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Construction Tier 2

As a boutique with longstanding expertise in construction and real estate law, AG Advokat handles contentious and non-contentious matters on behalf of government-owned entities, listed companies and large construction companies from across the Nordic region. Managing partner Håkan Bjerle specialises in construction agreements and projects, and has experience acting as an arbitrator in construction proceedings. Anders Skägg handles contract drafting and project development issues.

Practice head(s):

Håkan Bjerle

Other key lawyers:

Johan Rosén; P-G Jönsson; Johan Wingmark; Anders Skägg; Ola Ihse


‘High amount of lawyers skilled in the construction field. Good communication skills with the client. Pro-active in building the strategies to help the client.’

‘AG Advokat has provided my company with a fixed team set up. Our two key contacts consists of a senior and junior legal counsel, both with high knowledge and engagement in our company business. AG Advokat works long-term with a common goal picture according to our company’s interests. This is demonstrated in part by their tailored strategies and their risk analysis. AG Advokat tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, and their recommendations are therefore always precisely designed and with a precision that is appreciated.’

‘AG Advokat work with you rather than for you. They have the best interests of their clients in mind when making recommendations on how to proceed in legal errands. Ola Ihse, partner – I’ve had the pleasure working with Ihse for several years. With his guidance we are confident that we have the best strategy implemented. Ihse delivers on time, even with short time frames, and is easy to get hold of.’

‘Real competence and experienced teams. They have both perspectives on a case, in that they have both the construction-company way of looking at the case and also the perspective of purchaser.’

‘The difference is there focus on relationship with their client and their expertise and rapid response.’

‘They have a thorough knowledge of the construction sector and in-depth experience of implementing new ideas and structures into the construction contracts which gives a competitive edge in relation to other real estate companies and decreases the risk of in vain costs in the case of termination of contracts. Furthermore, the team consists of several ambitious and impeccable members who are good at picking up the general and specific intentions that we as a client have and is able to convert those into applicable contract texts without long discussions and a lot of corrections. Their work is in general very efficient compared to many other firms.’

‘They are exceptionally good at formulating precise and comprehensible contracts and at the same time they are good at quickly taking new information and putting that new information into the right context and present a strategy and a way forward for a favourable outcome on our behalf. This is especially true for Anders Skägg.’

‘I think AG is familiar with the problems from the first meeting and directly perceives our needs. In many cases, you need to guide lawyers first but not at AG.’

Real estate Tier 2

Real estate is one of the key practice areas for AG Advokat, and the firm has a notable reputation for handling complex and high-value transactions. Also strong on construction matters, the practice is frequently instructed on important development projects. Johan Lindberg's dual specialisms of real estate law and M&A allow him to advise on complex real estate transactions, including issues with forward funding or sale and leaseback elements. Johan Gadd also specialises in M&A in addition to complex real estate developments and commercial agreements. Rickard Zamuhl departed to Foyen Advokatfirma in 2020.

Practice head(s):

Johan Lindberg; Johan Gadd

Other key lawyers:

Måns Derk; Eric Ödling; Hanna Svensson


‘I go to AG’s real estate team because they have the experience and expertise required for matters of a more complex nature. They are strong when it comes to complex cross-border/multiple jurisdiction real estate matters including transactions. ’

‘Needless to say, the real estate team has deep-seated knowledge in real estate law.’

‘Fast responses, working in teams with great structures. Wide-spread knowledge in the field. Makes associates get in to the business in a great way.’

‘Client focus/small dedicated team for effective cost control.’ ’

‘Extremely loyal and hardworking, very accountable.’

‘Highly competent and always strives to achieve the best results.’

‘Engaged staff, focus on the target and the best way to reach that. Staff working together in the firm not in silos.’

‘Service minded, quick answers, personal engagement and interested in the interest of the client and to find a solution – result oriented.’

‘Its a combination of in-depth knowledge regarding real estate specific, dealmaking, rezoning experience and general contractor negations, that combination is hard to find in one firm.’

‘Two individuals stands out, Johan Gadd and Hanna Svensson. Johan Gadd has the experience and a way of handling business that is very impressive. Always professional and reachable to solve situations that emerge.’

Public procurement Tier 3

Singled out for its expertise in the real estate and construction sectors, AG Advokat has developed a strong procurement offering, primarily advising suppliers on the procurement process for construction and infrastructure projects. Practice head Viktoria Edelman is well-versed in all aspects of the tendering process, and acts in contentious issues including review procedures and damages cases. Liselott Fröstad departed in 2020 to Brick Advokat KB.

Practice head(s):

Viktoria Edelman

Other key lawyers:

Anna Brengesjö


‘They have great communication skills, and are easy to work with. They are both calm and confident and deliver high quality products in time, even if the time frame has been short sometimes.’

‘Knowledgeable and committed staff with full focus on the task, responsive and solution-oriented.’

Viktoria Edelman and Anna Brengesjö are extremely competent in the area of public procurement, and also have an ability to give concise and clear advice that is solution-driven yet legally secure. High service level, good collaboration between the people in the team.’

