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Poul Schmith

Dispute resolution Tier 1

Recognised as a market leader in public sector disputes, Poul Schmith also increasingly acts for corporate clients, particularly in the construction and IT sectors. In the public sphere, it has experience across a range of competition, administrative, constitutional, environmental, insolvency, EU, public procurement, and infrastructure disputes with 'unrivalled experience in litigation at the highest courts, notably the Danish Supreme Court'. Sune Riisgaard leads the team, which also includes insurance practice head Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen, IT specialist Paw Fruerlund, construction expert Kasper Mortensen and Sune Fugleholm.

Practice head(s):

Sune Riisgaard

Other key lawyers:

Sune Fugleholm; Paw Fruerlund; Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen; Kasper Mortensen


‘My experience of this team is that they are extremely well coordinated and well resourced. It comprises strong and experienced lawyers. There is consistency in the service delivery and they understand their clients’ needs.’ 

‘Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen is a fantastic advocate – he is smooth and compelling. He also provides extremely commercial advice and fully understands his clients’ needs. He is extremely user friendly (in my experience for both Scandinavian and UK clients).’

‘They have unrivalled experience in litigation at the highest courts, notably the Danish Supreme Court. This allows them to think very strategically about how to present cases and to be extraordinarily effective in court.’

‘Sune Fugleholm is a very pleasant individual who is exceptionally experienced with litigation. This allows him to quickly assess cases and devise effective strategies. You hire Mr. Fugleholm for the most complex cases.’

‘Very competent employees with great knowledge and understanding of the task. Sune Fugleholm and Kasper Mortensen in particular.’

‘A unique blend of excellent legal perspective with management consulting.’

‘Highly devoted, quick learning and easy access.’

Key clients

Justitsministeriet (Ministry of Justice)

Politiet (the Danish National Police and all the Danish Police Districts)

Finansministeriet (Ministry of Finance)

Skatteministeriet (Ministry of Tax)


Miljø- og fødevareministeriet (Ministry of Environment and Food)

Ankestyrelsen (Social Appeals Board)

Domstolsstyrelsen (The Danish Court Administration)

Transport- og Bygningsministeriet (Ministry of Transport and Building)

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen (Danish Competition and Consumer Authority)

Ankenævnet for Patienterstatningen (Patients Complaints Board)

AP Pension


Sedgwick Leif Hansen A/S

Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark)


Garantifonden for Skadesforsikring (the Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurers)

Region Hovedstaden (The Capital Region of Denmark)

Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region)

Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring (Labour Market Insurance)

Ankenævnet for Patenter og Varemærker (Board of Appeal for Patents and Trade marks)

Environment Tier 1

In addition to being engaged by public institutions in a large number of high-profile environmental disputes, Poul Schmith also provides public authorities, municipalities and infrastructure enterprises with non-contentious regulatory advice on environmental matters, particularly in the construction sector. Environmental litigator Stig Grønbæk Jensen heads up the firm’s practice, which also includes Britta Moll Bown, who is a member of the board of Danish Environmental Lawyers and is singled out for her regulatory expertise. Another name to note is Sarah Jano, who is recognised for her knowledge of environmental issues arising from large construction and infrastructure projects.

Practice head(s):

Stig Grønbæk Jensen

Other key lawyers:

Sarah Jano; Britta Moll Bown


‘This law firm is extremely professional in its approach and provides a high level of professional advice. At the same time, they ensure an understanding of the company they are advising.’

‘We have had the pleasure of working together with Sarah Jano in matters related to cables and utilities. Her advice has always been excellent. She has deep knowledge about the legal framework and an understanding of the special needs that come along with a large infrastructure project.’

‘Sarah Jano has integrity, professionalism  and a great understanding of our business.’

‘Always provides high quality advice, service and an understanding of our needs.’

