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Spain > Capital markets: Debt Tier 2

Primarily acting as counsel to the issuers, including IBEX 35-listed companies, Ramón y Cajal Abogados also represents banks as underwriters, and has experience in equity and debt offerings on regulated and non-regulated markets, as well as securitisations. It stands out in particular for its strength in the real estate, energy and financial industries. Founding partner Francisco Palá Laguna co-leads the team with Andrés Mas, who advises on national and cross-border transactions related to capital markets, including IPOs, equity and debt offerings and M&A transactions; and Carlos Lao, who represents issuers and financial institutions in matters related to IPOs, privatisations, private placements, bonds issuances and EMTN programmes.

Practice head(s):

Francisco Palá; Andrés Mas; Carlos Lao


‘Great Capital Markets and Finance Group.’

‘Carlos Lao is an outstanding lawyer with strong commitment.’

Key clients

Inmobiliaria Colonial


Grenergy Renovables



Banco de Sabadell

Atlantica Yield


Atom Hoteles


Capital Energy


Spain > Capital markets: Equity Tier 2

The four-partner practice at Ramón y Cajal Abogados runs the gamut of capital markets transactions from equity and debt offerings on regulated and non-regulated markets, to securitisations and advice to listed companies and regulated entities. The firm has particular expertise in matters related to the real estate, energy and finance sectors. Francisco Palá Laguna co-leads the team with Andrés Mas, who advises on national and cross-border transactions related to capital markets, including IPOs, equity and debt offerings and M&A transactions. Their team was boosted by the 2020 arrival from Cerberus Capital Management of Alfonso Cárcamo, who brings experience in the public sector as a government lawyer, as well as in the private sector.

Practice head(s):

Francisco Palá Laguna; Andrés Mas

Other key lawyers:

Alfonso Cárcamo

Key clients

Inmobiliaria Colonial, SOCIMI, S.A.

Bankinter, S.A.

Grenergy Renovables, S.A.

Liberbank, S.A.

Repsol, S.A.

Banco de Sabadell, S.A.

Atlantica Yield plc

Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts, S.A.

Atom Hoteles, SOCIMI, S.A.

Amper, S.A.

Capital Energy, S.A.

Abanca Corporación Bancaria, S.A.

Talgo, S.A.

Spain > Data privacy and data protection Tier 2

Ramón y Cajal Abogados 'continuously and precisely monitors the client's internal needs, perceiving in advance the possible risks that may arise in relation to compliance with the data protection regulations'. The team acts as external Data Protection Officer (DPO) for clients, and also assists DPOs and compliance officers on data privacy matters. Norman Heckh leads the practice, which includes key senior associate María Luisa González, and was further bolstered by the arrival of Pablo Tena, who re-joined the firm from an in-house position with fintech bank N26.

Practice head(s):

Norman Heckh

Other key lawyers:

María Luisa González; Pablo Tena; Antonio Borjas


‘Ramón y Cajal’s team is a highly dedicated team. They perfectly understand the needs of the business. All team members are fully available and accommodate a variety of schedules.’

‘Norman Heckh is one of the best data protection lawyers in Spain, backed by many years of experience in different firms. Norman is a deep expert of the Law but at the same time an extremely pragmatic lawyer who listens carefully to his clients. A great communicator on the subject.’

‘We work mainly with María Luisa González and with Norman Heckh, their availability and empathy (in the sense of putting themselves in the client’s situation) is excellent in my appreciation.’

‘The area of data privacy and data protection, although it emanates from legal requirements, such as GDPR, LOPDGDD, LSSI among others, requires multidisciplinary skills and resources in the technological field, information security, and process analysis capabilities in the Business. RyC has the necessary capacities, and where it does not arrive with internal resources, it knows how to surround itself with external collaborators specialized in these not so legal areas. This makes their advice and input very comprehensive.’

‘Mr. Norman Heckh and Ms. Maria Luisa González: Their preparation in the field is exceptional both nationally and internationally. Compared to its competitors, customer service is very close and they always find a tailor-made solution for all types of problems. The qualities, in addition to the professionalism, are the immediate availability and closeness.’

‘Agility. Deep knowledge. Practical application. Maria Luisa Gonzalez Tapia: excellent lawyer with extensive knowledge in all fields of LOPD practice. Antonio Borjas: excellent advisor in IT matters.’

