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Denmark > Insurance Tier 2

Nielsen Nørager is praised as among the ‘very best in Denmark, with a massive knowledge of insurance law, as well as procedural law’. The team’s broad presence in the arena spans insurance matters ranging from contentious matters including dispute resolution, conclusion and drafting insurance contracts, and amendment of insurance conditions. Michael S. Wiisbye, Jan Presfeldt and Jan Presfeldt jointly the team.

Practice head(s):

Michael S. Wiisbye; Jan Presfeldt; Michael Kjær Lauritsen


‘The NNLaw insurance law team continues to be among the very best in Denmark, with a massive knowledge of insurance law, as well as procedural law.’

‘Michael S. Wiisbye and Jan Presfeldt are second to none among insurance practitioners in Denmark.’

‘Strong knowledge of insurance, strong communication skills, good at updating relevant stakeholders and focusing on the importance of commercial relationships.’

Key clients

If P&C Insurance

HDI Specialty

HDI Global


ALKA Insurance

Alm Brand Insurance

Codan Insurance

Skuld Marine insurance

Denmark > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Litigation at all levels of the court system and arbitration proceedings are the core work streams of the dispute resolution practice at Nielsen Nørager, with the team’s caseload including disputes related to insurance, tort law, financial services, competition, tax and M&A mandates. Real estate and construction disputes expert Michael Kjær Lauritsen and experienced EU litigator Henrik Peytz jointly head up the practice group, which also includes Michael Wiisbye, who is another important port of call with extensive experience in insurance and tort law.

Practice head(s):

Michael Kjær Lauritsen; Henrik Peytz

Other key lawyers:

Michael Wiisbye; Jan Presfeldt


‘Nielsen Nørager is still is one of the leading practices within Insurance Law in Denmark, with a continuously high legal standard in the handling of disputes, whether by arbitration or in court.’

‘Michael Wiisbye continues to be a beacon among insurance practitioners in Denmark thanks to his massive knowledge of the subject and his massive working capacity.’

‘Excellent compact team with strong insurance client base.’

‘Michael Kjær Lauritsen is an energetic lawyer, well connected particularly across the insurance carriers. He has a strong hands-on approach to disputes.’

‘Michael Wiisbye is among the most skilled insurance and tort litigators in Denmark. Furthermore he is a great colleague and clever opponent.’

‘Henrik Peytz is highly professional, and straight to the point, and is aware of the need to cooperate with other specialists when needed. He is highly professional, and pleasant to be around.’

Key clients

HDI Specialty – Insurance

HDI Global – Insurance

Topdanmark Insurance

NKT Cables A/S

Pædagogernes Pension (The Teachers Pensions Fund)


If P&C Insurance

Danish Chamber of Commerce

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation


ALKA Insurance

Tryg Insurance


Bygma A/S

Denmark > EU, competition and public procurement Tier 3

Henrik Peytz and Lotte Hummelshøj head up the EU and competition team at Nielsen Nørager, which is particularly well-known for its extensive track record when it comes to public procurement and state aid cases as well as representation on abuse of dominance matters. Peytz is renowned for advising public authorities and Danish and foreign businesses in strategic competition law issues and in particular in competition, public procurement, state aid and other public regulation cases.

Practice head(s):

Henrik Peytz; Lotte Hummelshøj

Other key lawyers:

Sebastian Asbjørn Pedersen


‘The team has a strong customer-centric focus in their advisory services, while having in-depth knowledge in applicable rules and practices.’

‘They have strong knowledge of the IT market – they provide excellent collaboration by gathering relevant information on cases in a very short timescale.’

‘People involved in cases have been available with fast responses when needed and providing excellent advises within deadline.’

‘As clients, we have witnessed a very equal treatment of all employees, no matter their status. This is not seen everywhere in other law firms.’

‘The lawyers are professionals, experienced, knowledgeable and able to quickly understand a complicated matter. The lawyers are also fast and cooperative.’

‘The team is very competent and has the ability to understand the business extremely fast.’

‘Lotte Hummelshøj is very competent and understands our needs immediately, while she also ensures consultancy on highest level helping us understand our position in detail.’

‘Sebastian Asbjørn Pedersen is a very competent, empathic and hard working lawyer who provides high-level documentation in short time if needed. ’

Key clients






TT-Netværket, a mobile telecom joint venture between Telenor and Telia

Odense Havn

The Danish Chamber of Commerce

FynBus, Sydtrafik and Midttrafik

TårnbyForsyning Varme A/S and TårnbyForsyning Spildevand A/S (affiliates)

Molslinjen A/S

Denmark > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 5

Nielsen Nørager handles a range of complex corporate and commercial work, including M&A transactions and capital raisings. Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen, Jens Arnesen and Frantz Palludan jointly head up the team; Arnesen focuses on start-ups and the capitalisation and commercialisation of technology-based companies.

Practice head(s):

Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen; Jens Arnesen; Frantz Palludan

Other key lawyers:

Carl Christian Illum


‘Many law firms help start-ups, but Niels Nørager really stands out because of their full support and commitment. They know their stuff and truly care about helping new businesses.’

‘I stopped trusting lawyers because of bad experiences until I started working with Carl Christian Illum from Niels Nørager. The lawyers at Niels Nørager are distinct due to their unparalleled commitment to supporting start-ups. Beyond just offering services, they deeply care about helping new businesses thrive. Their comprehensive knowledge combined with their genuine desire to nurture burgeoning companies sets them apart.’

‘Very deep knowledge of all facets of the stock market and very good team player.’

