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Intellectual property > Intellectual property: filing/prosecution Tier 1

Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co's practice is jointly led by Nahum Gabrieli and Ehud Gabrieli. It advises on all aspects of IP protection and enforcement, and operates an extensive filing practice. The patents group works with clients ranging from private inventors to multinational technology companies on the drafting and filing of patent applications, both domestically and overseas. On the trade marks side, the group is noted for its cross-border expertise; the firm works with retail and manufacturing clients on trade mark prosecution and disputes in China. Patent attorney Ronnie Benshafrut arrived from Reinhold Cohn & Partners in 2020.

Practice head(s):

Nahum Gabrieli; Ehud Gabrieli

Other key lawyers:

Ronnie Benshafrut; Hila Oz-Meyer


‘We have been working with Seligsohn, Gabrieli & Co., which is a high quality IP firm in Israel, for more than 10 years and we appreciate the quality of their work, their efficiency, reactivity and tailor-made advice.’

We would not hesitate to recommend Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. for trade mark work in Israel: they are some of our most valuable and reliable partners.’

Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co meets all our requirements. Our firm has created a list of trusted partners around the world selected on various criteria and which are recommended to all our offices. Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co features in this selection.

‘Partners Nahum Gabrieli & Ehud Gabrieli are the leading experts in trade mark & designs: they have extensive experience and outstanding expertise in the field of copyright, industrial designs and trade mark prosecution and management. They are dedicated and always available. During our 10-year experience with them we have noted only their strengths including high reactivity, top quality, and a comprehensive strategic vision of every matter we have had with them. What we value the most is their reactivity and the quality of their analysis on complex trademark issues. They provide high quality work in record time. Their trade mark practitioners handle all aspects of trademark prosecution: filing, prosecuting, but also opposition, infringement and enforcement matters. We can rely on them to provide innovative solutions and strategic advice to secure and manage the rights. ’

‘We have been Seligsohn Gabrieli for all our trademark work in Israel for over ten years with great satisfaction. Recently we have started working with their colleagues in Europe too. They are knowledgeable thorough and responsive and I understand from speaking to their competitors that they are also well regarded by their peers in Israel.

‘There is a very hands on approach from the partners and they have been personally involved with most of the business we brought to them. The associates are very involved and well briefed on all the aspects of our work together. Another great aspect is that there is little staff turnover which leads to a greater understanding to our needs.’

‘Partners Udi Gabrieli & Hila Oz Meyer are both excellent, as to is advocate Gal Gross. I know I can reach out to them at any time to assist with local management of issues, provide sound insight to the region and to assist with management of local agents and distributors. ’

‘The law firm has an excellently trained and very reliable team. We have been working together for many years with high satisfaction.’

Key clients


Asos plc

Barkan Winery

Basic Trademark S. A. (Kappa)

Beiersdorf AG (NIVEA)

Cabot Corporation

Carmel Winery

Center for Digital Innovation

Colgate Palmolive Company

Cristiano Ronaldo (JBS Textile Group A/S)

D Lock

Delta Galil Ltd.

Delta Textile Ltd.


Eurofood Marketing 2001 Ltd.


General Electric

Giorgio Armani S.p.A

Gottex Swimwear Brands Ltd.

Guccio Gucci S.p.A



ILAN Car Glass Ltd.

IMI Systems Ltd. (formerly Israeli Military Industries)

Inter Ikea Systems B.V.

Iscar Ltd.

Maccabi Israel Sports Organization

Kelemata S.r.l.

Magic Leap

Magnetica Interactive Ltd.

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Max Brenner

Medtronic Inc.

Mikasa cooperation

Mr Gilad Sasson

Nestle-Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A

New Balance Athletic Shoes Inc.

Osem Industries Ltd.

Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A (Mentos, Chuppa Chups)

Panasonic cooperation

Pandora S/A

Rosoling Ltd.

Sano Bruno’s En

Intellectual property > Intellectual property: disputes Tier 2

Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co, which has specialised in IP for over 50 years, continues to provide companies from a number of sectors on all aspects of IP protection. The firm represents a number of international brands, most notably in the fashion industry, both in opposition proceedings before the registrar and in infringement disputes up to supreme court level. Nahum Gabrieli and Ehud Gabrieli are co-managing partners; the former specialises in copyright disputes in the entertainment and media sector, while the latter represents clients before the Israel customs authority regarding the  confiscation and destruction of counterfeit goods.

Practice head(s):

Nahum Gabrieli; Ehud Gabrieli

Other key lawyers:

Hila Oz-Meyer

Key clients

Sons of George Shukha Ltd.

Dalton Winery Ltd.

Gottex Swimwear Brands Ltd.

Spirits International B.V.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club

IMI Systems Ltd.


W.M. Barr & Company, Inc.

