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France > Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 4

Practice head(s):

Emmanuelle Bouretz

France > Employment Tier 4

Vivien & Associés

Practice head(s):

Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel; Joëlle Hannelais


‘Hyper-competent, pro-active team, strong bond between partners and lawyers. We feel supported on all subjects due to their expertise and the different skills of the firms which are requested according to the needs. We feel confident and comfortable with this solid and pleasant team.’

‘A multi-disciplinary team, very responsive and which very quickly involves teams from other areas of law depending on the issues encountered. Good interpersonal skills and confidence building.’

‘The V&A social law team stands out for its responsiveness, availability, expertise coupled with constant pragmatism which allows us to move forward efficiently with cases. Its strength also lies in the strong interaction between the firm’s different teams, which provides 360° advice and contacts who know the company and its challenges perfectly. The advice is always provided on time and of very good legal relevance. ’

‘Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel particularly stands out in her ability to understand all the social issues of a case and appreciate the impact of the multiple aspects of a case on the situation of employees or the company. Her analyzes and advice are always relevant in social audit files or business reorganizations.’

‘The Vivien & Associés team is very quick and precise in the exchanges and answers they provide.’

‘The Vivien team operates with good autonomy and good dynamics. The Vivien team does not fail to raise the questions that need to be asked. The level of advice is therefore very good.’

‘Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel is an excellent, experienced and very accessible lawyer. She also shows very good speed of execution and high quality questioning.’

‘Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel provides excellent advice.’

Key clients




Babel Group

Carson Prod

Columbia Cruise Services

Croix-Rouge française

Dassault Systèmes

Edding Group


Emplifi Socialbakers

Gyros Technologies / Mesa



Leads to Development

L’Image Retrouvée


Mon Veto

Nbc Universal


Publicis Sapient

Reed & Mackay Paris




Trilateral Commission Europe


111 Capital

Work highlights

  • Advised Mon Véto Group on the labour law aspects of the opening of its capital to Ardian (€100 million capital increase).
  • Advises NBC Universal on all the labour/social security law aspects of activities in France.
  • Assisting Dassault Systèmes in connection with the acquisition of the Innova Regtech Solution.

France > Insolvency Tier 4

The restructuring and insolvency department at Vivien & Associés is recognised for its robust international client portfolio, catering to small-cap, mid-cap, and large companies. Led by Laurent Assaya, a seasoned professional with expertise in pre-insolvency and formal insolvency proceedings, particularly in the corporate realm, the team maintains regular collaborations with investment and hedge funds, and proficiently manages insolvency-related litigation.

Practice head(s):

Laurent Assaya


‘Efficiency, availability, quality of the relationship, very good understanding of the files and strong technical skills.’

‘Smart, fast and good people.’

‘Laurent Assaya and his colleagues are very business-oriented and quickly understand the challenges of their clients. We particularly appreciated their pragmatic approach to the file, the relevance of their advice and their responsiveness and availability in their support.’

‘Close-knit team with real availability, including on high-profile or smaller files.’

Key clients

3DS Dassault Systèmes


Charles River Laboratories


Cyrus Capital Partners






Work highlights

  • Advised 3DS in connection with the acquisition of the Innova Regtech Solution under a sale plan before the commercial court of Paris.
  • Advised the InVivo group with the reorganisation of the fast-food activities carried out under the “Pomme de Pain” brand, structured under conciliation proceedings before the commercial court of Créteil.
  • Advised Hanse Yachts AG in connection with the sale of 100% of the share capital and voting rights of Privilège Marine SAS, under conciliation proceedings.

France > Mergers and acquisitions Tier 4

Practice head(s):

Nicolas Vivien; Judith Fargeot; Emmanuel Chauvet; Laetitia Amzallag; Jacques Epstein; Jean-Luc Bédos; Julie Tchaglass; Lisa Becker; Julien Koch


‘A very complete law firm that can provide high quality services for nearly any M&A and venture capital transaction.’

‘Julie Tchaglass is always available. Her understanding of both the transactions and the client’s needs make her an outstanding lawyer. In addition, she and her team always solve our requests in a timely manner, even in urgent matters.’

‘Specialists in all subjects relating to M&A and beyond. The particular traits are: efficiency/speed – excellent analysis and understanding of issues – creativity – international network.’

‘Judith Fargeot has very in-depth knowledge of all aspects of M&A, great advisory capacity, very high rigor in particular to anticipate risks.’

‘Julien Koch has distinguished himself as an indispensable partner, combining availability, responsiveness, involvement and professionalism. His efficiency and ability to innovate have been crucial in resolving complex situations.’

‘Judith Fargeot is an excellent lawyer with great precision, very good speed of execution and high quality questioning. Lisa Becker is also very efficient, also very available, fast and very reliable. Judith Fargeot and Lisa Becker form a remarkable team, very efficient and available with whom it is pleasant to work.’

‘The team led by Judith Fargeot is creative, innovative and efficient with a great capacity to adapt to different project contexts.’

