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The 'excellent' labour law team at LABLAW - Studio Legale is one of the largest in Italy. The firm, which was founded in 2006 by Milan-based president Luca Failla and managing partner Francesco Rotondi, stretches throughout Italy, including branches in Rome, Pescara, Naples, Padua, Bari, Bologna and Genoa. The firm has a busy practice handling matters including contract negotiations, directors liability, reorganisations, HR management and collective redundancies, among many other fields. The practice is investing in logistics industry development, sports law and foreign desks, with a newly introduced Spanish desk adding to established German and French desks.

Practice head(s):

Luca Failla; Francesco Rotondi


‘Pragmatic, loyal and always available – with an innovative approach and acting as a business partner instead of external consultants.’

‘Flexibility and availability, they always propose pragmatic and feasible solutions’

‘The team is composed of very well prepared people with a can-do frame of mind’

‘The team combines state of the art knowledge of local laws together with a pragmatic approach’

‘Luca Failla is one of the best labour lawyers one can meet’

‘Angelo Quarto offers highly professional support and clear and fast solutions.’

‘Continuous presence and proactivity. With respect to other firms, more flexibility and coverage of all the labour law issues.’

Key clients


La Perla fashion

Kimberly & Clark


Metro Cash & Carry







Luigi Lavazza

Robert Bosch





Ceva Logistic


Sirti (KKR group)

Sky Italia



Brunswick Group





LABLAW is an award winning Italian Employment and Labour Law boutique with the largest presence in Italy through its offices in Milan, Rome, Genoa, Naples, Padua, Pescara, Bari, and Bologna.

From contracts to collective dismissals, European Works Councils to executive benefits, health & safety to HR management and strategy, litigation to NDAs, pensions to privacy, restructurings and reorganizations, trade unions to transfers of undertakings and much more – LABLAW provides 360° Employment & Labour Law counsel.

Founded in 2006 by Luca Failla and Francesco Rotondi, the firm anchors its strength on its team of 80 professionals who are all exclusively specialized in Employment Law and Industrial Relations. LABLAW’s pure focus in this field reassures clients that they are receiving the highest skill set and the best solutions to manage even the most complex workforce matters.

LABLAW knows that employment and labour law issues do not just happen from 9 am–5 pm Monday through Friday, and so in order to ensure a continual personalized service, LABLAW is available to assist clients 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

International reach: LABLAW is a Founding Member and the Italian representative of L&E GLOBAL – an award winning alliance of premier labour and employment law boutiques with 30+ members and 1,500+ professionals located around the global.

LABLAW International desks  | DE – ES – FR: LABLAW has three established international desks that provide counsel on Italian workplace management and strategy to businesses operating in French, German and Spanish speaking markets – in their own mother tongue – in order to better facilitate business.


HR Management: LABLAW advises on a wide range of employment matters including: full-time and part-time employment contracts, consulting agreements, remuneration, benefits, incentive schemes, individual and collective transfers, privacy, change of job/duties, stock option plans, pensions – and more!

Trade Unions and Industrial Relations: LABLAW, which represents clients in front of national trade unions as well as during negotiations with the Italian Ministry of Labour, has extensive experience advising on industrial relations, European Works Councils (including formation), negotiating collective company level bargaining agreements, transfer of undertakings – and more!

Restructuring and Reorganisations: Our team counsels businesses on all employment related aspects of corporate reorganisations and restructurings especially in the context of mergers, acquisitions, and downsizings when outsourcing operations, collective redundancies, plant closures, and employee-related due diligence are required.

Dispute Resolution: LABLAW provides prosecution, defense, mediation and arbitration counsel in disputes arising from wrongful dismissal claims, NDAs, fiduciary duties, misuse of confidential information, agency relationships, social security matters and more – also providing representation in the Italian Supreme Court.

Corporate Governance and Compliance: The team advises companies on corporate governance legislation including organizational models, management and controls, health and safety, in addition to the drafting and enforcement of disciplinary procedures, codes of conduct and ethics – and more!

Trade Secrets and Forensic Investigations: LABLAW is well versed in providing counsel to clients on trade secret protection through non-compete covenants and other post-termination restraints as well as advising on the regulations for systems which monitor employees and internal investigations, ensuring compliance with local laws.

Immigration: The firm advises companies on all aspects of the transfer of employees across borders including the management of secondment and relocation procedures, transfer letters and agreements, work permits for foreigners working in Italy and Italian personnel working abroad.

LABLAW Sport: LABLAW has a specialised team of lawyers exclusively dedicated to advising professional athletes and premier league teams on the transfer of players between teams, negotiating and drafting of professional sports contracts – in addition to providing counsel on exit agreements.

LABLAW Training: LABLAW Training offers HR managers and in-house lawyers proactive seminars on the latest regulatory changes which may impact their human resource management and strategy. LABLAW Training empowers clients by giving them the knowledge they require to better manage their business affairs.