Key clients

The Danish Environmental and Food Board of Appeal

The Danish Planning Board of Appeal

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Region Hovedstaden (Capital Region)

The Danish Business Authority

Rail Net Denmark (Banedanmark)

The Danish Energy Board of Appeal

The Danish Road Directorate

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food

By og Havn (CPH City and Harbour Development)

Femern A/S

Hovedstadens Letbane (Greater Copenhagen Light Rail)

Information technology Tier 1

Possessing an enviable track record in the public sector, where it frequently assists ministries, regional authorities and municipalities, Poul Schmith handles contentious and non-contentious matters. The group specialises in EU public procurement directives, the planning and purchase of IT services, and IT contract law issues, including outsourcings, operations and IT-related disputes. In a recent stand-out matter, it advised the Agency for Governmental IT Services on the strategy, contracts and negotiations for a proposed Government Cloud system. Practice head Tom Holsøe and Anni Noes Westergaard are key names to note.

Practice head(s):

Tom Holsøe

Other key lawyers:

Anni Noes Westergaard; Peter Hedegaard Madsen; Rasmus Holm Hansen; Milena Anguelova Krogsgaard; Anders Bossen; Thomas Dithmer


‘They are always ready to start on new tasks, and quickly find the right experts for the task.’

‘I believe that everyone from the team are highly professional and work as one team rather than individuals on their own. The team come off as competent, hardworking and people-oriented.’

‘Tom Holsøe is extremely pleasant to work with, and is very skilled and willing to give extra when it is needed regardless of the time of the day / month / year.’

‘The team has a great knowledge of us as a company and how we work. Instead of using something “off the shelf” they managed to make a contract paradigm that fits great for the purpose. While making the contract paradigm, they also involved us as customer, not only for input but also in the “making” process of the contract paradigm.’

‘Having worked with Anni Westergaard and Anders Bossen, I have only seen top professional and skilled work delivered by both of them. They are both hard working, competent, ethical and emotionally intelligent. They have been role models for both their colleagues, their clients and alliance partners. It has been fun and educational to work with them and I sincerely hope to cross paths with them again in the future.’

‘The team delivers very good and useful advice and is good at understanding what the clients need also in a political context. They provide advice that can be used anytime.’

‘They know exactly how difficult it can be as a public contracting authority with the limitations it gives which they always have in mind. They know our organization quite well and helps pointing out which questions as least should be answered by the management group. Furthermore they have a huge knowledge about the public sector and IT development and they bring input from other customers.’

‘Thomas Dithmer: Skilled and efficient.’

Key clients

Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Taxation

The IT and Development Agency

Ministry of Finance

Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation

Ministry of Justice

Danish Agency for Digitisation (and Finance Denmark)

DSB (Danish State Railway)

The Danish Court Administration (“Domstolsstyrelsen”)

The Danish export credit agency (“EKF”)

Ministry of Finance, Agency of Digitalisation

Ministry of Data Supply and Efficiency

Insolvency Tier 1

Poul Schmith is ‘especially experienced in advising government institutions’, which it assists with a range of debt collection proceedings, bankruptcy administrations and debt restructurings; it also displays ‘impressive knowledge and competence relating to complex court proceedings’. Practice head Boris Frederiksen handles 'complex litigation across multiple jurisdictions’, namely administration, reorganisation, liability assessment and guarantee scheme claims. Skilled in fraud investigations and asset recovery disputes, clients praise Cathrine Wollenberg Zittan as an ‘excellent communicator with an in-depth knowledge of insolvency law’.

Practice head(s):

Boris Frederiksen

Other key lawyers:

Jesper Saugmandsgaard Øe; Rune Tandgaard Derno; Morten Plannthin; Cathrine Wollenberg Zittan


‘Very hard-working and dedicated lawyers with a good eye for both the details and the big picture. A pleasure to work with.’

‘Boris Frederiksen has an impressive command of the most complex situations, able to focus on the essentials.’ 

‘Cathrine Wollenberg Zittan is an excellent communicator with an in-depth knowledge of insolvency law.’

