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Dispute resolution Tier 1

Integrites' sizeable team includes the highly regarded Dmytro Marchukov, who heads the cross-border litigation practice; head of international arbitration Olena Perepelynska; and head of domestic litigation Oleksandr Onishchenko. The firm is praised for its 'high standards, accuracy and diligence', as well as its 'proactive thinking and responsive approach'. The firm's growing presence in both domestic and international cases is accompanied by the expansion of its client base of large Ukrainian companies and foreign investors. Counsel Serhii Uvarov is also recommended for cross-border matters.


Integrites is the law firm we choose to work with in Ukraine and we are very satisfied with the service the firm provides. The high standards, accuracy and diligence with work and time frames makes the Integrites team stand out. The team is notable for its proactive thinking and responsive approach, taking steps in a timely manner and understanding the peculiarities of our business.

Associate Mykola Yerema is very responsive; his advice is always timely, clear and careful with details.

They are very serious, motivated and focused on the resolution of the problem.

Yury Sivovna is exceptional at what he is doing. He is very analytical in his job. He communicates very kindly and clearly with his clients. The satisfaction and legal safety and coverage of his client are his main priorities. He speaks English fluently and can attract foreigners who expect this kind of high-level legal service.

The team is always acting in the best interests of the client, seeking to secure a proactive, time-efficient and results-oriented outcome in each case. The team is up-to-date as regards developments in their area of practice and able to successfully handle high-profile, complex, multi-jurisdictional matters in an efficient manner.

Dmytro Marchukov and Serhii Uvarov are very responsive, organised, polite and ready to provide assistance on any matter, however complex, at any time. We couldn’t have wished for a better team. They always tried to achieve the best outcome for the client and were always one step ahead.

Serhii Uvarov is definitely a rising star who is involved in both litigation and arbitration. He is a name to remember.’

‘Dmytro Marchukov is vastly experienced and thinks outside the box.

Olena Perepelynska is very active in the arbitration practice and has achieved a lot. She is well known and appreciated by her peers.

Integrites has a team of professionals with extensive practical experience.

I want to note their personal approach to the project and the client, as well as their punctuality in the implementation of the stages of the project and subsequent support in resolving various issues of a legal nature.

Integrites is a dynamic Ukrainian law firm with an expanding presence in undertaking significant arbitral and international disputes work.

Dmytro Marchukov and Serhii Uvarov are both superb. They are client-focused and results-orientated. Their analysis and the quality of their written work was outstanding.

It is a team of true professionals who are different from others with deep legal knowledge, years of experience and honesty. The team always thoroughly studies all the circumstances of the case and uses all possible legal remedies for the clients.

Olena Perepelynska and Krystyna Khripkova are true professionals and excellent lawyers. They are different from other lawyers in their honesty and high level of professionalism. They always show clients all possible options and speak honestly about the potential difficulties and consequences of possible solutions. They are very attentive to all the details and take into account the client’s wishes in their work.

From the very beginning they impressed us with how approachable and easy to deal with they were, their no-nonsense advice on what could be achieved, creativity in devising strategy, the speed with which they responded and assembled a team, excellent service and reasonable approach to pricing. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs to navigate Ukraine’s complex landscape.

The team Integrites assembled on our case was excellent. Despite being made up of relatively young professionals, they were knowledgeable, hardworking and approachable.’

‘One cannot help immediately noticing Serhiy Uvarov’s thorough grasp of the law and meticulous analysis of issues at hand.’

‘Dmytro Marchukov stands out with his eagerness to help and creativity in developing practical and commercially sensible solutions.’

‘Associates Oksana Riabinina and Khrystyna Shyposha are excellent.

Very professional, responsive and solid legal analysis. Certainly among the leading disputes firms in Ukraine.

Serhii Uvarov is particularly solid and responsive.

Integrites’ arbitration practice has quite unique capabilities for the local market. They have leading CIS arbitration practitioners on board and offices in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. This combination makes them a perfect choice for arbitrations in the CIS arbitral institutions or involving CIS parties. They have an impressive track record of acting as lead counsel in all major CIS and international arbitration centres.

Olena Perepelynska is definitely the best arbitration practitioner on the Ukrainian market with very good negotiation skills and strategic thinking. As a client, I really appreciated her professionalism and dedication to the matter. For me it was important to receive a comprehensive estimation of all the risks of each particular step to discuss it with the company’s management and make a decision.

They are always extremely attentive to the client’s issues and provide professional advice and legal services on time. The highly professional team take on the client’s issues as their own and are very supportive throughout the case.

