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Sjöcrona van Stigt is a specialist corporate criminal defence law firm with a sizeable team of partners. Enide Perez specialises in fraud cases, such as money laundering, corruption and tax fraud as well as health and safety and environmental criminal cases. Sabine Ten Doesschate works on fraud and criminal law cases, of which large environmental criminal law cases are a big part. Boudewijn van Eijck is the key contact for lawsuits resulting from large incidents in the industrial and commercial construction sectors. Accountants and tax advisors entrust Hans de Jong on criminal investigations and prosecutions. Caroline de Sitter works on corruption and fraud cases on a domestic and international level. Cassation expert Thijs Kelder represents clients on international transportation crime cases. Further key contacts are Arthur Van Stigt and Marlies van Strien.

Practice head(s):

Enide Perez; Sabine ten Doesschate; Boudewijn van Eijck; Hans de Jong; Caroline de Sitter; Thijs Kelder; Arthur van Strigt; Marlies van Strien

Other key lawyers:

Floris Dudok van Heel


‘This office is absolutely outstanding in the field and has had an excellent reputation in the field of fraud and white-collar crime for many years. The lawyers form an excellent team and do a good job. Moreover, there are lawyers with whom it is possible to work well together in complex cases involving several criminal law offices.’

‘I have worked with Boudewijn van Eijck, Arthur van Stigt, Enide Perez, Marlies van Strien, Caroline de Sitter and Thijs Kelder. They are all driven and high-quality lawyers. Thijs Kelder is notable for his extensive knowledge of cassation law.’

‘The team is professional. Crime is usually heavily emotional but the professionals at Sjöcrona are able to look at the case at its merits while acknowledging the emotions but without letting the emotions influence the decisions.’

‘The lawyers give you the feeling that your case is the only case they are working on at the moment. They show that they own the case and this gives the comfort that you are in good hands.’

‘Enide Perez is nice to work with. Always make you feel comfortable. She has both perfect industry and legal insight and knowledge.’

‘The team is capable of handling complex legal matters in a practical way’

What do we do?
Since 1992, we at Sjöcrona Van Stigt have dedicated ourselves solely to defending criminal cases. Our team currently consists of 16 defense lawyers and 2 paralegals, working from our offices in Rotterdam and The Hague.

Our reputation, both in the Netherlands and abroad, is impeccable due to our successes and our proverbial discretion.

Our specialists provide legal assistance in criminal proceedings, both before and during the court process; at first instance, on appeal and before the Supreme Court in cassation; and also before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Often, prevention is better than cure. Unsettling interest from the police and judicial authorities can often be prevented by sound and timely advice, for instance on anti bribery – and anti money laundering legislation, on health and safety policies, on compliance with permit conditions and other compliance issues. We also advise on possible criminal responsibilities at management level and in supervisory boards.

Clear-cut, practical and goal-driven assistance: this is what you can expect from us.

Whom do we help?
Most of our clients are from the corporate world. We assist both SMEs and listed, international companies. Authorities and private individuals can also count on us. Our services are often requested via business service suppliers such as tax consultants, accountants and lawyers who are not specialised in our areas of expertise.

We also often work with other criminal defense lawyers, both from the Netherlands and from abroad.

Discretion guaranteed
We have adopted a restrictive press policy. We will approach the media only if and when it serves the case, and not without the client’s prior permission.

Department Name Email Telephone
Business crime & Criminal law Boudewijn van Eijck +31(0)104364311
Business crime & Criminal law Enide Perez +31(0)104364311
Business crime & Criminal law Sabine ten Doesschate +31(0)104364311
Business crime & Criminal law Arthur van Stigt +31(0)104364311
Business crime & Criminal law Hans de Jong +31(0)104364311
Business crime & Criminal law Marlies van Strien +31(0)703467472
Business crime & Criminal law Caroline de Sitter +31(0)703467472
Business crime & Criminal law Thijs Kelder +31(0)703467472
Photo Name Position Profile
Enide Perez photo Mrs Enide Perez Partner
Hans de Jong photo Mr Hans de Jong Partner
Boudewijn van Eijck photo Mr Boudewijn van Eijck Partner
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