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Restructuring and insolvency Tier 1

ASC Law Office focuses on large financial debt restructurings. Acting for creditors and debtors, the firm advises on planning and choice of financing models and projects; negotiations of models and projects, and preparation of the relevant documentation; and granting any collateral and securities relating to financial models. The group works closely with the dispute resolution department to cater to any contentious issues arising during the course of deals. The team is jointly led by Okan BeygoLevent Yetkil and Denel Balcı Kırali.

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 2

ASC Law Office has a broad banking practice, which is evidenced by its involvement in transactions spanning areas such as project finance, syndicated loans, derivatives, aviation finance and acquisition finance. On the capital markets side, the team also advises on IPOs, follow-on offerings, and issuances of bonds and other promissory transactions. Banking experts Okan BeygoLevent Yetkil and Denel Balcı jointly lead the team with recently promoted partner Ela Sarı.

Key clients

Osmanlı Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş.

T.C. Ziraat Bankası A.Ş.

Alternatif Bank A.Ş.

ICBC Turkey A.Ş.

AG Anadolu Holding A.Ş.

Doğuş Enerji Yatırımları A.Ş.

Boyabat Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Project finance/projects Tier 3

ASC Law Office is highly regarded for project finance work, as is evidenced by its experience of acting for clients on projects involving a sizeable number of industries, such renewable energy, nuclear power, oil and gas, telecoms and mining. Clients in this space include corporate borrowers, banks and other financial institutions. In addition, the firm assists clients with contentious matters arising from projects. The practice is jointly led by Okan BeygoLevent Yetkil and Denel Balcı Kırali.

Key clients

Akfen Holding A.Ş.

Akfen Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş.

AG Anadolu Grubu Holding A.Ş.

Anadolu Kafkasya Enerji Yatırımları A.Ş.

Akbank T.A.Ş.

The Firm

ASC Law is a leading full-service law firm with its unique composition of consultancy, litigation, and enforcement/debt collection departments. Bringing together more than fifty lawyers and 170 employees in total, it has been serving domestic and international clients since 2001.

ASC has extensive experience in the structuring of complex transactions and of the different demands of the clients and thus the ability to understand the needs of the parties involved in a particular transaction. ASC represents a variety of major multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions located in Turkey and abroad from diverse industries including energy and natural resources, telecommunications, real estate, construction, transportation and retail.

Areas of Practice

ASC is mainly an excellent resource for all areas of Turkish law and particularly specialises in project finance, banking and finance, acquisition finance, IPO, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, derivatives, corporate, litigation, arbitration, real estate, structured finance, intellectual property and labour law among the others.

ASC creates synergy by combining its extensive expertise in energy and the finance and advises both lenders and borrowers in relation to project finance deals in energy industry. ASC has been acting as legal counsel in various energy financing deals, including hydro-power plants, wind farms, biomass plants and solar farms.

ASC has significant expertise and experience in financial debt restructuring deals. This vast experience includes all complex industries such as energy, infrastructure and retail. Two recent key mandates of ASC on financial debt restructuring are (i) acting as local counsel to the lenders on the restructuring of $5.5bn debt of a leading conglomerate and its group companies extended by 13 different banks (largest debt restructuring ever in Turkey in terms of debts restructured) and (ii) acting as the local legal counsel to the lenders in the $1.6bn financing of the indirect shareholder of Turkey’s largest mobile operator and currently advising a reputable Turkish bank on refinancing of the same existing loan facilities.

M&A is another ASC specialty and the firm has taken part in numerous M&A deals. Recent experience of ASC includes acting as legal counsel to a conglomerate on sale of 100% shares of the franchise operator of a leading global fast food company.

ASC also provides its clients with top-notch legal advice in capital market deals. The firm regularly participates as issuers’ or underwriters’ legal counsel for initial public offerings, issuance of bonds, and other securitisations in Turkish and international capital markets. ASC has acted as legal counsel to a reputable food products wholesale and retail company on its initial public offering, the largest IPO in Turkey in recent years.