Oleksandr Onischenko, Oleksandr Paschenko and Yuriy Sivovna are highly professional lawyers and very supportive partners.

The team has extensive experience in dispute resolution and has in-depth knowledge. The team professionally solves all problems and always honestly presents all the possibilities to the client.

Olena Perepelynska and Krystyna Khripkova are true professionals with a thorough knowledge of their work. They are honest and tactful, they do everything for the convenience of the client and the client’s understanding of all the circumstances of the case. They are open to dialogue and always hear and take their clients’ opinions into account. I think they are an example of how a law firm should work. I have not met another team with such characteristics.

Key clients

SE NPC “Ukrenergo”

Flooring Industries Ltd. S.A.R.L.

Moston Properties Limited (UK)

Ferrero Ukraine

Syvash Energo Prom LLC

Energy Tier 1

Integrites has been increasingly active in energy matters, with expertise in the renewable energy sector and the wind power market. Oleksiy Feliv leads the practice, which recently handled the first large-scale non-recourse project financing for renewable energy in Ukraine. It is also a key adviser on upstream and downstream oil and gas projects, project finance and investment arbitration. Project finance partner Igor Krasovskiy joined from Jeantet.

Practice head(s):


Our transaction would not have been possible without the advice of Oleksiy Feliv and his team.’

‘In addition to legal advice, the team has also provided invaluable access to decision makers in the industry and government.

Oleksiy Feliv is by far the most experienced and connected lawyer in Ukraine within the energy space. His knowledge of the industry reaches far beyond what can be expected from a lawyer, as he has also been a wind power developer himself. He has helped us reach out to decision makers every time we have had critical issues in the development and financing of a project.

They are attentive and meet deadlines, and I recommed Igor Krasovskiy.

Integrites is not just a legal firm, it is a real partner in our business. They have an extremely pragmatic approach and in-depth knowledge of the energy market.

They are able to not only support the contract negotiation but to guide us in the Ukrainian energy industry.

The team’s capacity to work at an international level makes them very valuable for our company.

0leksiy Feliv embodies perfectly the values of Integrites and is ready to stand on the side of his client day and night to find a deal. His ability to remain quiet, whatever the behaviour of the other party, makes him a key asset in the negotiation.

0leksiy Feliv is also recognised as a reliable partner by all of the administration in Ukraine.

As a client, it was a great experience to work with this professional team. Moreover, it was clear from their approach to cases and problems that they are not only a service provider but a part of our company.

At different layers and branches we had same professional treatment with individuals being available 24/7 with 100% of their attention on clients’ cases and needs, which raises the bar for sure.

We consider our co-operation with Integrites to be very fruitful and efficient. The company has great and unique experience in Ukrainian and international legislation, namely in project development, realisation, approvals and land allocation processes, as well as in the energy sector in general. They can find solutions for very difficult questions and challenges and ensure positive results.

The people working in Integrites are reliable, efficient, responsible, wise and experienced. They are involved and really interested in finding the best possible solution for the client. I would especially like to mention Oleksiy Feliv and Gennadii Roschepii.

Its profound expertise in energy makes Integrites stand out on the market. I would recommend the firm to international business exploring opportunities in particular in Ukraine’s renewables.

I communicated mostly with Oleksiy Feliv, the managing partner. He is a recognised legal expert in energy in Ukraine. He and his team have supported many international investors who have entered the Ukrainian market in recent years. I like his attitude and his advice has been always professional, timely and comprehensive.

Constructing a friendly relationship and being involved in the subject, even if it is minor, are what makes Integrites’ partners and associates unique for our company. This is even more crucial when you invest abroad.

Key clients

NBT/Total Eren



AKW Ukrainian Kaolin



MOSTON Properties Limited

SE NPC “Ukrenergo”

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 2

The practice at Integrites expanded last year with the recruitment of Igor Krasovskiy from Jeantet, though Vsevolod Volkov moved to EVERLEGAL. Krasovskiy, who has experience in complex project, acquisition and structured finance, leads the practice with corporate finance and compliance expert Oleh Zahnitko. The team's recent work includes several high-value project finance matters for sponsors of renewable energy developments. It also has expertise in synthetic lending, over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, unfunded and funded risk participation schemes, high-risk mezzanine lending, and both asset-based and secured lending. Senior associate Olena Savchuk is also noted.

Practice head(s):


I have found Integrites to have a firm understanding of all the bankability issues and key investment matters associated with a large-scale project financing.