‘The team led by Norman Heckh continuously and precisely monitors the client’s internal needs, perceiving in advance the possible risks that may arise in relation to compliance with data protection regulations. Another strong point is his knowledge of the operation of the Spanish supervisor, the Data Protection Agency, providing valuable information so that the internal legal advice can make decisions in good time.’

‘I would highlight its deep expertise on the subject and anticipation of the client’s needs. Norman Heckh as practice leader, and María Luisa González as “Associate to Watch” have given us an outstanding service in the review of data protection clauses and in the early detection of possible risks in compliance with the European Protection Regulation of data.’

Key clients


Warner Media


Spanish International Cooperation Agency


Siemens Healthcare

De Cecco

Marketing VF Limited

EDH Group



Vueling (IAG Group)

Iberia Express (IAG Group)

Level (IAG Group)

Aeléc (Spanish Electric Energy Association)

Gesternova Energía

Redexis Gas

General Optica


SoYou (Joint venture Bankia-Crédit Agricole)

Casa América

Sek Schools

Haya Real Estate

Network Steel Resources




Credit Suisse

Sonae Sierra

Spain > Industry focus: TMT Tier 2

As technology has become increasingly important across various sectors, so the client base that instructs the tech-focused practice at Ramón y Cajal Abogados has diversified. Names in healthcare, real estate and energy were among those to call on the expertise of Norman HeckhAntonio de Mariano and their team. Heckh is especially strong in IT contracts, data protection and e-commerce, while de Mariano adds corporate and commercial experience. Senior associate María Luisa González provides key support on the range of IT matters.

Practice head(s):

Norman Heckh; Antonio de Mariano

Other key lawyers:

María Luisa González


‘Norman Heckh and his firm Ramón y Cajal Abogados understand very well to balance our international requirements with Spanish law and local business practices to ensure we don’t face any obstacles when signing up new clients. In fact, today we let them work quite autonomous based on our standard operating procedures.’

‘Great communicators, master several languages which helps us a lot.’

‘Great technical knowledge and eminently practical approach to the issues raised.’

‘Norman Heckh and María Luisa González form a great team, accessible and decisive. Their most valuable quality is the practical approach they give to the questions, without forgetting a rigorous technical analysis of them.’

‘The team made up of Norman Heckh and Maria Luisa Gonzalez is exceptional, humane and for many years it has helped us to successfully solve many issues that the company I represent has had to face. We have an excellent relationship and at all times they pay full attention to our difficulties, always giving us the best advice.’

‘The plus of Norman and Maria Luisa is their high professional and human level. In addition to being professionally efficient, we have an excellent relationship that gives us the confidence to continue with them without looking for alternatives.’

‘Norman Heckh is exceptionally responsive, diligent and reliable just as the law firm in total.’

‘The best office in my experience for regulatory issues and online gambling. They have a very good relationship with the regulator, they know how they think and they resolve issues in a short time with little resistance.’

Key clients



Merlin Properties

European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Cores (Strategic Petroleum Reserves Corporation)

Zyx Mobile



Red Canary (Star Casino Group)

Soyou (joint venture Bankia and Crédit Agricole)

Iberia Express


Magic Leap


Net Entertainment

Applause Software

Network Steel Resources

Merkur Spain

Hospital de Toledo

Springer Sport Spain (Bet3000)

Optima Information Services

Spain > Public law Tier 2

Ramón y Cajal Abogados' 'fantastic team' is ‘technically extraordinary' and is also highlighted for its 'empathy with the client’. The firm is known for advising on government contracts, with a particular emphasis on concessions and public-private partnerships schemes and regulatory matters. The practice also acts in legal defence before the contentious administrative courts across the energy, water, waste, transport, pharmaceuticals, health, social services and telecoms sectors. The ‘highly recommendedPablo Silván leads the team and advises public and private clients on contentious and regulatory issues. Also notable are former state lawyer Jose Ignacio Vega and the ‘excellentCarlos Melón.

Practice head(s):

Pablo Silván

Other key lawyers:

Carlos Melón; José Ignacio Vega


‘It is an office in which the practice of public law has great professionals and has its own prominence. It is not a mere accessory discipline of other areas.’

