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Intellectual property: Patent and trade mark attorneys Tier 1

The team at Plasseraud IP grew its already deep bench further in January 2020, with the promotion of four new partners: trade mark and design attorneys Frédéric Glaize and Laurent Nowak and patent attorneys Yann Debrit and Marion Fauré (both members of the mechanics, electronics and IT team), bringing the total partner count to 30. While its size allows the practice to be extremely versatile, its core activity remains in connection with the aerospace and defence, telecommunications, media, technology, energy, life sciences, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and retail sectors, including an active practice for clients in the wine and luxury goods segments. In addition to strategic portfolio advice, application filing and representation in opposition and post-grant proceedings, the group is also well versed in litigation; and its generous office network (Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble, Angoulême, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Madrid, Munich, Prague) facilitates both proximity to clients and international reach. Joint manging partners Cyra Nargolwalla (chemistry and life sciences) and Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer (trade marks, designs, copyright), along with Prague office-head Eric Burbaud (mechanics, physics, electricity, electronics) and Bertrand Loisel (mechanical and electrical engineering, IT), co-head the practice.

Other key lawyers:

Ina Schreiber; Patrick Boyle; Albert Hassine; Carole Sellin; Denis Bourgarel; Philippe Louvel; Denis Boubal; Benjamin Fontaine; Christophe Pelèse


‘A responsive team and attentive to our needs and wishes. The team is perfectly familiar with the files entrusted and our sector of activity. They formulate in-depth strategy proposals.’

‘Benjamin Fontaine has a perfect knowledge of trade mark law and practice. He treats his matters with the interest and rigour associated with the firm. Benjamin has many qualities including humility and pedagogy. He is a passionate and fascinating trade mark law professional.’

‘The Plasseraud IP teams are made up of specialists passionate about their profession, for patents this applies both scientifically and legally. They are very available to their clients and are committed to understanding their needs, the company’s objectives and the challenges that their intellectual property (IP) portfolio represents for them. Plasseraud IP is always well aware of changes in laws or even anticipates them. Their participation in national and international IP congresses helps them stay at the forefront of new practices in the profession. Plasseraud IP clearly and regularly communicates to its clients the most significant and impactful developments in obtaining and securing IP rights. Plasseraud IP has a network of very reputable firms in most of the countries of the world with which it collaborates and this allows clients to obtain IP rights abroad with the help of local specialists. Communication with clients is clear, precise, direct and adapted to the degree of urgency of the subject dealt with. Meetings are very well organized and the reception of clients is very professional while being warm. Plasseraud IP really listens to its customers and provides quality service. The approach is rigorous and part of a desire to establish a long-term relationship of trust.’

‘Special mention to Ina Schreiber who provides quality advice and has shown great availability while taking on new important responsibilities. She is very smart, very efficient while being very open and it is very pleasant to work with her. She has my full confidence. The people she collaborates with are competent and their relations with clients are very cordial and professional.’

‘A team of great professionals, competent and warm with a strong international network.’

‘A serious and responsive team.’

‘The Plasseraud team possesses unparalleled expertise in the area of EU and French trade mark law. They expertly combine legal acumen with a pragmatic business approach to offer informed advice that allows clients to make the most effective and efficient decisions possible. Patrick Boyle, in particular, stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to creative problem-solving and the efficient achievement of highly effective results for clients. Beyond trade mark prosecution and counseling more generally, Patrick Boyle and his colleagues at Plasseraud IP possess unmatched skill in the area of brand enforcement and anti-counterfeiting, regularly relied upon by counsel and in-house teams from around the world to handle complex enforcement matters in the EU and France specifically.’

‘Patrick Boyle is a top shelf adviser and an all-around excellent human being.’

‘Wide-ranging expertise in IP law, including valid support in litigation cases.’

‘The team at Plasseraud combines an impressive set of skills: when we ask them to assist on the technical side in a litigation and to assist the bailiff with the confiscation of counterfeit goods, they always have an expert no matter the field.’

‘The team at Plasseraud is very reactive and has the experts to fit any technical need. Among the partners we are working with, Cyra Nargolwalla and Ina Schreiber stand as first choice in the life sciences field as does Bertrand Loisel in the IT and Telecoms fields.’

