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Boutique firm Hertoghs Advocaten has offices in Amsterdam, Breda and Rotterdam, and is known in the market for defending fraud cases and tax litigation. Particular areas of focus include money laundering, corruption and forgery, and the team acts for high-net-worth individuals and companies. Managing partner Anke Feenstra handles white-collar crime cases, bankruptcy, tax fraud and sanctions issues, while Roel Kerckhoffs  is recommended for contentious tax issues and is experienced in Supreme Court litigation.

Practice head(s):

Anke Feenstra; Angelique Perdaems; Judith de Boer; Mariëlle Boezelman; Roel Kerckhoffs; Peter van Hagen; Roelof Vos


‘Roel Kerckhoffs is a very skilled, dynamic and strategic lawyer’.

‘Roel Kerckhoffs has a wide view on all implications of the strategy’.

‘Roel Kerckhoffs is an outstanding and talented defence lawyer’.

‘I have been impressed by ‘Roel Kerckhoffs’ analysis, ability and wisdom, as well as his authority and credibility while talking to the opposite parties’.

‘Hertoghs advocaten is a boutique niche tax firm of the highest standard in the Netherlands’.

‘As a Belgian tax law firm, we appreciate the technical expertise in all tax litigation areas, but also the professionalism of the firm, and the great follow-up and availability’.

‘Roel Kerckhoffs is the kind of guy you really want to have on your side in a difficult situation’.

‘The team offers expertise, knowledge and thoroughness’.

For the worst case the best scenario!
Are you looking for an attorney to defend you in a national or international fraud case or a conflict with tax authorities? Hertoghs advocaten has specialised for over 25 years in resolving conflicts with government authorities such as the Public Prosecution Service, FIOD (the Dutch anti-fraud agency) and the tax authorities. Our attorneys specialise in criminal and tax law and have wide-ranging experience in both fields. You can contact us for assistance in a legal dispute, an impending dispute and also for resolving problems through, for example, mediation.

Our expertise in tax legislation means we focus primarily on fraud cases with a financial dimension, including tax fraud, money laundering and document forgery.

Conflicts with tax authorities
The attorneys at Hertoghs advocaten have years of experience in tax audits, voluntary disclosure procedures, tax assessment and penalty procedures, tax cassation appeals, tax recovery and liability.

Tax penalty procedures and criminal litigation Mr. P.J. (Peter) van Hagenhagen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Fraud and white collar crime and tax-related procedures Mr. A.A. (Anke) Feenstrafeenstra@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Mediation, specialised in indirect taxes an tax litigation Mr. R. (Roelof) Vosvos@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Tax law, criminal tax law and supreme court litigation criminal cases Mr. J.N. (Judith) de Boerboer@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Criminal tax law, tax law and fraud and white collar crime Mr. G.M. (Marielle) Boezelmanboezelman@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Supreme Court litigation, tax and tax penalty procedures and voluntary disclosures Mr. A.J.C. (Angelique) Perdaemsperdaems@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Tax fraud Mr. K.M.G. (Kim) Demandtdemandt@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Indirect taxes Mr. R. (Ron) Jeronimusjeronimus@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Formal criminal law, criminal tax law and indirect taxes Mr. R.J. (Reinder) de Jongjong@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Criminal tax law, financial economic criminal law Mr. M. (Maaike) Coenencoenen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Criminal tax law Mr. A.C.M. (An) Klaasseklaasse@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Fraud and criminal tax law Mr. L.W.A. (Linda) Gruijthuijsengruijthuijsen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Tax penalty procedures Mr. J.R.J. (Judith) Gijsengijsen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Tax fraud Mr. D.C. (Diede) Molenaarsmolenaars@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Financial economic criminal law and international sanctions laws Mr. L.M. (Luce) Smithuijsensmithuijsen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Tax fraud Mr. A.H.G.M. (Antoine) Blomenblomen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Criminal tax law and tax penalty procedures Mr. C.A.M. (Carolien) Janssenc.janssen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl+31 88 520 22 66
Mariëlle Boezelman  photo Mariëlle Boezelman Mariëlle Boezelman is partner at Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law firm…
Maaike Coenen  photo Maaike Coenen Maaike Coenen has worked at Hertoghs advocaten since September 2015 and has been…
Kim Demandt  photo Kim Demandt Kim Demandt is an attorney at Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Anke Feenstra  photo Anke Feenstra Anke Feenstra is partner of Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law firm…
Ron Jeronimus  photo Ron Jeronimus Ron has experience in national and international tax disputes. His focus is…
Angelique Perdaems  photo Angelique Perdaems Angelique Perdaems is a partner at Hertoghs Advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Peter Van Hagen photo Peter Van HagenPeter is a partner at Hertoghs advocaten
Roelof Vos  photo Roelof Vos Roelof Vos is a partner at Hertoghs Advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Judith de Boer  photo Judith de Boer Judith de Boer is partner at Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Reinder de Jong  photo Reinder de Jong Reinder works as an attorney for Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Number of lawyers : 17
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