Igor Krasovskiy understands what we need in terms of style of advice and key issues, and he is both professional and highly competent. I would not hesitate to recommend Igor and his team for banking and finance work in Ukraine. His English is excellent and after many years working for international firms he has a unique understanding of key issues for lenders and always offers practical solutions.

They are attentive and they deliver on time.

The team has a high level of professionalism and a deep understanding of local laws and requirements, as well as demonstrating strong commitment by working under tight deadlines. The team stands out as being very responsive and flexible.

Oleh Zahnitko has profound knowledge and expertise, which allows him to provide sound guidance and recommendations in the best interests of the client, while maintaining goal-oriented attitude.

Olena Sachuk is a very diligent lawyer with a well-developed professional track record, including several complex and unconventional deal structures.

It has a practical approach to legal questions that is less focused on the text of the law and more on the actual application of it and market practices.

Accessible and able to explain legal concepts in laymen’s terms.

The team is probably the most knowledgeable renewable energy practice in Ukraine. Integrites has offered us a comprehensive set of skills and has become an essential interface between our company, our financing partners and the complex legal framework of Ukraine.

Igor Krasovskiy has been instrumental in interfacing between international financing partners and local banks or local authorities. This has been key in the success of our financing process and I think is helping this growing market to adapt more generally to the requirements of international financial institutions.

We have been helped as well by Olena Savchuk and Yuriy Korchev as senior associates and have appreciated their responsiveness and efficiency.

Key clients



Scatec Solar





Kazakhstan-Ziraat International Bank

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 2

The practice at Integrites grew significantly last year with the arrival of a team from Jeantet. Illya Tkachuk is one of the new arrivals and he leads the practice with energy sector expert Oleksiy Feliv. The firm has a growing workload in M&A, corporate advisory and governance matters, and joint venture transactions. It acts predominantly for international companies on cross-border matters, which recently included a multibillion-dollar joint venture partnership involving a state-owned Ukrainian enterprise. Besides the energy sector, it is also active in the pharmaceuticals, construction, healthcare, retail and IT sectors.

Practice head(s):


Illya Tkachuk is a resourceful and helpful lawyer for a wide range of corporate matters.

‘The team is highly commercial and has provided sound advice not only on legal matters, but also on negotiations and managing relations to sellers and their advisers.

Illya Tkachuk has provided excellent advice, together with Oleksiy Feliv from the energy practice. They are highly skilled in their field and have excellent negotiation skills.

We like that Integrites knows our sphere (mineral resources) and can provide business-oriented advice. We do not need to explain the basics of our business.

We have worked with Illya Tkachuk and his team for many years. He has strong legal knowledge and he is very proactive and innovative. This helps us in finding the best business solutions.

What makes the co-operation special is that the firm becomes a real business partner, whose perspective is broader than just a legal opinion.

The firm has great experience, and is efficient and client-oriented

Working with the corporate and M&A team at Integrites was my pleasure. They are experienced and knowledgeable, responsible and proactive. They deliver business-oriented solutions and are very skilled negotiators.

Illya Tkachuk is an experienced corporate legal expert. He is very efficient and has a deep understanding of our business.

Key clients



Savencia Fromage & Dairy Europe

Competition Tier 2

Serhiy Shershun, who is 'a true professional in his field', and competition disputes and enforcement expert Vyacheslav Korchev lead the practice at Integrites. 'The interests of the client and their unconditional protection are the main principles of the firm', which handles merger clearances, concerted practices, abuse of dominance investigations, unfair competition cases, competition litigation and regulatory matters.


“We really appreciate when they do not formally approach our questions, solving them according to the template, but very carefully study the details and consider the situation from different angles. They perform a thorough analysis of the information and only then provide evaluations and conclusions, and not vice versa.”

“Serhiy Shershun has vast experience and never chooses the easiest way, but chooses the way to maximise the protection of the interests of the client.”

Key clients


Turkish Airlines


Wörwag Pharma

Gals Agro


Atlantic Agro Holding




Employment Tier 2

Integrites expanded its employment practice with the hire of Illya Tkachuk and his team from Jeantet in April 2019. Tkachuk, who co-leads the practice with Julian Ries, specialises in labour law and compliance matters. The firm handles share options and benefits programmes, redundancies, dismissals, employee transfers and trade union negotiations. Clients note that the firm is 'very efficient and always quick in providing clear answers'.

Practice head(s):


‘The team is happy to engage and assist us and of course all the work was in the hands of professionals. Our first impression was good and stayed that way throughout the project.’

