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Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 2

FTMS Avocats brings together a very experienced team able to deal with a vast array of cases. The firm has strong banking and finance litigation expertise through Silvestre Tandeau de Marsac and Marc Henry who are managing several of the market’s largest and most complex disputes, defending banks and asset managers. The firm also regularly handles high-stakes international and Africa-related litigation and also frequently acts in arts, media and culture sector cases. It is representing the Bauer family in a Nazi spoliation case over Pissarro’s painting La Cueillette des Pois. Other areas of expertise include commercial, industrial, construction and civil liberties litigation. Cédric Fischer , Tristan Dupré de Puget and Pierre-Olivier Sur are also well-regarded.

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Dispute resolution: White-collar crime Tier 2

FTMS Avocats handles white-collar and public civil liberties cases. The firm is involved in many of the market’s leading cases tied to the political sphere, defending politicians, ministers and elected individuals. The team is also involved in the media, culture and sport industries and has strong knowledge of press law issues. The firm is notably acting for former French Ecology Minister François de Rugy who resigned following various accusations released by online newspaper Mediapart. The firm also handles other types of white-collar cases, including significant international corruption case, as well as managing several cases for former African presidents and high-ranking officials. Pierre-Olivier Sur and Mathias Chichportich are the practice heads.

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French National Football League

Employment Tier 4

FTMS Avocats


‘Olivier Angotti shows exceptional accuracy and great judicial strategy. He also has exceptional acumen of clients’ constraints and needs’.

‘Isabelle Pontal is highly professional’

Dispute resolution: International arbitration Tier 5

FTMS Avocats


‘The team is highly skilled and smart.’

‘The team is very knowledgeable and always keen to provide efficient solutions to pressing legal matters. The team is well-versed in dealing with complex business matters and always takes into account strategic considerations and alternative ways for resolving disputes.’      

‘Marc Henry is a very experienced arbitrator and an exceptional legal mind with deep knowledge of dispute resolution matters.’

‘Cédric Fisher provides highly strategic and effective advice. He is remarkable in French language arbitration.’

Founded more than 30 years ago, FTMS has a strong reputation in complex and sensitive matters both in litigation, legal advice and crisis communication areas, involving large groups, SMEs and their top executives.

Particularly active in the areas of regulated sectors (banking and finance) and those having a high growth potential (industry and digital economy), FTMS is also recognized in the media field.

The lawyers of the firm are very active internationally, in particular in the so-called countries of continental law. As such, they regularly intervene in cross-border cases and offer their clients a full-service support.

FTMS, a transversal organization in France and abroad:

  • dedicated teams with complementary skills,
  • personal involvement of the partner, together with his team,
  • a legal, judicial and media network.

Practice areas

Business litigation and arbitration : Cédric Fischer, Marc Henry, Silvestre Tandeau de Marsac et Tristan Dupré de Puget

  • Complex and strategic litigation: commercial law, industrial risks, construction, liability,
  • Defence before civil and commercial courts,
  • Arbitration and mediation proceedings.

White-collar crime and civil liberties : Pierre-Olivier Sur, Mathias Chichportich

  • Interventions in most of the major trials of the last 15 years,
  • Financial and political criminal law, international criminal law, environmental and public health criminal law, mass accidents, compliance,
  • Determination of transversal strategies, prevention of criminal risk, assistance with investigations and representation before the courts.

Banking-Finance : Silvestre Tandeau de Marsac, Marc Henry, Laurent Barbotin

  • Assistance to banking and financial institutions, service providers, management companies and wealth management consultants, in France and abroad,
  • Advice on obtaining the necessary approvals and banking and financial regulation,
  • Intervention in all types of litigation: courts and regulatory authorities.

Contracts, competition, distribution : Laurent Barbotin

  • Negotiation, drafting and litigation of contracts,
  • Audit, advice and litigation in competition and distribution matters,
  • Development of digital activity and GPDR.

Media : Mathias Chichportich, Pierre-Olivier Sur

  • Defending the reputation and image of companies and individuals,
  • Crisis communication and implementation of media strategies,
  • Interventions before specialized courts: defamation, privacy, presumption of innocence, personal data.

Labour law : Jean Néret, Olivier Angotti

  • Social management of business restructuring processes,
  • Support to companies at every stage in the management of their working relationships and particularly in the implementation of individual contracts and collective agreements,
  • Negotiations with staff representative bodies and social partners and in the preparation, negotiation and operational implementation of employment protection plans.
  • Representation to clients in collective and individual litigation concerning risk, management of strikes, as well as in criminal liability claims against directors due to workplace accidents, industrial disasters and product-related liability.


  • Daily advice to the managers of large industrial or family-owned groups,
  • Assistance to investors in the implementation of their strategy and projects, particularly in the OHADA zone,
  • Legal structuring, drafting and negotiation of infrastructure contracts, creation of subsidiaries or acquisition of existing companies.


Department Name Email Telephone
Business Litigation and Arbitration Cédric Fischer +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Business Litigation and Arbitration Marc Henry +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Business Litigation and Arbitration Tristan Dupré de Puget +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Criminal Business Law and Civil Liberties Pierre-Olivier Sur +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Criminal Business Law and Civil Liberties Mathias Chichportich +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Banking and Finance Silvestre Tandeau de Marsac +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Banking and Finance Marc Henry +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Banking and Finance Laurent Barbotin +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Contracts, Competition and Distribution Laurent Barbotin +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Media Mathias Chichportich +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Media Pierre-Olivier Sur +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Labour law Olivier Angotti +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Labour law Jean Néret +33 (0)1 47 23 47 24
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Olivier Angotti  photo Mr Olivier Angotti Partner, Co-managing partner
Mr Laurent Barbotin  photo Mr Laurent Barbotin PARTNER
Mr Mathias Chichportich  photo Mr Mathias Chichportich Partner, Co-managing partner
 Tristan Dupré De Puget photo Tristan Dupré De Puget PARTNER
 Cédric Fischer photo Cédric Fischer PARTNER
Mr Marc Henry  photo Mr Marc Henry PARTNER
Mr Jean Néret  photo Mr Jean Néret Partner
Mr Pierre-Olivier Sur  photo Mr Pierre-Olivier Sur PARTNER
Mr Silvestre Tandeau de Marsac  photo Mr Silvestre Tandeau de Marsac PARTNER
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