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Spearheaded by ‘exceptional lawyerAnat Tenne, Alter Attorneys at Law’s team is noted for its specialisation in the taxation of capital and trusts, VAT and corporate taxation. Other core workflows of the practice include complex M&A, and taxation in real estate, energy and infrastructure projects, where Nir Horenstein is the key contact. The team also includes international taxation and overseas funds expert Udi Shostak and capital market taxation specialist Helena Ben-Baruch.

Practice head(s):

Anat Tenne-Engel


‘The team is very professional. They helped me with personal transactions and also with corporate transactions. In both, they were very sensitive and solved complicated issues with creative ideas. They are client-oriented, very efficient and cost-effective.’

‘Very professional. Domain experts. Very pragmatic in their legal thinking. Trying to get the best outcome for the client while minimising costs. Very responsive and always willing to help with any matter or question. Willing to help with matters unrelated to the case pro bono. I never had to wait for a response from them.’

‘Deep knowledge and experience of the taxation system and authorities in Israel, conservative and great understanding of the client needs and best advice till execution.’

‘The office provides professional support in tax matters, carefully examining each individual case. The office recognises the importance of professional cooperation with professionals in the field, in order to reach a complete and thorough analysis of the matter and on this basis choose the most appropriate way to handle the case.’

‘An outstanding team of dedicated, diverse, and competent lawyers. I have been working with them for several years and they are a real pleasure. The team works in impeccable cooperation.’

‘High integrity, ability to think outside the box, collaboration, and high competence in all disciplines. Anat Tenne-Engel is an exceptional lawyer.’

‘The team has provided us with top-notch legal services in dealing with complex legal and procedural issues of international taxation.’

‘Anat Tenne and Nir Horenstein are both very professional and competent. They use their vast experience to handle complex issues in different areas. They are very straightforward and reflect the state and options of the company as they are.’

Key clients

Bank Hapoalim


Bank Leumi

Harel Group


Siemens AG

Siemens Energy AG




Parfums Christian Dior

Engel Invest

SUMMIT Real Estate Holdings

Azrieli Group

Aviv Group


Herzliya Municipality

Livermore Investments


Shikun & Binui

Dalia Energies

Prashkovsky Group


Vital Hotels

Aridan Holdings




MAN Energy Solutions

Amot Investment

Work highlights

  • Represented the partnership between Shikun & Binui and Edeltech in regard to the tax aspects of their NIS4.25bn acquisition of the Ramat Hovav power plant.

The firm: Alter Attorneys at Law is a leading tax law firm in Israel, exclusively handling tax law. The firm provides tax counseling to Israeli and foreign clients, including large multinational corporations, families and trusts. The firm also serves as a professional address in Israel to the most prestigious global law firms and tax service providers. Alter Attorneys is well known for its tax planning and its rulings and tax agreements with the Israel Tax Authority. The firm was founded in 1990 by the late Dr. Avi Alter, and is managed today by partners who have been part of the firm since its inception. The firm is ranked as one of the top Israeli tax firms by ranking agencies.

Areas of practice:  International taxation, corporate and individual taxation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate taxations, Value Added Tax, capital settlements and trusts, energy and infrastructure taxation, encouragement laws, capital gains tax, employee compensation, and other tax spheres. The firm has a proven track record in its field, including obtaining approvals for tax rebates and/or reduced tax, concerning demands of the authorities, as well as obtaining precedents in matters of taxation in court.

Anat Tenne-Engel, Adv. (CPA) – Senior and Managing Partner: LL.B and Accountancy, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Specializes in all tax areas. Considered as one of Israel’s leading tax experts and has successfully handled hundreds of transactions and tax matters before the various tax authorities,. She has successfully achieved tax arrangements, minimizing tax liabilities, while guaranteeing the finalization of proceedings. In the last few years, she has been involved in capital settlements, trusts, international taxation, activity-sales, and settlement of conflicts with the tax authorities. Adv. Tenne-Engel previously held positions with the Israel Tax Authority. Lectures before various forums on tax matters and publishes professional tax articles and responses, in the written media.

