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Accura Advokatpartnerselskab

Denmark > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 1

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab is the ‘strongest M&A execution team in Denmark’, according to clients, and is best known for its handling of complex cross-border transactions as well as private equity mandates. Areas of expertise include management buyouts, acquisition funding work, de-listings and corporate governance issues. The size and breadth of the practice is reflected by the expertise of its seven practice heads, Henrik Juul Hansen, Jacob Vinther, Kristian Lykkeholm Klausen, Kåre Stolt, Mads Ilum, Thomas Weincke and Tue Ravnholt Frandsen, who have extensive combined experience in all aspects of M&A transactions and advise both international and Danish corporates, investment banks and other financial institutions.

Practice head(s):

Henrik Juul Hansen; Jacob Vinther; Kristian Lykkeholm Klausen; Kåre Stolt; Mads Ilum; Thomas Weincke; Tue Ravnholt Frandsen


‘Accura always works with their clients’ needs in mind. The team is very proficient in M&A transactions, and it shows that they are all knowledgeable in the field.’

‘Each individual at Accura has a long track record in the industry – and it shows. It is always a pleasure to work with Thomas Weincke, Tue Frandsen, Jacob Vinther, Henrik Juul Hansen and Kristian Klausen, who all show great pragmatism when required and can unlock even the most difficult situations.’

‘No. 1 M&A law firm in DK – most experienced, client-focused.’

‘Mads Ilum is especially appreciated. he is very responsive, very experienced and just overall very pleasant to work with.’

‘Probably the strongest M&A execution team in Denmark; diligent, commercial, fun to work with and very creative when needed – an absolute pleasure to work with!’

‘Very high integrity. Fun to work with. Very strong performance.’

‘One of the strongest M&A legal teams in DK. Super easy and good to work with. Always works well together with other advisers. Ensures that the right things are brought to the client’s attention.’

‘Tue Frandsen and Thomas Weincke are some of the strongest M&A lawyers in Denmark. Good negotiators, commercial, pragmatic and always available.’

Denmark > Data privacy and data protection Tier 1

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab advises both national and international companies on the full spectrum of privacy and data protection matters. The specialised team has extensive experience in GDPR audits, compliance projects and data protection due diligence as well as providing DPO services to several public commissions of inquiries in Denmark. It is particularly adept at handling matters in health, life sciences, finance and insurance sectors, and labour and employment-related mandates. ‘Privacy super star’ Jens Harkov Hansen heads up the practice and is an expert in European data protection law.

Practice head(s):

Jens Harkov Hansen

Other key lawyers:

Dan Ermose


‘Extremely professional and competent employees with the professional high level combined with a practical and “down to earth” approach to solutions. There is no doubt that Accura has one of the best Data privacy and data protection units in Denmark.’

‘Accuracy Data privacy and data protection unit- led by Jens Harkov – has the ability to combine professional knowledge with practical solutions.’

‘Over the last year, Dan Ermose has helped with contracts and other legal matters. He is very easy to work with for a professional who has no legal background. He always responds very fast and provides excellent and useful advice.’

‘Accura runs the most impressive Data Protection practice in the country. The department excels in they provide tangible and operationally manageable solutions to the most complex challenges. Their advice is always focused on how to achieve the desired outcome and facilitate getting clients to where they want to go without tripping over the intricacies of the stringent privacy regulation.’

‘Privacy Super Star, Jens Harkov Hansen, is literally an inexhaustible source of knowledge on Privacy Law and to my knowledge by far the leading specialist in the Danish market. No matter what the issue is and irrespective of its complexity Jens has the solution readily at hand. He is pragmatic, highly approachable and very capable of identifying operational solutions to complex challenges in this space making it a genuine pleasure to solicit his advice.’

Key clients


North Risk A/S

Birch Ejendomme



Alm. Brand

Mundipharma A/S

Lunar A/S

Lessor Group A/S

AP Pension

BB Electronics A/S

The Control and Steering Group related to the Use of Telecommunication Data


Undersøgelseskommissionen om SKAT

MSD Denmark ApS

Work highlights

  • Advised HK on various issues related to data protection and operational GDPR implementation.
  • Advised North Risk A/S on the data protection aspects related to the acquisition and consolidation of six companies from the insurance, pension and financial sector, and assisted with GDPR implementation.
  • Advised Birch Ejendomme on data protection and GDPR implementation within the real estate sector.

Denmark > EU, competition and public procurement Tier 1

Significant additions to Accura Advokatpartnerselskab‘s EU and competition team include new head of department Simon Evers Hjelmborg, Christian Monberg and Amalie Geertsen, who joined from Bech-Bruun in August 2021. These arrivals have strengthened the group’s offering, adding major multinational industrials to its client portfolio as well as handling new complex multi-jurisdictional merger cases. The group is heavily involved in competition work, including cartel investigations and competition authority complaints. In the area of public procurement, the team assists municipalities and utility companies, with Jesper Fabricius an expert in EU and international public procurement law. Christina Heiberg-Grevy left for Poul Schmith.

