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Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 3

Wijn & Stael Advocaten N.V. has a burgeoning standing in the market; the result of a versatile and talented group of litigators instructed in some high-profile, international matters with notable strength in financial issues. With 'unrivalled energy and focus' Koen Rutten is leading the advice to 85 institutional investors as shareholders in Steinhoff in a €700m damages claim. Rutten co-leads the practice alongside Noor Zetteler and head of Supreme Court litigation Thijs van Zanten.

Practice head(s):

Koen Rutten; Noor Zetteler; Thijs van Zanten


‘We have worked with Thijs van Zanten and his team on high-profile litigation at the Dutch Supreme Court. Thijs is a well-established Supreme Court lawyer, with a practical approach. Together with Ida Lintel he delivers output within the desired time frame.’

‘Koen Rutten is an excellent lawyer and a pleasure to work with.’

‘Excellent business acumen, to-the-point, knowledgable about the eco-system (who is who) on a case, not only pure legal focus. Koen Rutten is down-to-earth; swift; transparent; excellent soft skills; eye for details; a fantastic human being on top of being a great lawyer. One of the best litigation lawyers we use in our cases.’

‘Team is really on top of things. In my case the team has to work together with other lawyers and automatically takes the lead in that process, which helps as they support you as client . Very much involved. Understand the issue and position I am in as client and act accordingly. And when on a joint assignment with other law firms, it is good to see they take the lead in drafting and court processes.’

‘They are specialised in liability of the auditor. Good cooperation with the client and a great team of capable people.’

‘Collaborative team that trust each other and get the best sum out of the parts. Koen has unrivalled energy and focus, leaves no stone unturned, is imaginative and open-minded.’

‘Wijn & Stael is a practice that can be characterised as very strong in technical knowledge. They form teams on a subject matter basis, being capable of combining the best experts needed. Within the team all members are subordinate to the ultimate goal. Towards the client, Wijn & Stael continues to be realistic. They strive for the best result, but never forget the clients perspective. In doing so they often challenge the client on their requests, they will not litigate just for the sake of it.

‘The individuals within Wijn & Stael know their qualities. Koen Rutten qualifies as a pragmatic, very knowledgeable partner who is able to steer his client continuously in the right direction. He easily combines the detail of a file with the often so much needed overview. The combination of Koen with Willem Jan van Andel creates a winning team, with Mr Van Andel adding close to a lifetime of experience. ’


Key clients



OCI N.V. (public company)





Transportinsurer TVM


Energie Concurrent


Wellsbridge Limited


Upper Brook Companies (subsidiary of the Libyan Investment Authority)

Newstyle Healtcenters

Paradigma Group

Restructuring and insolvency Tier 3

Wijn & Stael Advocaten N.V. handles national and international restructuring and insolvency matters. Its practitioners often act as court-appointed trustees in bankruptcy cases. Noor Zetteler focuses on finance, security and insolvency law; Willem Jan van Andel acts for companies in distressed situations; and Remco Vermaire specialises in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy matters, and restructuring.

Practice head(s):

Noor Zetteler; Willem Jan van Andel; Remco Vermaire


A wide range of skills are incorporated in the team.

Noor Zetteler is quick, accurate and great in communication.

Excellent and in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law and its application in practice.

Very extensive practical experience with bankruptcy and insolvency, especially in the retail sector.

‘Niche firm, known for its top level bankruptcy practice.

Remco Vermaire and Willem Jan Van Andel and Noor Zettler are top lawyers in their field.

The firm has a strong restructuring and insolvency practice.

Noor Zetteler is highly regarded as an insolvency practitioner and managed to keep control and oversight over the situation.

Key clients


De Lage Landen (DLL)

FlexEnergie B.V.




Trustee of Boer & Croon Holding B.V. and its subsidiaries

The Phone House



La Ligna


Montagny B.V.

Perry Sport

Bankruptcy trustees Ruwaard van Puttenziekenhuis

Directors of Coolcat

Employment Tier 4

The employment law team at Wijn & Stael Advocaten N.V. handles contentious and non-contentious employment matters. On the contentious side, it excels in conflict management and litigation, including cases brought before the Supreme Court. Else Loes Pasma focuses on individual and collective dismissals, employee participation, governance and transfer of undertakings. Leendert Kruidenier jointly leads the group with Pasma. Joyce Snijder is also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Else Loes Pasma; Leendert Kruidenier

Other key lawyers:

Joyce Snijder; Ida Lintel


‘High professional knowledge, with a proactive approach’.

‘Leendert Kruidenier is well aware of all details and history of our company and enables him to give immediate and accurate answers or input when needed’.

‘They have extensive expertise on privacy, labour law, corporate litigation and civil law’.

‘With regard to labour law, their expertise on contingent workforce-related legal matters are best-in-class’.

‘Joyce Snijder’s extensive knowledge, together with her ease of doing business and fine communication skills, make her indispensable for our business’.

‘Pragmatic, hands-on team’.

‘The team covers all aspects of employment law, including flexible employment relationships’.

‘The firm and the team that advices us in particular knows us very well and that makes their advice very well-tailored’.

Key clients



5c Alliance


Electronic Partner


Koninklijke Metaalunie


Sun Chemical


Theo Pouw

Veris Bouwmaterialen Groep

The firm: Wijn & Stael is a leading law firm, based in Utrecht, with a modern and practical approach. Wijn & Stael acts on behalf of large and small companies, financial institutions, healthcare institutions, government bodies, non-profit organisations, private individuals and aggrieved civil parties in class actions. It represents clients inside and outside of the Netherlands.