‘Very down to earth, constructive and knowledgeable.’

‘The team has great knowledge across many different areas and besides the legal expertise, the business, tech and market understanding is of great value to us.’

‘Carl Christian Illum has an exceptional ability to understand complex and market specific issues and has turned them into concrete results.’

‘We always follow Carl Christian Illum and we’ve had a very positive experience with Nielsen Nørager where we are taken very seriously, where they always bring relevant people, and where they have a big network we can be a part of.’

‘It’s a very down-to-earth relationship where it feels like you have a friend who’s a super lawyer. Fast responses, proactive, ideation extending outside of the legal department.’

Key clients

TrackMan A/S

Tellus Remarketing

NovaCare ApS


Razor Group GmbH

Upfront Chromatography ApS

Ancor Lab K/S

Dekra Akademie

Insai ApS

Chromologics ApS

Nature Preserve

Frese A/S

X-Yachts A/S

Mundipharma A/S

Tjek A/S

VÅR Private Equity

Adept Water Technologies A/S

Mærsk Drilling A/S

XL Byg – Rødovre Trælast A/S

UniqKey A/S

Damptech A/S

Falck Group

Harald Nyborg

Chr. Olesen Group

Mols Linien A/S


Energi Danmark A/S

Shape Robotics A/S

Hydract A/S

Nielsen Nørager was established in 1983 and has offices in the old Metropol building situated at Strøget in the center of Copenhagen.

The firm is focusing on quality work rather than size. The lawyers are generalists each of whom additionally specializes in one or more areas of commercial law. Some lawyers have a dual education. Many of the lawyers have taught, published academic and other scholarly work, or worked as arbitration judges. Nielsen Nørager’s ambition is to find solutions to the most complex legal disputes and transactions.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute Resolution Michael Kjær Lauritsen +4533114545
Dispute Resolution Jan Presfeldt +4533114545
Banking and finance Frantz Palludan +4533114545
Banking and finance Peter Lyck +4533114545
Company and commercial Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen +4533114545
Company and commercial Jens Arnesen +4533114545
EC and competition Henrik Peytz +4533114545
EC and competition Lotte Hummelshøj +4533114545
Insurance Michael S Wiisbye +4533114545
Insurance Michael Kjær Lauritsen +4533114545
Media and entertainment Henrik Peytz +4533114545
Capital markets Peter Lyck +4533114545
Corporate finance, M&A Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen +4533114545
Corporate finance, M&A Jens Arnesen +4533114545
Corporate finance, M&A Brian Jørgensen +4533114545
Real estate Birgitte Horn +4533114545
Real estate Frantz Palludan +4533114545
Taxation Henrik Peytz +4533114545
Employment Niels Henrik Nielsen +4533114545
Telecoms Henrik Peytz +4533114545
Biotech Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen +4533114545
Biotech Jan Presfeldt +4533114545
Insolvency Frantz Palludan +4533114545
Insolvency Jens Arnesen +4533114545
Photo Name Position Profile
Jens Arnesen photo Jens Arnesen Jens Arnesen is a partner with Nielsen Nørager and provides advice within…
Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen photo Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen Morten Eldrup-Jørgensen is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and provides legal advice…
Jesper Furbo-Halken photo Jesper Furbo-Halken Jesper Furbo-Halken (High Court Attorney) provides legal advice primarily in the field…
Gregers Gam photo Gregers Gam Gregers Gam advises Danish and international clients on shipping, construction and commercial…
Birgitte Horn photo Birgitte Horn Birgitte Horn is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and provides legal advice…
Lotte Hummelshøj photo Lotte Hummelshøj Lotte Hummelshøj is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and the EU, Public…
Carl Christian Illum photo Carl Christian Illum Carl Christian Illum has comprehensive experience in assisting Danish and international clients…
Brian Jørgensen photo Brian Jørgensen Brian Jørgensen is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and is an experienced…
Michael Kjær Lauritsen photo Michael Kjær Lauritsen Michael Kjær Lauritsen is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and primarily works…
Bente Lund Poulsen photo Bente Lund Poulsen Besides general legal advice, as partner at Nielsen Nørager Bente Lund Poulsen…
Peter Lyck photo Peter Lyck Peter Lyck is a partner in our corporate team and advises Danish…
Lykke Madsen photo Lykke Madsen In 2013, Lykke Madsen completed the course International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration…
Niels Henrik Nielsen photo Niels Henrik Nielsen Niels Henrik Nielsen is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and is practising…
Frantz Palludan photo Frantz Palludan Frantz Palludan’s main areas of practice are mergers and acquisitions, finance and…
Sebastian Asjørn Pedersen photo Sebastian Asjørn Pedersen Attorney. Sebastian Asbjørn Pedersen provides legal advice within EU law, public procurement…
Henrik Peytz photo Henrik Peytz Henrik Peytz (1959) is a partner with Nielsen Nørager and has more…
Claus Pilgård photo Claus Pilgård Claus Pilgård deals with general corporate and commercial law matters for both…
Jan Presfeldt photo Jan Presfeldt Jan Presfeldt is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and is a highly…
Alexandra Wiese photo Alexandra Wiese Alexandra Malou Wiese is primarily engaged in insurance and tort law as…
Michael S. Wiisbye photo Michael S. Wiisbye Michael S. Wiisbye is a partner at Nielsen Nørager and has more…
Michael Wiisbye photo Michael Wiisbye Michael Wiisbye has 25 years of experience in insurance and tort law.…
Number of lawyers : 22
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