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Lipa Meir & Co
2 Weizmann St
Beit Amot Hashkaot
Tel Aviv 64736

Healthcare and life sciences Tier 1

Lipa Meir & Co is 'a firm that makes things happen'. The healthcare and life sciences team has 'a vast clientele' ranging from HMOs to hospitals and service centres to medical device companies and clinical stage pharmaceutical companies. Led by Gary Copelovitz, the team acts for Clalit Health Services - Israel's largest HMO and the second largest HMO in the world - in a range of issues, including hospital contracts, disputes and administrative proceedings, and medical device tenders. Also of note, Copelovitz is advising Clalit on its role in a government programme for the genetic mapping of some 100,000 people for the establishment of a 'bio-bank'. Copelovitz is also engaged by Mor Research Applications, the tech-transfer arm of Clalit Health Services; here, the team regularly negotiates licensing agreements with multinational healthcare companies, and advises on various R&D, tech and big data issues. Other key figures include Roy Aiz and Yariv Shalom. Aiz regularly advises Nevo Medical on cross-border distribution agreements in the medical devices sector, and Shalom handles a range of regulatory and commercial issues for NARA Medical Center, which is Israel's largest private medical centre.

Restructuring and insolvency Tier 1

Lipa Meir & Co is 'one of the most professional law offices in Tel Aviv', according to one source. The firm has extensive experience acting for debtors and secured and unsecured creditors. The team's 'deep familiarity with bankruptcies and creditors' arrangements' imbues clients with 'a feeling of security'. On the debtor side, name partner Lipa Meir is acting for an Israeli businessman in connection with one of the country's most widely publicised personal bankruptcies, while on the creditor side, Meir is acting for hundreds of investors associated with the Kela Fund in relation to proceedings arising out of a special situation insolvency of the fund and its parent company, Rubicon Group. Senior partner Zuriel Lavie is engaged by some of Israel's most significant insolvent corporates, including Mega Retail Group and Zim Integrated Shipping Services. Of particular note, Lavie is advising Eurocom Group on a number of proceedings arising out of an application for liquidation against Eurocom Communications. Also recommended is Shirly Ifrach-Azor, who acted for Carmel Academic Center as appointed trustee and, later, as liquidator in relation to a stay of proceedings and subsequent liquidation proceedings. The team also advises secured creditors, including The Bereshit Fund and Bank Hapoalim.

Banking and finance Tier 3

The banking practice at Lipa Meir & Co was significantly strengthened by the firm's merger with Preis, Baharav & Co, which brought to the team former Herzog Fox & Neeman partners Ronen Baharav and Ziv Preis. Baharav in particular has experience advising funds and private lenders, and will bolster the firm's already active cross-border finance practice. Department head Yariv Shalom has acted for Netafim in relation to financing matters in jurisdictions from the Netherlands to Peru to Ethiopia, and provides ongoing advice to Bank Leumi regarding commercial export financing matters. Additionally, Shalom advised a consortium of lenders led by Bank Leumi on a transaction to provide a NIS1bn credit line to the Jerusalem Municipality. Also of note, the team has niche expertise in providing true sale opinions, and in that context it regularly advises clients such as Harel Group and Bank Hapoalim, among others.

Dispute resolution: class actions Tier 3

Lipa Meir & Co has particular experience with class actions in the banking and insurance sectors, and also represents domestic and international corporates in consumer protection class actions. Among the team's major clients is Clalit Health Services, which Alon Pomeranc has advised on several high-value class actions, including one motion to approve a class action concerning membership fees for men versus those of women. In addition, Pomeranc is acting for Blistex and Sunny Cellular Communications in relation to consumer protection class actions, and he also initiated a class action against the Israel Tax Authority alleging over-collection of purchase tax from individuals buying apartments for investment. Also of note, name partner Lipa Meir is representing Harel Insurance Group in a NIS500m-plus class action regarding alleged overcharging by the client. The team also has experience with complex financial claims and class actions arising from alleged antitrust violations.

Employment Tier 3

Lipa Meir & Co fields a 'highly skilled employment team' that handles a wide range of labour and employment matters for well-known Israeli employers. Of particular note in 2018, department head Shabi Michaeli represented Israel Shipyards and Israel Shipyards Ports is negotiations for a collective agreement with the Histadrut, which marks the first-ever collective agreement for a private sector port in Israel. Michaeli is also acting for the National Workers Union in multiple proceedings regarding the authority of the Supervisor of Labor Relations in registering collective agreements. Moreover, the team handles a litany of employment litigation for clients including Mekorot, and advises The Carmel Winery and Clalit Health Services on issues such as collective negotiations and HR management and compliance.