‘Top-notch quality of lawyers with impressive knowledge and competence relating to complex court proceedings. Amazing ability to manage enormous court proceedings involving several parallel cases with a huge number of claimants and defendants, and extreme amounts of documents. Very structured and very analytic.’ 

‘They are not afraid to approach global litigation aggressively to ensure their client’s position is protected and enforced in any jurisdiction.’

‘Boris Frederiksen is very calm and collected when under pressure. He is thoughtful, precise and not afraid to be bold and fight the client’s case, in any jurisdiction.’ 

‘Catherine Zittan is a great team leader and a true advocate for her business, her people and the law. She is has a brilliant memory and always has an eye on the detail.’

‘The legal team is especially experienced in advising and assisting government institutions and they solve each presented case in a legal and societal context and always with the highest legal standards. The team consists of highly skilled lawyers with a solid understanding and knowledge of the rules that apply to the public sector and different government-related issues.’ 

‘Boris Frederiksen is an excellent lawyer and is able to manage complex litigation across multiple jurisdictions. He is an outstandingly effective leader who works seamlessly with his team and global litigation counterparts.’ 

‘Cathrine Wollenberg Zittan displays thoroughness of knowledge and provides insightful advice along with a practical solution-oriented approach for the client. She is quick-thinking and is highly adept at coordinating cross-jurisdictional litigation for her clients.’

Key clients

The Danish tax authorities

The Employees’ Guarantee Fund


The Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs

Jyske Bank

BRF Kredit

Nykredit Bank

Banking and finance Tier 2

Poul Schmith is especially active in acquisition finance and project finance matters, particularly on the lender side of transactions. Providing regulatory advice to heavily regulated public and private entities is another key pillar of the practice; in 2020, Jakob Echwald Sevel joined the team from Bruun & Hjejle, bringing additional regulatory expertise. Group co-head Henrik Kure ‘stands out as being able to handle the most complex transactions’, including corporate financings, leveraged buyouts and asset-based lending transactions. Fellow co-head Peter Hedegaard Madsen has experience representing government authorities in regulatory litigation.

Practice head(s):

Henrik Kure; Peter Hedegaard Madsen

Other key lawyers:

Jakob Echwald Sevel; Emil Hedegaard Mikkelsen


‘Henrik Kure demonstrates both excellent skills within complex financial transactions and analyses of legal matters.’

‘The team is very strong and commercial. I have worked with Henrik Kure and it was a pleasure. He knows the law inside out and is very commercial and works hard to achieve the best outcome for his clients.’

‘Henrik Kure is very impressive, easy to deal with and commercial.’

‘A very commercial approach to things. Always a focus on how to create value for the client.’

‘We typically work with Henrik Kure and he stands out as being able to handle the most complex transactions and able to fully understand the specific deal. Highly skilled and good at negotiating.’

‘The service and work performed are of excellent quality. The lawyers I have been working with are available and very good practitioners. We are very pleased to work with them.’

‘Jakob Echwald Sevel has always been very reliable and efficient. He knows the job extremely well.’

Key clients


The Danish Ministry of Finance

Jyske Bank A/S

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)

EKF – Danish Export Credit

The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

Nordea Danmark, branch of Nordea Bank Abp, Finland

Danmarks Grønne Investeringsfond (The Danish Green Investment Fund)

Danish Central Bank

Copenhagen Airports

Lunar Bank

A.P. Møller Capital

The European Investment Bank

Nordic Investment Opportunities Fondsmæglerselskab

Energy Tier 2

Predominantly instructed by high-profile public institutions, Poul Schmith fields a team, which is experienced in electricity, natural gas, heating, water, renewable energy and oil and gas matters. Key pillars of the practice include regulatory issues, offshore projects, supply issues, the negotiation of transportation and infrastructure agreements, contracts and disputes with an increased focus on private sector work. In 2019, the group hired offshore wind expert Martin Juste from an offshore wind turbine manufacturer, bolstering the group’s capabilities with private clients. Klint Klingberg-Jensen, Sune Fugleholm and Jesper Nørøxe are other names to note.