Practice head(s):

Simon Evers Hjelmborg


‘Accura now has probably the best EU, competition and public procurement team in Denmark.’

‘Christian Monberg is a talent and a leading individual.’

‘Accura is our preferred and trusted adviser in all legal matters, and I am extremely grateful to work together with Accura on our important legal issues, as well as benefit from their commercial support in complex customer cases and/or critical business decisions. Their practice within EU, competition and public procurement are subject matter experts. Their knowledge of the market is unique, and they are well-known and respected widely in the industry and among our clients for their in-depth knowledge of public procurement, the legislation and prior rulings.’

‘We rely heavily on Jesper Fabricius in our legal affairs and most critical business issues. He is seen as our trusted adviser, and in cases outside his SME field, we rely solely on his recommendations for other advisors in Accura. To be honest; we do not seek for alternative guidance, because we do not need it. Why is that? Jesper is unique in his knowledge. He has a huge knowledge of public procurement and other relevant industry insights, which is important in our choice of adviser. His respect and credible “personal brand” resolve many conflicts before they become a real conflict.’

‘Jesper Fabricius is a front-runner within public procurement, but his commercial insights makes him stand even more out. For that reason Jesper is often brought into critical decision making earlier than normal legal guidance – which makes him an important part of the companies external stakeholders.’

Denmark > Information technology Tier 1

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab houses the ‘strongest team in Denmark’ for IT and outsourcing work. It focuses on large industry clients, financial institutions and other regulated industries including the pharmaceuticals and medical devices sectors. The team has specialised knowledge on both the consumer and supplier side in relation to complex IT and outsourcing transactions. Practice head René Thornfeldt handles large-scale IT acquisitions and acts for banks, pension funds and trade unions, while Lærke Louise Jeppsen specialises in advising large pharmaceuticals companies and is praised by clients for her ‘ability to be precise and one step ahead’.

Practice head(s):

René Thornfeldt

Other key lawyers:

Jens Harkov Hansen; Dan Ermose; Lærke Louise Jeppsen; Anne Mette Sand Nielsen


‘No doubt, the team is a high performing and top tier team that is second to none within the practice in question. As a client you immediately get the sense that the respective team members complement each other well and actually enjoy working side-by-side.’

‘Lærke Louise Nielsen. She is able to identify the main issues/risks immediately and is not risk adverse. Her communication style is direct and non-legal colleagues enjoy working with her due to her ability to be precise and one step ahead.’

‘Dan Ermose – experienced and solid legal advice.’

‘Extraordinarily skilled legal professionals with undivided client attention, always able to carry the workload of the client and bring only problems or decision-elements forward and keeping all the “noise” away from the client staff and stakeholders. Well-oiled legal machine with an extreme focus on getting the job done, but getting it done right and on time.’

‘René Thornfelt is an outstanding partner with unrivalled insight within it-outsourcing, exceptional availability, highly skilled on both legal and financials, and with an extreme market insight on the IT outsourcing supplier situation, pricing, terms and historic pitfalls/lessons learned within the area of outsourcing, and particularly within financial sector outsourcing.’

‘Anne Mette Sand Nielsen, Assistant Attorney, assisted René Thornfelt in an impeccable and deeply professional manner, beyond what could be expected based on seniority and role.’

‘Accura is very strong at business process outsourcing and IT sourcing, I believe them to be the strongest team in Denmark.’

‘Great technology and business understanding are among the capabilities which Accura is good at. Easy and agile to work with.’

Key clients

Fiskars Corporation

PFA Pension

AP Pension


LEO Pharma A/S

VELUX A/S / VKR Holding A/S




Lessor A/S (part of Paychex Europe)

Statens Serum Institut (SSI)

Radiometer Medical ApS (part of Danaher group)

Magistrenes A-kasse

Municipality of Greve

Teknisk Landsforbund og A-kasse

BankInvest Holding A/S

H. Lundbeck A/S

Global Scanning Denmark A/S

PA Consulting


Thales Denmark A/S

GEA Process Engineering A/S

Akademikernes A-kasse

Spar Nord Bank A/S

Merck & Co., Inc. (Merck Sharp & Dohme in Europe)

Baden-Jensen A/S

Outpost24 AB

BK Medical ApS

Roblon A/S

VetGruppen A/S

Ulykkesforsikringsselskabet for Dansk Søfart

Work highlights

  • Advised Fiskars Corporation in relation to the outsourcing of IT services (infrastructure, service desk and application services) which comprise the majority of Fiskar’s IT services to HCL Technologies.
  • Assisting AP Pension, one of Denmark’s largest pension providers, with the renegotiation of the master services agreement concerning AP Pension’s outsourcing of its IT Infrastructure as well as application management and development to NNIT A/S.
  • Assisting HK in relation to renegotiation of HK’s IT outsourcing agreement which resulted in adding additional scope and extending the term of its existing outsourcing partner.