Asos Plc

Pandora SA

Zuker & Minkin

Nestle – Soceite des Produits Nestle SA

Xiaomi Inc. (and its Israeli exclusive distributor – Hemilton)

Delta Galil Industries Ltd.

Kelemata S.r.l.

Mr Gilad Sasson

Max Brenner Ltd.


Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. is one of the oldest and most experienced Intellectual Property Law firms in Israel.

Established nearly seven decades ago, with a commitment to uncompromising quality, impeccable ethics, and a sharp professional focus, our firm has earned its position as a market leader and legal authority on all aspects of IP law

As a specializing firm, we work in full synergy to ensure that our clients receive the most in-depth and insightful response to their legal needs. Whether directly handling cases or providing professional guidance and supervision to our advocates and attorneys, our firm’s principal leaders are involved and engaged in each case as needed.

Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. has achieved international recognition for its premium litigation services offered by litigators who provide pre-litigation counseling, ex-parte injunctive relief solutions, full-scale litigation, and appeal procedures and are well versed in all forms of litigation in Israeli courts. Our team of IP experts includes advocates, patent attorneys, and highly experienced paralegal assistants, to provide a complete and wide-ranging scope of services, including:

Patents: We represent both patent holders and alleged infringers in patent infringement actions tried before the District Courts. Our firm also represents clients in appeals to District Court judgments in infringement cases. Such appeals are heard and decided by the Supreme Court of Israel. Litigation services also comprise various proceedings before the Registrar of Patents. These include, but are not limited to oppositions, applications for revocation of patents, and compulsory license proceedings. In patent cases, our clients benefit from a synergetic collaboration between the lawyers and patent lawyers at our firm, which enables them to optimally address complex and challenging patent law matters which involve both technological and legal issues.   

Trademarks: Our team has acquired extensive litigation experience, which includes numerous cases involving trademark infringement and passing-off actions.  We have litigated some of the most significant cases in the country, thus contributing to the Israeli judicature in these fields.  Our firm is also involved in trade dress cases and domain name disputes.

Other litigation proceedings, such as oppositions, cancellation of trademarks, and proceedings concerning rival applications for similar trademarks applied for in respect of the same goods are argued before the Registrar of Trademarks. We handle such cases extensively and appear before the Registrar of Trademarks frequently.

Copyrights: During the seven decades since our establishment, Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. has been involved in major and significant copyright cases in varying fields concerning musical and literary works, dramatic and artistic works, photographic, cinematographic and architectural works, as well as cases involving copyright in computer software and copyrights in technical drawings. Our firm has gained vast experience in enforcement of all kinds of copyrights having represented the Israeli Performing Rights Society for many years, and has filed claims on behalf of authors regarding their moral rights. Counseling Israel’s performing rights society for decades, we have acquired considerable expertise in complex issues of copyright collective management also involving anti-trust issues. Our firm also deals with copyright issues involving copyrights in the “new media”. Most copyright cases involve injunctions and restraining orders, and are heard by the District Courts, and many of these cases begin with temporary injunction proceedings. We have also gained extensive experience in copyright litigation.

Patents: The level of competition in international business is on the rise, and the outcome of victory versus loss is often determined by the quality and scope of each competitor’s intellectual property rights. Our ability to have a positive effect on the value of our client’s business and competitive position proves significant time and again. Translating technical and often complex issues into comprehensive and sound business decisions, we are committed to helping our clients maximize their intellectual property potential, and to defend it against any possible challenge that may arise. Our experience and in-depth expertise as an IP litigation firm enables us to avoid the pitfalls of patent applications that are oftentimes drafted too narrowly, provide little flexibility to avoid unforeseen prior art, or make enforcement litigation unnecessarily complicated or expensive.

Nowadays, more than ever before, patents must be prepared while maintaining a clear view of potential litigation, along with a keen understanding of the legal principles governing the interpretation and enforcement of patents.

Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. files patent applications in Israel on behalf of local inventors, as well as for overseas corporations and other persons, prosecuting such applications until patents are granted. Our firm also acts on behalf of local inventors, assisting them in securing their rights in foreign countries by filing international applications under the PCT.

As a law firm that specializes in intellectual property law, we benefit from the extensive experience of our patent department team, who provide full legal services to inventors and owners of patents, in drafting the application and during the prosecution process, opposition proceedings and infringement proceedings.

Trademarks: In today’s increasingly global business arena, branding strategy plays a significant role. As distribution channels, such as the Internet, allow businesses to market themselves to a worldwide consumer public, the ability to protect brand identities is crucial. Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. provides assistance in the acquisition and protection of trademarks and brand identities, both locally and internationally. Throughout the years, we have acquired extensive experience in all commercial areas concerning trademarks, trade dress and domain names.

Our services include, amongst others, counseling clients on branding strategies and the initial selection of a mark or design; conducting trademark availability searches and opinions; filing trademark applications, and prosecuting them until completion of the registration procedure. We are highly skilled in managing large-scale global portfolios of trademarks, and expertly guide clients regarding the optimal strategy for building such a portfolio, maintaining it, and enforcing the rights protected by these trademarks.