ASC has significant experience in litigation with regards to Private and Public Laws; such as Labor Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Expropriation Law. ASC has extensive knowledge and experience in national and international arbitration proceedings and has represented telecom and construction companies in international arbitration proceedings.

The litigation team works closely with the corporate/transactional team to make ASC one of the few full-service law firms in Turkey.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and Finance, Capital Markets Okan Beygo
Litigation, Arbitration Dogan Cosgun
Project Finance, Energy and Natural Resources, Debt Structuring Levent Yetkil
Banking, Debt Structuring and Derivatives Denel Balci Kirali
Litigation Cem Keser
Banking and finance Caglar Kokturk Akoymak
Project finance Ela Sari
Real Estate Cagla Sahin Aksu
Arbitration Hilal Bayar
Intellectual Property, Data Protection Tugce Avcisert
M&A, Corporate and Capital Markets Ayhan Kilinc
M&A, Corporate and Capital Markets Melis Mercan
Debt Structuring, Banking and Finance and Project Finance Fulya Sert
Energy, Construction and Project Finance Oya Gokalp
M&A, Corporate, Capital Markets Sila Ozturk
CEO Tolga Kilic
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Murat Aksu  photo Mr Murat Aksu Founding Partner
Ms Begum Busra Aslan  photo Ms Begum Busra Aslan Associate
Ms Tugce Avcisert  photo Ms Tugce Avcisert Senior Associate
Ms Denel Balci Kirali  photo Ms Denel Balci Kirali Partner
Ms Hilal Bayar  photo Ms Hilal Bayar Senior Associate
Mr Okan Beygo  photo Mr Okan Beygo Managing Partner
Ms Beste Bundur  photo Ms Beste Bundur Associate
Mr Batuhan Caglar  photo Mr Batuhan Caglar Associate
Ms Aysem Cemre Caglayan  photo Ms Aysem Cemre Caglayan Associate
Mr Zeki Caliskan  photo Mr Zeki Caliskan Founding Partner
Mr Mustafa Coban  photo Mr Mustafa Coban Associate
Mr Arda Cosar  photo Mr Arda Cosar Associate
Mr Dogan Cosgun  photo Mr Dogan Cosgun Managing Partner
Ms Bengisu Demiroglu  photo Ms Bengisu Demiroglu Associate
Ms Gozde Safak Emek  photo Ms Gozde Safak Emek Senior Associate
Ms Oya Gokalp  photo Ms Oya Gokalp Senior Associate
Ms Dilara Goksu  photo Ms Dilara Goksu Associate
Mr Sefik Gungordu  photo Mr Sefik Gungordu Associate
Ms Zeynep Kalem  photo Ms Zeynep Kalem Associate
Ms Asli Kara  photo Ms Asli Kara Associate
Ms Oyku Su Karahan  photo Ms Oyku Su Karahan Associate
Mr Cem Keser  photo Mr Cem Keser Partner
Mr Ayhan Kilinc  photo Mr Ayhan Kilinc Senior Counsel
Ms Caglar Kokturk Akoymak  photo Ms Caglar Kokturk Akoymak Partner
Ms Fatma Korkmaz Dundar  photo Ms Fatma Korkmaz Dundar Associate
Ms Gullisah Koyun  photo Ms Gullisah Koyun Associate
Mr Ege Kugay  photo Mr Ege Kugay Associate
Ms Hulya Mataraci  photo Ms Hulya Mataraci Senior Associate
Ms Melis Mercan  photo Ms Melis Mercan Senior Associate
Ms Merve Mert  photo Ms Merve Mert Associate
Ms Gamze Ozdemir  photo Ms Gamze Ozdemir Associate
Mr Umut Oztekesin  photo Mr Umut Oztekesin Associate
Ms Sila Ozturk  photo Ms Sila Ozturk Senior Associate
Ms Irem Sahin  photo Ms Irem Sahin Associate
Ms Cagla Sahin Aksu  photo Ms Cagla Sahin Aksu Senior Associate
Ms Ela Sari  photo Ms Ela Sari Partner
Ms Fulya Sert  photo Ms Fulya Sert Senior Associate
Ms Gozde Sivrikas  photo Ms Gozde Sivrikas Associate
Ms Yasemin Sonay  photo Ms Yasemin Sonay Associate
Mr Kemal Taga  photo Mr Kemal Taga Senior Associate
Ms Perit Turan  photo Ms Perit Turan Associate
Ms Gokbuke Deren Vertep  photo Ms Gokbuke Deren Vertep Associate
Ms Havva Fulya Yahsi  photo Ms Havva Fulya Yahsi Associate
Mr Levent Yetkil photo Mr Levent Yetkil Partner
Number of lawyers : 50+
Total staff : 170
Istanbul Bar Association
Union of Turkish Bar Associations