Denmark > Insurance Tier 1

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab acts on behalf of major players in the commercial and corporate insurance markets, specialising in insurance litigation and arbitration proceedings. It has particular expertise within D&O, professional indemnity and W&I insurances, all-risk insurance and project coverage. Practice head Jacob Møller Dirksen is regularly instructed by international and domestic clients and ‘is a leading individual with regard to M&A insurance and product liability insurance’. 

Practice head(s):

Jacob Møller Dirksen

Other key lawyers:

Daniel Haue Jakobsson


‘We used Accura as our partner-firm to assist in providing Danish law advice on a complicated construction insurance matter with jurisdiction issues. We found them approachable, responsive and very astute in understanding our client’s requirements.’

‘Daniel Haue Jakobsson – Knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with.’

‘The team distinguishes itself by being particularly knowledgeable in M&A insurance, professional liability insurance and product liability insurance.’

‘Jacob Møller Dirksen is a leading individual in regard to M&A insurance and product liability insurance – his thinking is smart and he has a good understanding of the complexity in the matters.’

‘Extensive experience in Danish insurance law.’

‘Mainly dealt with Jakob Møller Dirksen, who provided good practical advice in a helpful and timely fashion. Very easy to deal with, and responsive.’

Key clients

Swiss Re


Alm. Brand


Zurich Insurance



RiskPoint A/S

Crawford & Company

AXA Insurance

AP Pension

HDI Specialty SE


MSIG Insurance Europe AG

Work highlights

  • Representing multiple insurance companies in one of Denmark’s largest current multi-party construction liability and insurance disputes following the massive fire at Experimentarium (Copenhagen Scientific Centre).
  • Appointed liquidator and later trustee for the €370m insurance company Gefion Insurance A/S with more than 425,000 active policyholders situated in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Denmark.
  • Advised Alm. Brand on its acquisition of the Danish business of Codan from the Tryg and Intact Groups for DKK12.6bn.

Denmark > Real estate and construction Tier 1

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab‘s sizeable real estate team maintains a prominent position as the go-to adviser to real estate investors. The group ‘demonstrates great industry insight’ and has specialist expertise in handling complaints regarding public valuations and property taxes, the sale of residential apartments to end-users and Land Register issues. It also continues to expand its development project and asset management services. Team head Jakob Schou Midtgaard has a strong real estate profile, advising on major transactions in the Danish market. Jon Dyhre Hansen, Anders Friis and Lars Bruun are other names to note. Henrik Groos retired in April 2021.

Practice head(s):

Jakob Schou Midtgaard

Other key lawyers:

Anders Friis; Luise Christensen; Rikke Maria Falck Jensen; Jon Dyhre Hansen; Pernille Guld; Lars Bruun


‘Extremely professional. Delivers high quality advice and on time.’

‘Jakob Schou Midtgaard and Rikke Maria Falck Jensen. Extremely professional.’

‘They demonstrate great industry insight, come across as pragmatic and solution-oriented rather than the opposite, they care and invest in gaining and stay updated on our key strategic agenda and business. They engage on all levels and with the different team members.’

‘All-round service firm. Although our focus is mainly on real estate activities we can contact our point of contact at Accura for any other matter of law (like tax, social law or other) and we get valuable advice, to the point and on time. Also appreciated is the very practical sense of approach.’

‘Lars Bruun is a pleasure to work with. He has taken the effort to really understand our business and more specifically the DNA of our firm which allows us to work very hands-on, to the point and efficiently. One of the items I also appreciate very much in Lars is that he will always try to think from within our organisation to match law and practice. He always goes the extra mile. A trusted partner in law and business.’

‘Extremely sharp and deal-driven team. Fully engaged, trusted adviser instead of only legal advice – Anders Friis.’

‘Very service-minded, solution-oriented, excellent skills.’

Key clients

PFA Ejendomme

ATP Pension

AP Pension

Lærernes Pension

Danica Pension


Industriens Pension

Ejendomsselskabet Norden

CW Obel Ejendomme


AKF Holding

CPH Invest

AG Gruppen (formerly known as Arkitektgrupppen)

Bach Gruppen



FB Gruppen

NCC Development

Kaj Ove Madsen, København


Birch Ejendomme

Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S

Tetris A/S








Orange Capital Partners


Akelius Fastigheter

Alma Properties


Franklin Templeton



Deutsche Finance

Catella Real Estate


Aviva Investors


M7 Real Estate


CBRE Global Investment Partners

Oaktree Capital Management

MG Real Estate




Pears Global Investors

Keystone Investment Management

SF Management ApS

Capital Investment



First Hotels

B&B Hotels


Steigenberger/Deutsche Hospitality

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group A/S

Brøchner Hotels


Palm Capital







Home Earth



Angelo Gordon

Work highlights

  • Advised Niam on the divestment of the largest real estate transaction in Denmark when Niam sold a residential portfolio for DKK12.1bn to Heimstaden.
  • Assisted AP Pension with the development of a major site called Redmolen and the divestment of part of the asset (the future head office for Nykredit and AP Pension) to KanAm in a joint venture structure.
  • Advised Starwood on the acquisition of the leading hotel Skt Petri from the Strawberry Group.