‘They are very responsive, quickly answering questions and explaining all intricacies in detail, no matter whether you seek advice regarding IP protection strategies, IP rights enforcement or customs surveillance related issues. Truly customised services tailored to the clients’ expectations and needs.’

‘Laurent Nowak – quick, smart and practical, he is a very experienced practitioner. Laurent understands the sensitivities of certain clients and makes things easy.’

‘Very specialized team in the field of life sciences. Frédéric Niemann and Cyra Nargolwalla are very experienced people and always provide excellent advice. Cyra Nargolwalla is a very high-level professional who always brings you solutions. Frédéric Niemann provides excellent advice for all patent procedures before the EPO (grant, opposition, appeal).’

‘The team at Plasseraud is responsive and efficient. The ability to present responses within short deadlines is an advantage over competitors.’

‘Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer stands out for her ability to articulacy and in-depth knowledge of her clients’ market. Cyra Nargolwalla impresses with her high-quality work and precision. Ina Schreiber possesses strong analytical skills. Frederic Niemann is known for his ability to propose new solutions to resolve issues for his clients.’

‘Frédéric Glaize has a real passion for the brand in all its dimensions, beyond the simple legal perspective. He does not count his billing hours like many lawyers, but takes the time to explain the issues and is extremely creative in his approach to litigation. I will not change law firm as long as Frédéric Glaize is our advisor.’

‘The team consists of dedicated partners and has international expertise and shows a quick understanding of issues. Plasseraud provides full-scope support to clients to protect their trade marks and designs, and advises them on the best options they can take.’

‘Responsive and commercial. one of the best in Europe.’

‘Patrick Boyle and Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer are stand-outs in France as high-class practitioners.’

‘The Plasseraud team gives quick and practical solutions to complex problems. They also think outside the box and their advice takes into consideration the commercial aspects of the matter.’

‘Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer brings her vast experience to the table to solve any issue. This is of great assistance in complex legal issues.’

‘Patrick Boyle is practical and hands-on and clients feel comfortable when he is on the matter.’

‘ Great professionalism combined with highly appreciated human qualities.’

‘The Plasseraud firm benefits from multidisciplinary expertise, mobilised with great efficiency. Their service mentality is exceptional.’

‘Gilles Ringeisen has s very detailed knowledge of all of our files and relies on the expertise of other departments as soon as necessary to offer the most appropriate service possible. The efficiently mobilised international network allows a centralized follow-up of a file, whatever the territoriality of the practices involved.’

‘The Plasseraud IP team is completely multicultural and interdisciplinary. The people who belong to it are quite inventive and responsive according to the needs of the customers. In addition, Plasseraud has several departments in all areas of IP (quality and origins, TM, D&M, copyright, litigation, data processing, domain names and cybersquatting, patent, research and development) which facilitates and enables the firm to manage the entire client portfolio. In addition, Plasseraud IP has representation throughout Europe and internationally.’

‘Very good knowledge of European and French practice in particular, but also of the legal and legal practice of IP in Asia and the United States, territories that clients are always interested in.’

Key clients

Institut Pasteur

Procter & Gamble







IMCheck Therapeutics



Mérieux Nutriscience


New Balance




Silconix Technology


Plasseraud IP is the largest French intellectual property Group and one of the leading names in intellectual property in Europe. Plasseraud IP assists large groups, ETIs, SMEs, research institutions, start-ups and company directors through protecting, valuing and exploiting their intellectual property rights.

The Group gathers more than 350 men and women, including 150 Intellectual Property experts in France and worldwide.

We assist our clients in defining and implementing their intellectual property strategy by drafting, filing and obtaining patents (chemistry, life sciences, mechanics, electronics, IT), trademarks, designs and models, Internet and data (domain names, GDPR), contracts and valuing intellectual property rights (portfolio audits, financial assessments, contracts). We also assist our client in combating IP counterfeiting and infringement.

