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Tax boutique Meir Mizrahi & Co. Law Office has established a strong reputation for tax litigation, winning precedent-setting Supreme Court cases involving the high-tech sector and issues of land tax. Lauded by clients for doing ‘a phenomenal job at analysing the issue at hand‘, the firm has also handled the tax aspects of a string of urban renewal projects and frequently takes on tax work for construction, engineering and railway companies. Former administrator of the land taxation department at the Internal Revenue Service, Meir Mizrahi, the founder and managing partner of the firm, leads the team jointly with Amnon Rafael, who joined the firm following its January 2023 merger with A Rafael & Co. Shlomi Vaknin, whose focus is on VAT, is also a key contact.

Practice head(s):

Meir Mizrahi; Amnon Rafael

Other key lawyers:

Dorit Binyamini; Shlomi Vaknin; Tali Yehoshua; Yoni Cohen; Efrat Solomon; Ofir Saadon


‘The team, led by Meir Mizrahi, is a top-class firm in Israel. Their know-how, professionalism and level of service is exceptional.’

‘They know every legal aspect of Israeli tax and their estimations always proved to be accurate.’

‘They are the best tax law firm in Israel from my point of view.’

‘Very professional. Committed to clients and to finding the best solution for the client. Very empathetic and gives its services in a good atmosphere. Has a good reputation vis-a-vis the tax authorities, which helps to solve complicated cases. Meir is a real master. Yoni Cohen is excellent.’

‘They do a phenomenal job at analysing the issue at hand, providing solutions and when necessary, coming up with innovative and creative solutions while thinking out-of-the-box.’

‘Meir Mizrahi, the head of the firm, has been working with us for many many years. His level of expertise in unparalleled, his wisdom and experience are unique and his personality is exceptional in his pleasant manner on one hand but at the same time without any compromise to his professionalism. ’

‘The team provided comprehensive and timely advice and did so in a manner that succinctly addressed complex Israeli tax issues. This was very helpful in terms of the end user being able to make a risk-based assessment of certain issues.’

Key clients


Israel Electric Company

Reichman University

Mekorot Israel National Water Company

Bank Hapoalim Ltd.

Phoenix Insurance Group

El Al Airlines

New Med Energy

Flying Cargo, part of the DHL Group

JTLV Investments Fund

Porat Hotels Management Ltd.

Miracle for Israel (NGO)

Pisgat Yaron

Hadera Founders

Ms. Hanna Alter and others

Messer’s Meir Scholnick and Gilad Hochman

Beer Yaakov Yeshiva

National Union of Israeli Students

Shikun & Binui

Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

Israir Airlines

Israel Airport Authority

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Tel Aviv Municipality

Ampa Group

Rami Shbiro Group

Abou Yehiel Group

Ramat Gan Municipality

Africa Israel

Migdal Group – Insurance and Finance

Aura Israel

Ashdar, of the Ashtrom Group

Metropolis Urban Renewal

Meshulam Levinstein Group

Z.F. Building Company

Gindi Holdings

Ari Real Estate (Arena) Investments Ltd.

ICR – Israel Canada – Reem Group

Kata Group

Dunietz Group


Allied Group

Mr. and Mrs. Shinel and Maria Stein

Work highlights

  • Represented the Stein family before the Supreme Court in a ruling where the court dismissed an appeal by the Israel Land Tax Authority.
  • Represented high-tech company Amdocs before the Supreme Court in a precedential ruling where the court dismissed the tax authority’s appeal and declared that the expenses involved in providing meals to employees in a dedicated area are not part of the employee benefit itself.
  • Represented Shikun & Binui, Azorim, ICR – Israel Canada – Reem Group, Kata Group, Aura Israel, Ashdar, of the Ashtrom Group, Dunietz Group, Metropolis Urban Renewal and others in the taxation aspects of their urban renewal projects.

Meir Mizrahi & Co. is one of the leading law firms in Israel specializing exclusively the field of tax (real estate taxation, income tax and VAT). The firm offers its clients complete tax consultations from the planning stage of the transaction (tax advice and professional opinions) including representing the client in negotiations with the tax authorities (tax assessments, appeals and proceedings in the various courts).  The firm is known for its creativity and innovation in its tax counselling melded with the conservatism necessary in the field of tax. The firm achieves the proper balance between these two approaches, which optimizes the tax benefits to taxpayers, who are able to fully realize their rights in accordance with the tax laws, without sacrificing the certainty and stability of the law.

Recently, Meir Mizrahi & Co. joined forces and merged with veteran boutique office A. Rafael & Co. Law Office embarking on a new path with the establishment of a new firm under the name Meir Mizrahi with A. Rafael & Co. Law Office. The new firm will continue operating in the same manner maintaining the “boutique” character of the office and continue to serve as a one stop shop in the field. The new firm will be jointly managed by the senior partners of the two firms, Meir Mizrahi, Adv. and Amnon Rafael, Adv. This merger is unique in the field and the first to be done in Israel.