Denmark > Tax Tier 1

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab‘s tax department works closely with the firm’s M&A and real estate teams to advise on high-value transactions. Newly promoted partner Poul Erik Lytken leads the direct and indirect tax group. The group is regularly instructed by private equity and venture capital clients and is considered to be ‘a market leader within the field of property taxes’; the team also handles contentious tax mandates.

Practice head(s):

Poul Erik Lytken

Other key lawyers:

Christopher Erik Oldenburg


‘The Team understands business and has its core competencies with M&A and real estate transactions. The Team is a market leader within the field of property taxes where they are simply second to none.’

‘The team has increased over the latest year and added additional resources and capabilities. Somehow they manage always to be available and meet any strict deadlines.’

‘Poul Erik Lytken is no longer just a big talent. He is now among the top three tax practitioners from my perspective. He is creative and fast thinking and at the same time very likable and easy to work together with. Due to the significant number of M&A deals running through Accura, Poul Erik has seen a much different structure and is both excellent from a theoretical and practical perspective.’

‘They are moving from up and coming to a more established presence in the market.’

‘Accura’s tax team are outstanding when it comes to transactional tax.’

‘Poul Erik Lytken is a rising star in the Danish tax market.’

‘Knowledgeable, service minded, accessible and overall great to work with.’

Key clients

Alm. Brand A/S


ATP Ejendomme A/S


Fingrid Oyj

Nordic Real Estate Partners (NREP)


AP Pension

Custom Cash

Vestjysk Bank

Work highlights

  • Advised Vestjysk Bank A/S throughout the merger with Den Jyske Sparekasse A/S, including on all tax and structuring aspects.
  • Advised Alm. Brand on the tax and VAT aspects of the sale of its banking activities to Sydbank A/S and the post-transaction cooperation between Alm. Brand and Sydbank.
  • Advised CataCap in connection with the sale of the turnkey contractor CASA A/S to the German property fund Activum SG.

Denmark > Telecoms Tier 1

The IT and outsourcing team at Accura Advokatpartnerselskab acts for both national and international telecoms systems suppliers and operators on the full range of telecoms-related issues. In particular, the team has extensive expertise in assisting with tenders and handling managed service contracts. Practice head René Thornfeldt handles large telecoms projects and is supported by IT specialist Claus Rolsted, who advises on regulatory issues as well as the related M&A activities.

Practice head(s):

René Thornfeldt

Other key lawyers:

Key clients


Soracom DK ApS

Megaport (Ireland) Limited

Alcatel-Lucent / Alcatel Submarine Networks Denmark ApS



8×8 UK Limited

Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark A/S


Mono Solutions ApS

Work highlights

  • Advised one of the world’s largest telecoms service providers on various negotiations concerning major disputes with significant financial and potential operational impact on the Danish national infrastructure for the country-wide telecoms network.
  • Advised one of the world’s leading suppliers of building materials and building systems in relation to a variety of aspects in relation to the sale of Internet of Things products and services.
  • Advised an international communication services provider on Danish regulatory requirements in relation to providing telecoms and other communication services in Denmark and acting as the contact person for the Danish National Police in relation to the communication services provider.

Denmark > Banking and finance Tier 2

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab‘s banking and finance department focuses on three main areas: financings, finance regulation and alternative investments. The team advises several Danish financial institutions, including major banks and pension funds, as well as insurance companies and asset managers. Kim Toftgaard and Mads Kjellerup Dambæk jointly head up the practice; Toftgaard is an acquisition and structured finance specialist while Dambæk leverages his ‘exceptional sector knowledge’ to advise directors and managers. The arrival of Jannie Schibler from Danske Bank in March 2021 has further strengthened the group’s finance offering.

Other key lawyers:


‘The team around both Mads Dambæk and Kim Toftgaard are a top-notch practice providing quick, cost-effective advice whilst still being able to drive projects with both a business and strategic view.’

‘Mads Dambæk has exceptional sector knowledge and a unique network.’

‘Kim Toftgaard has a unique ability to ensure deal certainty and produce legal work of both high quality but also very quickly.’