‘We worked with counsels Vasyl Yurmanovych and Dmytro Nyshpal and they are professional, efficient and very clear, and they meet all deadlines.’

Key clients

Turkish Airlines Inc.

6-Systems LLC






Air Products


MAI CEE Insurance Brokers

International trade Tier 2

At Integrites, counsel Sergey Lakhno has more than 15 years' experience in WTO law, preferential trade agreements and trade remedies, and he frequently acts for domestic companies in protecting their interests in foreign markets. He also increasingly advises foreign companies doing business in Ukraine. One client notes that Lakhno 'has diverse and extensive experience in the field of international trade law'. The firm's key area of expertise is anti-dumping investigations.

Practice head(s):


‘Sergey Lakhno represented one of Ukraine’s key industries, steel, in foreign jurisdictions for many years. He also worked in many important governmental positions. This unique experience distinguishes him from his colleagues in other law firms.’

Key clients


RUSSOL-Ukraine Ltd



Private client Tier 2

Integrites' recently formed private client team is led by Viktoriia Fomenko and Dmytro Marchukov, who are specialists in tax and litigation respectively. The group handles domestic and cross-border litigation, asset tracing and recovery, estate planning, personal tax and investment structuring for high-net-worth individuals.

Real estate and construction Tier 2

Integrites handles a steady flow of high-value real estate and construction matters stemming from its active energy and natural resources department. The practice, led by Oleksiy Feliv, is particularly active in the renewable energy sector, in which it handles land issues, construction matters including EPC contracts under FIDIC standards, and commissioning, permitting and regulatory issues. Counsel Gennadii Roschepii is a notable name for major infrastructure projects.

Practice head(s):


Igor Krasovskiy and Gennadi Roshchepii are attentive and they deliver on time.’

I have only a only positive experience of our co-operation and a great experience of the company in the construction sector. They can find unique solutions and successfully implement them.

The lawyers are reliable, positive, devoted to their work and very experienced.

Energy and real estate in Ukraine are interrelated, and Integrites is known as a quality legal service provider in both sectors. Its profound expertise in real estate makes the firm stand out on the market. I would recommend Integrites to both international investors in Ukraine and local businesses. The team handles complex projects in quite a skilful and balanced manner.

I communicated mostly with Oleksiy Feliv, managing partner. He is a recognised legal expert in real estate in Ukraine. He and his team supported many international investors who entered the Ukrainian market in recent years. I like his attitude, his advice has always been professional, timely and comprehensive.

Integrites stands out among other law firms because of its industry specialisation and solid experience in energy. The firm provides professional legal advice in an efficient and amicable way. I would recommend the firm to companies looking for a legal partner with exceptional expertise and portfolio.

I mostly interacted with Oleksiy Feliv, managing partner. He is a recognised energy expert who has particularly strong expertise in renewables. I like his attitude, he is responsive and knowledgeable in energy matters. Would recommend him as a reliable partner.

The firm is client oriented and provides fast responses and well thought out and practical advice.

Oleksiy Feliv is a very knowledgeable real estate expert, probably the best in Ukraine lawyer in real estate.

Gennadii Roschepii is a knowledgeable and client-oriented associate in the real estate practice.

Key clients

NBT/Total Eren



AKW Ukrainian Kaolin



SE NPC “Ukrenergo”

Tax Tier 2

At Integrites, newly promoted partner Viktoriia Fomenko leads a sizeable practice that handles advice on Ukrainian tax and customs legislation, international tax structuring, tax and customs disputes, transfer pricing and compliance. It is among the firms leading the way in the evolving area of transfer pricing, having played a key role in one of the first disputes in Ukraine related to the application of transfer pricing methods. It has also played a prominent role in advising new clients on entering the alternative energy market, which requires sophisticated tax and customs advice.

Practice head(s):

Key clients


Scatec Solar


Epiroc Ukraine



United Green

Rush LLC

White-collar crime Tier 2

Integrites has a small but effective white-collar crime practice that represents corporates and their officers in cases of tax evasion, fraud and other offences. Oleksandr Onishchenko leads the practice, which acts predominantly for international companies in key industry sectors such as retail, agriculture, aviation, energy and natural resources.

Practice head(s):

Intellectual property Tier 3

Integrites focuses its IP work on copyright disputes, trade mark infringement, audits, pre-trial and court proceedings, and internet-related matters. Contentious matters constitute a large part of its practice but it also handles IP and IT contracts and licence agreements. Senior associate and practice head Dariya Ganzienko is experienced in domain name disputes, and represents both plaintiffs and defendants in trade mark and copyright infringement cases.