CLIENT: Mustafa Yelligedik, Legal Affairs President
COMPANY/FIRM: AG Anadolu Grubu Holding AS
TESTIMONIAL: ASC Law became an important solution partner for our group companies in a two years period of time beginning from their first step in our group.

They have contributed significantly in many complicated projects from M&A to litigation and enforcement. We consider them as part of our legal team as they are always accessible, determined and dedicated.

Our latest collaboration was on the sale of our shares in a fast food chain and they have handled effectively both the local and global components of the project in a reasonable time frame and just before this M&A project, they succeeded to close a immovable law suit to our company’s benefit as soon as they were assigned to the case which has lasted more than 30 years before their assignment to the case.

CLIENT: Ilker Bicakci, Chief Legal Officer
COMPANY/FIRM: Alternatif Bank AS
TESTIMONIAL: Our experience with Aksu Caliskan Beygo Attorney Partnership has been most positive. We have received clear and timely answers to our queries and our concerns were addressed in a professional as well as congenial manner.

We have worked with the firm on our latest effects of several legislation on banking services and also derivatives and treasury transactions which were handled with ease and effectiveness. The firm’s thoroughness, dedication to its clients, and command of the law are a perfect complement to its availability for a successful client-attorney relationship.

CLIENT: Onur Gunel, General Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: BeIN Media Group – Turkey
TESTIMONIAL: We are working with Aksu Caliskan Beygo Attorney Partnership on various matters but mainly in relation to our labour law and commercial disputes. We are very much satisfied with their efficiency and dedication to delivering quality work. They are also quite focused on client relations which makes us see ASC sort of an extension of our in-house team rather than an outsourced service provider.

CLIENT: Anil Coskun, Finance Assistant Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: Dogus Holding AS
TESTIMONIAL: From 2010 to date, we have worked with ASC Law on many occasions. They have been involved in the financing/refinancing of our energy projects acting as legal counsel either on our side or on the other side. We are very satisfied with the quality of their services and their impressive command of the finance law and transaction structuring. Thanks to their continuous support, we achieved the deadlines for our projects in each case.

CLIENT: Feyza Torlak, Legal Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Yapi Kredi Bank
TESTIMONIAL: We have been working with ASC Law firm for many years on various complex matters including high priority large-scale bench mark debt structuring deals, structured finance and treasury transactions owing to their consistent and top-notch legal services. For many project and structured finance and refinancing projects, ASC Law provided approachability, competency, professionalism, and understanding with a staff of true professionals in addition to being highly competent and helpful.

One of our latest engagement saw a highly complex and biggest debt restructuring project in the country being handled with ease and elegance. They have always been easily accessible and remain open to any and all queries we have at any time.

CLIENT: Ozgur Uzunoglu, Chief Financial Officer
COMPANY/FIRM: Akfen Renewable
TESTIMONIAL: I have been working with ASC Law since 2018. They have represented our company in relation to financing of our energy projects. They were very friendly, professional and helpful. I am very impressed with their skills, knowledge and solution-oriented approach to resolve the problems. They have contributed tremendously in the successful closing of our projects.

Okan Beygo, Partner

Okan BEYGO, name partner of Aksu Caliskan Beygo Attorney Partnership, evaluates the future direction of the firm and the legal profession.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Aksu Caliskan Beygo Attorney Partnership from your competitors?