Real Estate Taxation: The firm handles the tax aspects of Israel’s real estate market in a wide range of specialized contracts that need intensive and personalized tax treatment. These include: Combination deals , Exchange transactions, TAMA 38 earthquake retrofit rights deals, Group Purchases deals, sales of whole buildings and infrastructure, transferring building and air rights (the firm is a tax consultant for the Tel Aviv Municipality on preservation plans), call options and put options deals, urban renewal projects, trusts, sale of apartments with ancillary building rights deals, amalgamating parcels of land and supporting projects for companies holding real estate to name but a few.

The firm’s real estate tax department is headed by the partners , Efrat Rossiansky, Efrat Solomon and Yoni Cohen.

The firm’s real estate taxation department has represented The Tel Aviv Municipality in regards to the mobility of building rights, an action which allowed the White City plan for the preservation of the city of Tel Aviv to take shape.  The firm also represented  Aura Israel Entrepreneurship & Investments and was first to handle taxation for development expenses and went on to win a court verdict in favor of the client.

Income Tax: The firm advises on selected income tax matters stressing the interface between the Income Tax Code and the Real Estate Taxation Law.  among these are: offsetting losses, income averaging, changing structures in real estate holdings (including liquidating companies, and transferring real estate to individuals), and vice versa – transferring real estate from individuals to companies, mergers and splits, contractors tax, real estate financing agreements and real estate asset depreciation.

The firm’s Income Tax department is headed by Dorit Binyamini, Adv (CPA), a former Tax Authority official.

Recently, the firm’s income tax department received a significant boost with the merger of Meir Mizrahi & Co. and A. Raphael & Co. Law Office, one of the oldest boutique firms in the field specializing in various income tax issues and litigation related to income tax matters. The partners at A. Raphael & Co. Law Office; Shlomi Lazar, Adv. Yakir Ben Harush, Adv. and Jonathan Oliel, Adv,  all joined the new firm as managers of the firm’s income tax department and will no doubt contribute their extensive professional experience and knowledge to the new firm.

VAT: The firm’s VAT department is headed by the lawyers Shai Berger (formerly head of the VAT professional department at the Tax Authority) and Shlomi Vaknin CPA (formerly deputy head of the VAT professional department at the Tax Authority). The firm provides consult, preparing and planning tax in deals and ventures, representation in criminal and civil proceedings in court, representation in all assessment proceedings before the Tax Authority and VAT department, including obtaining pre rulings for deals. The firm draws up reviews on topics relating to VAT liability.

The firm’s VAT department represented some of the largest organizations in Israel among them are the Israeli Water corporations , and The Israel Travel Agents Association providing consult in  VAT Taxation.

Tax Litigation: The firm operates a highly professional and skilled  tax litigation department providing professional support in all stages of the legal proceedings before the various appeal tribunals, district courts, and up to the Supreme Court on matters concerning Real Estate taxation, Capital Gains Tax, Rezoning Levies, VAT and Income Tax.

The firm’s tax litigation department is headed by Adv. Tali Yehoshua, providing representation to both private parties as well as large companies and organizations, such as the Israeli kibbutzim and moshavim (cooperative Israeli settlements) regarding their expansion and for the obtaining of a low tax method for such expansions. In the last few months the firm has won several important  Court verdicts .

Department Name Email Telephone
Head and Senior partner Meir Mizrahi, Adv.
Head of Urban Renewal Yoni Cohen, Adv
Head of Real Estate Taxation Efrat Rossiansky, Adv.
Head of Real-Estate Taxation Efrat Solomon, Adv.
Head of Tax Litigation Tali Yehohua, Adv.
Head of VAT Taxation Shlomi Vaknin, Adv(CPA)
Head of VAT Taxation Shay Berger, Adv
Head of Income Tax Department Dorit Binyamini, Adv. (CPA)
Income Tax & litigation Shlomi Lazar, Adv. (CPA)
Income Tax & litigation Yakir Ben-Harush, Adv. (CPA)
Income Tax & litigation Jonathan Oliel, Adv. (CPA)
Head of Iternational Taxation Isak Rofe, CPA
Income Tax Michal Ben- Yehuda, Adv.
Income Taxation Idan Ben-Eli, CPA
Real Estate taxation & Head of the proffessional Department Maya Carmi, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Ronit Barzilay, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Maya Ben- Ami, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Rachel Raz Biron, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Miriyam Shira, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Roni Mula, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Aviv Abekasis Cohen, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Dorit Hertzberg, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Shmuel Avraham, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation Eitan Riklin, Adv
Urban Renewal Miri Tenenbaum, Adv.
VAT Taxation Rakel Sheinvald, Adv.
VAT Taxation Ariel Epstein, Adv.
Real Estate Taxation, Tax Litigation Chaya Zilberberg, Adv.
Tax Litigation Adi Kimmel, Adv.
Number of Professionals 37 :
Association of the Bar
DIVERSITY / COMMUNITY : Meir Mizrahi & Co. values diversity and respects the individual. We are committed to creating a culture that is inclusive of all people, where everyone has an opportunity to succeed and where pathways to success are open and available. We at Meir Mizrahi & Co. accomplish this by contributing our professional experience to various associations and charity organizations fully realizing the importance of charity and contribution to the community. Meir Mizrahi & Co. received the Dun's 100, Israel's Largest Enterprises Award for its pro bono work and contribution to the community.