‘What really separates the team from other top firms is the willingness to allocate resources to understand the client’s nature, sector and business and to utilise this knowledge to create value in their work.’

‘Mads Dambæk is one of the leading individuals. He is very hands on and always seek to bridge his expertise knowledge and commercial understanding with clients needs in order to meet the client’s objectives.’

Key clients

Danske Bank



Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

Spar Nord Bank

Arbejdernes Landsbank

Vestjysk Bank

Alm. Brand

PFA Pension

Danica Pension

AP Pension





Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Northern Trust

BNP Paribas

H+H International

Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank

Tryg Forsikring


Capital Four

EKF – Danmarks Eksportkredit

Collector Bank

VP Securities


Den Sociale Kapitalfond

Saga Private Equity


Novo Holdings

Work highlights

  • Advised Alm. Brand on its acquisition of RSA’s/Codan’s Danish activities from Tryg and Intact for €1.69bn.
  • Advising Nexi on its merger with Nets.
  • Advising EQT on its €800m acquisition of Chr. Hansen’s natural colours division.

Denmark > Employment Tier 2

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab advises both Danish and international clients on the full spectrum of employment law issues, with particular expertise in the implementation of incentive schemes for employees. The group has seen an uptick in internal investigations regarding sexism and other types of discrimination and has significant experience representing clients before the courts and arbitration tribunals. Morten Langer and Nicolai Hesgaard jointly head up the practice; Langer specialises in the private labour market, while Hesgaard assists with the HR aspects of GDPR issues as well as transactional matters including the applicability of TUPE.

Practice head(s):

Morten Langer; Nicolai Hesgaard


‘I think the team has a unique sense that applies a commercial and human touch to a legal issue, where that is adding, retaining or restructuring.’

‘High performing service-oriented business-focused. Great networks are offered.’

‘Morten Langer is a leader in his field and provides competent business-focused legal advice and is at the same time a pleasure to work with on the personal level.’

‘Nicolai Hesgaard: Accessible, straight to the point, good at providing advice that takes the context into consideration, business oriented.’

‘The team that we have worked with has an excellent balance of partners and associates. Collaboration is much more efficient with less need for lengthy meetings, assessments, memos, etc. As a result, the quality and speed of work is excellent.’

‘Always a solid result – on target each time.’

‘Particularly strong Employment law team.’

Key clients





SSP Group

Fritz Schur Group


Helly Hansen





BGC Partners





Akademikernes A-kasse

Bang & Olufsen

Vestjysk Bank

Work highlights

  • Assisting Vestjysk Bank in connection with its merger with Den Jyske Sparekasse regarding a voluntary arrangement for employee board representation.
  • Assisting EQT with the global carve-out (+ 25 countries) of Chr. Hansen Natural Colours division.
  • Assisting a leading shipbroker with enforcing in Japan a key employee’s non-compete clause subject to Hong Kong law.

Denmark > Energy Tier 2

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab advises on the full spectrum of energy matters, from renewable energy and power generation issues to oil and gas work. The group has extensive experience in energy transactions as well as handling regulatory and competition law matters within the sector. In January 2022, the arrival of renewable energy experts Anders Hørlyck Jensen, Jacob Østervang, Peter Østergaard Nielsen and Tejs Dyrvig Ernst from Bech-Bruun bolstered the practice; Østervang now leads the practice. Other key individuals include Matthew Mulqueen and Jesper Philip.

Practice head(s):

Jacob Østervang

Other key lawyers:

Anders Hørlyck Jensen; Peter Østergaard Nielsen; Matthew Mulqueen; Tejs Degn Leth Ernst; Jesper Philip

Key clients




European Energy

Inter Pipeline


Nordic Solar

Doral Energy

Work highlights

  • Advised Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners in connection with divesting a 25% minority stake to Vestas, for a total consideration of €500m.
  • Advised Nordic Solar Energy, Nordic Solar Global and Nordic Solar Management on its three-way merger at a total market value of DKK2bn.
  • Advised Doral Energy on its investment into Danish solar power.

Denmark > Insolvency Tier 2

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab has strengthened its restructuring and insolvency practice by developing M&A restructuring expertise as a supplementary business area. In March 2021, the group was augmented by the arrival of Søren Aamann Jensen and his team from Kromann Reumert. The team is well-known for its significant transactional focus, assisting international financial institutions as well as clients in the domestic financial sector including banks, accounting companies and pension funds. Other areas of expertise include avoidance proceedings and insolvency litigation.

