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Sweden > Insolvency Tier 2

The practitioners at Advokatfirman Fylgia KB are ‘very experienced in insolvency matters’ handling all kinds of bankruptcies and related issues as court appointed receivers, as well as company restructurings and voluntary liquidations. The team, headed up by the ‘very pleasant and professionalJakob Callmander, provides ‘excellent advice on complex matters’ and is active in disputes related to bankruptcies and disputes concerning liability of payments, rights in rem and more. ‘Experienced and easy-going insolvency lawyerMathias Winge frequently acts as administrator in bankruptcies and as counsel for landlords and international creditors in company reorganisations. Lars Nylund and Johan Norén are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


‘Pleasant to work with and you feel in safe hands.’

‘Jakob Callmander is very pleasant and professional. Extremely good at making you feel safe as a foreign client in Sweden.’

‘Availability and ability to quickly give excellent advice in complex matters.’

‘Their strength in the insolvency field is their size and number of trustees.’

‘Very experienced in insolvency matters.’

‘Matthias Winge and Thomas Ehrner are very good.’

‘Experienced traditional insolvency team with strong administrative resources. Good firm to work with for local/domestic insolvency.’

‘I mainly work with partner Mathias Winge, an experienced and easy-going insolvency lawyer.’

Key clients

Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB

Intertrust AB (Sweden)

Quinn Investments Sweden AB and 31 of its subsidiaries in bankruptcy

Work highlights

  • Appointed official receiver for the bankruptcies of Bounce Scandinavia Company group.
  • Appointed official receiver for the bankruptcy of Holland & Barrett Sweden AB, the Swedish subsidiary of Holland & Barrett Retail Ltd.
  • Appointed official receiver for the bankruptcy of TeknikMagasinet Sweden AB.

Sweden > Data privacy and data protection Tier 3

Advokatfirman Fylgia KB’s commercial technology and IP team advises on all regulatory matters concerning the internet, tracking technologies, and data services. Practice head Martin Gynnerstedt has expertise in outsourcings, IT system development work, supply arrangements, license issues, joint ventures, telecoms regulation, and e-commerce matters. The firm has knowledge of a wide range of sectors, including the travel tech, cloud services, data analytics, and digital services industries, along with banking and insurance expertise.

Practice head(s):


‘The firm responded timely to inquiries on data protection questions within Sweden in particular. We were able to assess more than just the law but also trends happening in the country in particular sectors and a good understanding of the impact of governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.’

‘Martin Gynnerstedt is the partner we worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable, straight-forward and provides practical advice.’

‘Excellent collaboration and providing highly qualified associates to head projects together with in-house legal counsel.’

‘Specific data privacy/data protection expertise, expertise with EU-GDPR and Swedish law and regulation.’

‘Very knowledgeable and responsive.’

‘Good industry knowledge. Excellent at doing business. They produce high quality advice that provides pragmatic solutions. They always get the work done with the timeframes. They provide good value for money.’

‘Martin Gynnerstedt has been impressive. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He is an asset to the team and never lets me down.’

‘Martin Gynnerstedt at Fylgia has been our main contact, and he has truly stood out in the way he has combined his knowledge in the practice with our business challenges providing advice and strategy opportunities in a way that we have not seen before.’

Key clients


Bring E-commerce & Logistics AB

iBinder AB


Mavenoid AB

Beijer Byggmaterial Aktiebolag

Egencia Sweden AB

Work highlights

  • Advised ID06 AB on several legal risk assessments concerning data privacy and data protection in the development of new IT services for the construction industry.
  • Advised Egencia Sweden AB on agreement negotiations, in which data privacy and data protection concerns were a strategic part of the negotiations.
  • Advised Mavenoid AB on data privacy and data protection matters concerning its SaaS offering to the market.

Sweden > IT and telecoms Tier 3

Advokatfirman Fylgia KB offers ‘deep knowledge, support and advice' to clients and has expertise in IT, telecoms and data privacy and data protection matters. Particular areas of focus include AI, cloud services, and data analytics mandates and practice head Martin Gynnerstedt has notable experience in outsourcing work, IT systems development issues and supply arrangements, licensing matters and e-commerce matters.

Practice head(s):

Martin Gynnerstedt

Other key lawyers:

Filip Åhsberger


‘Good industry knowledge.’

‘They produce high-quality advice that provides pragmatic solutions.’

‘They always get the work done within the time frames that I specify and are a joy to work with.’

‘Martin Gynnerstedt has been impressive; he is very responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Martin Gynnerstedt is an asset to the team and never lets me down.’

