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Denmark > Insurance Tier 2

Nielsen Nørager handles a broad range of insurance matters, including disputes, insurance contracts, and the drafting and amendment of insurance conditions. The practice is jointly led by Michael S. Wiisbye, Jan Presfeldt and Michael Kjær Lauritsen, and regularly participates in board work for trade associations including the Danish Association of Insurance Law and the International Insurance Law Association. It also has particular expertise in regulatory insurance and reinsurance mandates.

Practice head(s):

Michael S. Wiisbye; Jan Presfeldt; Michael Kjær Lauritsen


‘The firm seems very well organised.’

‘Michael Wiisbye is one of the most skilled insurance-lawyers I have worked with. He has a great combination of being a very orderly, patient and calm and at the same time he always comes up with hard-hitting arguments and has a very strong rhetoric.’

‘Michael Kjær Lauritsen has a special ability to quickly get into a complex problem, form an overview, layout a strategy, and communicate legal arguments in an efficient and understandable way without losing sense of detail. He is also very pleasant even when he is put under great pressure.’

Key clients

If P&C Insurance

HDI Specialty

HDI Global

ALKA Insurance

Alm Brand Insurance

Codan Insurance

Skuld Marine insurance

Work highlights

  • Represented one of Denmark’s largest corporations, Danfoss A/S, in a dispute with two insurance companies concerning coverage for a world-wide recall of defect valves used in automobiles and many commercial products.
  • Represented the Danish insurance company Codan Insurance in a dispute regarding the infection of thousand of pigs.
  • Represented ALKA (on behalf of the insured) in a Supreme Court case establishing legal principles concerning whether a person who is passively watching a wrongful action can be held liable for his/hers passive participation, or whether only the person actively causing the damage can be held liable.

Denmark > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Nielsen Nørager handles disputes before arbitration forums and courts at both national and international levels, including the CJEU and the ECtHR. The team has experience in a range of disputes, including those related to public law, EU law, M&A matters and insurance issues. Practice leadership is split three ways between commercial and company law expert Eigil Lego Andersen, Michael Kjær Lauritsen , who conducts cases before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board, and Henrik Peytz. Michael Wiisbye is recommended for his extensive expertise in insurance law.

Practice head(s):

Eigil Lego Andersen; Michael Kjær Lauritsen; Henrik Peytz

Other key lawyers:

Michael Wiisbye; Jan Presfeldt


‘Nielsen Nørager is known as a solid practice, with several of the partners seen as market leaders.’

‘Michael Wiisbye is not just the co-author of the commentary on the Danish Liability and Damages Act but also one of the most used attorneys in insurance litigation in Denmark. His wide knowledge of insurance law and his academic skills places him at the absolute top of the most experienced and used litigators in Denmark.’

‘I have known Michael Wiisbye from the team for many years and I can highly recommend him. He is both very pleasant and very skilled within insurance and dispute resolution.

‘Michael Wiisbye’s devotion and clear sighted handling of cases. And vast experience within insurance litigation. And he is very pleasant to work with.’

Key clients

HDI Speciality

HDI Global



IF Insurance

Codan Insurance

Tryg Insurance

ALKA Insurance


Work highlights

  • Represented the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation against the European Commission, the Federal Republic of Germany and IGG before the Extended Composition of the General Court regarding the legality of the Commission’s State aid decision on the so-called “export declaration practice” in favor of the North German border shops involving the annual sales of approximately 1 billion canned beverages without charging the otherwise mandatory German deposit.
  • Represented one of Denmark’s largest corporations, Danfoss A/S, in a dispute with two insurance companies concerning coverage for a worldwide recall of defect valves used in i.a. automobiles and many commercial products.
  • Represented the Danish insurance company Codan Insurance in a dispute regarding the infection of thousands of pigs.

Denmark > EU, competition and public procurement Tier 3

Nielsen Nørager is best known for its handling of state aid cases and abuse of dominance claims. Henrik Peytz and Lotte Hummelshøj jointly lead the EU, competition and public procurement law group that regularly represents clients before the CJEU as well as the Danish Complaints Board on Public Procurement. The group also advises on tender processes, including the preparation of tender materials as well as the evaluation of bids.

Practice head(s):

Henrik Peytz; Lotte Hummelshøj

Other key lawyers:

Thomas Mygind; Sebastian A. Pedersen


‘Good industry knowledge.’