Practice head(s):

Søren Aamann Jensen

Other key lawyers:

Charlotte Damsbo Lose

Key clients

Danske Bank A/S

Sydbank A/S

Finansiel Stabilitet

Realkredit Danmark A/S

Nordea Bank A/S

Jyske Bank A/S

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB)

Nykredit Bank A/S

Spar Nord A/S

Sparekassen Kronjylland

Work highlights

  • Assisted the shareholders of Gefion Insurance with letting the company enter solvent liquidation and carry out a solvent run-off of the business and insurance portfolio to the benefit of the policyholders, creditors and shareholder. Gefion Insurance is now in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Appointed trustees of Shopping Centre Kronen after the former management filed a petition for bankruptcy, handling the day-to-day operation of the centre in collaboration with the centre administrator, which has included navigating through the current Covid-19 crisis, while negotiating a sale of the properties.
  • Assisted Music Retail A/S after it declared bankruptcy, acting as trustee and handling the realisation of the company’s assets in the form of the store in Copenhagen.

Denmark > Intellectual property Tier 2

Reflected in its impressive client roster of international pharmaceuticals companies, Accura Advokatpartnerselskab has significant expertise in the life sciences industry and handles complex IP and regulatory matters. The team also acts on cross-border patent litigation and has substantial experience before the public authorities, the Danish courts and the European Court of Justice. In the area of IP filings and portfolio management, the team is able to file directly before authorities in the Nordic countries and acts as the primary contact and gateway for IP prosecutions in Scandinavia, in addition to the EUIPO and WIPO. Practice head Morten Bruus  is an ‘exceptional lawyer’.

Practice head(s):

Morten Bruus

Other key lawyers:

Christina Type Jardorf


‘Hands on, thorough advice.’

‘Thinking out of the box, the team is extremely open and creative concerning litigation strategies in view of clients’ business goals.’

‘The team provides excellent advice and customised counselling. Always mindful of costs and work efficiently to accommodate to the clients needs.’

‘Morten Bruus and Christina Type Jardorf are excellent in their respective fields. They are easy to work with and always helpful in resolving any questions.’

‘Morten Bruus is an exceptional lawyer who knows his client’s needs and who has an outstanding business acumen. He is outcome driven and applies thorough and profound legal expertise to reach the goal.’

‘I had the pleasure of working together with partner Morten Bruus and his team in a pan-European patent litigation and was very impressed by the proactive, hands on and pragmatic way of working of the Accura team. Everything they produced was top-notch.’

Key clients

Saint-Gobain Group (Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark A/S)

Huawei (Huawei Technologies (Denmark) ApS and Huawei Technologies Sweden AB)

Goertek Inc.

The A.P. Moller Group (A.P. Moller Holding A/S)

Noma restaurant group (covering Noma, Inua, Sanchez/Hija de Sanchez, Barr, and Popl brands)

Oterra (Chr Hansen Natural Colors A/S)

BookBeat AB

AstraZeneca A/S

Merck & Co., Inc. (MSD/Merck Sharp & Dohme in Europe)

LEO Pharma A/S

Sanofi Group (Sanofi A/S)

Roche Group (Roche Diagnostics A/S)

Johnson & Johnson AB

Vifor Pharma AG

Zentiva Group, a.s. (Zentiva Denmark ApS)

Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH (Daiichi Sankyo Nordics ApS)

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes A/S (previously Bifodan)

EQT private equity

Reckitt Benckiser (Scandinavia) A/S

Nordic Capital

Statens Serum Institut (SSI)

Lactalis Nordic

NIKE European Operations Netherlands NB (Nike Inc.)

Converse Netherlands BV

Sportswear Company Spa (Stone Island)

Lagkagehuset A/S (Ole&Steen)

Dulong Fine Jewellery A/S

Engelbrechts Furniture A/S

Native Studio ApS / Iso.Poetism

Núnoo ApS

Pas Normal Studios ApS

Puori ApS

Samsøe Samsøe Holding A/S

Tellusvitae ApS (VILD NORD)

Work highlights

  • Representing MSD in two landmark trade mark litigation cases of EU wide importance pending before the CJEU against parallel importers on the interpretation of the Falsified Medicines Directive and the Trademark Regulation/Directive.
  • Assisted private equity fund EQT with the sale of the Fertin Pharma group to Philip Morris International for DKK5.1bn.
  • Represented global pharma giant Sanofi in a case before the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court, in which the court confirmed that a press release from Novo Nordisk constituted illegal advertising.

Denmark > Capital markets Tier 3

The team at Accura Advokatpartnerselskab primarily advises Danish issuers, including financial institutions and corporates, on the full spectrum of matters relating to capital markets. The group is particularly strong in the area of capital markets regulation, with practice co-head Anne Zeuthen Løkkegaard leveraging her previous experience as Nasdaq’s European Head of Compliance to provide unique capabilities in this area. Kåre Stolt jointly leads the team and has extensive experience in both domestic and cross-border transactions.

Practice head(s):

Anne Zeuthen Løkkegaard; Kåre Stolt

Other key lawyers:

Mads Kjellerup Dambæk; Henrik Juul Hansen


‘We have always found Accura to be very commercial, straight to the point and responsive as a legal counsel on securitisation transactions that require Danish local counsel. Often we reach out to Accura on an initial basis to discuss potential inclusion of Danish assets into a securitisation transaction which is very helpful and appreciated.’

