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Nielsen Nørager

Denmark > EU, competition and public procurement Tier 2

At Nielsen Nørager, the department has a track record in EU and domestic competition cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union, as well as public procurement issues. Jointly led by Henrik Peytz and Lotte Hummelshøj, the group advises on tender processes, including the preparation of tender materials and the evaluation of bids, and acts for clients before the Danish Complaints Board on Public Procurement. Its caseload also comprises state aid work, abuse of dominance cases and anti-competitive behaviour issues.

Practice head(s):

Henrik Peytz; Lotte Hummelshøj 


‘Fields an extremely competent and dedicated team – and people who are extremely close to our case and know the details.’

‘The competition law is an area rarely built-up in-house. NN is a law firm that has this competence and also the courage to challenge even the largest opponents on behalf of its clients.’

‘Personal characteristics of the lawyers at NN – never give up, always find a new angle if the path of action seems closed. Dedication to making a difference.’

Key clients





Danish Employers’ Association





Egmont Group

Lindø Port of Odense

The Danish Chamber of Commerce


Denmark > Data privacy and data protection Tier 3

With capabilities across a broad range of data protection and data privacy issues, the team at Nielsen Nørager, which is jointly led by Anders Valentiner-Branth and Claude Winther Nielsen, specialises in assisting trade unions and public authorities. It has experience in handling large data protection compliance projects, Danish DPA inspections, data subject complaints, data protection litigation and data breach procedures.

Practice head(s):

Anders Valentiner-Branth; Claude Winther Nielsen


‘The team is very knowledgeable and has a very high level of business approach combined with a no-nonsense approach to legal counselling.’ 

‘Claude Winther Nielsen has a very high knowledge of our business and the business area we operate and he is therefore capable of giving us very high value on all aspects we seek his counselling.’ 

‘They have a very high level of knowledge of complex issues, and an excellent way of managing barriers for clients.’

‘The individuals I work with are very professional and have high expertise together with an outstanding empathy for what the problem is, and how to solve these problems in my organisation.’

Key clients

The Municipality of Gladsaxe

The City of Copenhagen

The Danish Trade Union Confederation (FH)

The Danish Association of Social Workers

Columbus A/S

Atea A/S

Falck Group

Denmark > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Nielsen Nørager has ‘an exceptionally high level of knowledge’ in public law disputes, particularly in relation to utilities and infrastructure projects. Other notable areas of expertise include tort law, state aid, public procurement, post-M&A and tax disputes. Eigil Lego Andersen, Henrik Peytz and Anders Valentiner-Branth jointly lead the group, which also includes Michael S. Wiisbye , who ‘stands out due to his exceptional insurance knowledge’.

Practice head(s):

Eigil Lego Andersen; Henrik Peytz; Anders Valentiner-Branth

Other key lawyers:

Michael S. Wiisbye; Jan Presfeldt


‘They are very talented in this area due to their long time expertise and experience. They involve you in the process in the amount you wish, so you are able to learn more about the case if you wish so.’

‘Michael S. Wiisbye is a market leader in insurance disputes. He stands out due to exceptional insurance knowledge.’

‘This firm has a very high standard when it comes to integrity and orderly behaviour and has some very specialised lawyers as well.’

‘Michael Wiisbye is not only one of the most respected profiles within insurance, he is also very meticulous.’

‘The firm has an exceptionally high level of knowledge and very strong individuals who manage dispute resolution in the public sector.’

‘They are very competent, professional, and they also have a high level of empathy relating to me and my organisation.’

Key clients

The City of Copenhagen

The Municipality of Greve

The Municipality of Brøndby


A/S Bevola

ALKA Insurance

Tryg Insurance

Klar Forsyning A/S


Denmark > Insurance Tier 3

Michael S. Wiisbye , Jan Presfeldt and Michael Kjær Lauritsen jointly lead the Nielsen Nørager insurance practice, which has expertise ranging from dispute resolution to insurance contracts; professional liability litigation, commercial issues and product liability claims are particular areas of focus for the team. Singled out for his ‘exceptional insurance knowledge’, Wiisbye has experience in arbitration proceedings and cases before the Supreme Court concerning fundamental principles in Danish insurance and tort law.