‘The team is very available, is very quick in discussions and provides answers and solutions. The team always ensures that the client is well informed and does not fail to raise questions that need to be asked. The level of advice is very good.’

Key clients

Babel Group


CT Ingenieros Group

Dassault Systèmes




Groupe Proxiteam

Groupe Side

Kering Eyewear




MSC Cruises SA



Rubix Group


SGPA (Family office)


Swiss Life Asset Managers

Work highlights

  • Advised InVivo Group and its subsidiary Malteries Soufflet on the acquisition of United Malt Group Limited (United Malt).
  • Advised Docaposte on the acquisition of Maincare Solutions.
  • Advised Kering Eyewear on the acquisition of UNT – Usinage & Nouvelles Technologies.

France > Tax Tier 5

Practice head(s):

Jérôme Chapus; Marine Pelletier-Capes


‘The team listens to us and is proactive. She has very good knowledge of our sector of activity.’

‘Marine Pelletier-Capes listens to our problems and provides pragmatic solutions in a responsive manner’

‘Competent, united and complementary team, attentive, direct always with kindness, available. This is the best team I have known in many years.’

‘Marine Pelletier-Capes – Competent, efficient, available, personable.’

Key clients


Dassault Systèmes


Hardel Le Bihan


Puligny Vineyards & Partners


Work highlights

  • Advised InVivo Group and its subsidiary Malteries Soufflet on the acquisition of United Malt Group Limited (United Malt).
  • Advised Docaposte, a leader in digital trust in France and a subsidiary of Groupe La Poste, on the acquisition of Maincare Solutions.

The firm: Vivien & Associés was founded in 1999 by lawyers originating from the corporate M&A, tax and labour practices of international law firms. The intention was to establish a firm of quality service, characterised by responsiveness and independence which aimed at meeting the requirements of a sophisticated international clientele without imposing the inconvenience and sparseness of larger firms.

The firm has retained a hands-on, partner-led approach in its manner of assisting clients today. It provides clients with top-quality, competitive service by proposing small, solution-oriented teams tailored to meet clients’ specific needs.

Most attorneys combine first-tier French legal training with a degree in business management (HEC, ESSEC, Sciences Po). Many attorneys also hold a law degree from another country (LLM-type). The firm’s lawyers are thus well attuned to the business environment and at ease with multi-jurisdictional matters.

The firm has an extensive network of law partners across the world.  This international network is composed of independent, specialist law firms, each a leader in their respective fields and jurisdictions. It has selected them carefully and has developed strong, non-exclusive working relationships over the years. They share the firm’s commitment to providing efficient and pragmatic solutions.

Areas of practice: Vivien & Associés offers comprehensive legal services and representation across a broad range of key practice areas.

The firm’s M&A and corporate practice covers all transactional needs: drafting and negotiating of sale and purchase agreements, representations and warranties; audits; price adjustments; joint ventures and strategic partnerships; shareholders’ arrangements; put and calls; mergers, contributions, spin-offs and carve-outs; equity and debt issuance; employee incentive mechanisms; governance and directors’ liability issues; shareholders’ disputes, etc.

The firm’s tax department offers a full-service tax practice, notably with respect to structuring transactions; carrying out or fending off tax audits; coping with issues such as tax consolidation; thin capitalisation; holding companies; management packages and incentives; mergers and group reorganisations; inbound and outbound profit flows; VAT; wealth tax management; trusts; real estate investments; etc. It also represents clients in their relationship with the French tax authorities and before the French courts.

The employment department advises on all aspects of employment law: drafting of employment contracts and recruitment, complex collective bargaining issues, employees’ representation, health and safety, profit-sharing and incentives, mass redundancy schemes, individual dismissals, settlement agreements, outsourcing, subcontracting and secondment and employment due diligence. It also represents clients before labour and other courts in relation to all types of employment disputes and claims.

The litigation department represents and assists clients at all stages of pre-litigation and litigation before French civil and commercial courts, including for summary proceedings, applications for interim relief and petitions for expedited hearings, fully fledged commercial and financial litigation, white-collar liability, etc. The team also represents clients in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution settings and may assist distressed companies or investors in pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings.

The firm’s bankruptcy, restructuring and reorganization team acts both in formal bankruptcy settings, as well as out-of-court restructurings and workouts. The team advises corporate debtors, secured or unsecured creditors of troubled businesses, as well as investors, sponsors or other parties in complex and distressed situations. It provides practical, business-oriented advice and solutions.

