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Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners advises on the gamut of IP matters, including portfolio protection, commercial and licensing transactions and litigation/enforcement strategies. It also has a specialist expertise in plant varieties protection. Notable names include a founding partner Eva Yazitzoglou, who is well versed in the protection of copyrights, trade mark and patent portfolios (she is also a European patent attorney). Miranda Theodoridou specialises in IP litigation whilst also being a source of huge experience on the advisory front and Maria Athanassiadou heads the patents and industrial designs group and advises on the prosecution and protection of patents and utility models as well as transactional matters. Fotini Kardiopoulis‘ strengths lie in her anti-counterfeiting expertise; protection of plant breeders’ rights and alternative dispute resolutions. The team attracts many of the most prestigious, international and domestic corporates who report that the team’s work is ‘outstanding and cost effective‘.

Practice head(s):

Eva Yazitzoglou; Miranda Theodoridou; Maria Athanassiadou; Fotini Kardiopoulis


‘Very knowledgeable about the national patent Examiners and Patent Office practice, especially for specialised aspects of extending the patent protection term for pharmaceuticals.’

‘Dr Maria Athenasiadou is particularly knowledgeable and helpful in addressing questions and issues that arise in obtaining patent term extensions (“SPCs”) for pharmaceutical products.’

‘Great team, swift responses, high quality of knowledge concerning all IP matters, they pay attention to mutual cooperation, long term cooperation.’

‘Experienced and efficient law firm. Always responsive and cooperative.’

‘They have never disappointed and their work is outstanding and cost effective.’

‘A great and very competent team.’

‘Fast responsiveness, very accurate services.’

‘One of the oldest IP firms in Greece, with huge experience in IP. Dr Helen Papaconstantinou has built a great team of IP specialists, one of the best in Greece and EU.’

Work highlights

HP&P (Dr Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners), celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, is one of the oldest and largest IP law firms in Greece and broadly recognized as one of the leading in the country. Following the retirement of Dr Papaconstantinou at the end of 2018, Eva Yazitzoglou co-founder of HP&P, took over in the lead as the managing partner.   The other partners of the firm are Miranda Theodoridou, Maria Athanassiadou and Fotini Kardiopoulis.

HP&P is registered with the Athens Bar Association and is a member of the Greek Association of Law Firms.

With 12 fully qualified lawyers, two of them being European Patent Attorneys and 22 paralegals and supporting staff, HP&P provides legal and administrative services of excellent quality and closely collaborates with 40 technical counsellors whose expertise covers all technical fields.

HP&P enjoys international reputation for providing high quality expert services and sophisticated legal and business solutions in the IP field, aptly combining its international orientation with an in-depth knowledge of the Greek legal and business environment.  What sets HP&P apart is its team’s extensive experience and expertise in the whole spectrum of IP services and their commitment to problem solving and achieving results.

The firm closely collaborates with 40 highly experienced technical counsellors in all scientific fields, who are competent translators and provide consulting services of excellent quality.

Throughout the firm’s activity, longstanding, invaluable collaborations with hundreds of highly reputable firms around the world have been established, enabling HP&P to represent some of the most important companies worldwide – either directly or through their legal agents – building on a solid basis of mutual benefit.

HP&P is constantly ranked among the top Greek IP law firms by international legal directories and associations.


  • National, EU, international trademarks
  • National, European patents, PCT applications , Utility models,
  • European patent validations
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates
  • Plant variety rights
  • National, Community, international designs
  • Geographical indications and designations of origin
  • Copyright and protection of artistic works
  • Exploitation of IP rights and licensing
  • Franchising
  • Due diligence searches and related consultancy and monitoring
  • Litigation involving all aspects of IP law
  • Consultancy
  • Anti-piracy, anti-counterfeiting, customs monitoring and border measures
  • Trade secrets
  • Domain names
  • Internet law
  • Online contracts and services
  • Competition
  • Advertising and consumer protection law
Department Name Email Telephone
National/European union/international trademarks/industrial designs
National/european patents/PCTs/ SPCs/validation of EPs/utility models
Plant breeder’s rights
Copyright/protection of artistic works
Foreign jurisdictions
Geographical indications and designations of origin
Exploitation of IP rights/licensing, franchising
Due diligence searches and related consultancy/monitoring
Litigation involving all aspects of IP Law
IP consultancy
Anti-piracy/anti-counterfeiting/customs monitoring/border measures
Trade secrets
Domain names, alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
Internet law/electronic forms of payment, online contracts and services
E-commerce/competition, advertising and consumer protection law
Number of lawyers : 11
Contacts (partners) : Eva Yazitzoglou (Managing Partner)
Contacts (partners) : Miranda Theodoridou
Contacts (partners) : Fotini Kardiopoulis
Contacts (partners) : Maria Athanassiadou