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With expertise in tax litigation matters, Hertoghs Advocaten advises a diverse range of clients, including multinationals, large companies, and high-profile individuals such as CEOs, tax advisors, and accountants. Anke Feenstra is highly skilled at handling matters regarding money laundering, tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and sanction violations. Judith de Boer has experience handling serious fraud investigations, cybercrime, and international criminal matters. Mariëlle Boezelman is also recommended as a defense attorney who is talented at reaching out of court settlements, and Peter Van Hagen is noted for his strategic handling of tax cases.

Practice head(s):

Anke Feenstra; Judith de Boer; Mariëlle Boezelman; Peter van Hagen

Other key lawyers:

Judith Gijsen


‘The firm stands out for its quality and hard work.’

‘Being a lawyer, especially in white-collar crime, requires people skills. Judith de Boer and Marielle Boezelman are both excellent, also in situations where the client is not the easiest individual to work with.’

‘As a boutique practice in white-collar crime, they are available, reliable and diligent.’

‘Anke Feenstra and Judith de Boer are very competent for the defence of individuals.’

‘Judith de Boer is fully dedicated and very knowledgeable in the fraud and white-collar crime, including tax related. She has a significant experience in this field and she achieves very good results.’

‘They are absolutely a top firm in the field of criminal tax law. They are very knowledgeable in criminal tax law, as evidenced by the many publications by this firm’s lawyers. I don’t think there is another firm that can compete with them in the field of criminal tax law.’

‘Excellent combination of expertise and out of the box thinking. They are also well organized, and the office responds quickly.’

Work highlights

Hertoghs Advocaten stands as the premier boutique firm in the Netherlands, specialising in the nuanced fields of white-collar crime and tax litigation. Since its start in 1990, the firm has developed an unparalleled expertise and fostered an exemplary reputation both within the Netherlands, including the Dutch Caribbean, and internationally. With offices in Amsterdam and Breda, Hertoghs Advocaten brings together a formidable team of six partners and eighteen lawyers, making it one of the largest entities in the Netherlands dedicated to this specific area of law.

Compliance, self-disclosure, negotiation and litigation: From the initial stages of investigating internal fraud reports, making decisions regarding self-disclosure, enhancing compliance measures, to providing defence during criminal investigations, Hertoghs Advocaten offers comprehensive guidance. The firm excels in preventing criminal prosecution and representing clients in court, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

The Hertoghs team is highly skilled in all phases of legal defence against fraud. Clients seeking compliance advice, resolution strategies, or litigation representation will find the firm’s lawyers to be exceptional. With expertise in handling cases at regional courts, appeal courts, and the Supreme Court, the legal team at Hertoghs Advocaten is sharp, experienced, and effective. Moreover, their proficiency as negotiators and mediators enables them to secure case dismissals or favourable out-of-court settlements, always striving to serve the client’s specific interests to the utmost.

Public relations and network: Recognising the importance of public relations in the context of fraud cases, Hertoghs Advocaten possesses a keen awareness of the media landscape. The firm maintains strong connections with PR firms and journalists, ensuring that public perception is managed effectively. Additionally, Hertoghs Advocaten boasts a robust international network, collaborating closely with lawyers worldwide to support their clients on a global scale. This network is maintained through active engagement with international legal associations such as the IBA, ABA, AIJA, and ECBA.

Tax litigators: A distinctive feature of Hertoghs Advocaten is its expertise in tax litigation. This dual focus becomes particularly valuable when fraud cases coincide with tax investigations by authorities. The firm devises meticulous strategies to navigate clients through interactions with both legal and tax authorities, armed with an in-depth understanding of the potential tax implications of criminal investigations. Consequently, Hertoghs Advocaten’s financial acumen is unparalleled, positioning the firm as a leader in legal defence against fraud and related tax matters.

Technology: Hertoghs Advocaten recognises the imperative for continuous enhancement of both knowledge and technological capabilities. The firm embraces the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its practices, ensuring that its application is both responsible and strategically aligned with providing superior legal services.

Department Name Email Telephone
Tax penalty procedures and criminal litigation Mr. P.J. (Peter) van Hagen hagen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl +31 6 53 26 82 97
Fraud and white collar crime and tax-related procedures Mr. A.A. (Anke) Feenstra feenstra@hertoghsadvocaten.nl +31 6 557 130 22
Tax law, criminal tax law and supreme court litigation criminal cases Mr. J.N. (Judith) de Boer boer@hertoghsadvocaten.nl +31 6 199 263 21
Criminal tax law, tax law and fraud and white collar crime Mr. G.M. (Marielle) Boezelman boezelman@hertoghsadvocaten.nl +31 6 537 429 65
Criminal tax law, financial economic criminal law Mr. M. (Maaike) Coenen coenen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl +31 6 300 787 03
Tax penalty procedures Mr. J.R.J. (Judith) Gijsen gijsen@hertoghsadvocaten.nl +31 6 130 597 93
Photo Name Position Profile
Mariëlle Boezelman photo Ms Mariëlle Boezelman Mariëlle Boezelman is a partner at Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Maaike Coenen photo Ms Maaike Coenen Maaike Coenen has worked at Hertoghs advocaten since September 2015 and has been…
Anke Feenstra photo Mrs Anke Feenstra Anke Feenstra is partner of Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law firm…
Judith Gijsen photo Ms Judith Gijsen Judith Gijsen is an attorney at Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Judith de Boer photo Ms Judith de Boer Judith de Boer is partner at Hertoghs advocaten, a Dutch boutique law…
Peter van Hagen photo Mr Peter van Hagen Peter is a partner at Hertoghs advocaten
Number of lawyers : 16
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International Fiscal Association
European Criminal Bar Association
International Association of Young Lawyers
Other offices : Amsterdam