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Liechtenstein > Banking and finance Tier 1

Schurti Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd is ‘one of the main pillars of excellent legal services in Liechtenstein‘ and advises clients on all regulatory aspects of the Liechtenstein financial market as well as on all aspects of capital development, which includes acting for banks and other financial institutions on licensing matters and restructuring proceedings. Heads of the team Alexander Appel and Moritz Blasy have particular experience with re-financing transactions and liquidations of banks, and Nicolai Binkert is noted for his advice on finance transactions. Founder of the firm Andreas Schurti is considered an ‘icon‘ of the Liechtenstein legal market.

Practice head(s):


‘The Firm is one of the main pillars of excellent legal services in Liechtenstein since decades and is constantly growing with additional young and dynamic Attorneys.’

‘Moritz Blasy is increasingly taking over a leading managing partner position in the firm. As one of the only firms they constantly represent different Banks and other financial institutions in licensings, legal disputes as well as recovery and restructuring proceedings. Also they are on the way of preparing one of the only IPOs ahead of a Liechtenstein company of the last decades. In the current team setup they are able to provide unparalleled services in this sector.’

‘Moritz Blasy in the last years has become a leading individual in the firm as managing partner who guides the team with foresight and overview. Andreas Schurti is to be considered as one of the icons and smartest minds in the legal market. Nicolai Binkert is extremely knowledgable in the corporate and finance matters.’

‘I have had frequent opportunity to rely on the expertise of Schurti Partners, and particularly Alexander Appel, in connection with my representation of large U.S. financial institutions in need of Liechtenstein advice. I have found Schurti Partners to be swift, precise, and cordial in all matters.’

‘Alexander Appel has been a steady and reliable counterpart at Schurti Partners. He is my go-to lawyer in Liechtenstein for any matter.’

‘The team has experience in international banking & finance matters, which is rare in Liechtenstein.’

‘Alexander Appel is an experienced professional, very responsive and a pleasure to work with.’

Work highlights

  • Acted as local counsel to the agent to a group of lenders in relation to the restructuring of an existing New York law governed credit facility agreement concluded with a large US group in the context of Chapter 11 proceedings. The advice in particular related to the adjustment of existing Liechtenstein law governed security arrangements to the new circumstances.
  • Advised a Liechtenstein bank and its foreign shareholder on the liquidation of the banking business in Liechtenstein.
  • Advised a large Swiss bank acting as lender in a re-financing transaction which targeted a Liechtenstein private bank.

Liechtenstein > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 1

Schurti Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd ‘services and manages some of the largest national and international company groups‘ and has particular expertise with transactions involving regulated entities, such as banks, insurances and fintech service providers, regularly advising and executing ‘some of the largest transactions on the market‘. Andreas Schurti, ‘one of the icons‘ of the Liechtenstein legal market, is experienced in transactional and internal corporate governance work. ‘Very approachable, responsive and client-orientedAlexander Appel has a focus on M&A transactions, carve-outs and re-domiciliations while Moritz Blasy advises on restructurings, liquidations and investments ‘with foresight and overview‘.


‘Lawyers are very available and have sound knowledge on regulatory matters, in particular on insurance law matters and related case law.’

‘Mr Alexander Appel: Very approachable, responsive and very client-oriented.’

‘The Firm since decades services and manages some of the largest national and international company groups and has outstanding knowledge in this sector. They regularly execute and advise some of the largest transactions on the market.’

‘Moritz Blasy in the last years has become a leading individual in the firm as managing partner who guides the team with foresight and overview. Andreas Schurti is to be considered as one of the icons and smartest minds in the legal market. Nicolai Binkert is extremely knowledgeable in the corporate and finance matters.’


Work highlights

  • Assisted and advised a leading Liechtenstein life insurer in relation to a merger with another life insurer. The transaction was part of a complex restructuring transaction and involved complex cross-border aspects which did not only relate to corporate and contract law issues but also involved regulators in various European jurisdictions.
  • Advised a Liechtenstein bank and its foreign shareholder on the liquidation of the banking business in Liechtenstein. The case involved holistic legal advice on corporate and regulatory issues in a very dynamic environment and various proceedings pending before the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority.
  • Advised a Liechtenstein regulated financial services provider in a cross-border side-step merger with another regulated financial services provider in Scandinavia. The transaction was fairly complex and involved a number of pre-merger intra-group reorganisation steps which also had cross-border elements and had a number of leading and innovative features which filled in certain loopholes of Liechtenstein merger law.

