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Intellectual property > Intellectual property: disputes Tier 3

Established in 1869 in Italy, Luzzatto Law Firm continues to be led by the Luzzatto family to this day; managing partner Michal Luzzatto is the fifth generation of the family to work in intellectual property. The firm, alongside its sister company The Luzzatto Group, is heavily involved in the technology sector, representing entrepreneurs, app developers, inventors and companies in disputes relating to their products and designs.

Practice head(s):

Michal Luzzatto; Oren Mandler

Other key lawyers:

Tamar Luzzatto; Gal Matityahu; Koby Agar


Flexibility and availability to reply to clients. Good mix of technical and legal skills.’

The Luzzatto Firm provides reliable service.

Key clients

Novartis Pharma AG

Eli Lilly

RAFAEL – advanced defence systems ltd.

Alon Group Ltd.





Insense Biosensors Ltd (Israel)

Hugo Boss

HaPoel Beer-Sheva

Metzerplas Ltd.

Novamed Ltd.



Intellectual property > Intellectual property: filing/prosecution

With offices in Tel Aviv and Omer, The Luzzatto Group's prosecution department handles domestic and foreign patent, trade mark and design applications and registrations. Emanuel Manzurola, who has a PhD in chemical engineering, leads the patent prosecution team and primarily works with pharmaceutical clients. The trade mark prosecution group, which is led by Michal Luzzatto, frequently handles complex proceedings for fashion clients. The firm has a number of new arrivals in 2020, while Oren Winer departed to join Liad Whatstein & Co. Law Office.

Practice head(s):

Emanuel Manzurolla; Michal Luzzatto; Amir Palmery

Other key lawyers:

Kfir Luzzatto; Lilach Luzzatto-Shukrun; Adina Cohen;


We found a quite unique combination of legal and technical (engineering) skills, especially in our field of activity, that can not only process new ideas but also give valuable insights regarding the innovation aspects and opportunities, helping our engineering teams to focus on the core innovative aspects and avoid potential conflicts with existing IP.’

Very responsive and quick.’

Super professional, small details, strategic thinkers.’

Dr. Kfir Luzzato is not only a highly experienced professional in this field, but also excels in communication, easily reachable and creating a friendly atmosphere in which ideas can be freely discussed (not trivial for inventors and developers), usually ending in new, valuable concepts.

Key clients


Negev Nuclear Research Center

RAFAEL – Advanced Defence Systems Ltd.

Novartis Pharma AG

Pfizer Inc

F. Hoffmann- La Roche AG

Ben-Gurion University of The Negev

Eli Lilly and Company

Deutsche Telekom

ORMAT Technologies Inc.



Kennametal Inc.

Israel Chemicals

FMC Corporation


Lyft Inc.



Alcon Inc.

The State of Israel, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development

Valentino S.p.A.


Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


Nilit Ltd.


The Luzzatto Group is one of the leading IP groups in Israel, celebrating 152 years of practice. The Luzzatto Group’s unwavering dedication to clients has carried it into its second century and fifth generation.

Family tradition alongside innovative work environment

The Group combines a family legal practice with an innovative work environment to serve a wide range of clients. It provides top-of-the-line services in patents, trademarks, and design protection in diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life sciences, software, cyber, fashion, sports, and more.

The Luzzatto Group includes the patent law firm Luzzatto & Luzzatto and the Luzzatto Law Firm, which specializes in intellectual property and commercial law, along with other companies that provide essential solutions to the community served by the Group. Entrepreneurs, inventors, start-up companies, scientists, artists, and developers seek out The Luzzatto Group’s services to enjoy a personalized approach with a global outlook that helps clients protect their intellectual property and commercialize research, inventions and products. The Group’s philosophy is one of uncompromising professional excellence, personal service and a long tradition of constant innovation.

Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys – prosecution, strategy brand protection

Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys (L&L) is one of the leading intellectual property firms in Israel, serving a wide range of clients in diverse industries. Its teams specialize in all fields of technology, including high-tech, heavy industry, life sciences and medicine (biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology, medical equipment and products), electronics and software, telecommunications, IT, environment, agro-tech, foodtech, energy, and cyber.

L&L is well known for its team’s in-depth understanding of intellectual property strategic issues, achieving “the impossible” time after time, thanks to the combination of professional knowledge and creativity, with flexibility, ensuring optimal protection. The firm’s prosecution teams work closely with the litigation teams to build together a comprehensive IP strategy with future developments and litigation in mind.

The firm’s professional and interdisciplinary teams consist of patent attorneys, lawyers, and support staff, all holding advanced degrees in their fields of specialization, many of whom hold a Ph.D.

The firm operates worldwide, emphasizing the United States, Europe, and East Asia, while maintaining a professional dialogue with our overseas associates. The firm accompanies its Israeli clients’ activity in the global arena and is regularly updated on legislative, judicial, and regulatory changes in all relevant areas of activity.

At Luzzatto & Luzzatto, we are dedicated to enabling the world’s most inventive individuals and companies to innovate with confidence, knowing their ideas can fulfill their commercial and social potential. For more than 150 years, our mission has been to empower innovation worldwide by protecting transformational ideas and inventors.

Luzzatto Law Firm- enforcement, litigation, licensing, and more

The Luzzatto Law Firm (LLF) is naturally involved in all aspects of intellectual property. The firm also assists its clients in other fields of commercial law and provides comprehensive services, including building IP strategies and creating economic value for IP assets. The firm fully cooperates with the patent law firm, including in enforcement, litigation, licensing, and other IP-related commercial needs and cases. LLF and L&L are at the forefront of today’s legal, business, and technology sectors both in Israel and internationally.

LLF’s IP department is well known as a destination firm for entrepreneurs, app developers, inventors, artists, high-tech professionals, for-profit businesses, government and public institutions, and international corporations, and entities abroad as well as early-stage start-up companies. Pharmaceuticals, fashion, luxury items, automobile industries, and food represent a substantial portion of the firm’s trademark activity.

Department Name Email Telephone
President of the Luzzatto Group Kfir Luzzatto +972-73-2262626
Head of Trademarks Department Michal Luzzatto +972-73-2262626
Head of National Filing Department Amir Palmery +972-73-2262626
Photo Name Position Profile
Adv Koby Agar  photo Adv Koby Agar Associate
Dr Bruce Alpert, Patent Attorney  photo Dr Bruce Alpert, Patent Attorney Senior Patent Attorney
Adv Moshe Bartal  photo Adv Moshe Bartal Senior Attorney, Notary
Dr Sarit Ben-Shmuel, Patent Attorney  photo Dr Sarit Ben-Shmuel, Patent Attorney Head of Designs, Patent Attorney
Mr Haim Chechik, Patent Attorney, Partner   photo Mr Haim Chechik, Patent Attorney, Partner  Head of Software, Cyber, and Electronics, Partner, Patent Attorney
Adv Galit Cohen  photo Adv Galit Cohen Associate
Dr Adina Cohen, Patent Attorney, Partner   photo Dr Adina Cohen, Patent Attorney, Partner  Head of Biotechnology, Partner, Patent Attorney,
Mr Boaz Croitoro, Patent Attorney, Partner   photo Mr Boaz Croitoro, Patent Attorney, Partner  Computer Science and Electronics Department, Partner, Patent Attorney
Dr Thomas Guttmann, Patent Attorney, Partner   photo Dr Thomas Guttmann, Patent Attorney, Partner  Senior Patent Attorney
Adv Gilad Hadari  photo Adv Gilad Hadari Senior Attorney
Adv Ehud Laszlo, Partner photo Adv Ehud Laszlo, Partner Partner, Head of Commercial Law
Adv Michal Luzzatto, Managing Partner photo Adv Michal Luzzatto, Managing Partner Managing Partner
Adv Tamar Luzzatto, Parner photo Adv Tamar Luzzatto, Parner Head of Business Development, Marketing and Innovation, Partner
Dr Kfir Luzzatto, President of The Luzzatto Group  photo Dr Kfir Luzzatto, President of The Luzzatto Group President of The Luzzatto Group, Senior Partner, Patent Attorney
 Esther Luzzatto,  Managing Partner & CEO  photo Esther Luzzatto,  Managing Partner & CEO CEO of The Luzzatto Group, Managing Partner, Patent Attorney
 Lilach Luzzatto-Shukrun, Patent Attorney, Partner   photo Lilach Luzzatto-Shukrun, Patent Attorney, Partner  Head of Engineering and Medical Devices, Senior Partner, Patent Attorney
Mr Shmuel Maltzman, Patent Attorney  photo Mr Shmuel Maltzman, Patent Attorney Senior Patent Attorney
Adv Oren Mandler, Partner  photo Adv Oren Mandler, Partner Head of IP Litigation, Partner
Prof Emanuel Manzurola, Patent Attorney, Partner   photo Prof Emanuel Manzurola, Patent Attorney, Partner  Head of Patent Prosecution, Partner, Patent Attorney
Adv Inbal Navot-Eisenthal, Partner  photo Adv Inbal Navot-Eisenthal, Partner Partner
Adv Amir Palmery  photo Adv Amir Palmery Senior Attorney
 Abraham Robinson, Patent Attorney  photo Abraham Robinson, Patent Attorney Patent Attorney
Adv Amit Soussana  photo Adv Amit Soussana   Associate
Dr Sinai Yarus, Patent Attorney  photo Dr Sinai Yarus, Patent Attorney Senior Patent Attorney
INTA - International Trademark Association
Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
AIPPI (Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)

Social Responsibility

Social involvement is one of the main pillars of the firm’s activity, and its social commitment is reflected in the establishment of its head office in the Omer Technological Park (alongside the Tel Aviv office), out of a Zionist-National vision which assigns a strategic importance to the development of the Negev.

The firm is involved in dozens of community and social projects in the fields of education, sports, science and culture, as well as initiatives focused on for the economically disadvantaged, empowerment of women, support for children and youth, sports teams and more.