Practice head(s):

Klint Klingberg-Jensen; Sune Fugleholm; Martin Juste; Jesper Nørøxe


‘The legal team has the strength and knowledge to assist in our highly complex projects and legal setups. The team is excellent in their communication, response-times and the quality of legal writing, all practices which we highly value.’ 

‘Klint Klingberg-Jensen is our key contact. Klint knows the industry and the mechanisms in large energy projects very well, which is a huge advantage to us when discussing strategy. Klint has outstanding legal skills and is able to communicate this in a clear language and with swift response times.’

‘Klint Klingenberg is an outstanding lawyer who manages to meet all our needs and requirements. Klint has the ability to understand the technical issues, commercial issues and legal issues. He is the best external lawyer I have ever worked with.’

‘Poul Schmith is a solid team of extremely competent, experienced and dedicated corporate lawyers with disarming humour and a motivating ability to include both their service-minded administrative colleagues and their less experienced yet very talented young lawyers.’

‘Klint Klingberg-Jensen is exceptionally competent within large complex construction projects. He is excellent in identifying and focusing on the core issues within a complex matter, and is able to organise and coordinate very large teams in order to achieve multi-disciplined, efficient work. Highly recommended!’

‘Solid team headed by a partner with unique competence within offshore construction.’

‘Klint Klingberg-Jensen is uniquely strong in offshore construction.’

‘Martin Juste has a wide knowledge of the offshore wind industry and his experience from being inhouse counsel gives him a unique understanding of how those organisations work.’

Key clients

Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate

Danish Energy Agency

Danish Utility Regulator

Danish Competition and Consumer Authority


ISC Consulting Engineers A/S

Wilson Offshore A/S

Niras A/S

FORCE Technology

EU, competition and public procurement Tier 2

Poul Schmith demonstrates ‘in-depth knowledge' of ‘the cross-functional area of contract law and public procurement law’. Within the department, which primarily assists government ministries, municipalities and competition authorities, Rass Holdgaard is 'very highly recommended' for state aid law issues, while Kristian Hartlev displays ‘outstanding professionalism and precision in relation to drafting comprehensive tender documents and the associated contracts’. Another name to note is Jacob Pinborg, who has experience in cases before the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Practice head(s):

Jacob Pinborg; Kristian Hartlev; Rass Holdgaard


‘Efficient with a very high level of knowledge of competition law etc. Great flexibility and logical thinking.’

‘Combination of being intelligent, hard-working, modest and flexible, which is rarely seen.’

‘They have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience within their field of expertise. In particular within the cross-functional area of contract law and public procurement law.’

‘Partner Kristian Hartlev acts as the main point of contact for EU public procurement law. Kristian has assisted us with the preparation of the very comprehensive tender documents for the procurement of our four main civil works contracts.’

Kristian Hartlev has outstanding professionalism and precision in relation to drafting comprehensive tender documents and the associated contracts.’

Kristian Hartlev continuously provides very useful strategic advice to the project and his ideas and business acumen has time and again helped the project to make the right choices in relation to our high-value procurement processes. Kristian is very highly recommended for advice on procurement law and contracts.’

Rass Holdgaard combines a very significant/profound expertise in state aid law with a talent for finding practical/pragmatic solutions. Rass is very highly recommended in the field of state aid law.’

‘The team has a strong insight and experience in competition law. They give precise and qualified answers and advice in this field.’ 

Key clients

Danish Ministry of Culture

Danish Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing

Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (part of the Ministry of Environment and Food)

Banedanmark, Rail Net Denmark

Rejsekort A/S

Danish Ministry of Defence

Danish Competition Council/Competition Appeals Tribunal

Danish Ministry of Defence – Radius


Danish Ministry of Taxation

EKF, Denmark’s Export Credit Agency

Femern A/S

Copenhagen Malmø Port

Sund & Bælt Holding A/SH

Region Hovedstaden

Insurance Tier 2

Considered ‘true experts in insurance law’, the ‘extremely well-coordinated and well-resourced’ insurance team at Poul Schmith has recently handled litigation and arbitration in the private insurance market, expanding beyond its previous focus on state-related insurance and liability issues. The department, which is led by Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen, acts for a wide variety of insurance companies, insurance brokers and insured companies in insurance disputes and court proceedings concerning product and professional liability claims. Sigrid Majlund Kjærulff, who was promoted to partner in 2020, is another key name to note.