Nir Horenstein, Adv. (Accountancy) – Partner:  LL.B, LL.M. and accountancy from the Tel Aviv University, Cum Laude, and an M.B.A., Summa Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv and ESADE Universities. Specializes in international taxation, including representation of multinational corporations, VAT, real estate,  energy and infrastructure taxation, and income tax (individual and corporations). Adv. Horenstein is the joint author of various books in the tax field, as well as the author of hundreds of professional articles in the financial press. Adv. Horenstein represents international public listed concerns located in Europe, the United States and other countries, and serves as the Israeli expert for international tax practice firms. Adv. Horenstein is a lecturer in tax matters at the Israel Bar Association, the Bureau of Appraisers and other professional forums.

Udi Shostak, Adv. (Economics) – Partner: LL.B and Economics, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Previously served as a teaching assistant at Tel Aviv University and Ramat Gan College. Author of numerous journalistic and professional articles. Specializes in international taxation, multinational tax shelters, accompanying Israeli’s operating in Africa, trust arrangements and oversea funds, taxation of online sales, option and controlling shareholder’s taxation, with a specific specialty in mergers, divestitures and Value Added tax issues.

Helena Ben-Baruch, Adv. (Accountancy) – Partner: LL.B and Accountancy, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Specializes in capital market taxation, trust taxation, international taxation, mergers, and divestitures. Co-author of a capital market taxation book and authors professional articles in various tax matters. Provides tax advice to some of the largest entities in the Israeli market, including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, trust funds, venture capital funds, and real estate development companies.
A partner in precedential tax arrangements in the field of corporate restructuring, employee stock options, taxation of passive income from securities, foreign income taxation, capital gains taxation following corporate divestitures, foreign resident and returning resident taxation.

Eyal Schwarzwald, Adv. (Accountancy) – Partner: LL.B and BA (Accounting), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Specializes in real estate taxation, income tax, international taxation and VAT. Advises and accompanies complexed real estate transactions, including urban renewal transactions and taxation of the energy and infrastructure sector. Adv. Schwarzwald is a partner in accompanying voluntary disclosure arrangements in complexed cases of individuals and trusts, handling VAT cases including cases in which our clients received tax refunds in significant sums, and writing complexed opinions in various tax areas.

Department Name Email Telephone
International taxation Anat Tenne Engel
International taxation Udi Shostak
International taxation Nir Horenstein
Income tax Anat Tenne Engel
Income tax Udi Shostak
Corporate and individual taxation Anat Tenne Engel
Corporate and individual taxation Nir Horenstein
Corporate and individual taxation Helena Ben Baruch
VAT Nir Horenstein
VAT Udi Shostak
Employees compensation (stock options) Anat Tenne Engel
Employees compensation (stock options) Udi Shostak
Voluntary disclosure Anat Tenne Engel
Voluntary disclosure Udi Shostak
Tax treaties Helena Ben Baruch
Tax treaties Udi Shostak
Tax rulings Udi Shostak
Tax rulings Anat Tenne Engel
Real estate taxation Nir Horenstein
Real estate taxation Anat Tenne engel
Tax litigation Nir Horenstein
Tax litigation Anat Tenne Engel
Taxation of trusts Helena Ben-Baruch
Taxation of trusts Anat Tenne
Settlements of capital Anat Tenne Engel
Settlements of capital Udi Shostak
Taxation of mergers and acquisitions Udi Shostak
Taxation of mergers and acquisitions Helena Ben-Baruch
Capital gains tax Anat Tenne
Capital gains tax Nir Horenstein
Capital markets tax Helena Ben-Baruch
Encouragement legislation Anat Tenne Engel
Encouragement legislation Udi Shostak
Photo Name Position Profile
Anat Tenne photo Adv Anat Tenne Senior and Managing Partner
Number of lawyers : 8