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The ‘impressive’ Studio Ubertazzi team has experience of assisting medium and large companies under extraordinary administration or in debt restructuring agreements. The general counsel, Tommaso Ubertazzi, has an ‘entrepreneurial mentality’, enabling him to advise companies in business acquisitions and on issues regarding directors’ liability. Benedetta Ubertazzi co-heads the team, handling corporate reogranisations, as well as debt and arrangement recovery. Francesco Bonaccorso is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Tommaso Ubertazzi; Benedetta Ubertazzi

Other key lawyers:

Francesco Bonaccorso; Patrycja Szwed; Claudia De Cesare; Mara Pacchiana; Francesca Santone; Giovanni Crespi


‘Our firm was going down and the end was close: and then we started to be assisted by Studio Ubertazzi. The lawyers of Studio that I’m dealing with are very skilled and competent. They deliver on time, explain things well and are always available to clarify my doubts. Also, they bring great results. One might think these things should be normal and yet, from my experience I can say they are unique.’

‘Prof. T. Ubertazzi is a lawyer and professor in one. I believe this compilation renders him really good in what he does. That and his exceptional skills: his particular intuition and determination has led us through the darkest times for our company to the state where it is now: with perspectives for the future and business that is going well.’

‘Studio Ubertazzi assists several of my companies and we went through a lot with them. The lawyers of the Studio are particularly brilliant and efficient. I also appreciate that they do not exaggerate with the legal theory and are able to understand what my business needs. They helped me out tremendously with many matters and I am going to continue recommending them to all my entrepreneur-friends.’

‘I trust completely Tommaso Ubertazzi and that means a lot. In my opinion, he has really special skills for arriving exactly where he wants to. Knowledgeable, and confident, with a great understanding of business, he is perfect to guide companies.’

‘Studio Ubertazzi is a small law firm assisting the most important matters of our company. They are an extremely important resource of our law firm. I personally know the lawyers of the team and thanks to them I can sleep at night. They are very intuitive and perfectly understand our needs. They have assisted in several major restructuring of our group and they take care of all the disputes in which the company gets involved. Their methods and insights are absolutely unique and their services are unrivalled.’

‘I met many professionals in my career, but few are like Tommaso Ubertazzi. He is the Lawyer written with the big “L”. He helped us organize our company and defended us in extraordinary ways. He is extremely prepared and very confident and determined, the characteristics that put together, equal success.’

‘I’m the owner of the company assisted by Studio Ubertazzi, and I am highly satisfied with their services which I have benefited from for many years. I’ve seen them grow during the years but I’m still assisted by the same persons who are always available to clear my doubts. I’m afraid that without them I would have lost a lot of money to repair the disasters to which we were heading.’

‘Tommaso Ubertazzi definitely stands out when compared to other lawyers: his ways, his character, his knowledge and skills, everything makes him unique and extremely valuable for a company. He’s like a lion that you want to have on your side: he knows what he is going for and he gets there.’

Work highlights

  • Assisted Inso in all the steps of the preparation for the sale of the business valued at € 1,5 billion and in the closing of the transaction with Fincantieri Infrastructure, including assistance in fulfilling all the conditions connected with the extraordinary administration procedure and/or contractual conditions for the sale, such as numerous negotiations with the clients (often governments) all over the world.

Studio Ubertazzi is a boutique law firm with an established family tradition that boasts an international profile and a high degree of specialization in the fields of corporate law, M&A, tax law, international, EU, bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, compliance and cyber security, intellectual property, unfair competition, banking, advertising, art, and cultural heritage.
The high level of consultancy and excellence of services provided by the firm is a direct result of experience gained through the previous generations of lawyers and a rigorous academic background.
One of the characteristics that most distinguishes this firm is the choice to support and maintain a constant relationship with the entrepreneur by becoming a trusted advisor for ordinary and extraordinary operations in business law.
Through these relationships, we are able to become immersed in the contexts in which we are called to operate and to establish deep and solid relationships of trust with our clients.

Studio Ubertazzi assists medium and large companies in all legal matters, both nationally and internationally.
Working with large corporate groups, Studio Ubertazzi has gained extensive experience as a general counsel, in particular, offering assistance in the fields of commercial, corporate and M&A, banking, tax, bankruptcy, restructuring, and crisis manage- ment.
Furthermore, Studio Ubertazzi deals with all issues and aspects related to the protection of intellectual property, competition, advertising, privacy, cyber security, and the management and protection of cultural heritage.
It also addresses strategic issues related to other areas of law, such as the implications of succession management and intergenerational transitions.
Also, Studio Ubertazzi has gained extensive knowledge of international and European law allowing us to assist companies and produce excellent results.


The story of Studio Ubertazzi is one of success and is now in its third generation of business.
However, the firm has roots in gene-
rations of familial tradition which, thanks to the contribution of other family members (Stefano Ubertazzi, Francesco Monti, Bonifacio Monti, Gianfranco Cattaneo) has always been dedicated to the study of law and its interconnections with the economy.


Founded in 1947 by Giovanni Maria Ubertazzi, the firm immediately presented itself as a concrete response to the needs created by the economic situation affecting the country after the Second World War. The firm immediately showed a marked tendency to assist national and international companies.


With Luigi Carlo Ubertazzi the firm faced a historical period characterized by an intense transformation of the economic and social fabric. After the conflicts of the 1970s, we are witnessing the diffusion of new economic operations which increasingly require highly specialized legal skills. The affirmation of a new way of conceiving communication in the field of advertising and technological evolution made more effective legal protection necessary and, was accompanied by an increasingly strategic vision of companies, which were increasingly projected towards the international scene.


The challenges of the third generation (Benedetta Ubertazzi, Tommaso Maria Ubertazzi) are those related to the complexity of a now globalized world that is characterized by intense and sometimes exaggerated competitiveness between production realities. It is a historical period in which we are simultaneously witnessing the birth of new legal situations and new needs, such as those linked to ecological transformation and digitalization. In this context the Firm affirms and develops its consulting activity in a globalized world.


We find specific solutions for all legal issues related to the activities and commercial and corporate management of companies, offering day-to-day advice as well as extraordinary activities.
We provide assistance in bankruptcy and restructuring procedures. In this field we are among the best Italian law firms in the field of business restructuring and bankruptcy law (Legal 500) with particular regard to recovery plans, agreements and debt restructuring. In addition, we assist several companies in extraordinary administration some of which have primary importance with companies in Italy and abroad.
In litigation, we have assisted our partners in countless disputes concerning intellectual property rights, unfair competition, corporate law, contract law, civil liability (especially in the area of liability of directors and auditors of companies and medical liability) and in various disputes involving issues of foreign ownership, VAT payments and transfer pricing.
Out of court, we have offered numerous consultations in the areas of corporate, business, intellectual property, EU and international law. We have successfully led to the conclusion of profitable contracts and transactions recognized as optimal for the assisted companies.
As UNESCO facilitators and legal experts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, we actively collaborate with numerous entities and organizations, both Italian and foreign, within programs dedicated to the protection and management of local cultural heritage and the promotion of sustainable development.

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Partner Tommaso Maria 39 333 107 1647
Studio Ubertazzi is part of an international network of excellent law firms, Lexicom.