Practice head(s):

Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen

Other key lawyers:

Christian Bo Kolding-Krøger; Sigrid Majlund Kjærulff; Inge Houe


‘The practice has a depth of knowledge about the insurance sector, across jurisdictions.’

‘My experience of this team is that they are extremely well coordinated and well resourced. It comprises strong and experienced lawyers. There is consistency in the service delivery and they understand their clients’ needs. They have excellent advocates who provide solid legal advice in a very commercial manner. They are true experts in insurance law.’

‘Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen is a fantastic advocate – he is smooth and compelling. He also provides extremely commercial advice and fully understands his clients’ needs.’

‘The team has been extremely responsive and goes to great lengths to accommodate client needs.’

‘Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen has a detailed knowledge of Danish insurance law and practice and is delightful to work with.’ 

‘Very professional and in-depth handling of cases. Always take their time to discuss different issues. Advice is objective and deliberate. Calm and patient in any matters.’

‘Professional, skilled, kind and empathetic.’

Key clients

AXA XL, a division of AXA

AIG Europe

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

CHUBB European Group

Sedgwick Leif Hansen A/S

Sedgwick Ireland



Zurich Insurance


QBE Insurance (Europe) in bankruptcy

Markel International Insurance

Aviva plc



AP Pension

VSW − Die Versicherergemeinschaft für Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer

Garantifonden for Skadesforsikring









Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring


Real estate and construction Tier 2

Co-headed by Kasper Mortensen and Rasmus Holm Hansen, who demonstrates ‘exceptional legal knowledge in both public procurement and construction law’, Poul Schmith primarily acts for government institutions and semi-state entities. The team has experience in high-value real estate transactions, project developments and construction-related disputes; it has notably acted for the Danish State in high-profile litigation surrounding public projects. Rikke Hoffensetz Andresen, who is another name to note, also advises pension funds, property investors and corporate clients on real estate financing mandates.

Practice head(s):

Rasmus Holm Hansen; Kasper Mortensen

Other key lawyers:

Rikke Hoffensetz Andresen; Bo Schmidt Pedersen; Henrik Puggaard; Philip Prochownik


‘Partners Rikke Hoffensetz Andresen and Philip Prochownik are excellent in following up and being accessible both with regards to specific cases but also proactively when it comes to news in the market and other relevant knowledge of the industry.’

‘They have a highly skilled team and are able to work fast.’

‘Rasmus Holm Hansen has exceptional legal knowledge in both public procurement and construction law. He is very good at finding new innovative ways to solve a legal problem.’

‘Always available very good commercial knowledge. Dealmakers, not dealbreakers.’

‘Philip Prochownik and his team at Kammeradvokaten / Paul Schmith are dedicated and have a unique understanding for the deal with the client in focus.’

‘Good relationships. Always helpful, always competent and knowledgeable, understanding the client’s needs, pragmatic, solution-oriented and with a desire to resolve conflicts without escalation.’

‘I primarily deal with partner Rasmus Holm Hansen, and have known him for several years. This means that I always feel totally understood – without him compromising the formal requirements in his advice.’

‘Bo Schmidt Pedersen is a professional adviser with in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of construction works.’