Practice head(s):

Michael S. Wiisbye; Jan Presfeldt; Michael Kjær Lauritsen


‘Excellent knowledge of insurance.’

‘Michael Wiisbye stands out.’

‘Quick, informal and practical approach.’

‘Michael S. Wiisbye is a market leader in insurance disputes. He stands out due to his exceptional insurance knowledge and a very solid and calm way of litigating.’

‘Nielsen Nørager is a highly respected Danish law firm and the insurance partners are well known for their dispute resolution work and their ability to obtain a high level market knowledge relevant to the cases they conduct.’

Key clients

24 international insurance companies and insurance consortiums in the so-called Siri Case.

If Skadeforsikring

HDI Danmark

ALKA Forsikring

Alm Brand


Denmark > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

The team at Nielsen Nørager provides advice to clients on a wide range of corporate and commercial issues, including negotiating and drafting commercial contracts, M&A, company formations, capitalisations, company reorganisations and general commercial and regulatory issues. Jens Arnesen, Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen and Claude Winther Nielsen jointly head the group.

Nielsen Nørager was established in 1983 and has offices in the old Metropol building situated at Strøget in the center of Copenhagen.

The firm is focusing on quality work rather than size. The lawyers are generalists each of whom additionally specializes in one or more areas of commercial law. Some lawyers have a dual education. Many of the lawyers have taught, published academic and other scholarly work, or worked as arbitration judges. Nielsen Nørager’s ambition is to find solutions to the most complex legal disputes and transactions.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute Resolution Michael Kjær Lauritsen +4533114545
Dispute Resolution Jan Presfeldt +4533114545
Banking and finance Frantz Palludan +4533114545
Banking and finance Peter Lyck +4533114545
Company and commercial Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen +4533114545
Company and commercial Jens Arnesen +4533114545
EC and competition Henrik Peytz +4533114545
EC and competition Lotte Hummelshøj +4533114545
Insurance Michael S Wiisbye +4533114545
Insurance Michael Kjær Lauritsen +4533114545
Information technology Claude Winther Nielsen +4533114545
Media and entertainment Henrik Peytz +4533114545
Capital markets Peter Lyck +4533114545
Corporate finance, M&A Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen +4533114545
Corporate finance, M&A Jens Arnesen +4533114545
Corporate finance, M&A Brian Jørgensen +4533114545
Real estate Birgitte Horn +4533114545
Real estate Frantz Palludan +4533114545
Taxation Henrik Peytz +4533114545
Employment Niels Henrik Nielsen +4533114545
Employment Thomas Mygind +4533114545
Telecoms Henrik Peytz +4533114545
Biotech Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen +4533114545
Biotech Jan Presfeldt +4533114545
Insolvency Frantz Palludan +4533114545
Insolvency Jens Arnesen +4533114545
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 Brian Jørgensen  photo Brian Jørgensen Brian Jørgensen is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and is an experienced…
 Michael Kjær Lauritsen  photo Michael Kjær Lauritsen Michael Kjær Lauritsen is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and primarily works…
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 Sebastian Asjørn Pedersen  photo Sebastian Asjørn Pedersen Attorney.  Sebastian Asbjørn Pedersen provides legal advice within EU law, public procurement…
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 Jan Presfeldt photo Jan Presfeldt Jan Presfeldt is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and is a highly…
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 Michael S. Wiisbye photo Michael S. Wiisbye Michael S. Wiisbye is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and has more…
 Claude Winther Nielsen photo Claude Winther Nielsen Claude Winther Nielsen  is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and practices in…
Number of lawyers : 33
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