‘Extremely high competency as well as timely presence and professionality.’

‘Very high work productivity leading to full coverage of all aspects of the case.’

‘In relation to State Aid and EC Law, the team in Nielsen Nørager has a very strong capacity in Thomas Mygind. Thomas has a unique ability to be updated and familiar with all relevant case law and to draw this into his handling of concrete cases.’

‘Know the law very well and able to apply it commercially. Also looks at fees for projects, not just the hourly fee structure.’

‘Henrik Peytz – very client-focused and amazing attention to detail.’

Key clients





Danish Employers’ Association





Egmont Group

Lindø Port of Odense

The Danish Chamber of Commerce

FynBus, Sydtrafik and Midttrafik

Denmark > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Nielsen Nørager has a wide-ranging corporate practice, including handling M&A transactions and investments. The team advises clients within the private equity sector in addition to those in the real estate, technology, transport and energy industries. Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen , Jens Arnesen and Frantz Palludan  jointly lead the group.

Practice head(s):

Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen; Jens Arnesen; Frantz Palludan


‘Always direct access to partner-level people. Partners have broad and deep knowledge of commercial, corporate and M&A law and best practices. Strong expertise within software licensing and IP management.’

‘Jens Arnesen is a great partner for any early-stage company like us. He gets things done swiftly and within a reasonable budget. Nielsen Nørager as a company has a great reputation in the market.’

‘The team was extremely competent and the lead, Jens Arnesen, was innovative and very capable. We felt in good hands because the team is diligent, thorough and professional.’

Key clients

Seluxit A/S

Zylinc A/S

Trackman A/S

Mols Linien A/S

Atea A/S


Energi Danmark A/S

Biludan Gruppen A/S A/S

Frese A/S

Metro AG

Kaiserwetter Energy Group

Harald Nyborg A/S

Chr. Olesen Group

Thermo Fischer Group

Adidas Danmark

Columbus A/S

Wewers A/S

Falck Group

Capital Four Management Fondsmæglerselskab

Britannia Invest A/S

Adept Water Technologies A/S

TBWA Copenhagen A/S

Instrumeter A/S

Damptech A/S


Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich, Schweiz


SDG Invest ApS

UserTribe A/S

LU-VE Group

IZ-KO Mermer Maden A.S.

Mugato ApS

Kingspan Group plc

Friction Structures ApS

Iridis AG

DanTaxi 4X48 A/S

Krabbe Invest ApS

UniqKey A/S

NAF Trading A/S

JoinMyBox ApS

XL Byg – Rødovre Tælast A/S

Enerdry A/S

Man Truck & Bus Danmark A/S

Renz A/S

Epinion P/S

Audience Project A/S

Eloomi A/S

Cbit A/S

X-Yachts A/S

Monsenso A/S

Scandinavian Medical Solutions A/S

Seluxit A/S

Nielsen Nørager was established in 1983 and has offices in the old Metropol building situated at Strøget in the center of Copenhagen.

The firm is focusing on quality work rather than size. The lawyers are generalists each of whom additionally specializes in one or more areas of commercial law. Some lawyers have a dual education. Many of the lawyers have taught, published academic and other scholarly work, or worked as arbitration judges. Nielsen Nørager’s ambition is to find solutions to the most complex legal disputes and transactions.

Dispute Resolution Michael Kjær
Dispute Resolution Jan
Banking and finance Frantz
Banking and finance Peter
Company and commercial Morten Eldrup-Jø
Company and commercial Jens
EC and competition Henrik
EC and competition Lotte Hummelshø
Insurance Michael S
Insurance Michael Kjær
Media and entertainment Henrik
Capital markets Peter
Corporate finance, M&A Morten Eldrup-Jø
Corporate finance, M&A Jens
Corporate finance, M&A Brian Jø
Real estate Birgitte
Real estate Frantz
Taxation Henrik
Employment Niels Henrik
Telecoms Henrik
Biotech Morten Eldrup-Jø
Biotech Jan
Insolvency Frantz
Insolvency Jens
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Sebastian Asjørn Pedersen photo Sebastian Asjørn PedersenAttorney.  Sebastian Asbjørn Pedersen provides legal advice within EU law, public procurement…
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Michael S. Wiisbye photo Michael S. WiisbyeMichael S. Wiisbye is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and has more…
Number of lawyers : 23
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