Department Name Email Telephone
Mergers and acquisitions Nicolas Vivien +33(0)145023950
Mergers and acquisitions Judith Fargeot +33(0)145023950
Mergers and acquisitions Jacques Epstein +33(0)145023950
Mergers and acquisitions Laetitia Amzallag +33(0)145023950
Mergers and acquisitions Emmanuel Chauvet +33(0)145023950
Mergers and acquisitions Laurent Assaya +33(0)145023950
Mergers and acquisitions Jean Reynaud +33(0)967599531
Mergers and acquisitions Julie Tchaglass +33(0)145023950
General corporate, restructuring and corporate governance Nicolas Vivien +33(0)145023950
General corporate, restructuring and corporate governance Judith Fargeot +33(0)145023950
General corporate, restructuring and corporate governance Jacques Epstein +33(0)145023950
General corporate, restructuring and corporate governance Laetitia Amzallag +33(0)145023950
General corporate, restructuring and corporate governance Emmanuel Chauvet +33(0)145023950
Market regulation and stock exchange transactions Emmanuel Chauvet +33(0)145023950
Market regulation and stock exchange transactions Emmanuelle Bouretz +33(0)145023950
Tax Jérôme Chapus +33(0)145023950
Tax Marine Pelletier-Capes +33(0)145023950
Labour relations and employment Joëlle Hannelais +33(0)145023950
Labour relations and employment Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel +33(0)145023950
Commercial contracts Nicolas Vivien +33(0)145023950
Commercial contracts Jacques Epstein +33(0)145023950
Commercial contracts Judith Fargeot +33(0)145023950
Commercial contracts Laetitia Amzallag +33(0)145023950
Commercial contracts Emmanuel Chauvet +33(0)145023950
Litigation and dispute resolution Emmanuelle Bouretz +33(0)145023950
Litigation and dispute resolution Laure Géniteau +33(0)145023950
Litigation and dispute resolution Laurent Assaya +33(0)145023950
Banking and financial regulations/compliance Emmanuelle Bouretz +33(0)145023950
Restructuring and reorganisation Laurent Assaya +33(0)145023950
Restructuring and reorganisation Laure Geniteau +33(0)145023950
Photo Name Position Profile
Laetitia Amzallag photo Mrs Laetitia Amzallag Partner – Laetitia focuses on mergers and acquisitions, corporate law and commercial contracts,…
Laurent Assaya photo Mr Laurent Assaya Partner – Laurent Assaya is an expert in pre-insolvency proceedings (mandat ad…
Lisa Becker photo Mrs Lisa Becker Partner – Her practice focuses on corporate law and mergers and acquisitions,…
Jean-Luc Bédos photo Mr Jean-Luc Bédos Partner – He is a lawyer at the Paris Bar since 1984,…
Emmanuelle Bouretz photo Mrs Emmanuelle Bouretz Partner – Emmanuelle Bouretz’s practice focuses on commercial litigation for both French &…
Jérôme Chapus photo Mr Jérôme Chapus Partner – Jérôme Chapus assists and represents corporate entities as well as individuals…
Emmanuel Chauvet photo Mr Emmanuel Chauvet Partner – Since 2008, Emmanuel Chauvet has focused on mergers and acquisitions and…
Jacques Epstein photo Mr Jacques Epstein Partner – Specialized in mergers and acquisitions and industrial joint-ventures, often in…
Judith Fargeot photo Mrs Judith Fargeot Partner – Judith Fargeot has a broad experience in mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures…
Joëlle Hannelais photo Mrs Joëlle Hannelais Partner – Joëlle Hannelais has a renowned experience in employment law. Her practice…
Julien Koch photo Mr Julien Koch Partner – He focuses his practice on various areas of corporate law,…
Marine Pelletier-Capes photo Mrs Marine Pelletier-Capes Partner – Marine Pelletier-Capes has developed notable expertise in corporate taxation, including…
Jean Reynaud photo Mr Jean Reynaud Partner. Jean specializes in mergers and acquisitions, particularly in cross border transactions.…
Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel photo Mrs Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel Partner – Marie-Emilie Rousseau-Brunel practices labour and social security law, both on contentious…
Julie Tchaglass photo Mrs Julie Tchaglass Partner – Her practice focuses on international mergers and acquisitions, private equity…
Nicolas Vivien photo Mr Nicolas Vivien Partner – Nicolas Vivien has developed a broad transactional practice for international and…
Number of lawyers : 40
at this office : 40
Other offices : Brussels
Other offices : Bordeaux

Vivien & Associés

Vivien & Associés offers competitive legal services and representation across a broad range of key practice areas:

M&A and corporate transactions; private-equity (including LBOs and venture capital) transactions; joint ventures and strategic alliances; restructuring and insolvency; corporate governance; stock exchange regulations; commercial contracts; tax; employment; banking and finance; civil and commercial litigation; mediation and arbitration.

Vivien & Associés was founded in 1999 by lawyers with in-depth experience in leading international firms.  Their intention was to establish a firm able to provide quality legal services, characterised by responsiveness and true independence to meet the requirements of a sophisticated international corporate clientele.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed an extensive experience of cross-border and multi-jurisdictional transactions.  Serving international clients has been part of our firm’s DNA since its incorporation.

All members of the firm are committed to providing quality, efficient, pragmatic and competitive legal advice.  We do so through a hands-on, partner-led approach and small solution-oriented teams tailored to meet clients’ specific needs.