Designs: Our firm files applications for the registration of designs for both local and foreign clients, and prosecutes such applications until designs are granted. We leverage our broad experience in the area of industrial design litigation when formulating filing and prosecution strategies for our clients. Israel has just enacted a new Designs Act which came into force in August 2018 replacing an archaic British ordinance from 1924, and introducing significant changes into the design protection. The law is completely new and judicature is yet to be developed. Our experience and in-depth understanding of IP laws and IP litigation helps us to guide our clients through the new system, and we advise our clients on how to derive maximum benefits from the new law.

IP matters: In the new global economy, extracting significant value from intellectual property assets is vital for any business success. We believe it is our responsibility to help our clients develop comprehensive IP protection plans that take full advantage of patents, trade secrets, trademarks, trade dress, domain names, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. We advise clients on all intellectual property matters, including examining the patentability of inventions, conducting patent and trademark searches, the protection of goodwill, and the registration of trademarks and designs, and copyright matters. Today, we increasingly find ourselves advising our large-scale clients regarding the strategy of constructing their trademark portfolio in Israel and abroad. This is conducted in tandem with our ongoing consulting pertaining to the question of whether or not a piece of music may be used in an advertisement they are creating, or if a certain text can be integrated into their website. The following week we may be working to protect them against a troll patent claim and are requested to protect a particular packaging design or new product stand designed by our client. In today’s dynamic and wide-ranging business environment, we are able to offer an agile and comprehensive array of services that answer the extensive and complex needs of our clients as they face new and continuously changing challenges on a routine basis. Our extensive expertise and in-depth capabilities enable us to provide a professional platform backed by a sense of confidence and full command of the current legal landscape in which these clients are working.  

Since its establishment, Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co.has taken part in the process of enacting the most relevant legislation addressed by the parliamentary committees in Israel.  Our firm has drafted for client bills of new Acts and Amendments to existing Acts in various IP fields in Israel, and has also represented our clients’ interests in the course of the legislating procedure, appearing before Committees of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament).

Exposed to so many facets of intellectual property law and related business practices, we are well versed in counseling clients on how to secure and exploit IP rights in a manner that is aligned with their enterprise’s business objectives.

Copyrights: Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. offers a full range of services relating to the protection of copyrights. Copyright protects the key rights defined by numerous entities, from individual creators and artists all the way to large scale industries, from software to games to music, each of which raises issues related to protection, licensing, and enforcement. We specialize in copyright matters, advising clients in regard to copyrightable matters, as well as drafting contracts and agreements accordingly. Throughout the years, we have also developed a specialized focus on copyright issues pertaining to entertainment law, representing numerous authors, including musicians, writers, photographers, painters, and sculptors. We also handle issues of internet other new media. Our attorneys assist clients in the enforcement of copyrights, and against claims of infringement brought forth by others.

Trade secrets: There are cases in which trade secret protection can prove a more effective means for a company to benefit from its technological know-how as opposed to actual patent protection. This form of protection requires special precautions in order to preserve strict confidentiality without which a trade secret cannot exist. According to the law, the trade secret must provide a trade advantage to its owner in order for it to be protected as a trade secret.

Having fought some serious battles over this issue, Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co. has in-depth expertise regarding trade secrets and procedures for establishing and safeguarding trade secret know-how.  Our team has comprehensive experience in drafting confidentiality agreements with employees, suppliers, customers, and strategic partners. The present environment of employee mobility and increasingly complex business relationships requires policing potential uses of trade secrets by competitors. We also help clients with the exploitation of trade secrets by drafting Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and know-how license agreements, and advise our clients on how to keep their trade secrets, enforce their rights in such secrets and avoid encroaching on the trade secret rights of others.

Department Name Email Telephone
Nahum Gabrieli +972-3-5661446
Ehud Gabrieli +972-3-5661446
Photo Name Position Profile
Dr Ronnie Benshafut  photo Dr Ronnie Benshafut Senior Partner, Head of Patent Practice
Adv Nahum Gabrieli photo Adv Nahum Gabrieli Co-Managing Partner
Adv Ehud Gabrieli photo Adv Ehud Gabrieli Co-Managing Partner
Adv Gal Gross  photo Adv Gal Gross Advocate, head of the Trademark Department
Adv Gerald Kain  photo Adv Gerald Kain Patent Attorney and Advocate
Adv Yael Kalmanovich photo Adv Yael Kalmanovich Advocate
Adv Maria Lipnitsky  photo Adv Maria Lipnitsky Advocate
Adv Hila Oz Meyer photo Adv Hila Oz Meyer Partner
Mr Alfred Thee  photo Mr Alfred Thee Senior Patent Attorney (Of Counsel), head of Patent Department