Liechtenstein > Dispute resolution Tier 1

Schurti Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd handle a broad range of disputes including those relating to professional indemnity, international estates, Liechtenstein trusts, foundations and other asset structures with a team of ‘outstanding practitioners‘ advising all manner of stakeholders, such as founders, beneficiaries, settlors and professional fiduciary service providers. Andreas Schurti, considered ‘one of the smartest minds in the legal market‘, heads the team together with ‘strategically excellentMoritz Blasy. ‘Top disputes lawyerAndreas Vogel , ‘extremely intelligentNicolai Binkert  and ‘super-smartSimon Ott round off the team.

Practice head(s):


‘The Firm is one of the leading firms in dispute resolution that are able to guide and handle most complex international cases. Their standing as top tier firm is unquestionable. Also they are able to bring up further future talents in this sector.’

‘Andreas Schurti is one of the icons and smartest minds in the legal market who gives excellent guidance. Moritz Blasy has nearly two decades of experience in dispute resolution matters and is leading also most complex matters with clear and reliable guidance which is permanently adjusted to the situation.’

‘The best law firm in Liechtenstein with outstanding practitioners, unparalleled experience and expertise across a range of legal services.’

‘Moritz Blasy and Nicolai Binkert stand out as extremely intelligent and strategically excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any client seeking legal advice in Liechtenstein.’

‘The firm provides outstanding expertise in the field of dispute resolution. On top of in-depth knowledge of Liechtenstein civil, penal and procedural laws comes a remarkable sense for strategy. Further outstanding features are responsiveness and, thanks to the size of the practice, the availability of very able experts on short notice.’

‘Young and hungry team of excellent and very dedicated lawyers.’

‘Simon Ott: Super-smart young lawyer, excellent knowledge in the field, very well connected, very much to the point, excellent writer, pleasant team-player. Moritz Blasy: Same type of lawyer as Simon Ott, also very knowlegdeable, very tough, difficult to win against, if on one´s own team very efficient team-player. Nicolai Binkert: very smart young lawyer, also excellent knowledge, very nice to work with.’

‘I work primarily with Andreas Vogel, who is a top Disputes lawyers in Liechtenstein. I have been working with him for over 5 years and he has always been helpful, responsive, proactive and straightforward.’

Work highlights

  • Represented different Liechtenstein trusts and their subsidiary entities for almost five years which were dragged into world wide proceedings between the trusts’ economic settlor and an alleged creditor of the settlor. Several aspects made this case exceptional: (i) The amount in dispute (in excess of CHF 600 million) was very high for a litigation in private wealth matters,(ii) not only represented the clients in proceedings in Liechtenstein, but also coordinated the worldwide proceedings for the clients.
  • Represented two entities in high profile and sensitive mutual legal assistance in criminal matters which were part of a world wide white collar crime case. Several aspects made this case exceptional: Apart from the alleged damage sum (ie, several billions USD), all steps had to be coordinated with counsels in various jurisdictions. In addition, various complex criminal (procedure) law questions had to be taken into consideration when defending the clients’ position in the mutual legal assistance proceedings.
  • Represented several foundations which were under attack by the children of the economic settlor. The attackers filed various applications for interim relief as well as challenged the formation of the foundations. Successfully defended these attempts and managed that the applications were either dismissed by the competent courts or withdrawn by the applicants.

Schurti Partners Attorneys at Law Ltd is a Liechtenstein-based full-service law firm with a strong focus on international matters. The firm’s lawyers were trained and are qualified in several jurisdictions (Liechtenstein, New York, California, England and Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and Austria) and gained work experience abroad in some of the most prestigious international law firms. The firm is built on the aspiration to provide legal services which meet the highest international standards.

The firm was founded in 1991 as a partnership and incorporated in 2015. Over the years, the firm has grown to become one of the largest and most renowned law firms in Liechtenstein. Schurti Partners has established a solid track record of supporting clients with businesses and/or assets across the world, drawing on the support of the firm’s well established networks of other leading independent law firms based in other jurisdictions.

Areas of practice
Asset tracing / asset recovery  Schurti Partners’ asset tracing and asset recovery team is made up of dispute resolution and criminal law experts. Since many asset tracing and asset recovery issues are multi-jurisdictional matters, it is of huge benefit that the team’s experts were trained and are qualified in different common and civil law jurisdictions. The firm’s lawyers have the necessary credentials to recover misappropriated funds quickly and discreetly.

Corporate and commercial Schurti Partners regularly advises clients on all matters regarding the formation, migration, reorganization and restructuring of all types of legal entities under Liechtenstein law. As one of the largest Liechtenstein law firms, the firm has the required expertise as well as the necessary resources to handle the most complex international transactions. Since most of the larger transactions which involve Liechtenstein are of cross-border nature, it is a considerable advantage that the team’s lawyers are qualified and/or admitted in several jurisdictions (Liechtenstein, Switzerland, New York, England and Wales, Ireland, Germany, California and Austria) and multi-lingual.

