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Noted for its international focus, the team at Ekelmans Advocaten - Insurance & Corporate has many years of experience handling a wide variety of of liability and insurance law issues for clients. It provides a range of services to large and niche insurance companies, such as advice on compliance with financial regulations, assistance with privacy-related questions and policy wording. In addition, with the group comprising of seasoned Supreme Court litigators, it is also a strong choice for complex insurance claims; areas of expertise in this space include professional liability, fraud, D&O and personal injury. Hanco Arnold leads the team, which also includes Frank Schaaf, Jan Ekelmans, Astrid van Noort and Daan Spoormans.

Practice head(s):

Hanco Arnold


‘Ekelmans Advocaten – Insurance & Corporate’s ability to quickly solve difficult situations makes them a priceless asset to clients.’

‘Daan Spoormans has a very efficient and pragmatic approach to case management. He has very good knowledge of problems arising from cross-border litigation, in particular between Germany and the Netherlands.’

‘What makes this office unique is that it has a high standard, but at the same time is also transparent and easily approachable. The strong points of this office are its specialisms, complemented by an excellent ability to propagate and maintain cohesion as well as mutual cooperation. This strongly benefits file handling.’

‘The people I work with are, without exception, nice and very approachable. They go the extra mile when necessary. The way in which they take the lead in a file is pleasant, without losing sight of the role of the client. Another thing that makes them unique is how they involve the client in legal cases, both in terms of content and procedure.’

‘Their knowledge sets them apart. It is an office that specializes in insurance and liability. Another aspect is that the people are very approachable. We have a very good collaboration with them and we can just pick up the phone and give them a quick call to ask a question without being billed for the nitty gritty things. They really take the time to help you.’

‘A great person to work with is Frank Schaaf. He has a lot of substantive knowledge and is extremely driven. If necessary, he works day and night to achieve a certain result.’

‘The lawyers working at Ekelmans Advocaten – Insurance & Corporate know the insurance business inside out and have all the resources and knowledge they need to stand by insurance companies and their insured in their legal matters. Not only do they give well-founded legal advice, they also know how to solve insurance issues in a more pragmatic way (while taking into account the interests of all parties involved). Something that is essential in the insurance business.’

‘Jan Ekelmans is the partner who stands out in strategic thinking. He knows exactly when it is time to offer a settlement and when not. In coverage discussions, too, he knows how to convey the insurer’s point of view in a firm but customer-friendly manner.’

Key clients



Zorg & Zekerheid

Nationale Nederlanden


Verbond van Verzekeraars

Zilveren Kruis





Work highlights

  • Advised Nationale Nederlanden on how to handle large claims on contingency policies due to COVID-19.
  • Represented Zilveren Kruis in a case against a health care institution that was accused of long-term fraud.
  • Acting as counsel and monitoring counsel on a substantial number of claims on director and officer liability policies written by HDI.

Ekelmans Advocaten is an independent law firm in the Netherlands with an international focus. The firm is leading in insurance and corporate. Clients receive expert advice and assistance from specialized lawyers working in compact teams. Clients value the open, long-term relationship, the professional expertise and the strategic advice. Ekelmans can draw on a wealth of experience and expertise; clients have been benefiting from this for over a century.

Insurance & Corporate is what defines the firm. It refers to the specialist expertise of the lawyers and the fields of law in which they support their clients.

In the insurance practice, the firm works closely with national and international insurance companies. The lawyers are specialized in the areas of law that are relevant to them, such as insurance and liability law.

The corporate practice group supports corporate clients, ie companies. Ekelmans Advocaten offers support with contracts, M&A, employment law, appeals in cassation and litigation. Thus ‘Corporate’ stands for both the companies the lawyers work for and the fields of law in which they assist them.

International: For its reputable insurance practice, Ekelmans Advocaten is a member of Insurance Law Global (ILG), the international network of insurance law firms. With members around the globe ILG offers international insurers access to top level insurance law support for their international activities.

Ekelmans Advocaten is also a member of the international network Legalink. Legalink is a non-exclusive, international legal network of over 60 independent business oriented law firms.

German companies that (want to) do business in the Netherlands in line with Dutch law can turn to the specialised German Desk of Ekelmans Advocaten for sound legal advice and for support with legal procedures.

Insurance and liability: Ekelmans Advocaten has a firmly established reputation in the insurance industry. The team represents most of the major international and Dutch listed insurance companies (liability, health and life) and represents clients in several of the largest and most remarkable cases in the insurance industry.

The insurance and liability team consists of 15 experienced lawyers exclusively dealing with insurance issues. The lawyers give practical and highly valued advice based on in depth knowledge and experience in professional liability, D&O, technical insurance, personal injury, health insurance, life insurance, fraud and insurer related privacy issues.

The team is headed by super specialised partners. Insurers seek their advice on complex and politically sensitive matters in healthcare insurance, liability, fraud and privacy.

Ekelmans Advocaten is a member of Insurance Law Global (ILG), which gives and provides access to top level insurance law support for international activities.

Corporate and M&A: Ekelmans Advocaten advises in a wide range of corporate law issues. The team is well versed in both mergers and acquisitions and corporate litigation. This enables the firm to adequately assist clients at drafting complex international contracts, at the negotiating table and if necessary in the courtroom as well.

The corporate lawyers of Ekelmans Advocaten have earned their spurs in the area of both domestic and cross-border transactions. They have broad experience in supervising share transfers, controlled auctions, assets/liabilities transactions and corporate joint ventures.

Ekelmans Advocaten represents a range of clients, such as SMEs, multinationals, investment companies and (semi-)government institutions. As a consequence the team has been involved in a wide variety of leading cases such as the restructuring of a share fund, the acquisition of a life insurance company and the development of a new financial product by a big bank.)

Employment: Human capital is the critical success factor for many companies and institutions. Employment law is all about people, work and organisations. The lawyers of Ekelmans Advocaten enable organisations to make the best possible use of the options available in this field of law and to minimise any risks entailed by employment law. The employment law team understands their clients and what drives them. The team counsels both listed companies as medium-sized businesses regarding employment law issues such as reorganisations, restructuring, pensions, mergers, takeovers, dismissals, collective labour agreements, appointment or dismissal of directors under the articles of association, disciplinary measures and strikes as well as participation law matters.

Supreme Court and expert litigation: Ekelmans Advocaten belongs to a select group of firms with a highly regarded supreme court litigation practice. The Supreme Court and expert litigation team conducts proceedings up to and including the Supreme Court on a daily basis. Because of its experience and expertise, the team is also engaged by other lawyers as advisers and in litigation in a broader sense. The lawyers are often asked to assist leading law firms and other professional services firms as dedicated experts in appeal proceedings, because the gravity, importance and complexity of the case call for a strategic overview and new insights.

Insurance & Liability Jan Ekelmansekelmans@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 63 68
Insurance & Liability Hanco Arnoldarnold@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 63 05
Insurance & Liability Astrid van Noortvannoort@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 64 21
Insurance & Liability Frank Schaafschaaf@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 64 21
Corporate / M&A Adriaan de Buckbuck@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 64 34
Employment law Robert Kütemannkutemann@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 64 22
Employment law Rob Kossenkossen@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 64 22
Supreme Court & Expert Litigation David de Knijffdeknijff@ekelmansadvocaten.com+31 70 374 63 08
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