Practice head(s):

Key clients



INTEGRITES is a full-service law firm with offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia, and representative offices in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. The firm provides legal service to companies seeking comprehensive advice on large deals and major disputes, as well as day-to-day operation.

The mission of the firm is to help companies concentrate on the development of their business while lawyers at INTEGRITES take care of the legal issues. With profound industry-focused expertise, the firm delivers legal solutions that add value to the business of clients 80% of which are international. Alongside the countries of presence, INTEGRITES makes its legal expertise available to clients from other jurisdictions through three foreign desks – teams of qualified lawyers with unique German-, French- and Turkish-speaking competence. The firm also closely cooperates with a well-established partner network of over 100 international law firms.

INTEGRITES is highly recommended for its dispute resolution work performed by the recognized legal experts in international arbitration, cross-border and domestic litigation. The team represented the interests of the clients in more than 100 international commercial and investment proceedings under the arbitration rules of major international arbitration centers.

INTEGRITES is an internationally recognized legal counsel to companies working in the energy sector, in particular, renewables. The firm represents the biggest international clients with a cumulative commitment to 2 GW of wind and 500 MW solar power projects in Ukraine, which ensures the firm’s leading position on the regional market. Among other projects, INTEGRITES provided comprehensive legal support to NBT (Norway) on the development of the 750 MW Syvash onshore wind farm, the largest facility of the kind in Europe. The project received widespread recognition being shortlisted for the Lawyer European Awards 2019 as Energy deal of the year and Financial Times (FT) Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe 2019, and received the ‘Bronze prize’ from the EBRD Sustainability Awards 2019.

INTEGRITES advised Eurocape/LongWing on the non-recourse financing for the construction of the first phase of the 500 MW wind farm in Ukraine. The project has been selected for the CEE Legal Matters Deal of the Year Award 2019 shortlist. The firm also advised Scatec Solar (Norway) on the development and financing of nine solar plants with a total capacity of 336 MW.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner, Head of Energy and Natural Resources, Real Estate and Construction Dr. Oleksiy Feliv
Counsel, Energy and Natural Resources, Real Estate and Construction Gennadii Roschepii
Managing Partner, Head of International Offices, Corporate and M&A Dr. Julian Ries
Partner, Head of Corporate and M&A, Employment, Compliance Illya Tkachuk
Counsel, Corporate and M&A, Employment Vasyl Yurmanovych
Senior Partner, Antitrust and Competition Vyacheslav Korchev
Counsel, Head of Antitrust and Competition Serhiy Shershun
Partner, Head of the CIS Arbitration Practice Olena Perepelynska
Partner, Head of Cross-Border Litigation Dmytro Marchukov
Partner, Head of Domestic Litigation and White-Collar Crime Oleksandr Onishchenko
Counsel, Cross-Border Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration Serhii Uvarov
Partner, Head of Banking and Finance Igor Krasovskiy
Partner, Banking and Finance Dr. Oleh Zahnitko
Partner, Head of Tax and Customs Viktoriya Fomenko
Counsel, Head of International Trade Sergey Lakhno
Counsel, Head of Foreign Desk Dmitriy Nyshpal
Senior Associate, Head of Intellectual Property Daria Ganzienko
Photo Name Position Profile
Dr Oleksiy Feliv  photo Dr Oleksiy Feliv Managing partner
 Viktoriya Fomenko photo Viktoriya Fomenko Partner, Head of Tax and Customs
Mr Vyacheslav Korchev  photo Mr Vyacheslav Korchev Senior Partner
 Igor Krasovskiy photo Igor Krasovskiy Partner, Head of Banking & Finance
Mr Dmytro Marchukov  photo Mr Dmytro Marchukov Partner, Head of Cross-Border Litigation
Mr Oleksandr Onishchenko  photo Mr Oleksandr Onishchenko Partner, Head of Domestic Litigation
Ms Olena Perepelynska  photo Ms Olena Perepelynska Partner, Head of International Arbitration
 Julian Ries photo Julian Ries Partner, Head of International Offices
Mr Serhiy Shershun  photo Mr Serhiy Shershun Partner, Head of Antitrust and Competition
 Illya Tkachuk photo Illya Tkachuk Partner, Head of Corporate and M&A, Employment, Compliance
Mr Serhii Uvarov  photo Mr Serhii Uvarov Counsel
 Oleh Zahnitko photo Oleh Zahnitko Partner
American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
European Business Association (EBA)
German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce