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The firm: Cortés, Abogados originated as a family law firm back in 1932. Since then Cortés, Abogados has based its practice on independence, rigour and the pursuit of professional excellence.

Cortés, Abogados is a firm of 22 senior lawyers with a long and broad practice and with different professional backgrounds, from university professors to public attorneys, public prosecutors, magistrates or tax inspectors on leave. The firm’s lawyers are used to building teams and collaborating with other colleagues, including prestigious foreign law firms.

The firm, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, is focused on the Spanish legal market, but has a significant practice in other countries, mainly in Europe and Central and South America.

Our firm approaches work involving other jurisdictions by working closely with foreign independent firms, offering our particular perspective as well as full advice on Spanish law.

Cortés, Abogados is interested in the quality and the legal and economic significance of the cases that it assumes. The firm’s practice focuses on deals or cases involving difficulty and complexity and therefore requiring innovation and work impetus, a combined legal and business point of view, a strategic perspective and an innovative approach.

Areas of practice
Commercial, corporate and financial: Cortés, Abogados has developed a consolidated practice in complex commercial, corporate, financial and stock market operations. In addition to technical legal advice, the firm provides a strategic perspective to its clients in matters of all kinds.

The firm works with its clients in all relevant processes of the company, offering continuous corporate, financial and contractual advice.

Refinancing and debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings: Cortés, Abogados advises clients with financial difficulties both in the pre-insolvency phase (refinancing of debt or pursuing court settlements with creditors) and in the insolvency phase.

The firm advises managers of bankrupt companies in processes of corporate liability and liability for capital deficit in the case of negligent bankruptcy. It also defends the interests of creditors in insolvency proceedings and advises on the acquisition of assets and autonomous production units of insolvent companies.

Litigation and arbitration: the firm enjoys a consolidated procedural experience in all jurisdictions, before commercial, civil, administrative and criminal courts. The firm acts for and defends the interests of its clients in a wide variety of judicial and arbitration (national and international) proceedings of great economic significance and special complexity, having participated actively in major Spanish litigation cases.

Tax: Cortés, Abogados advises on the tax aspects of the most complex corporate transactions. It assists groups of owner-led and high-net-worth companies on tax issues, assumes the legal defence of the firm’s clients before the tax authorities and the courts and provides ongoing tax advice to large individual taxpayers.

Wealth advisory: Cortés, Abogados provides strategic, legal counsel to both Spanish and foreign private clients, family groups, and family offices, as well as to the owners and managers of large personal and corporate holdings. Since its inception, private clients, family groups, and family offices have relied on Cortés, Abogados for its strategic ability to generate ideas and solutions focused on the integrated satisfaction of their different personal, familiar, patrimonial and corporate needs and objectives.

Economic and financial crime: Cortés, Abogados has been involved and represents its clients in major criminal proceedings taking place in Spain, especially in matters relating to economic issues, tax offences, corporate, against the market and consumers, and to criminal law at the company level (crimes involving safety in the workplace, environmental crimes, crimes involving urban planning and property crimes in general).

Administrative law and regulatory: Cortés, Abogados provides legal, strategic and technical assistance in matters relating to all regulated industries as well as in matters related to public administration, including the judicial or arbitral (national and international) defence of its clients.

In its practice the firm has participated in matters of government procurement, concessions and authorisations on public domain, disciplinary proceedings, authorisations and urban and environmental licensing and liability procedures. It also advises clients in connection with successive regulatory changes in the various regulated sectors.

Intellectual and industrial property and unfair competition: the firm has renowned specialists in intellectual and industrial property and unfair competition. Cortés, Abogados provides its clients with comprehensive strategic and legal advice in these matters with the same quality and guidance that characterises its work in other areas on both litigation and non-litigation matters.

Department Name Email Telephone
Commercial, corporate and financial Jaime Cano
Commercial, corporate and financial Ana Sala
Refinancing, debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings Jaime Cano
Refinancing, debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings Salvador Díaz
Litigation and arbitration Antonio Pedrajas
Tax Natalia Garzón
Tax Francisco Juanes
Wealth Advisory Pilar Cortés
Wealth Advisory Natalia Garzón
Economic and financial crime Daniel Campos
Administrative law and regulatory Carlos Rubio
Intellectual and industrial property, and unfair competition Antonio Velázquez
Number of lawyers : 22
at this office : 15
Other offices : Barcelona