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Employment Tier 1

At boutique firm Toffoletto De Luca TamajoFranco Toffoletto has over 35 years of experience advising companies on employment law issues. He has particular expertise in contracts with commercial agents. Raffaele De Luca Tamajo is the President of the AGI (Italian Employment Lawyers Association) Scientific Committee and the former Chairman of the Italian Association of Employment Law and Social Welfare (AIDLASS). Toffoletto and De Luca Tamajo co-head the team, which includes Emanuela Nespoli, who is an expert in employee and executive remuneration, incentives and benefits. Chiara Torino focuses on advising banks and credit agencies. In 2020, the firm merged with Dramis Ammirati e Associati in Milan.

Practice head(s):

Franco Toffoletto; Raffaele De Luca Tamajo

Other key lawyers:

Marco Sideri; Emanuela Nespoli; Massimo Dramis; Chiara Torino


‘Competence, knowledge of market best practices, partnership with the customer.’

‘Wide-ranging professionalism (labour law and trade union), promptness of intervention and support in making decisions.’

‘Marco Sideri fully understands the business model adopted by his clients.’

‘Personal availability that goes beyond the merely professional aspect and rare and sometimes surprising ability to immerse themselves in the situation the client is living. Absolute transparent communication, extreme clarity and pragmatic interpretation of the cases submitted.’

‘Proactivity, focus on problem solving, timeliness’

‘Massimo Dramis’ expertise ranges from problem solving on individual disputes to accompanying and managing trade union issues.’

‘Ability to follow the customer at 360 degrees in both out-of-court and litigation matters. Excellent knowledge of clients and their sectors.’

‘Excellence in the legal market in the labour law sector, in terms of resources, knowledge and technical skills, providing clients with a high quality service. The strengths are certainly the constantly updated technical knowledge and proximity to the customer, thus configuring itself as a partner of the company, to which are added the promptness in solving problems and sharing the risk.’

Key clients


Poste Italiane

FCA Italy (Fiat Chrysler)



Ferrovie dello Stato

Esso Italiana




Yoox Net-a-Porter

Johnson & Johnson Group


Armando Testa


Naples: leading firms Tier 1

Employment law boutique Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo's highly regarded Naples-based team is led by Raffaele De Luca Tamajo, who is known across Italy for his longstanding expertise in industrial relations and his involvement in developing employment legislation. Vincenzo Luciani is recognised in Naples and in Campagna for his articles and publications on employment law; the department also distinguishes itself through a specific focus on research and development. The research efforts of the group were intensified during the Covid-19-pandemic with the production of a white paper on hiring incentives, legal news and law maps.

Practice head(s):

Raffaele De Luca Tamajo

Other key lawyers:

Antonio Di Stasio; Vincenzo Luciani; Maria Teresa Salimbeni; Stefano de Luca Tamajo


Proactivity, focus on problem solving, timeliness.’

Key clients

FCA Italy (Fiat Chrysler)

Esso Italiana

Poste Italiane


Ferrovie dello Stato

The firm: Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo is the leading Italian specialist for employers in employment and labour law. Its dedicated team of 27 partners and more than 150 associates and staff operates from the firm’s offices in Milan, Naples, Rome, Bergamo, Brescia, Bologna, Genoa, Varese and Bari.

The firm has worked exclusively with companies for over 95 years on all aspects of HR management; from providing day-to-day legal advice to litigation. On 1st January 2020, the firm expanded its services beyond employment law, adding further services that include employment consultancy, human resource management and payroll.

Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo is one of the five members that founded the Ius Laboris Alliance (, the largest global alliance of leading employment, labour and pensions law firms. Through the alliance, the firm is able to offer clients the highest standard legal services across 59 countries: truly global coverage, with local knowledge and expertise. The firm regularly manages cross-border projects across multiple jurisdictions; always finding the innovative solutions tailored to its clients’ ever-changing needs.

The firm, and its professionals, are consistently rated at both a national and international level among the top leaders in the field of employment and labour law.

In 2020 Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo was awarded ‘Employment Law Firm of the Year’ for the third year running at the Legalcommunity Labour Awards 2020, as well as ‘Innovative Law Firm of the Year’ at the TopLegal Awards 2020. The firm is also known for its legal technology projects. In 2020 the firm was recognised by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Report Europe as commended for the service it provided to companies during the Covid-19 state of emergency. While in 2019, the firm was recognised in two categories: “Data, Knowledge and Intelligence” and “New Products and Services”. It was also ranked among the 50 Most Innovative Law Firms in Europe. The firm’s Automated Contract Creation Platform was also selected as a finalist for the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe in 2018, and was also recognised in the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Report Europe in two categories: “Highly commended” for Business of Law – New products & services and “Commended” for «Business of Law – Technology. The firm was also nominated at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe 2015, with the Financial Times recognising it as a “Standout” firm for its use of technology in its FT Innovative Lawyers Report. The firm received recognition for a joint project that resulted in the creation of a new and unique piece of software: iLex. This very software also earned the firm another award in 2017: the Digital Professional Award in 2017 for the Law Firm category, which was awarded by the prestigious Digital Innovation Observatory of Politecnico University of Milan. The firm was also awarded the Digital Professional Award in 2020 for its innovative new approach to providing companies with Employment Law and HR Administration/Payroll consultancy through a digital platform and in 2019 for its inhouse pricing and staffing module.