‘Accura is working very closely with its clients thus maximizing the mutual inspiration and transaction flow.’

‘Mads Dambæk is a very energetic partner with many innovative ideas.’

Key clients



H+H International

AP Pension

Bang & Olufsen

Arbejdernes Landsbank

Vestjysk Bank

Den Jyske Sparekasse

Ringkjøbing Landbobank

Lån & Spar Bank

Spar Nord Bank

Jyske Bank

Work highlights

  • Advised OrderYOYO, which has developed an online order, payment and marketing software solution for takeaway restaurants, in connection with the listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark.
  • Advised Alm. Brand on its acquisition of Codan’s Danish business and subsequent billion Euro rights issuance.
  • Advised the board of directors of Vestjysk Bank in connection with a mandatory takeover offer submitted by Arbejdernes Landsbank.

Denmark > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab handles a wide range of commercial disputes but is best known for its focus on high-value dispute work relating to M&A disputes, insurance claims and financial sector litigation, areas in which practice head Jacob Møller Dirksen has extensive experience. The group is also strong in IT and outsourcing, IP and life sciences, and insolvency claims, and is retained in both domestic and international litigation and arbitration cases. Daniel Haue Jakobsson provides strong support to the team.

Practice head(s):

Jacob Møller Dirksen

Other key lawyers:

Poul Jagd Mogensen; Daniel Haue Jakobsson


‘Jacob Møller Dirksen is great and very easy to work with.’

‘Great team of dedicated people.’

‘Jacob Dirksen and Daniel Haue Jakobsson are experienced, intelligent and pragmatic.’

‘Accura’s team headed by Jacob Møller Dirksen delivers gifted analysis and strategy without drama. They have a never-failing focus on the case and its optimal solution. They are pleasant colleagues, which enables them to achieve a smooth case solution and the possibility of a settlement – all for the client’s best.’

‘Daniel Haue Jakobsson is a younger team member who stands out as a rising star – smart, diligent and hard-working.’

‘Jacob Moller Dirksen has an excellent analytical ability and delivers outstanding results in a very short timeframe. Clients appreciate my recommendation of him.’

‘Strong post-M&A disputes team. Also handling insurance claims.’

Key clients




Swiss Re

Arbejdernes Landsbank


The Danish Institute of Arbitration

Align Technology Inc.


Zurich Insurance

Saxo Bank


MSIG Insurance Europe AG

Crawford & Company

AXA Insurance

Nivalion AG



AP Pension

Olympic Air

Aegean Airlines

Babcock Wanson


Odeno A/S

Work highlights

  • Represented a group of shareholders in respect of a large claim in the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court against majority shareholders in the Danish company, Boliga Gruppen A/S, listed on the stock exchange.
  • Represented Arbejdernes Landsbank in the Danish High Court and in proceedings before the Danish Competition Appeals Board arising out of a strained relationship with a payment institution.
  • Advised a former shareholder in a DKK 85m+ post-M&A arbitration relating to the real estate sector.

As a leading Danish law firm, Accura is known for its high quality, solution-oriented legal advice and its strong sense of urgency and great understanding of deal dynamics. Accura is Denmark’s leading transactional law firm. Accura often represents foreign companies, investors and private equity companies acquiring Danish private and listed companies.

Banking and finance Kim 3078 6602
Banking and finance Mads Kjellerup Dambæ 3078 6646
Capital markets Thomas 3078 6678
Capital markets Kim 3078 6602
Capital markets Mads Kjellerup Dambæ 3078 6646
Capital markets Kåre 3078 6600
Capital markets Henrik Juul 3078 6740
Capital markets Mads 3078 6726
Corporate and commercial Poul Jagd 3078 6743
EU and competition Jesper 3078 6786
EU and competition Laurits Schmidt 3078 6785
EU and competition Christina 3078 6739
Data protection/GDPR Jens Harkov 3078 6687
Dispute Resolution Jacob Møller 3078 6701
Dispute Resolution Poul Jagd 3078 6743
Employment Morten 3078 6604
Employment Nicolai 3078 6641
Energy Kâre 3078 6600
Infrastructure Jesper 3078 6786
Insurance Jacob Møller 3078 6701
Intellectual property Morten 3078 6695
IT and outsourcing René 3078 6708
Life science Morten 3078 6695
Mergers and acquisitions Henrik Juul 3078 6740
Mergers and acquisitions Jacob 3078 6688
Mergers and acquisitions Kristian Lykkeholm 3078 5770
Mergers and acquisitions Kâre 3078 6600
Mergers and acquisitions Mads 3078 6726
Mergers and acquisitions Thomas 3078 6678
Mergers and acquisitions Tue Ravnholt 3078 6699
Private equity Henrik Juul 3078 6740
Private equity Jacob 3078 6688
Private Equity Kristian Lykkeholm 3078 5770
Private Equity Kåre 3078 6600
Private Equity Mads 3078 6726
Private equity Thomas 3078 6678
Real estate and construction Anders 3078 8380
Real estate and construction Jakob Schou 3078 8382
Real estate and construction Jon Dyhre 3078 6777
Real estate and construction Luise 3078 8381
Real estate and construction Rikke Maria Falck 3078 8379
Restructuring and insolvency Andreas Kærsgaard 3078 5761
Tax Poul Erik 3078 6796
Restructuring and insolvency Søren Aamann 3078 6669
M&A Restructuring Søren Aamann 3078 6669
Mr Søren Aamann Jensen photo Mr Søren Aamann JensenPartner
Mr Lars Bruun photo Mr Lars BruunAssociate Partner
Mr Morten Bruus photo Mr Morten BruusPartner
Mr Martin Allan Christensen photo Mr Martin Allan ChristensenPartner
Mrs Luise Christensen photo Mrs Luise ChristensenPartner
Mr Jon Dyhre Hansen photo Mr Jon Dyhre HansenPartner.
Mr Tejs Dyrvig Ernst photo Mr Tejs Dyrvig ErnstAssociate partner  
Mr Kristian Engkjær Sørensen photo Mr Kristian Engkjær SørensenAssociate Partner
Mr Dan Ermose photo Mr Dan ErmoseAssociate Partner
Mr Jesper Fabricius photo Mr Jesper FabriciusPartner.
Mrs Rikke Maria Falck Jensen photo Mrs Rikke Maria Falck JensenPartner
Mr Anders Friis photo Mr Anders FriisPartner
Mrs Pernille Guld photo Mrs Pernille GuldAssociate Partner
Mrs Mette Mernø Hans Jakobsen photo Mrs Mette Mernø Hans JakobsenAssociate Partner
Mr Jens Harkov Hansen photo Mr Jens Harkov HansenAssociate Partner, Head of Data Protection
Mr Daniel Haue Jakobsson photo Mr Daniel Haue JakobssonAssociate Partner
Mr Nicolai Hesgaard photo Mr Nicolai HesgaardPartner
Mrs Louise Hilligsøe Nørgaard photo Mrs Louise Hilligsøe NørgaardAssociate Partner
Mrs Camilla Holstener Fahrenholtz photo Mrs Camilla Holstener FahrenholtzAssociate Partner
Mr Anders Hørlyck Jensen photo Mr Anders Hørlyck JensenPartner
Mr Mads Ilum photo Mr Mads IlumPartner
Mr Poul Jagd Mogensen photo Mr Poul Jagd MogensenPartner.
Mrs Christina Type Jardorf photo Mrs Christina Type JardorfAssociate Partner
Mrs Lærke Louise Jeppsen photo Mrs Lærke Louise JeppsenAssociate Partner
Mr Noel Strange-Obel Johansen photo Mr Noel Strange-Obel JohansenAssociate Partner
Mr Henrik Juul Hansen photo Mr Henrik Juul HansenPartner.
Mr Mads Kjellerup Dambæk photo Mr Mads Kjellerup DambækPartner
Mr Morten Langer photo Mr Morten LangerPartner
Mr Kristian Lykkeholm Klausen photo Mr Kristian Lykkeholm KlausenPartner
Mr Poul Erik Lytken photo Mr Poul Erik LytkenAssociate Partner
Mr Matthew Mulqueen photo Mr Matthew MulqueenPartner
Mr Lars Mygind Bojsen photo Mr Lars Mygind BojsenAssociate Partner
Mr Jacob Møller Dirksen photo Mr Jacob Møller DirksenPartner
Mr Torben Nørskov photo Mr Torben NørskovPartner
Mr Alan Pai photo Mr Alan PaiAssociate Partner
Mr Tue Ravnholt Frandsen photo Mr Tue Ravnholt FrandsenPartner
Mr Tue Rønholt Hansen photo Mr Tue Rønholt HansenAssociate Partner
Mr Jakob Schou Midtgaard photo Mr Jakob Schou MidtgaardPartner
Mr Kåre Stolt photo Mr Kåre StoltPartner.
Mr René Thornfeldt photo Mr René ThornfeldtPartner.
Mr Kim Toftgaard photo Mr Kim ToftgaardPartner.
Mr Jacob Vinther photo Mr Jacob VintherPartner.
Mr Thomas Weincke photo Mr Thomas WeinckePartner.
Mr Peter Østergaard Nielsen photo Mr Peter Østergaard NielsenPartner
Mr Jakob Østervang photo Mr Jakob ØstervangPartner
Number of lawyers : 220
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