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Castegnaro, member of Ius Laboris

Employment Tier 1

Employment law boutique Castegnaro, member of Ius Laboris' ten-strong offering has the strength in depth to provide an 'excellent service' to domestic and multinational employers on employment issues associated with business reorganisations, collective bargaining, compensation and benefits, among other sensitive issues. Guy CastegnaroAriane Claverie and Christophe Domingos are recommended.

The firm: Highly specialized in labour law, CASTEGNARO – Ius Laboris Luxembourg is a law firm which exclusively represents companies and groups of companies from all sectors at national and international level as well as government and municipalities.

CASTEGNARO is active both in litigation and counsel for all aspects of the employment relationship (social security, corporate, tax and commercial law, personal data protection, immigration, etc).

Widely recognized as the best practice ‘niche’ firm in labour law in Luxembourg, CASTEGNARO participated in the development of the Luxembourg Labour Code, publishes regularly articles and books, and its members regularly give conferences and seminars.

CASTEGNARO is founder of the alliance Ius Laboris, the world’s largest and highest ranked employment law practice, with over 1400 lawyers focusing on HR law based in more than 160 cities in 55 countries. CASTEGNARO can therefore enable its clients to access the services of recognised legal firms in a significant number of countries.

Areas of practice: CASTEGNARO specialises exclusively and to a very high degree in all the legal aspects of the employment relationship and has developed cutting-edge expertise in all fields of employment, labour law, pensions and social security regulations. The firm’s activities cover all aspects of National, European and international employment law as well as corporate, tax and commercial law matters as far as they are directly or indirectly linked to employment.

CASTEGNARO has developed advanced employment law expertise and offers tailor-made legal services.

Department Name Email Telephone
Data protection/employees’ personal data Ariane Claverie
Data protection/employees’ personal data Marie Behle Pondji
Data protection / employees' personal data Noémie Haller
Discrimination Lorraine Chéry
Employment contracts and internal regulations Ariane Claverie
Employment contracts and internal regulations Lorraine Chéry
Employment contracts and internal regulations Noémie Haller
Health and security at work Ariane Claverie
Health and Security at work Sonia Masri
Immigration Sonia Masri
Immigration John-Kevin Ted
Income tax Christophe Domingos
Income tax John-Kevin Ted
Independent workers - Provision of services Ariane Claverie
Individual dismissals/settlements Noémie Haller
Individual dismissals/settlements Lorraine Chéry
Individual dismissals/settlements Sonia Masri
Individual dismissals/settlements John-Kevin Ted
Knowledge management/publications Lorraine Chéry
Knowledge management/publications Dorothée David
Litigation Noémie Haller
Litigation Lorraine Chéry
Litigation John-Kevin Ted
Posting/secondment Ariane Claverie
Posting/secondment Sonia Masri
Posting/secondment Dorothée David
Public sector (Agents of - ) Lorraine Chéry
Public sector (Agents of - ) John-Kevin Ted
Remuneration Christophe Domingos
Remuneration Lorraine Chéry
Remuneration Sonia Masri
Restructuring, collective dismissals, staff representatives Guy Castegnaro
Restructuring, collective dismissals, staff representatives Christophe Domingos
Restructuring, collective dismissals, staff representatives Marie Behle
Sickness issues Ariane Claverie
Sickness issues Lorraine Chéry
Sickness issues Sonia Masri
Social security/pensions Christophe Domingos
Social security/pensions Lorraine Chéry
Social security / pensions John- Kevin Ted
Teleworking/Remote work Ariane Claverie
Working time Ariane Claverie
Working time Noémie Haller
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Guy Castegnaro  photo Mr Guy Castegnaro
Mrs Ariane Claverie  photo Mrs Ariane Claverie
Mr Christophe Domingos  photo Mr Christophe Domingos
Number of lawyers : 12
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European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA)
International Bar Association (IBA)
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