‘Very good and deep knowledge of business and legal challenges.’

‘Very good in availability and engagement.’

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

AG Advokat’s commercial agreements practice is a key player in the industrial, manufacturing and renewable energy industries. Ongoing instructions include manufacturing, supply and installation agreements, strategic partnerships, turnkey procurement projects and industrial digitisation projects. The group is also handling corporate expansions for commercial packaging clients. Johan Gadd  is the key contact following Christian Hybbinette 's departure to Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen KB in 2021.

Other key lawyers:

Johan Gadd


‘Very strong competence and hands-on experience in commercial contracts, with ability to transfer that into real practice.’

‘What stood out for me was their ability to communicate fast and in a good way that made me feel that we were on the same page. They were transparent and the speed of delivery was beyond expectation.’

‘Excellent speed of delivery as well as communication.’

‘Johan Gadd is excellent!’

‘They have an open and helpful attitude, with high competence in the area of our work and the ability to transform complicated technical matters into understandable material.’

Dispute resolution Tier 5

Real estate and construction-focused firm AG Advokat represents clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings concerning contractual issues, compensation claims and other general commercial disputes. Johan Rosén and P-G Jönsson are the key contacts.

Firm Overview

AG Advokat is Sweden’s largest boutique law firm, with specialist expertise in all areas of real estate- and construction law as well as in corporate and commercial matters. Founded in 1983, the firm today offers a team of 60 lawyers based in Stockholm. With a pronounced business focus and a strong dedication their profession, AG Advokat’s lawyers work closely together on projects that require the firm’s collective experience and resources.

AG Advokat’s clients come from across the real estate and construction sectors, including major property owners and listed companies, construction and installation companies, consultants within the construction and real estate sectors, insurance companies, banks, and both national and international investors.

Main Areas of Practice

AG Advokat’s lawyers possess a highly specialised sector knowledge within the real estate and construction sectors. The firm’s combined skillset makes it one of a kind, of great benefit to the clients who can receive legal advice during every phase of a project, such as acquisition, planning and development, construction, leasing, management, or sale.

Please visit to find out more about the firm’s main areas of practice, including:

  • Commercial Agreements
  • Commercial Lease
  • Construction
  • Damages and Insurance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Financing, Capital Market and Regulatory Aspects
  • Public Procurement
  • Real Estate and Transactions
Department Name Email Telephone
Construction Håkan Bjerle
Real Estate & Transactions Johan Lindberg
Commercial Lease Helena Bjälkemo
Public Procurement Viktoria Edelman
Damages & Insurance P-G Jönsson
Dispute Resolution Johan Rosén
Finance, Capital Market and Regulatory Aspects Anders Malm
Photo Name Position Profile
 Eric Ödling  photo Eric Ödling Partner. Commercial agreements, Transactions (M&A)
Ms Helena Bjälkemo  photo Ms Helena Bjälkemo Partner. Commercial Lease
 Håkan Bjerle  photo Håkan Bjerle Partner. Construction and consulting law, tort, liability and insurance law, real estate…
Ms Viktoria Edelman  photo Ms Viktoria Edelman Partner. Construction and consulting law, public procurement, insurance and tort law, litigation…
Ms Maria Fahlcrantz  photo Ms Maria Fahlcrantz Partner. Construction, dispute resolution and litigation, insurance
Mr Johan Gadd  photo Mr Johan Gadd Partner. Commercial agreements, land and development, transactions (M&A).
Mr Niklas Gyllentrost  photo Mr Niklas Gyllentrost Partner. Construction, Real Estate, Land and development, Dispute resolution and litigation
Mr Ola Ihse  photo Mr Ola Ihse Partner. Construction and consultancy law, tort and insurance law, and litigation and…
 P-G Jönsson  photo P-G Jönsson Partner. Construction and consulting law, tort liability and insurance law, public procurement,…
Mr Johan Lindberg  photo Mr Johan Lindberg Partner. Real estate transactions, real estate finance (including renting/leasing and sale and…
Mr Anders Malm  photo Mr Anders Malm Partner. Banking & Financing
 Johan Rosén  photo Johan Rosén Managing Partner. Construction and consulting law, tort liability and insurance law, lease…
 Anders Skägg  photo Anders Skägg Partner. Construction, real estate, incurance.
Mr Johan Wingmark  photo Mr Johan Wingmark Partner. Construction and consulting law, tort liability and insurance law, litigation and…
Number of lawyers : 60

AG Advokat shall be a workplace where anyone with the right competencies, regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, disabilities, sexual orientation, or age can work and develop in their professional role.

AG Advokat shall be a workplace where co-workers thrive and where every co-worker have the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities. The internal discussion-climate shall be characterised by openness, creativity and respect.

AG Advokat has a Policy for Equality and Diversity, which has been developed by the firm’s Group for Equality and Diversity (“Mångfaldsgruppen) together with the firm’s Partners.

AG Advokat continuously analyse and evaluate the work undertaken in the area and annually conduct an employee survey that covers questions regarding equality and diversity.