Sectors: LABLAW advises both domestic and international companies in all sectors – including automotive, banking and finance, energy, FMCG, fashion, healthcare, information technology, insurance, luxury goods, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, retail, sports, telecommunications, and tourism.

Department Name Email Telephone
Employment & Labour Law Luca Failla +39 02 30 31 11
Employment & Labour Law Francesco Rotondi +39 02 30 31 11
Employment & Labour Law Alessandro Paone +39 081 19 70 961
Employment & Labour Law Ezio Bisatti +39 049 66 17 46
Employment & Labour Law Andrea Bonanni Caione +39 08 55 40 24
Employment & Labour Law Stefano Torchio +39 010 58 72 78
Employment & Labour Law Serena Botta +39 08 83 40 37 72
Employment & Labour Law Susanna Carinci +39 05 12 34 883
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Avv Michela Bani  photo Avv Michela Bani Michela Bani is a Partner of LABLAW – an award winning Italian…
Avv Maurizio Brun  photo Avv Maurizio Brun Maurizio Brun is a Senior Associate of LABLAW – an award winning…
Avv Marcello Buzzini  photo Avv Marcello Buzzini Marcello Buzzini is a Partner of LABLAW – an award winning Italian…
Avv Simone Carrà  photo Avv Simone Carrà Simone Carrà is a Senior Associate of LABLAW – an award winning…
Avv Luca Failla  photo Avv Luca Failla Luca Failla is a Founding Partner and President of LABLAW – an…
Avv Alessandro Paone  photo Avv Alessandro Paone Alessandro Paone is a Partner of LABLAW – an award winning Italian…
Avv Angelo Quarto  photo Avv Angelo Quarto Angelo Quarto is a Partner of LABLAW – an award winning Italian…
Avv Francesco Rotondi  photo Avv Francesco Rotondi Francesco Rotondi is a Founding Partner of LABLAW – an award winning…
LABLAW Team : 80 Professionals
IBA (International Bar Association)
ABA (American Bar Association)
EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association)
ASLA - Associazione Studi Legali Associati


For over 14 years we have been advising both national and international companies operating in Italy on the legal side of Human Resource Management and Strategy.

We know through this experience what makes a good team: Communication, Education, Inclusion, Opportunity, and the magic ingredient of Diversity which spearheads Innovation.

It is this exact approach that has allowed us to create internally a team of professionals, from an array of backgrounds, which is today the backbone of LABLAW – an award winning Italian Employment & Labour Law boutique.

We are a Team Builders – Inside & Out.
24 Hours a Day | 7 Days a Week | 365 Days a Year

LABLAW is an award-winning Italian employment and labour law boutique with a team of 80 professionals located in Milan, Rome, Genoa, Naples, Padua, Pescara, Bari and Bologna.

LABLAW is able to assist clients with the legal side of their workforce management wherever their business operations take them throughout the globe – 24 hours a day | 7 days a week | 365 days a year.

This is possible through the LABLAW’s in-house international desks – as well as through the firm’s international network L&E GLOBAL.

In more detail:


For many years, LABLAW’s French desk has been representing and assisting French businesses and entrepreneurs on a wide range of legal issues and services related to Italian employment and labour law, as well as assisting Italian clients with business interests in France.

Understanding the strong interest and investments between Italy and France, LABLAW’s French desk is a cross-section of integrated employment and labour law assistance that the firm is able to propose to all of its clients.

It is the central point of a network of contacts, services and assistance available to French clients with operations, or which intend to operate, in Italy – in addition to Italian businesses operating, or wishing to invest, in France.


LABLAW established a German desk in 2017. It was a pioneering move – being the first German desk to be established by a specialised Italian employment and labour law boutique.

The German desk is managed from LABLAW’s Milan office and works to support companies of German origin in Italy, as well as Italian clients looking to establish operations in German speaking countries. LABLAW’s German desk also works closely with members of its international alliance L&E GLOBAL to provide counsel to clients in these areas.

In particular, LABLAW’s German desk provides counsel on all areas of Italian employment and labour law including contracts, disciplinary procedures, harmonisation of workplace policies across different jurisdictions, detachments, company transfers and restructurings, non-competition agreements – also internationally, the protection of corporate know-how, training for companies in the field of business creation and the management of human resources in Italy, the management of cross-border projects and employment litigation defence for foreign companies based in Italy.


LABLAW’s Spanish desk is managed from the Milan office of the firm and is made up of bilingual lawyers, with experience in supporting both Italian and international companies; in particular, Spanish ones, with day-to-day employment and labour law advice on M&A operations and restructurings and reorganisations – also at the international level.

The Spanish desk provides 360° employment law assistance and legal counsel to companies operating on the Iberian peninsula and in Central and South America – in their mother tongue – as well as assisting Italian companies operating in those markets also through L&E GLOBAL – the international law firm alliance specialised in employment and labour law, of which LABLAW is a founding member.


LABLAW is proud to be a founding member and the Italian representative of L&E GLOBAL – an internationally-recognised and award-winning alliance of premier labour and employment law boutiques with 30+ members and 1500+ professionals located around the global. See