Areas of practice
Restructuring and insolvency: Wijn & Stael has wide-ranging expertise and is well known, nationally and internationally, as an expert in insolvency issues. Its experience in this area is extremely useful when having to deal with corporate restructurings, such as preventing insolvency. Wijn & Stael’s lawyers acted in the corporate restructuring of Partner Logistics, Kroymans Lease Holding and Pouw Automotive. Wijn & Stael’s lawyers act in complex and large bankruptcy cases, such as Landis, Econcern, Spyker N.V., Eurocommerce and The Phone House. Key clients: Rabobank and DLL Financial Solutions Partner.

Banking and finance: Wijn & Stael has specific expertise in the areas of financing schemes, leasing, and mergers and acquisitions. Wijn & Stael not only advises companies with their investments, mergers and acquisitions, and how to finance them, but also advises financial institutions. Key clients: Rabobank, DLL Financial Solutions Partner and Athlon.

Litigation, arbitration and class actions: Wijn & Stael acts in complex and large corporate and financial litigation proceedings, such as proceedings regarding liability of directors, supervisory directors, financial institutions and inquiry proceedings with the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam. Wijn & Stael has extensive knowledge and experience of procedural practice, but also has expertise in corporate, civil and securities law, (international) arbitration and class actions. Wijn & Stael successfully represents/has represented in large proceedings and/or class actions: the trustees of Ceteco and Landis; the account holders of Van der Hoop bankiers; the subordinated deposit holders of DSB Bank against the Dutch Central Bank; and the investors of Van den Berg against ABN Amro Bank and shareholders against Royal Imtech.

Employment: Wijn & Stael has extensive expertise in a broad range of employment matters, such as transfer of undertakings, large restructurings/reorganisations under employment law, outsourcing processes, collective redundancies, the position of (non-)executive directors, and all matters concerning labour unions and the works council. It advises large and small businesses in all market segments, inside and outside the Netherlands, as well as directors and managers. Wijn & Stael a.o. successfully advised various US-based organisations with (starting) enterprises in Europe on all aspects of Dutch employment law.

Real estate: Wijn & Stael deals with cases covering a broad range of property issues, spatial planning, property development, purchase and lease, not only from a civil law perspective, but also from an administrative law perspective. Wijn & Stael a.o. successfully represented a private investor/real estate developer in proceedings against the provincial authorities regarding the sale of a provincial government building which was contaminated with asbestos; a housing society in the purchase of over 1,400 (existing and newly built) student apartments; a private investor in the negotiations with the municipal authority; and in the redevelopment of a hospital into single-family and student apartments.

Contracts and liabilities: Wijn & Stael has ample experience in drawing up and assessing all kinds of contracts; whether it concerns a sale or purchase contract for immovable or movable property or shares, a complex cooperation agreement, a shareholders’ agreement, or a lease or tenancy agreement. In addition, Wijn & Stael has broad experience in proceedings and (international) arbitrations on all kinds of complex liability matters regarding contracts as well as based on tort.

Supreme Court litigation: Wijn & Stael is the only law firm with a Supreme Court litigation section in its court district. In particular it deals with Supreme Court litigation cases involving insolvency law, financing, security and leasing, as well as corporate and financial litigation.

M&A: Wijn & Stael’s M&A lawyers have successfully concluded hundreds of M&A transactions in a national and an international environment. They know their way around the do’s and don’ts of a transaction, and so are able to offer added value at every phase in the transaction process.

Department Name Email Telephone
Restructuring and insolvency Willem Jan van Andel
Restructuring and insolvency Noor Zetteler
Banking and finance Remco Vermaire
Litigation, arbitration and class actions Koen Rutten
Employment Else Loes Pasma
Employment Leendert Kruidenier
M&A Humphrey Lakens
Real estate Patricia Kleijn
Contracts and liabilities Leendert Kruidenier
Supreme Court litigation Thijs van Zanten
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Mr Leendert Kruidenier  photo Mr Leendert Kruidenier Leendert specialises in business and employment law, focusing particularly on restructuring, disputes,…
Mr Else Loes Pasma  photo Mr Else Loes Pasma Else Loes Pasma specialises in employment law and cooperation disputes, acting on…
Mr Koen Rutten  photo Mr Koen Rutten Koen Rutten specialises in business law disputes. He is a persistent and…
Mr Joyce Snijder  photo Mr Joyce Snijder Joyce Snijder specialises in employment law. She deals with a variety of…
Mr Remco Vermaire  photo Mr Remco Vermaire Remco Vermaire is specialising in leasing, financing, securities and insolvency law. He…
Mr Sophie Wierenga-Heintz  photo Mr Sophie Wierenga-Heintz Sophie Wierenga-Heintz specialises in employment law and has an advisory and litigation…
Mr Noor Zetteler  photo Mr Noor Zetteler Noor Zetteler is a specialist in finance, security and insolvency law. Noor…
Mr Willem Jan van Andel  photo Mr Willem Jan van Andel Willem Jan van Andel is a well-known player in the insolvency field,…
Prof Mr Thijs van Zanten  photo Prof Mr Thijs van Zanten Thijs van Zanten is every inch a litigator. He advises on and…
Number of lawyers : 37