‘The team of Carlos Melón and José Ignacio Vega has a deep knowledge of the regulations and excellent availability.’

‘The team is the best I have found on the market. Technically they are extraordinary and they achieve extraordinary empathy with the client. They always make the right decision and their recommendations and solutions have given us many joys. A fantastic team.’

‘Carlos Melon is an excellent lawyer, as well as a great person. Technically he is exceptional, a clear, concise person who always seeks the best approach to each problem, always understanding the needs of the client while also perfectly knowing and understanding the public part and its possible reactions. A lawyer who is well above the average in his sector, who is always available and who is able to understand the complicated situations of all his clients. Exceptional.’

‘Ramón y Cajal is an excellent law firm in public law, standing out in a very relevant way compared to other large important law firms in this matter.’

‘Pablo Silván, is a lawyer with a very solid training, a very adequate mental structure for understanding the issues, their legal qualification and the orientation of solutions. Highly recommended.’

Key clients

FCC Medio Ambiente

FCC Aqualia

FCC Construcción

ArcelorMittal España

Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras

Madrid Calle 30


Grupo Azvi

Mémora Servicios Funerarios

Canal de Isabel II

Hotel Business Association of Madrid

Almería Gypsum

Pladur Gypsum



Spain > Banking and finance Tier 3

'Experienced, technically knowledgeable and available', Ramón y Cajal Abogados advises on financial transactions ranging from syndicated bank finance, restructuring and project finance, to asset, acquisition and derivatives finance. The firm also provides expertise in the sales and purchases of debt portfolios, as well as in financial markets regulation. The team is jointly led by Javier Menchén, who represents financial institutions, investment services agencies, regulated entities and management companies; Amado Giménez, who specialises in structured corporate finance operations, acquisitions, bank loan refinancing and the sale of portfolios; regulation and litigation expert Cristina Vidal; and Alfonso Fernández-Miranda, who is head of the firm’s collective investment schemes (CIS) and pension plans and funds departments.

Practice head(s):

Javier Menchén; Amado Giménez; Cristina Vidal; Alfonso Fernández-Miranda

Other key lawyers:

Cándido Pérez


‘Availability and experience.’

‘Demonstrates knowledge of the current situation in the market, and operations from different points of view.’

‘A broad knowledge of the activity, professionalism and accessibility.’

‘Experienced, technically knowledgable and availabile. Demonstrates a broad knowledge of the activity, professionalism, accessibility and a vocation for customer service.’

Key clients

Repsol Foundation (through its social impact investment fund, Repsol Social Impact)

Banco Santander



Société Générale

L-GAM Advisers LLP

Grupo BC

Banco Sabadell


Gestión Medioambiental De Toledo

Abanca Corporación Bancaria

Grupo Raga

Grupo Redur

INV Group

Grupo Tirso

Kuwait Petroleum


Spain > Dispute resolution Tier 3

The ‘proactive professionals’ at Ramón y Cajal Abogados provide ‘procedural knowledge at a national and international level’, as well as ‘specialised knowledge of banking and consumer law, in civil and administrative matters’. The firm has the ‘flexibility to take on mass lawsuits, as well as more complex single lawsuits’, notably civil and commercial disputes, insolvency and banking litigation and a range of domestic and international arbitration. Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno focuses on cases related to breach of commercial contracts, business law matters, corporate restructuring processes and bankruptcy proceedings. He co-leads the team with Luis Briones, who acts in arbitration proceedings before various Spanish national courts. Also noted is Carmen Fernández-Hontoria, who specialises in insolvency law and civil litigation.

Practice head(s):

Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno; Luis Briones

Other key lawyers:

Carmen Fernández-Hontoria; Fernando Manzanedo; Ana Fernández


‘I think it is a highly specialized team in bank litigation, from the perspective of the defense of financial entities.’

‘Both Ramón Fernández Aceytuno and Fernando Manzanedo are lawyers with extraordinary procedural practice, and with great internal knowledge of the banking sector. ‘

‘Proactivity, speed of response, empathy with the client and their circumstances.’

‘Procedural knowledge at a national and international level.’

‘RYC’s procedural area has experience and knows how to handle litigation that is entrusted to them well and at an adjusted cost for the client.’