The firm’s lawyers are also recognised as leading experts in the field. By way of example, Franco Toffoletto, the firm’s Managing Partner has consistently been named in the Hall of Fame by The Legal 500, and is ranked in the top tier of other legal directories. Most recently, he was ranked #11 in Legalcommunity’s “Best 50 lawyers in Italy 2020” list as a Disruptor and in 2018 he won the “Lawyer of the year: Employment consultancy” award at the TopLegal Awards. Raffaele De Luca Tamajo, the firm’s Senior Partner, is also consistently recognised by the top international legal directories, and in 2021 also won the “Employment Litigation Lawyer of the Year” award at the Milano Finanza Legal Awards.

The firm’s partners are members of the Italian Employment Lawyers Association (Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani – AGI,, EELA – European Employment Lawyers Association ( and IBA (

Details of the firm’s profile, services and partners are all available on the website,

Practice areas: The firm advises both domestic and international clients in all sectors, including: banking, insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, advertising, media, telecommunications, information technology, automotive, aviation, mining, manufacturing, fashion, food and beverage, real estate, publishing and retail, on all matters.

The firm strives to develop a close and long-term relationship with each of its clients. Its aim is to achieve ‘win-win’ situations for its clients and to ensure its business relationships are easy, efficient and productive.

The firm assists clients through the provision of legal services in every aspect of employment and labour law. These include:

Employment and labour: Negotiation of collective agreements; interpretation of collective agreements; strategic considerations on the possibilities and risks of industrial conflicts; participation in trade union negotiations; assistance in the elaboration of business and managerial strategies; assistance in agreements for the constitution of European Work Councils; litigation.

M&A and restructuring: Employee-related due diligence; planning of employment law issues in the context of mergers and acquisitions; outsourcing and restructuring processes; collective redundancies; audits and due diligence.

Drawing up of employment contracts: Restrictive covenants, confidentiality clauses, privacy clauses, employee inventions and non-competition clauses.

Human resources management: Employment procedures and policies; smart working policies; company regulations; confidentiality procedures; use of IT equipment and email; employee monitoring procedures; data privacy; disciplinary codes and code of ethics; technology and employee rights; international secondments.

Executive compensation and incentive arrangements: Bonus schemes and stock option plans; employee benefits; employee welfare benefit plans.

Management of employment contracts: Application of disciplinary sanctions; transfers, changes of job or other conditions of the employment contract; reduction-in-workforce, plant closure and collective redundancies.

Employment and HR management consultancy: Pay slips, Relations with the local authorities (INPS, INAIL, etc.), Payment of social security contributions, Periodical statements (Form 770, etc.), Strategical advice regarding staff policies.

Department Name Email Telephone
Franco Toffoletto +39 02 721441
Raffaele De Luca Tamajo
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Annalisa Ammirati  photo Ms Annalisa Ammirati Partner
Mr Aldo Bottini  photo Mr Aldo Bottini Partner
Mr Elio Cherubini  photo Mr Elio Cherubini Employment law and industrial relations; civil law; restructuring and transfer of undertakings;…
Ms Donatella Cungi  photo Ms Donatella Cungi Employment law and industrial relations; restructuring; litigation
Mr Giacomo De Fazio  photo Mr Giacomo De Fazio Employment law and industrial relations; contracts with commercial agents; restructuring; collective redundancies;…
Mr Raffaele De Luca Tamajo  photo Mr Raffaele De Luca Tamajo Employment law and industrial relations
Mr Antonio Di Stasio  photo Mr Antonio Di Stasio Employment Law and industrial relations; civil law; litigation; arbitration
Mr Massimo Dramis  photo Mr Massimo Dramis Partner
Mr Lorenzo Gelmi  photo Mr Lorenzo Gelmi Partner
Mr Paolo Iasiello  photo Mr Paolo Iasiello Partner – Genoa office
Mr Vincenzo Luciani  photo Mr Vincenzo Luciani Employment law and industrial relations; civil law; litigation; arbitration
Mr Andrea Morone  photo Mr Andrea Morone Employment law; industrial relations; restructuring; litigation
Ms Valeria Morosini  photo Ms Valeria Morosini Employment law and industrial relations; cross-border matters; international assignments; restructurings; litigation; contracts…
Ms Emanuela Nespoli  photo Ms Emanuela Nespoli Partner
Mr Aldo Palumbo  photo Mr Aldo Palumbo Employment law; litigation; collective redundancies; transfers of undertaking; outsourcing processes; industrial relations;…
Ms Maddalena Paroletti  photo Ms Maddalena Paroletti Partner – Genoa office
Ms Ornella Patané  photo Ms Ornella Patané Partner
Ms Federica Paternò  photo Ms Federica Paternò Employment law and industrial relations; litigation; arbitration
Ms Paola Pucci  photo Ms Paola Pucci Partner
Ms Lea Rossi  photo Ms Lea Rossi Partner
Ms Maria Teresa Salimbeni  photo Ms Maria Teresa Salimbeni Employment law and industrial relations; European law; litigation; arbitration
Mr Marco Sideri  photo Mr Marco Sideri Partner
Mr Franco Toffoletto  photo Mr Franco Toffoletto Chairman and Managing Partner
Ms Chiara Torino  photo Ms Chiara Torino Partner – Bologna Office
Mr Flaminio Valseriati  photo Mr Flaminio Valseriati Partner – Brescia Office
Mr Stefano de Luca Tamajo  photo Mr Stefano de Luca Tamajo Employment law and industrial relations; restructuring and transfer of undertakings; litigation
Number of lawyers : 100+
Ius Laboris
IBA (International Bar Association)
EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association)
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