Suez and Port Said, with years of experience and a network of colleagues across the various institutions which deal with labour and employment matters. Our lawyers carefully tend to each aspect of our clients’ needs to the best of their abilities in order to facilitate the process as well as obtain the most favourable result.