Aksu Caliskan Beygo Attorney Partnership, or ASC Law Office, is one of the preeminent law firms in Turkey. The firm was registered as the sixth member of the Istanbul Bar Association and it has been serving its clients for almost two decades. Our strength comes from our past, our dedication and most importantly our impeccable reputation as lawyers that we have earned throughout the years.

We are proud to be one of the largest full-service law firms that uniquely offers Consultancy, Litigation and Enforcement/Debt Collection services under one roof. With more than 50 lawyers, we are regularly recognized as one of the most successful in the country. Our HR approach is also associated with our experience. Most of our team members were hired as trainees and then gained long tenures with our firm which enables us to have long, steady and trustworthy relationship with our clients.

ASC Law employs one of the best consultancy departments in the country, with impressive teams in banking and finance, capital markets, M&A and restructuring. The litigation practice includes top-notch litigators whom have been handling some of the most complex litigations in Turkey and complemented by the extremely successful Enforcement/Debt Collection department which serves to major banks and conglomerates of the country.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

As everyone would agree, the agenda of the next 12 months will be shaped by the coronavirus outbreak. Once the turmoil hopefully comes to an end, we will have two things in our hands: A deep financial crisis and the abundance of liquidity circulated against it. Based on our past experience, we know the areas to come forward in this environment: Banking, project financing, debt restructuring, M&A, IPO, bond issues and litigation. We have witnessed this twice with Turkey’s crises in 2001 and the global crisis of 2008 which have actually brought us as Aksu Caliskan Beygo Attorney Partnership to today’s valuable assets.

We can also expect that the state intervention will reach its heights, mercantilist and Keynesian approaches will be popular once again, probably for a not-so-short period. This can bring in new opportunities for legal professionals who have expertise in working with public institutions.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

We have recently appointed a non-lawyer CEO with technology and management background in order to handle the digital transformation process effectively. Throughout the last two decades we have managed to transform our office into a dynamic and competitive structure. Now the recent challenge is the utilization of technology in every possible aspect. We want to make sure that we and our clients do not lag behind in following and adapting the changes. We aim to achieve digital transformation in a professional manner and make sure that we combine our legal experience with the must haves of the new world.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Yes, definitely. We of course welcome the now-conventional tools like social media which speeds up our communication. However, there is much more than that, one specific example: It provides automated systems between us and our clients which essentially removes the physical barrier between in-house legal departments and our office. We can carry out the file transfer, observe the progress and review the performance indicators, sharing the same interface which is extremely helpful especially with the big companies.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

In a recent case, we have helped our client from Republic of Korea to construct a global tech business with a significant success potential. Our client is an innovator with a promising and unique technology. Along with the extensive legal work, we helped the client in reaching conglomerates from diverse industries for potential cooperation and we have also facilitated our trusted network for him to reach the venture capital funds. Again thanks to our long-term partnership, we helped the client to create a presence in the US for global outreach. We have always tried to understand the business perspective and not to limit our problem solving process with just legal domain. In this way we aim to help our clients create sustainable long-term business plan.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

I think the answer to the first question simply depends on the clients. There are some clients looking for stability given the fact that our world is a lot more complicated now than ever and stability might be the right approach for some businesses. However, there are also some clients who believe that stability means slow change and a dynamic environment brings more opportunities. For example, one might envisage the time, which is not that far, when the contracts will be all about transactions on blockchain and cryptocurrencies are circulated by some “central banks”. I personally believe that no one should ignore the fact that business world is very dynamic and clients must be able to react quickly to changes and adopt to new technologies. In my opinion, most clients will in fact look for more strategic direction from their law firms in an unstable post virus environment that awaits us.

For the second part of the question, I have been practicing law in a part of the world that business and legal environment changes rapidly. I know that the legal profession requires knowledge and experience but I also understand that we must react and adopt quickly to new technologies and I am extremely confident that our firm shall overcome any challenge that we may face as human race. Therefore, I sincerely see that in three years ASC Law continues to be one of the most successful law firms in Turkey and achieve great success in legal arena