‘Specialized knowledge of banking law and consumer law, both in civil and administrative matters. Permanent availability and adaptation to needs. Flexibility to take on mass lawsuits, as well as more complex single lawsuits. Assumption of complex legal opinions and collaboration in defining strategies. Closeness and trust. This firm is very proactive in organizing legal and training sessions on banking law. ‘

‘They are perfectly familiar with the internal organization of the company and are autonomous when it comes to locating antecedents, contacting witnesses, and locating documentation within the organization. I would highlight the partners Fernando Manzanedo and Ana Fernández as essential interlocutors.’

‘I highlight Ramón y Cajal for its positioning and empathy with the client. They know how to adapt very well to the client’s way of working, integrating themselves into internal teams as if they were just another employee / lawyer of the client.’

‘The firm’s strengths include: the dedication of the team, its ability to carry out a detailed analysis and study of the matters they deal with, and the preparation and reliability when dealing with them, as well as its accessibility and availability. Even though they are not one of the largest firms, their quality of work is perfectly comparable to theirs.’

Key clients

Unicaja Banco

Banco Santander

Redexis Gas

ING Bank


Carmila España


Instalaciones Inabensa


Altamira Santander Real Estate

Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos

Spain > Environment Tier 3

Ramón y Cajal Abogados is specialised in monitoring environmental, land-use planning and urban planning regulations with an impact on land ownership or the development of economic activities. To this end, it has capabilities in litigation and advisory matters, and the practice is jointly led by Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós and Enrique Molina, whose clients span a range of sectors and also include landowners and city councils.

Practice head(s):

Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós; Enrique Molina


‘The team has excellent technical knowledge and extensive experience in complex environmental issues, which combined with its pragmatic approach greatly facilitates internal decision making and facilitates the follow-up of matters by the client.’

‘Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós – his availability, ease of synthesizing complex issues, technical knowledge and experience are certainly a plus.’

Key clients











Spain > Industry focus: Healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

Pharmaceutical companies and associations turn to Ramón y Cajal Abogados for regulatory and commercial advice, where they benefit from the vast experience of José Ignacio Vega, a former technical general secretary of the Ministry of Health. Norman Heckh brings his data protection expertise to the team, often advising major life sciences clients on the management of data, IT contracts and e-commerce.

Practice head(s):

José Ignacio Vega; Norman Heckh

Key clients

PersonalHealthcareAssociation (ANEFP)

Spanish Generic Medicines Association (AESEG)

Kern Pharma


AENE (Asociación Española Nutrición Enteral)

Digital Health Ecommerce Services

Siemens Healthcare





Bausc h&Lomb

Spain > Real estate and construction Tier 3

The ‘good team of well-trained professionals’ at Ramón y Cajal Abogados advises on a range of real estate developments, including parks, shopping centres, offices, logistics warehouses, hotels and residential sector properties. The firm’s expertise covers the due diligence, acquisition, development, construction, sale, leasing, financing and refinancing across all these asset types. Practice head Roberto Tojo Thomas de Carranza handles sales and purchases, leases and construction agreements. His team 'always adds value to matters' and includes Francisco Bengoetxea, who leads the urban planning department.

Practice head(s):

Roberto Tojo Thomas de Carranza

Other key lawyers:

Francisco Bengoetxea


‘Roberto Tojo is beginning to build up a strong RE practice in this firm. In general they offer good value for money given that they are less expensive than the other first tier law firms but are able to keep up with them in a serious process. We have worked quite a bit with R&C on a variety of deals from large to small and with fair amounts of complexity.’

‘Roberto Tojo is very knowledgeable, very hands on, very available, very committed.’

‘Very good balance between competitive fees and quality of work.’

‘Total availability of its members at all times.’

A good team of well-trained professionals in the field, who always add value to matters.’

‘Francisco Bengoetxea works 200% on matters.’

Francisco Bengoetxea’s team stands out for its knowledge and technical quality, especially in complex urban planning issues. The ability to access institutions and their management with municipal technicians is outstanding. They know how to propose and achieve results above expectations.’

‘Francisco Bengoetxea is the leader of a balanced team with great capacity and constant availability. An insurance when facing a project with tight deadlines and that needs great dedication. The partners are 100% involved in all facets of the project and it is evident that they know and are on top of all the details, which is greatly appreciated.’