Criminal defence Schurti Partners’ criminal defence team has vast experience in the representation of companies and individuals in white-collar crime matters before the Liechtenstein courts and authorities. Over the last decades, the firm has handled some of the most delicate and high-profile white-collar crime cases in Liechtenstein. A further strength of the firm’s criminal defence team lies in the field of international judicial assistance, in particular in relation to the confiscation of assets in Liechtenstein and abroad.

Dispute resolution Schurti Partners represents private and corporate clients in a wide range of contentious and non-contentious matters before Liechtenstein courts as well as national and international arbitral tribunals. The firm handles a wide variety of trust- and foundation-related disputes. Most of the disputes handled by Schurti Partners are not limited to Liechtenstein but are of a multi-jurisdictional nature. In many of these cases the firm not only advises clients on those aspects of the matters relevant to Liechtenstein but also assists in the strategical and tactical coordination of their actions in other jurisdictions involved.

Finance law Schurti Partners advises on all aspects of capital development. The firm has vast expertise in complex cross-border finance transactions, cross-border restructuring and insolvency matters, securitisation, intra-group restructuring, corporate lending, leveraged finance and asset finance. Schurti Partners’ finance experts regularly draw up Liechtenstein law-governed finance documents, review foreign law-governed documents with regard to their enforceability in Liechtenstein and/or against Liechtenstein contractual parties, and advise and opine on the steps to be taken in order to ensure validity and enforceability in Liechtenstein.

Private client / asset and estate planning Schurti Partners regularly advises high net-worth and ultra-high net-worth individuals and their families on how to structure and protect their wealth. The multi-jurisdictionally trained and admitted team has the necessary credentials to advise clients holistically with regard to their global wealth. In close cooperation with WalPart Trust reg., the affiliated fiduciary service provider, Schurti Partners is able to offer taylor-made solutions.

Regulatory Schurti Partners advises banks, insurance companies, asset managers, investment funds, issuers, private equity houses and fintech service providers on all regulatory aspects of the Liechtenstein financial market. Further, the team’s lawyers represent the firm’s clients before the Liechtenstein authorities (in particular the Financial Market Authority (FMA)) in a wide range of regulatory proceedings. The firm regularly advises clients intending to set up financial intermediaries in Liechtenstein, re-domicile existing financial intermediaries to Liechtenstein, or acquire/sell (qualified) interests in financial intermediaries regulated in Liechtenstein.

Tax law Schurti Partners’ tax experts advise private and corporate clients on all aspects of domestic Liechtenstein tax law and international tax law applicable in Liechtenstein (such as DTAs and TIEAs, FATCA, CRS and AEOI). Since the potential tax exposure of most of the firm’s clients is not restricted to Liechtenstein, Schurti Partners has built up a network of tax experts in other jurisdictions whose advice can be sought if needed.

Private Client / Asset & Estate Planning Dr Andreas Schurti
Private Client / Asset & Estate Planning Ms Marina Haase
Private Client / Asset & Estate Planning Dr Moritz Blasy
Private Client / Asset & Estate Planning Mr Robert Burke
Dispute Resolution Dr Andreas Schurti
Dispute Resolution Dr Moritz Blasy
Dispute Resolution Dr Andreas Vogel
Corporate & Commercial Law Dr Andreas Schurti
Corporate & Commercial Law Dr Alexander Appel
Corporate & Commercial Law Mr Nicolai Binkert
Corporate & Commercial Law Dr Moritz Blasy
Corporate & Commercial Law Ms Marina Haase
Regulatory Law Dr Moritz Blasy
Regulatory Law Dr Alexander Appel
Regulatory Law Mr Nicolai Binkert
Finance Law Mr Nicolai Binkert
Finance Law Dr Alexander Appel
Finance Law Dr Moritz Blasy
Tax Law Dr Andreas Schurti
Tax Law Ms Marina Haase
Tax Law Dr Moritz Blasy
Tax Law Mr Robert Burke
Criminal Defense Dr Andreas Vogel
Criminal Defense Mr Simon Ott
Criminal Defense Dr Andreas Schurti
Asset Tracing / Asset Recovery Dr Andreas Schurti
Asset Tracing / Asset Recovery Dr Moritz Blasy
Asset Tracing / Asset Recovery Dr Andreas Vogel
Asset Tracing / Asset Recovery Mr Simon Ott
Partners : 8
Lawyers (including partners) : 19
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