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The regions Tier 1

Vaughan Avocats has its main office in Paris (24 lawyers), but also a very strong presence in Toulouse (23 lawyers). The firm also has antennas in Versailles, Rennes and in Bamako, Mali, and offers a whole range of expertise. The team is particularly well known for its strength in employment law.

Employment Tier 3

Vaughan Avocats' practice is well staffed and led by nine experienced partners. The team assists several leading French and international companies, as well as industrial and professional bodies. It recently provided assistance on post-Macron reform matters, such as the negotiation of CSE work council agreements. The practice is also highly recognised for its expertise in dealing with collective redundancy projects and mobility matters. Lately, the team advised on several large-scale redundancy plans, for example when successfully assisting Solocal with the implementation of a 1,000 job-cut plan. The team also handles sensitive individual matters and disputes. It advises companies, CEOs and other individuals such as journalists and TV presenters with individual companies' exit issues. Additionally, the practice represents low-cost airlines in several strategic litigation proceedings. Key figures include Bruno Courtine, Aude Serres van Gaver, Kader Hamida, Bastien Ottaviani, Fabrice Perruchot and Thomas Fernandez-Boni.


‘The firm provides strong and bespoke support.’

‘The firm provides very professional and high-quality work. Team members are available, committed and reliable.’

‘Kader Hamida and Bruno Courtine show strong listening skills and look for the best adapted solutions.’

The firm: Vaughan Avocats opened in Paris in 2005, at the time specialising in social security law, mergers and acquisitions and fundraising. With the opening of the Toulouse office in 2006, a department specialising in international mobility was created.

In the following years, the firm expanded its areas of expertise with the appointment of its first business taxation partner in 2010. In 2012 Vaughan Avocats hired its competition and distribution practices partner and also opened an office in Bamako (Mali). The following year, the firm opened its office in Rennes, while its office in Toulouse welcomed four new partners.

In 2014 Vaughan Avocats elected a new managing partner and implemented a new governance structure. A new office also opened in Versailles while four senior associates were promoted to partner. The firm thus passed the 50 lawyer threshold.

Areas of practice: Vaughan Avocats is an independent commercial law practice gathering over 50 lawyers with offices in Paris, Toulouse, Rennes, Versailles and Bamako. What sets the firm apart is its innovative approach, blending commercial law and taxation with employment. The way in which its teams collaborate is an asset to any reorganisation, restructuring or reindustrialisation project.

Vaughan Avocats firmly believes that the best solutions unite the company with the individuals who comprise and support it. Vaughan’s lawyers work in multidisciplinary teams, sharing expertise and ideas, ensuring innovative solutions, in particular through the use of legal tech, as well as a human dimension in order to deal with their clients’ projects and challenges.

The areas of expertise include: human resources; employment litigation; structuring and reorganisation; restructuring and reindustrialisation; companies in difficulty; mergers and acquisitions – private equity; taxation; international mobility; executive directors and corporate officers; real estate, construction and town planning; commercial relations; intellectual property; OHADA; international.

Department Name Email Telephone
Human resources Jean-Charles de Bellefon
Human resources Bruno Courtine
Human resources Paul van Deth
Human resources Thomas Fernandez-Boni
Human resources Abdelkader Hamida
Human resources Bastien Ottaviani
Human resources Fabrice Perruchot
Human resources Aude Serres van Gaver
Employment litigation Paul van Deth
Employment litigation Thomas Fernandez-Boni
Employment litigation Fabrice Perruchot
Employment litigation Aude Serres van Gaver
Structuring and reorganisation Lionel Agossou
Structuring and reorganisation Jean-Charles de Bellefon
Structuring and reorganisation Bruno Courtine
Structuring and reorganisation Thomas Fernandez-Boni
Structuring and reorganisation Abdelkader Hamida
Structuring and reorganisation Bruno de Laportaliere
Structuring and reorganisation Aude Serres van Gaver
Restructuring and reindustrialisation Lionel Agossou
Restructuring and reindustrialisation Jean-Charles de Bellefon
Restructuring and reindustrialisation Bruno Courtine
Restructuring and reindustrialisation Thomas Fernandez-Boni
Restructuring and reindustrialisation Abdelkader Hamida
Restructuring and reindustrialisation Bruno de Laportaliere
Restructuring and reindustrialisation Aude Serres van Gaver
Companies in difficulty Bruno Courtine
Companies in difficulty Marie-Hélène Jan
Companies in difficulty Aude Serres van Gaver
Mergers and acquisitions – private equity Lionel Agossou
Mergers and acquisitions – private equity Marie-Hélène Jan
Mergers and acquisitions – private equity Bruno de Laportaliere
Taxation Lionel Agossou
International mobility Sandra Thiry
Executive directors and corporate officers Paul van Deth
Executive directors and corporate officers Thomas Fernandez-Boni
Executive directors and corporate officers Bastien Ottaviani
Executive directors and corporate officers Fabrice Perruchot
Commercial relations Marie-Hélène Jan
Commercial relations Bruno de Laportaliere
OHADA Daouda Ba
International Lionel Agossou
International Daouda Ba
International Thomas Fernandez-Boni
International Marie-Hélène Jan
International Bruno de Laportaliere
International Sandra Thiry
Number of lawyers : 57
at this office : 24
Global Business Lawyers (created in 2017)
Other offices : Bamako (Mali)
Other offices : Rennes
Other offices : Toulouse
Other offices : Versailles