Energy and infrastructure Tier 3

Lipa Meir & Co is engaged by public and private sector clients in relation to major energy and infrastructure developments, including wind, solar, desalination, defence and natural gas projects. In a standout matter, Zuriel Lavie and Uzi Mor are acting for Dalia Power Energies in relation to the construction of the largest privately owned natural gas power station in Israel; at 870MW, the power station is expected to supply nearly 7% of Israel's nationwide electricity consumption. Additionally, Lavie and Michal Schwartz are advising the Israeli Ministry of Defense on the NIS9bn City of Training Bases PPP project, and are also advising the client on its NIS7bn Technology Campus project. The team is also an adviser to the kibbutzim in the initiation of renewable energy projects throughout Israel. Of note, David Weinstein is advising several kibbutzim on negotiations to establish a solar project in a politically sensitive area of the country. Other key clients include the Israeli Water Desalination Administration, the Ministry of Internal Security, and bank lenders including Bank Hapoalim.

Real estate and construction Tier 3

Lipa Meir & Co is engaged by real estate developers and large purchasing groups, but also provides a host of real estate services to its corporate clients, many of which own property assets throughout all of Israel. In the development space, department head Yariv Shalom is advising Sufrin Group on a multitude of residential, commercial and logistics development projects. Shalom also provides comprehensive real estate advice to Israel Postal Company. Additionally, Amit Sela is advising Harel Insurance Group on a number of real estate investment transactions, including its NIS350m acquisition of a stake in a shopping mall in Kfar Saba, and its acquisition of the Alma Hotel, a luxury hotel and historical site in Tel Aviv. The team has also been engaged by several major purchasing groups and has handled lease transactions for clients such as Astral Hotels.

Real estate: urban renewal Tier 3

Acting for a number of Israel's most active real estate investors, Lipa Meir & Co is involved in billions of shekels-worth of evacuate-rebuild projects, including one of the largest urban renewal projects in the country. Amit Sela is acting for the Prashkovsky Group in relation to an evacuate-rebuild project in Holon involving the evacuation of 400 residential units and the subsequent construction of over 1,800 new units; Sela is also assisting the client with large-scale evacuate-rebuild projects in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Rishon LeZion. Other significant developer clients include Sufrin Group, Israel Land Development Company, and Nofim Projects. Sela and Yariv Shalom also have experience acting for apartment owners.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Lipa Meir & Co is 'well acquainted with the international business community, and has extensive experience in international transactions'. The team's international capabilities were strengthened by the merger with Preis, Baharav & Co, and further validated by the firm's establishment of an international desk headed by Gary Copelovitz. Copelovitz is acting for a clinical stage comapny in relation to multiple high-value cross-border mandates, and assisted Israel-headquartered Bagir Group with the sale of its controlling stake to China's Shangdong Ruyi Technology Group. Further, the team advised Mor - The Institute for Medical Data on the sale of its shares in Nefromor to German public company Fresenius. Also of note, Uzi Mor has advised The Kibbutz Economies Group on a litany of commercial and investment deals, and Danit Rimon acted for a company shareholder in a high-value transaction in the energy sector.

Dispute resolution: local litigation and arbitration Tier 4

Lipa Meir & Co provides its clients with 'all the benefits of a large office' combined with the 'boutique-like specialisations' in areas including real estate, agriculture and insolvency. The team is also involved in litigation arising from significant energy projects, and acts for banks such as Bank Hapoalim and Israel Discount Bank in disputes valued at hundreds of millions of shekels. The litigation department is led by Alon Pomeranc, 'a professional and highly motivated litigator', who is representing a prominent private financial institution in a high-value dispute with multiple state entities concerning an agreement for certain tax exemptions. Pomeranc is also acting for KPMG USA in relation to a claim brought by the liquidators of Better Place; in particular, this dispute concerns the service of court papers where foreign entities that own domestic subsidiaries are involved. In the infrastructure space, Erez Dar Lulu is representing the Ministry of Finance and the State Desalination Administration in a dispute with Mekorot regarding compensation in the establishment of a desalination facility in Ashdod. In addition, name partner Lipa Meir represents Clalit Health Services in a range of disputes, including a recent win at the Supreme Court where it was decided that a health fund member could not bring a derivative suit on behalf of an HMO.