Key clients

Sofila Investements 2018

Tamu Investements 2018


Benson Elliot Capital Management

Inmobiliaria Colonial SOCIMI


P3 Logistics Parks

Lar España Real Estate SOCIMI

Ares Management Limited

El Corte Inglés

Bankinter Investment

Dominion Global


Testa Residencial SOCIMI

Real Estate Venture Capital Management LLP (REVCAP)

UK & European Investments Limited

NTT Data Centers


HM Hospitales




Hispania Activos

Spain > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

The sizeable corporate and M&A department at Ramón y Cajal Abogados acts for a range of financial institutions, private equity firms and blue-chip companies, and recently expanded its client base further with several new client wins. The firm's broad service offering is also of benefit, and the corporate team demonstrates 'good coordination with other areas of the firm that are essential for the successful completion of commercial operations'. Miguel García Stuyck, Alberto Alonso Ureba and Álvaro Bertrán share leadership of the team.

Practice head(s):

Miguel García Stuyck; Alberto Alonso Ureba; Álvaro Bertrán

Other key lawyers:

Carmen Salar; José Blanco; Antonio de Mariano; Iñigo Dago


‘Strengths: dedication, availability and experience of the team, senior involvement.’

‘José Blanco, Roberto Tojo, Rubén Romero and Carmen Salar are recommended.’

‘Miguel García Stuyck is recommended.’

‘Great ability to assimilate and deepen complex businesses with very good coordination with other areas of the firm that are essential for the successful completion of commercial operations (such as Competition Law).’

‘Excellent technical and academic knowledge with excellent application to practice, promoting the most satisfactory solution to the client’s interests.’

Key clients

Repsol Foundation (Repsol Social Impact)


Ezentis Group

Implant Prótesis Dental (“IPD”)

Globalia’s shareholders

Mediaset Group

Dmanan Grupo Empresarial

Atom Hoteles Socimi


Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH

Spain > EU and competition Tier 4

Leading Spanish companies from the telecoms, financial services, real estate and retail sectors entrust Ramón y Cajal Abogados with complex and sensitive competition law matters, including infringement proceedings. The firm has also carved out a strong reputation for claimant-side follow-on damages litigation. Highly regarded partner Pedro Suárez established the firm's competition practice in 2011 and has seen it thrive under this leadership since then. Another active member of the team is senior associate Pablo González de Zárate, who is highlighted for his ability to make a 'careful analysis of the merit of the case in a transparent fashion'.

Practice head(s):

Pedro Suárez

Other key lawyers:

Javier Salinas; Pablo González de Zárate; Javier Pérez; Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós


‘Ramón y Cajal’s team is solid in terms of knowledge on the subject and balanced. Punctual in terms of the delivery of documents and to carry out formalities. Very personal and close treatment. Always available to clarify any questions.’

‘The plus is having achieved a very high work rate and level of quality from the beginning. We can also highlight the ability to listen and understand the business, which has resulted in the possibility of making contributions on our part to what we could call the final product, once filtered, verified and refined by the Firm. The Associate in charge of coordination and dialogue has been Mr. Javier Salinas, supported by the Competition team.’

‘To highlight, Pedro Suárez, Javier Salinas, Pablo González de Zárate and Carlos Melón. The responsible partner is Pedro Suárez and stands out for his knowledge and experience, coordination of his teams, responsibility, capacity, direct work with the client and availability. The rest of the lawyers are also highly professionally qualified, client-oriented and highly available and flexible.’

‘The combination of the experience of the managing partner of the competition practice (Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós, former President of the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC)), with the professional capacity of the partner PEDRO SUÁREZ whose preparation, thoroughness and closeness and understanding of the client make it very easy to work with them. They build confidence in complex issues.’

‘Essentially the ease of personal contact with them, their affability, and also the high degree of preparation and experience of the team that has worked with us. As outstanding professionals, for having had a more direct relationship with them, we can mention Pedro Suarez and Javier Salinas (Competition).’

‘I believe that they have a highly professional team, supported by partners with great experience in the field and who really become members of the client’s team, working together. I would highlight Javier Salinas for his capacity for dialogue, understanding of client needs, experience and technical preparation.’

‘The RyC team in this matter is a benchmark in the sector and has extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations and the most relevant precedents in the matter, which allows the advice they provide to their clients to be always up-to-date, rigorous and anticipate your needs.’