‘Martin Gynnerstedt at Fylgia has been our main contact, and he has truly stood out in the way he has combined his knowledge in the practice with our business challenges, providing advice and strategic opportunities in a way that we have not seen before.’

‘What is really different with the team at Fylgia is that we are directly working with very senior and experienced legal experts.’

Key clients


Bring E-commerce & Logistics AB

iBinder AB


Mavenoid AB

Beijer Byggmaterial Aktiebolag

Egencia Sweden AB

Fieldfisher LLP

Hogan Lovells International LLP

Work highlights

  • Advised ID06 AB on several legal risk assessments regarding the development of new IT-services for the construction industry.
  • Advised Egencia Sweden AB on several major agreement negotiations of strategic importance.
  • Advised Mavenoid AB concerning its SaaS offering to the market.

Sweden > Public procurement Tier 3

Advokatfirman Fylgia KB‘s broad public procurement practice is capable of providing clients with advice on tenders, review procedures, and damages claims, including handling litigation in the Supreme Administrative Court. The team is engaged by both suppliers and contracting authorities across a range of sectors including the energy, transportation, logistics, and construction industries. The practice is jointly led by Markus Garfvé, who is praised as ‘thorough, quick and skilled’ and Fredrik Winroth, who is valued for his ‘comprehensive, business-minded advice’.

Practice head(s):

Markus Garfvé; Fredrik Winroth

Other key lawyers:

Björn Karlsson


‘Very knowledgeable. Able to provide clear, concise and practical knowledge as well as explain complex legal problems in an understandable way.’

‘Fredrik Winroth is always efficient, funny, sharp and gives comprehensive business-minded advice. We worked with Markus Garfvé, Fredrik Winroth and Björn Karlsson and are impressed by the quality of service. Excellent value.’

‘Fylgia has a deep knowledge regarding Public Procurement issues and challenges. When creating proposals for the Public Sector you have to understand specific details, read between the lines and be skilled in knowing the wording to use. Fylgia supports in a perfect way. When it comes to appeals, Fylgia uses the same extensive competence.’

‘Markus Garfvé is the person most contacted. He is thorough, quick and skilled. Situations where we have decided that he must take the discussion with the client directly it always turns out positively. For situations where we have the contacts with the client on our own, we are always pre-supported with good arguments.’

‘One thing that is really unique with this firm is that they write short and concisely in a language that makes it easy for me as a non-legally trained person to follow their discussion. This is of high importance for me as it I can proofread it quickly and easily and approve or come up with suggestions or corrections.’

‘They are fast and positive to work with! I know I have several times asked them to go that extra mile in terms of short deadlines or asked them for help outside of business hours. They are always positive and have never disappointed me.’

‘Insightful knowledge of the industry and close and proactive advice to the company.’

‘Very experienced experts in the laws of public procurement and legal advisers for our business.’

Key clients

Cabonline Group AB

ByggPartner i Dalarna AB

Eterne AB


Beckman Coulter

Svenska Kraftnät

Consid AB

Egencia Sweden AB

Movare AB

Arthrex AB

IT Underhåll i Stockholm AB


Piteå Kommunföretag AB

iBinder AB

Work highlights

  • Represented life sciences company Beckman Coulter in the Administrative Court regarding a public procurement of transportation services.
  • Advised Svenska Kraftnät on the procurement of maintenance for overhead lines, pipelines, AC stations and HVDC converter stations.
  • Acted for Movare in a major lawsuit against the Swedish Enforcement Authority following breach of a public contract for moving services.

Sweden > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 5

Advokatfirman Fylgia KB advises industry and technology companies on private M&A transactions, including cross-border mandates. Practice head Mattias Larsson has expertise in handling large, mid and small-cap deals for international companies.

Practice head(s):


‘People, trust and transparency is 100%.’

‘They were interested, responsive and very good support all the way, which made us feel safe and secure.’

‘Superior availability and excellent legal adviser.’

‘Perfectly composed team – engagement, competence, experience, unformal and always available. Obvious positive difference compared to many of the largest firms.’

‘In my opinion they have a great balance in their team. From the more standard services to the deepest of knowledge. It is not about billing, technology or the like – it is about truly great people.’

‘M&A’s leading partner, Mattias Larsson provided us with splendid professional advice. His dedication to our project was outstanding.’

‘Good industry knowledge, pragmatic and available with good understanding of the clients needs.’

‘Mattias Larsson is an excellent negotiator, commercial, committed and available also with drafts.’

