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Van der Feltz Advocaten

Environment and planning Tier 1

Van der Feltz Advocaten is recommended not only for its 'up-to-date knowledge' but also for its 'honest advice and friendly manner'. It offers an impressive range of expertise across permitting, environmental, zoning and health and safety issues in respect of constructions. Clients range from government departments and NGOs to international companies and a number of major firms consult the team. Willem Bosma heads the group with Willem van der Werf and 'outstanding lawyer' Jacques Sluysmans 'whose knowledge and skills put him at the top in his field'. The team advised the Municipality of Voorschoten regarding a redevelopment into a nature area and country and housing estate in a green buffer zone between highly urbanized areas, a matter that included litigation regarding zoning plans and the expropriations needed for the redevelopment.

Energy: regulatory Tier 2

Jacques Sluysmans, a founding member of specialist firm Van der Feltz Advocaten, assists clients on public and private law where energy regulations are concerned, especially in exploration matters; he advised NAM on the issues related to the exploitation of its onshore gas fields. The team has been notably boosted with the October 2018 arrival of 'skilled and effectiveMichelle de Rijke from Bird & Bird LLP; 'she is one of very few in the inner circle of regulatory energy lawyers who meet on high-profile energy matters'. Willem Bosma is a noted practitioner, particularly on renewables. The team counts Shell, Neptune Energy and  Gasunie as clients.

Real estate Tier 4

Hague-based specialist firm Van der Feltz Advocaten handles real estate, construction and all connected areas such as zoning and environmental issues and related disputes. The team advised Vorm Ontwikkeling regarding the development of 140 new houses in the Municipality of Kaag en Braassem and also assisted the Municipality of Voorschoten regarding the redevelopment of 330,000 square metres of glasshouses into a nature area with housing estates. the matter also involved disputes regarding the zoning plans. Marc Houweling, Willem Bosma and Willem van der Werf are noted team members.

About the firm: Van der Feltz advocaten is an independent boutique law firm based in The  Hague, with a strong focus on the markets of Construction & Real Estate, Government, Industry and Energy. The firm’s lawyers advise and litigate on both private law and public law matters often operating in the interface between these two. They have a deep understanding of how government operates and of the relevant interests of the governmental bodies involved.

Areas of expertise: public law, including zoning and planning law, energy law, governmental liability, environmental (criminal) law, expropriation, real estate, leasing law, procurement law and state aid, infrastructure projects, tax law and Supreme Court litigation),

Clients range from the public sector (utility, water companies, local and regional authorities, (municipalities, provinces, environment agencies), to businesses active in:

  • (sustainable) Energy projects;
  • Construction, Project Development, Infrastructure Projects
  • the Industrial Sector (petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, heavy industry)

The firm has a strong scientific profile. Jacques Sluysmans, partner, has been a professor of expropriation law at Radboud University Nijmegen since 2013. Almost all of the firm’s lawyers teach at universities and commercial institutes and publish articles in academic law journals on a frequent basis.

All of the firm’s partners originate from (construction and real estate departments of) major top-tier law firms in The Netherlands (e.g. AKD, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek and Lexence);

The firm acts as co-counsel to several international law firms in construction- and/or real estate (M&A) transactions.

 Best known for:

  • Young and dedicated team of experts, capable of inventing fresh and innovative legal structures. Our team stands out for its 24/7 availability and possesses deep commercial acumen, allowing us to provide clients with business and legal guidance and solutions in order to make client’s projects a success;
  • Partner presence and availability in all cases;
  • Expertise in both private  law and public law matters;
  • Highly ranked practice in expropriation law, covering both land expropriation and financial expropriation;
  • Very active litigation practice, including arbitration and supreme court litigation.
Department Name Email Telephone
Constitutional and administrative law Willem van der Werf +31703131050
Expropriation and ownership restrictions Jacques Sluysmans +31703131050
Supreme court litigation and procedural guidance at lower courts Jacques Sluysmans +31703131050
Zoning and Planning Law Willem van der Werf +31703131050
Environmental law and enforcement Willem Bosma +31703131050
Energy Regulatory Michelle de Rijke +31703131050
Renewable Energy Michelle de Rijke +31703131050
Nature conservation Willem Bosma +31703131050
Property development Marc Houweling +31703131050
Property development Willem van der Werf +31703131050
Purchase of real estate Marc Houweling +31703131050
Rent, lease and ground lease Marc Houweling +31703131050
State aid Marc Houweling +31703131050
State aid Ruben Wiegerink +31703131050
Public procurement Marc Houweling +31703131050
Torts including liabilities of the state or lower governments Jacques Sluysmans +31703131050
Transport especially railway transport Jacques Sluysmans +31703131050
Good governance and integrity Jacques Sluysmans +31703131050
Public utilities Marc Houweling +31703131050
Contractor agreements Marc Houweling +31703131050
Tax law Ruben Wiegerink +31703131050
Energy and mining Jacques Sluysmans +31703131050
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Willem Bosma  photo Mr Willem Bosma
Mr Marc Houweling  photo Mr Marc Houweling
Mr Jacques Sluysmans  photo Mr Jacques Sluysmans
Mr Ruben Wiegerink  photo Mr Ruben Wiegerink
Ms Michelle de Rijke  photo Ms Michelle de Rijke
Mr Willem van der Werf  photo Mr Willem van der Werf
Number of lawyers : 21


Our firm

Van der Feltz advocaten is an independent boutique law firm, based in The Hague, the Netherlands. The firm advises and litigates on matters of public and civil law. The firm focuses on the following sectors:

  • Government;
  • Real Estate;
  • Energy;
  • Industry.

Our clients active in the Energy sector range from utility companies, parties active in (sustainable) energy projects, public authorities, such as municipalities, provinces, and environment agencies to property developers, investors and businesses in the (chemical) industry.

Our Energy & Utilities Practice

Our Energy & Utilities Practice covers the whole chain of contentious and non-contentious matters of (fossil) energy and utilities law. With a particular expertise in planning, permits and environmental (and zoning) issues, enforcement, compensation, procurement and construction law, we are ideally positioned to advise clients on renewable energy projects and fossil energy exploration. This unique combination of expertise and experience on the cutting edge of public and private law sets us apart from competitors.

In 2018 Michelle de Rijke boosted our energy team, which also includes Jacques Sluysmans and Ronald Olivier. Our firm represents private companies and public authorities throughout the energy sector’s chain of exploration, production, transport and supply. This includes matters relating to (fossil) onshore and offshore gas production as well as renewable energy projects (biofuels, geothermal energy, wind energy and solar energy).

Energy Transition

As a result of the energy transition agenda, we expect that more current and future clients will seek our support in that area. In that respect we regularly advise our clients on the implementation of the legislative agenda for the Energy Transition, the Paris Agreement, and the Environment and Planning Act, as these are determining factors for how energy companies, industries, and (regional) governments will plan their future strategies and activities. Our team works at the level where public affairs and strategic legal advice meet, providing our clients with guidance and assistance through (politically) sensitive issues and projects, towards creative and innovative solutions.

Our service

Our clients appreciate that we work with them as partners in business and that we offer high quality combined with cost efficiency. We aim at longlasting relationships in which mutual trust, close contact and excellent accessibility are essential. To ensure a solutions oriented business approach we make it our business to know our clients’ priorities, sensitivities and internal processes.