‘They are rigorous professionals with a deep knowledge of the subject. The advice they have given to my company has always been accurate, prudent and very transparent, always warning of the risks in each decision to be taken. On the other hand, it is worth noting the availability of the entire RyC team when it comes to informing and clarifying any questions or clarifications that were asked of them on any matter.’

‘Pedro Suárez and his team have in-depth knowledge of how the Spanish competition authority works and thinks. Excellent go to team for Spain which has one of the most sophisticated and active antitrust enforcers. Pedro knows how to navigate in delicate matters and looks beyond the pure legal technicalities. ’


Key clients

TELEFÓNICA (the leading Spanish communications and pay-TV services provider)

ATRESMEDIA (the leading Spanish free-to-air TV broadcasting group)

BANKIA (a leading financial group in Spain)

BBVA (a leading financial group in Spain)

MERCEDES-BENZ (one of the main car manufacturers at a worldwide level)

AMGEN (a leading pharmaceutical company at a worldwide level)

SISLEY (a French-based high-end cosmetics manufacturer)

IBERCAJA (a leading financial group in Spain)

REALIA (a leading real estate company in Spain)

YMAGIS (a leading European supplier of digital technologies for the cinema industry)

TENDAM (a Spain-based leading fashion group operating in the specialised chain store segment)

EDEBÉ (a publishing company specialized in text books)

MEISA (an important Spanish provider of industrial construction and maintenance services

APROMAR (the Spanish association of fish-farmers)

COPASA (an important Spanish construction company)

ALTIA (a listed Spanish company which provides consulta

Spain > Projects and energy Tier 4

The broad energy practice at Ramón y Cajal Abogados is equally adept in energy-sector M&A, regulatory matters and project finance, where it often acts on the side of the lenders, and also has notable experience in infrastructure projects. Finance partner Javier Menchén heads the department alongside commercial law expert Antonio de Mariano and regulatory and litigation specialist Pablo Silván.

Practice head(s):

Javier Menchén; Pablo Silván; Antonio de Mariano

Other key lawyers:

Manuel Jiménez-Quiros; Amado Giménez


‘The RyC project and energy team is very competent, proactive, they show absolute availability and great commercial spirit.’

‘Antonio de Mariano and Manuel Jiménez-Quiros are examples of two very well-prepared lawyers, who master the matter and with a client-centered practice.’

‘Javier Menchén Calvo is recommended.’

Key clients

Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH

Kobus Partners


Aldro Generación

Ric Sun Group

Solaer Holding

EDP Renovables España

Naturgy Renovables


Asturmadi Reneergy

Arcelormittal España


Redexis Gas

Etex Group

Suez Spain


Spain > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 4

The 'experienced and cohesive’ team at Ramón y Cajal Abogados advises on group restructurings, debt refinancing, creditors’ rights and board liability issues, with ‘exhaustive technical knowledge, professional involvement, an immediate response capacity and remarkable negotiating ability’. The practice specialises in providing advice to companies in crisis and assisting creditors affected by the insolvency of a third-party company. Javier Menchén is experienced in syndicated and corporate finance operations, restructuring and refinancing of bank debt. He co-leads the team with Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno, who focuses on arbitration and insolvency.

Practice head(s):

Javier Menchén; Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno

Other key lawyers:

Manuel Muñoz García-Liñán; Luis Briones; Carmen Fernández Hontoria


I especially appreciate the fact that, although it is a firm that has a great structure, it serves the client with a high degree of involvement and proximity. It has excellent professionals.’

Team is experienced and cohesive to work on complex restructurings.’

‘The team is very accessible and is always at the customer’s disposal, which allows a quick response to the situations that arise.’

‘Accessibility, agility when giving an answer and opinion about the possibilities of success of the different alternatives to follow (Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno and Carmen Fernández Hontoria).’

‘The partners Manuel Muñoz García-Liñán and Ramón Fernández Aceytuno. Both have great technical training and deep knowledge and experience in Civil, Procedural, Commercial, Arbitration and Bankruptcy Law and their knowledge is very solid. Likewise, both professionals have a very high involvement and commitment to the client. I especially appreciate the great professionalism, availability, agility and permanent serene and positive attitude in both professionals, as well as the reasonableness and practicality of their approaches.’

Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno and his team have demonstrated: (i) an exhaustive technical knowledge, (ii) an unusual professional involvement, with an immediate response capacity (even on weekends), (iii) a very remarkable negotiating ability and a firmness in defending the interests of its client, which has resulted in one of the greatest successes in the restructuring of companies in this country in recent years. Ramón y Cajal’s advice has led to an improvement in the result of the restructuring that has allowed the continuity of all the group’s companies, safeguarding several hundred jobs.’

‘Mainly, they stand out for a true specialisation of the partners and team lawyers in the area of restructuring and refinancing. This allows the matter to be perfectly dimensioned, allocating the necessary resources to attend to it without adding superfluous elements that increase costs and do not result in quality of service. The firm’s ability to adapt to the service and the client is excellent, achieving the best results with the least sacrifice of resources and, therefore, achieving an unprecedented level of efficiency. I have to highlight Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno, Luis Briones and Carmen Fernández-Hontoria.’

Key clients

Abengoa, S.A.

Grupo Gallardo Balboa

Gestión Medioambiental de Toledo

L-GAM Advisers and Grupo BC

Banco Santander


Banco Sabadell


Neuron Biolabs

Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos

Sonae Sierra


Vivia Biotech

Spain > Tax Tier 5

Ramón y Cajal Abogados' practice handles a range of tax work, including contentious-administrative appeals, M&A transactions, creating tax-efficient real estate investment vehicles and individual asset acquisitions; among its clients are large companies, private companies, private individuals and the Spanish subsidiaries of international businesses. Practice head Luis Rodriguez-Ramos specialises in tax related to M&A, venture capital operations, corporate restructurings, financing structures, financial products, the issuing of securities and real estate investments.

Practice head(s):

Luis Rodríguez-Ramos

Other key lawyers:

Alberto Heras; Gonzalo Rocafort; Alejandro Fernández


We value the closeness and accessibility of partners.’

‘The partner with whom we work (Alberto Heras) has a high technical knowledge in tax matters, which gives us a lot of confidence and security.’

Ramón y Cajal’s team has a clear vision of the key aspects that make the difference in a tax inspection. It is clear that the AEAT inspectors have had a lot of contact with our interlocutors from Ramón y Cajal and show enormous respect and consideration for their assessments.’

‘Undoubtedly I must highlight the capabilities of Alejandro Fernández Zugazabeitia, who has helped us on invaluable occasions, with an exemplary way of working. He is brilliant!’

The Tax team is very powerful. Whenever we have needed their services or recommendations they have been successful and have managed to exceed the objective. Great professionals, very executive and practical.’

‘Alberto Heras is an excellent lawyer. He has always managed to improve initial expectations. I would recommend him without hesitation. His recommendations and services have always been of great help and he undoubtedly knows the sector and the interlocutor very well. He is involved in each case as if it were his own company.’

Key clients


Banco Santander

Persepólis Investments Socimi

Inmobiliaria Colonial

Cadena Cope

El Corte Inglés

Laboratorios Leti SLU


Grupo Vivo

Linea Directa

The firm: Founded in 1986 and focused on the financial and business world, Ramón y Cajal has established itself as one of the top Spanish law firms on the basis of the solid legal background of its members, the full commitment to efficiency and quality and the personal involvement of the partners in the client dealings. Its size enables the firm to take advantage of multidisciplinary capacities and synergies and to successfully conclude matters of significant complexity and scope.

Ramón y Cajal has built a valuable clientele, comprising many of the largest listed Spanish companies in terms of capitalisation. As some of these companies have a noteworthy international presence and regularly handle cross-border transactions, the firm is involved in relevant capital markets and corporate transactions every year.

With more than 120 lawyers, Ramón y Cajal Abogados is well placed to advise on complex transactions across a full range of legal disciplines.