Key clients

PenSam Liv forsikringsaktieselskab

Capital Region

Municipality of Frederiksberg

Oskar Group

Copenhagen Capital A/S

Bostad A/S

Bygningsstyrelsen (The Danish Building and Property Agency)


1927 Estate Holding ApS Group

Blue Capital A/S

Milton Huse A/S

Barslund A/S




Municipality of Frederikssund

Vejdirektoratet (The Danish Road Directorate)

Sund & Bælt

KPC København A/S

ATP Ejendomme A/S

Municipality of Copenhagen


Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Traditionally focused on public sector work, Poul Schmith is increasingly instructed by private pension funds, financial institutions and private equity funds. The department primarily handles cross-border M&A, with a particularly strong track record in infrastructure, regulatory and technology-related matters. Practice head Ronnie Kandler and Peter Hedegaard Madsen are key names within the group.

Practice head(s):

Ronnie Kandler

Other key lawyers:

Peter Hedegaard Madsen; Carina Vang Kristoffersen


‘The team works fast and efficient and with high competence. Often documents are prepared in advance to be able to work in a fast manner. The team is also strong in strategy and advice, and in contract negotiation situations. This is better, faster and more efficient than what I have experienced in other firms.’

‘The M&A team headed by Ronnie Kandler is a modern, young and very capable M&A partner. They have a straightforward, top professional approach.’ 

‘Ronnie Kandler has a particular ability to find simple solutions to the complex legal and commercial challenges and disagreements that occur during and M&A transaction. His abilities as a negotiator is also worth mentioning. He gets the deal through while keeping a positive atmosphere across the negotiation table.’

‘The team demonstrates excellent knowledge and application of corporate law matters related to life science businesses. The team is solution-oriented and effective in its work.’

‘Carina Vang Kristoffersen has excellent knowledge of corporate law matters related to life science businesses, is exceptionally solution-oriented, and communicates clearly and effectively. My highest recommendation.’

Employment Tier 3

Noted for its extensive track record in public employment issues, Poul Schmith's practice is jointly headed up by recent hires Jonas Blegvad Jensens and Marianne Lage, who joined from Kromann Reumert and Horten respectively in early 2020. Primarily acting for state and semi-state bodies, the group has particular expertise in workplace discrimination and equal treatment disputes, regulations relating to civil servants, and general public employment mandates.

Practice head(s):

Jonas Blegvad Jensen; Marianne Lage


‘Jonas Blegvad Jensen understands the need to give high-quality advice in a practical way which solves problems.’

‘Jonas’ down to earth and easy-to-work-with approach makes life easier as a client. You get usable advice that solves problems.’

‘We have experienced fast communications and competent answers to our queries and for us, speed and quality are very crucial factors.’

Key clients

Banedanmark (the Danish Rail Transport Agency)

Norwegian Air Shuttle branch in Denmark

The Danish Building and Property Agency (a branch of the Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing)

APM Terminals Aarhus A/S

University of Southern Denmark

Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital

Norwegian Air Shuttle AS

Min A-kasse

Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

Danish Ministry of Defence Personnel Agency

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Tax Tier 3

Poul Schmith exclusively handles tax matters for the Danish State and its tax authorities. Recent work includes the drafting and implementation of new tax regulations, advice on excise law issues and assistance with contentious matters. Practice head Steffen Sværke advises on both direct and indirect taxation issues.

Practice head(s):

Steffen Sværke

The firm: Poul Schmith is a full-service law firm and one of the largest law firms in Denmark with more than 80 years of experience. From its offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Poul Schmith advises clients on the public and private market on all aspects of public, corporate, and commercial law.

The firm has been the preferred legal adviser to the Danish government since 1936 and has in this period provided legal advice within all aspects of the law to the government including corporate and commercial law.

In recent years, the firm has entered the market for corporate clients including life science, offshore, banks, pension funds, insurance companies and private equity funds, and the firm now advises some of the largest Danish companies within these sectors.

Much of the firm’s work has an international dimension and the firm has international relationships with leading law firms across the world.