Department Name Email Telephone
Patents Bertrand Loisel +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00
Patents Eric Burbaud +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00
Patents Cyra Nargolwalla +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00
Trademarks & Designs Guylène Kiesel le Cosquer +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00
Trademarks & Designs Guillaume Vermander +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00
Trademarks & Designs Patrick Boyle +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00
Patents Ina Schreiber +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00
Photo Name Position Profile
 Eric BURBAUD  photo Eric BURBAUD PartnerFrench Patent AttorneyEuropean Patent AttorneyCzech Patent and Trademark Attorney
 Guylène KIESEL LE COSQUER  photo Guylène KIESEL LE COSQUER PartnerFrench Trademark and Design AttorneyEuropean Trademark and Design Attorney
 Bertrand LOISEL photo Bertrand LOISEL PartnerFrench Patent AttorneyEuropean Patent Attorney
 Cyra NARGOLWALLA  photo Cyra NARGOLWALLA PartnerFrench Patent AttorneyEuropean Patent Attorney
 Guillaume VERMANDER  photo Guillaume VERMANDER PartnerFrench Trademark and Design AttorneyEuropean Trademark and Design Attorney
Number of partners : 30
Number of patent and trade mark attorneys : +150
Offices : Paris
: Shanghai
: Prague
: Madrid
: Alicante
: Munich
: Lyon
: Lille
: Toulouse
: Bordeaux
: Angoulême
: Grenoble
: Rennes

Plasseraud IP supports French and international groups, mid-cap companies, SMEs, research organisations, public institutions, local authorities, start-ups and business leaders in their innovation projects, to protect their inventions, promote their ideas and defend their rights. The Group boasts a team of 350 people spread in 5 countries: France, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany and China. 

Our office in Munich, at the core of the European Patent institutions, strengthens our activity before the EPO, while our office in Alicante is key to deepening our understanding and supporting our clients’ activity before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). 


Our team of IP attorneys is made up of 150 French, European but also UK, Spanish, Czech, German, US, CanadianChinese, Korean and Japanese IP attorneys. They are multilingual and multicultural: our commitment to diversity means that our services can be communicated in 15 different working languages, and with cultural sensitivity.  

Our experts are highly specialized in appearing before the European Patent Office’s Examination and Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal. Our unique strike force enables us to defend not only in Europe, but also in Asia. 

Our Shanghai office enables us to defend our clients IP rights in China, while our Paris-based China, Korea and Japan teams include qualified patent and trademark attorneys in each of these countries. 


Over more than 100 years of existence our firm has developed strong relationships with a wide network of highly qualified IP agents worldwide. Our international peers are recognized experts in their markets, selected by Plasseraud IP, based on their technical skills and commercial offer. We are involved in many professional organisations, where we meet our counterparts virtually or on major European and international congresses such as INTA, MARQUES, ECTA, AIPPI, AIDV, IPO etc. to promote cohesion within our network and keep our teams up to date with the last trends and the best practices on the market. 

As a result of our international exposure, we provide services to most of the world’s largest corporations and to a broad spectrum of regional and local organisations across every major industry. Over 50 % of our revenue comes from international clients. 

Diversity at the heart of our social responsibility policy!

Plasseraud IP is committed to the active promotion of diversity, which is one of the group’s five unifying values: Diversity, Human, Open minded, Committed, Excellence.

For Plasseraud IP, diversity is a source of cultural enrichment and innovation.

Present in 5 countries (France, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and China), the group has been built up on the diversity of its experts: 15 nationalities represented, and 13 different languages spoken.

The firm is also strongly committed to gender equity. There is a fair balance between men and women, including within the Executive Committee: 2 men and 2 women who have been recognized as among the most influential women in the field of intellectual property by recognized guides of the profession. Plus, 40% of the partners are women. The balance between women and men is also reflected in our complementary expertise and offices, half of which are managed or co-managed by women;

Diversity is part of the history of the group as EGYP, a company of the group, has been managed by women exclusively for 15 years. It reaches today the perfect balance with a management made up of half men and half women.

As a member of the French Association of Diversity Managers (AFMD), one of the largest French associations for diversity managers, Plasseraud IP regularly discusses and exchanges views with the diversity actors of member organizations (companies, institutions, public organizations, local authorities, associations) on best practices in the field of diversity.

Our experts regularly put their skills at the service of charitable and social causes on a pro-bono basis. The Group also assists associations with issues related to our businesses.

Our firm also has tools for raising awareness and training its teams. Plasseraud IP’s management is particularly committed to the prevention of discrimination, respect for equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity, particularly in recruitment procedures.