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EU, competition and distribution Tier 1

Competition law boutique Vogel & Vogel offers a team of more than 30 lawyers. The firm handles a high volume of work and has built a high-profile client base that spans a wide range of sectors. It is currently involved in a high number of high-profile matters, especially contentious cases, including landmark cases in the media, telecoms and automotive sectors. Notable cases include several damage claim lawsuits where high financial amounts are at stake. The practice also acts in several antitrust matters in French Polynesia and handles a major selective distribution case in the French automotive sector. Finally, the group also recently advised clients on merger control filings before the EU Commission. Joseph Vogel is the key name in the practice. Also recommended are: Juliette Blouet, Fernanda de Abreu, Laurence Boudailliez, Cécile Assémat and Charles Fahrner.


‘The practice takes fully into account the strategies and needs of its clients. Advice is precisely documented. Answers are always given within deadlines.’

‘The team is dynamic, available and specialised. It demonstrates strong listening skills, a real understanding of clients’ issues and is highly committed.’

‘The team has a very strong profile in the automotive sector where it is involved in the most important competition and distribution matters. It is always aware of the latest developments.’

‘Joseph Vogel is highly thorough. He is very involved in matters and his extensive know-how and experience make the difference in complex matters.’

‘Charles Fahrner is the go-to person for distribution matters in the automotive sector in France.’

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PMT (Vodafone Polynesia)

The firm: Louis and Joseph Vogel founded Vogel & Vogel in 1990. Vogel & Vogel specialises in competition, distribution and consumer law and is now one of the leading firms in these fields. The firm has grown steadily since its establishment, and now employs 37 lawyers. It is established in Paris and Brussels.

The firm serves a varied clientele, including private and public undertakings, administrative authorities, trade associations and other legal professionals, both in France and internationally. It provides clients not only with excellent service but the best possible value for money. In recognition of the increasingly international nature of its business, the firm places great importance on being able to offer its clients an international service.

Vogel & Vogel has created an international network of excellence in competition and distribution law. The Vogel Global Competition Network ( brings together 59 law firms specialising in competition and distribution law from around the world, selecting the best in the field from each country. The role of this unique network is to provide a global response to issues brought by the firm’s clients, to whom the national competition laws of various countries may be applicable.

Vogel & Vogel offers a number of varied services. Its knowledge management team has developed exciting new products to assist corporate lawyers: news flashes, newsletters, conferences, a specialised blog, a YouTube channel, access to its document library, a collection of legal textbooks in both paper or digital format, and the Vogel Academy which provides online training sessions in competition, regulation, distribution and consumer law allowing counsel to update and consolidate their knowledge and stay ahead of their game.

Vogel & Vogel offers a number of digital tools adapted to today’s environment: a new database for use by in-house counsel; a decision support system for accelerated analysis of legal risk; and predictive justice products to save time and enhance performance, analyse risks and optimise litigation strategy – for example, an algorithm calculates probabilities for dispute resolution and identifies the best arguments in the firm’s areas of expertise. Vogel & Vogel offers artificial intelligence products based on an analysis of the case law. The firm is able to produce legal decisions which are representative of the decision-making of the courts and authorities and a mathematical analysis of risk is presented in the form of a graphical visualisation of probability distributions (risk of sanction, likely amount of fine, etc.) based on criteria entered by the user and providing virtually instantaneous results.

Areas of practice: Vogel & Vogel is a firm highly specialised in all areas of French and European competition, distribution and consumer law. It comprises six dedicated teams (each composed of at least one partner and several associates). The firm’s field of intervention covers a broad range of practices and matters (antitrust/restrictive practices/regulation/distribution law/advising business clients faced with legal action from consumers).

Its highly specialised teams handle all aspects of competition, distribution and consumer law. They provide a comprehensive service ranging from advice and litigation to compliance and lobbying, enabling lawyers to provide optimal and tailored solutions. The teams operate in rotation thus ensuring the development of across-the-board know-how and competencies resulting in the innovative and proactive handling of cases.

The firm intervenes in various sectors, such as aeronautics, agricultural machinery, automobile, banking, building and public works, chemicals, electricity, food and agriculture, governmental agencies, media, pharmaceuticals, perfume and cosmetics, telecommunications, toys and transport.

Department Name Email Telephone
European competition Louis Vogel
European competition Joseph Vogel
French competition Louis Vogel
French competition Joseph Vogel
Merger control Joseph Vogel
Merger control Fernanda De Abreu
State aid Joseph Vogel
State aid Juliette Blouet
Unfair competition law Laurence Boudaillez
Media and telecoms Louis Vogel
Media and telecoms Joseph Vogel
Product liability, defence to consumer actions Charles S Fahrner
Product liability, defence to consumer actions Sylvain Corvol
Distribution law (franchising, agency, selective distribution, termination of dealerships) Joseph Vogel
Advertising Charles S Fahrner
Litigation/arbitration Louis Vogel
Litigation/arbitration Joseph Vogel
Relations between France and Germany Charles S Fahrner
Relations between France and the USA Louis Vogel
Relations between France and the USA Joseph Vogel
Automobile distribution Joseph Vogel
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Mr Joseph Vogel  photo Mr Joseph Vogel Founding Partner specialized in Economic Law (French and European Competition, Distribution and…
Mr Louis Vogel  photo Mr Louis Vogel Founding Partner specialized in Economic Law. As a leading competition lawyer, Louis…
Number of lawyers : 37
Vogel Global Competition Network
Contacts : Joseph Vogel
Contacts : Stéphanie Boudin