Areas of practice: Services provided include capital markets, corporate and M&A, commercial, competition, litigation and arbitration, banking, restructuring and insolvency, regulatory, construction, projects finance, planning and real estate, employment, IP/IT and tax advice.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Javier Menchén
Banking and finance Amado Giménez
Capital markets Francisco Palá
Capital markets Andrés Más
Capital markets Carlos Lao
Project finance Javier Menchén
Project finance Amado Giménez
Corporate and M&A Alberto Alonso Ureba
Corporate and M&A Guillermo Muñoz-Alonso
Corporate and M&A Iñigo Dago
Corporate and M&A Álvaro Bertrán
EU and competition Pedro Suárez
Litigation and arbitration Pedro Ramón y Cajal
Litigation and arbitration Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno
Litigation and arbitration Rafael Mateu
Litigation and arbitration Luis Briones
Restructuring and insolvency Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno
Restructuring and insolvency Javier Menchén
Criminal Enrique Molina
Criminal Javier Gómez-Bermúdez
Tax Andrés Jiménez
Tax Luis Rodríguez-Ramos
Real estate and urban planning Francisco Bengoetxea
Real estate and urban planning Roberto Tojo
Employment Xavier Pallarés
Government and regulated sectors José Ignacio Vega
Government and regulated sectors Pablo Silván
Government and regulated sectors Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós
Information technology Norman Heckh
Photo Name Position Profile
 Alberto Alonso Ureba  photo Alberto Alonso Ureba Partner
Mr Francisco Bengoetxea  photo Mr Francisco Bengoetxea Partner.
Mr Alvaro Bertrán  photo Mr Alvaro Bertrán Partner.
 José Blanco  photo José Blanco Partner
Mr Luis Briones  photo Mr Luis Briones Partner.
 Alfonso Cárcamo  photo Alfonso Cárcamo Partner
Mr Luis Carnicero  photo Mr Luis Carnicero Partner.
 Iñigo Dago photo Iñigo Dago Partner
 Ana Fernández  photo Ana Fernández Partner
Mr Alejandro Fernández  photo Mr Alejandro Fernández Partner.
Mr Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno photo Mr Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno Partner.
 Carmen Fernández-Hontoria  photo Carmen Fernández-Hontoria Partner
Mr Alfonso Fernández-Miranda  photo Mr Alfonso Fernández-Miranda Partner.
 Javier Gómez Bermúdez  photo Javier Gómez Bermúdez Partner
Mr Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós  photo Mr Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós Partner
 Miguel García Stuyck  photo Miguel García Stuyck Partner
 Damián Gaubeka  photo Damián Gaubeka Partner
 Amado Giménez  photo Amado Giménez Partner
Mr Jaime Guerra  photo Mr Jaime Guerra Partner.
Mr Norman Heckh  photo Mr Norman Heckh Partner
Mr Alberto Heras  photo Mr Alberto Heras Partner
Mr Carlos Lao  photo Mr Carlos Lao Partner.
Mr Federico Lara  photo Mr Federico Lara Partner.
 Andrés Más photo Andrés Más Partner
 Fernando Manzanedo  photo Fernando Manzanedo Partner
Mr Rafael Mateu de Ros  photo Mr Rafael Mateu de Ros Partner
 Carlos Melón  photo Carlos Melón Partner
Mr Javier Menchén photo Mr Javier Menchén Partner
Mr Enrique Molina  photo Mr Enrique Molina Partner.
Mr Manuel Muñoz  photo Mr Manuel Muñoz Partner.
 Cándido Pérez  photo Cándido Pérez Partner
 Xavier Pallarés  photo Xavier Pallarés Partner
 Santiago Pulido  photo Santiago Pulido Partner
Mr Pedro Ramón y Cajal  photo Mr Pedro Ramón y Cajal Founding partner and President of the Executive Committee.
 Gonzalo Rocafort  photo Gonzalo Rocafort Partner
Mr Luis Rodriguez-Ramos  photo Mr Luis Rodriguez-Ramos Partner.
Mr Pablo Silván  photo Mr Pablo Silván Partner.
 Pedro Soriano  photo Pedro Soriano Partner
Mr Pedro Suarez  photo Mr Pedro Suarez Partner
 Roberto Tojo  photo Roberto Tojo Partner
Mr Jose Ignacio Vega  photo Mr Jose Ignacio Vega Partner.
 Cristina Vidal  photo Cristina Vidal Partner
Mr Antonio de Mariano  photo Mr Antonio de Mariano Patrner.
Number of lawyers : 120+
Contacts : Francisco Palá (managing partner)
Contacts : Norman Heckh (co-head of international)
Contacts : Guillermo Muñoz-Alonso (co-head of international)
Other offices : Barcelona