Department Name Email Telephone
Antitrust & Competition Dr Yariv Ilan
Arbitration & ADR Dr Lipa Meir
Arbitration & ADR Zuriel Lavie
Arbitration & ADR Alon Pomeranc
Arbitration & ADR Erez Dar Lulu
Banking & Finance Yariv Shalom
Capital Markets & Securities Dr Lipa Meir
Capital Markets & Securities Alon Pomeranc
Capital Markets & Securities Gary Copelovitz
Class Actions & Derivative Actions Alon Pomeranc
Class Actions & Derivative Actions Erez Dar Lulu
Class Actions & Derivative Actions Shay Tamar
Corporate Dr Lipa Meir
Corporate Zuriel Lavie
Corporate Uzi Mor
Corporate Gary Copelovitz
Corporate Gad Azor
Corporate Roy Aiz
Cooperative Societies & Agriculture Zuriel Lavie
Cooperative Societies & Agriculture Uzi Mor
Cooperative Societies & Agriculture David Weinstein
Defence industries, homeland security and cyber Alon Pomeranc
Cleantech & Clean Energy Uzi Mor
Cleantech & Clean Energy Dr Tzipi Iser Itsiq
Healthcare & Life Sciences Gary Copelovitz
Environmental Protection Dr Tzipi Iser Itsiq
Healthcare & Life Sciences Roy Aiz
High-Tech & Technology Amir Zolty
Insolvency & Restructuring Zuriel Lavie
Insolvency & Restructuring Uzi Mor
Insolvency & Restructuring Shirley Ifrach-Azor
Insurance Uzi Mor
Insurance Yariv Shalom
Insurance Gad Azor
Intellectual Property Gali Opinsky
Intellectual Property Gary Copelovitz
International Transactions Gary Copelovitz
International Transactions Gad Azor
International Transactions Arthur Moher
Employment Law Shabtai (Shabi) Michaeli
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Alon Pomeranc
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Erez Dar Lulu
Dispute resolution Dr Lipa Meir
Dispute resolution Alon Pomeranc
Dispute resolution Erez Dar Lulu
Mergers & Acquisitions Uzi Mor
Mergers & Acquisitions Gary Copelovitz
Mergers & Acquisitions Gad Azor
Insurance Gary Copelovitz
High-Tech & Technology Gary Copelovitz
Project finance, infrastructure and energy Zuriel Lavie
Project finance, infrastructure and energy David Weinstein
Project finance, infrastructure and energy Michal Schwartz
Real estate Yariv Shalom
High-Tech & Technology Eyal Khayat
Regulation and administrative litigation Alon Pomeranc
Regulation and administrative litigation Erez Dar Lulu
Regulation and administrative litigation Guy Carmi
Telecommunication and IT technologies Arthur Moher
Tenders Michal Schwartz
Tenders Zuriel Lavie
Tenders Uzi Mor
Banking & Finance Ronen Baharav
Capital Markets & Securities Eitan Shmueli
Corporate Eyal Khayat
Corporate Amir Zolty
High-Tech & Technology Dr. Ziv Preis
High-Tech & Technology Ronen Baharav
International Transactions Ronen Baharav
International Transactions Dr. Ziv Preis
International Transactions Amir Zolty
International Transactions Eyal Khayat
International Transactions Eitan Shmueli
Internet & e-Commerce Dr. Ziv Preis
Internet & e-Commerce Amir Zolty
Investment Funds Dr. Ziv Preis
Investment Funds Ronen Baharav
Medical Cannabis Dr. Ziv Preis
Medical Cannabis Eitan Shmueli
Medical Cannabis Gary Copelovitz
Urban Renewal Yariv Shalom
Urban Renewal Roy Aiz
Planning & Construction Proceedings Yariv Shalom
Mergers & Acquisitions Eitan Shmueli
Mergers & Acquisitions Ronen Baharav
Mergers & Acquisitions Dr. Ziv Preis
Mergers & Acquisitions Amir Zolty
Mergers & Acquisitions Eyal Khayat
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Adv Alon Pomeranc  photo Adv Alon Pomeranc
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