Key clients

Visma AS


Colosseum Smile AB


Beijer Byggmaterial AB

Bogfelts Holding


Colosseum Smile

Bright Sunday


ETIX Everywhere Lapland


Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG


Morimatsu International Holding Company Ltd.

W&H Dentalwerk Buermoos GmbH


Björn Lundén AB

City Network Hosting AB

Lexter AB

Södra Stockholmsgruppen

Work highlights

  • Advised Hg on its acquisition of Geomatikk.
  • Advised Visma on its acquisition of Kontek.
  • Advised PCTEL on its acquisition of Smarteq.

About Fylgia: For over thirty years, Fylgia has provided high quality legal advice to Swedish and international businesses. Our name is inspired by Norse mythology, where a fylgja is a supernatural being or spirit which accompanies a person and provides good-luck in connection to their fate or fortune.

Founded in 1986, Fylgia now has approximately 70 employees. In the beginning we were a boutique firm for insolvency and real estate law. Today we are a full-service law firm with exceptional talents in all practice areas. Our strategy is to recruit senior specialists with proven track-record from their practice area.

Fylgia’s promise: As a mid-size law firm we are big enough to handle large assignments but still small enough to offer personal commitment and relationships.

Our unique selling point is that we provide senior and knowledgeable lawyers in each case and to each client.

Our strategy of guaranteeing senior attention and recruiting senior specialists has resulted in multiple awards as Swedish Law Firm of the Year as well as rankings in The Legal 500.

Areas of practice: Fylgia is a full-service law firm, which means that we offer advise in all areas within Swedish business law. The firm’s specialists from different practice groups often work together. Many have experience as legal counsels, court clerks and/or work within the public sector.

Fylgia’s areas of expertise consist of: M&A, commercial real estate, competition and public procurement, insolvency, dispute resolution, employment, intellectual property, media and IT law, and corporate internal investigations.

Head of Public Procurement Fredrik
Head of Commercial Tech (IT, IP, GDPR) Martin
Head of M&A Mattias
Head of Insolvency Jakob
Anders Aspegren photoAdv Anders AspegrenPartner. Anders mainly works with company law and company start-ups, mergers and…
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Inger Byman photoAdv Inger BymanPartner.  Inger works mainly with property and environmental law.
Jakob Callmander photoAdv Jakob CallmanderPartner. Jakob mainly works with bankruptcy, company law, mergers and acquisitions, reconstructions…
Anders Flinck photoAdv Anders FlinckPartner. Anders mainly works with securities law, franchise law and dispute resolution.
Markus Garfvé photoAdv Markus GarfvéPartner. Markus is mainly working in the area of pubilc procurement and…
Martin Gynnerstedt photoAdv Martin GynnerstedtPartner. Martin mainly works with Commercial Tech and IP.   Career
Claes Hagberg photoMr Claes HagbergPartner. Claes mainly works with landlord-tenant law and mergers and acquisitions.
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Katarina Lindgren photoMrs Katarina LindgrenAttorney-at-law. Katarina mainly works with Company Law, EU and Competition Law, IT…
Göran Mandorff photoAdv Göran MandorffPartner. Göran mainly works with bankruptcy, liquidation, mergers and acquisitions, reconstructions and…
Josefin Müntzing Alm photoAdv Josefin Müntzing AlmPartner. Josefin mainly works with insolvency, bancruptcy and liquidations.
Johan Norén photoAdv Johan NorénAttorney-at-law. Johan mainly works with insolvency law, liquidation, reconstructions, company law and…
Lars Nylund photoAdv Lars NylundPartner. Lars mainly works with reconstructions, bankruptcy and dispute resolution.
Johan Obel photoMr Johan ObelAttorney-at-law. Johan mainly works with mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling properties…
Johan Sandberg photoAdv Johan SandbergPartner. Johan mainly works with dispute resolution, insolvency law, insurance and damages,…
Fredrik Sarman photoAdv Fredrik SarmanPartner. Fredrik mainly works with company law, mergers and acquisitions, employment law.
Bo Söder photoAdv Bo SöderPartner. Bo mainly works with bankruptcy, liquidation and dispute resolution.
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Martin Wiklundh photoAdv Martin WiklundhParner. Martin mainly works with property and environmental law, litigation, consultant law…
Mathias Winge photoAdv Mathias WingePartner. Mathias Winge acts as an adviser in financial crises and have…
Fredrik Winroth photoAdv Fredrik WinrothPartner. Fredrik mainly works in the area of public procurement, EU-and competition…
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