Department Name Email Telephone
Capital markets Henrik Kure
Capital markets Peter Hedegaard Madsen
IT and digitisation, telecommunications Tom Holsoe
IT and digitisation, telecommunications Anni Noes Westergaard
Construction Rasmus Holm Hansen
Construction Kasper Mortensen
Contracts and tenders Jens Bødtcher-Hansen
Corporate compliance and investigations Peter Hedegaard Madsen
Corporate matters Ronnie Kandler
Corporate matters Peter Hedegaard Madsen
Data protection and privacy Jakob Kamby
Dispute resolution Kasper Mortensen
Dispute resolution Sune Fugleholm
Employment Marianne Lage
Competition Jacob Pinborg
EU and international, state aid Rass Holdgaard
EU and international, state aid Peter Biering
Environment and energy Stig Grønbæk Jensen
Finance and financial regulation Henrik Kure
Finance and financial regulation Peter Hedegaard Madsen
FinTech Henrik Kure
Foundations Peter Hedegaard Madsen
Infrastructure Kristian Hartlev
Insurance Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen
Life science Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen
MedTech Jens Bødtcher-Hansen
Mergers and acquisitions Ronnie Kandler
Private equity Ronnie Kandler
Private equity Peter Hedegaard Madsen
Public Jakob Kamby
Public Sune Fugleholm
Public-private partnership Jens Bødtcher-Hansen
Real estate Rikke Hoffensetz Andresen
Real estate Philip Prochownik
Restructuring and insolvency Boris Frederiksen
Restructuring and insolvency Rune Derno
Photo Name Position Profile
 Jens Bødtcher-Hansen photo Jens Bødtcher-Hansen Partner, Attorney
 Peter Biering  photo Peter Biering Partner, Attorney
 Rune Derno photo Rune Derno Partner, Attorney
 Boris Frederiksen  photo Boris Frederiksen Partner, Attorney
 Sune Fugleholm  photo Sune Fugleholm Partner, Attorney
 Stig Grønbæk Jensen photo Stig Grønbæk Jensen Partner, Attorney
 Kristian Hartlev  photo Kristian Hartlev Partner, Attorney
 Peter Hedegaard Madsen  photo Peter Hedegaard Madsen Partner, Attorney
 Rass Holdgaard  photo Rass Holdgaard Partner, Attorney
 Rasmus Holm Hansen  photo Rasmus Holm Hansen Partner, Attorney
 Tim Holmager  photo Tim Holmager Partner, Attorney
 Tom Holsøe photo Tom Holsøe Partner, Attorney
 Jonas Blegvad Jensen  photo Jonas Blegvad Jensen Partner, Attorney
 Jakob Kamby  photo Jakob Kamby Partner, Attorney
 Ronnie Kandler  photo Ronnie Kandler Partner, Attorney
 Henrik Kure  photo Henrik Kure Partner, Attorney
 Marianne Lage  photo Marianne Lage Partner, Attorney
 Simon Lagrelius  photo Simon Lagrelius Partner, Attorney
 Kasper Mortensen  photo Kasper Mortensen Partner, Attorney
 Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen  photo Henrik Nedergaard Thomsen Partner, Attorney
 Jacob Pinborg  photo Jacob Pinborg Partner, Attorney
 Jakob Echwald Sevel  photo Jakob Echwald Sevel Partner, Attorney
 Steffen Sværke photo Steffen Sværke Partner, Attorney
 Anni Noes Westergaard photo Anni Noes Westergaard Partner, Attorney
Number of lawyers : 374
Other offices : Aarhus


As a firm, we take on corporate social responsibility by contributing to the green transition and the am-bitions in the Danish Government’s Climate Act. We wish to reduce our own carbon footprint, and we would also like to contribute through our legal advice. As far as we know, we are the first Danish law firm that has presented a carbon footprint report. We are proud of this, and it is a testament to sus-tainability being very important to our top management and that sustainability is also one of the benchmarks of our board of directors.


As the first law firm in Denmark we joined the green think tank CONCITO in 2019. Our attorneys work pro bono in a number of working groups to drive the climate agenda.

We have also agreed to the ten principles of sustainability of the UN Global Compact and support the 17 sustainable development goals. We have consequently committed ourselves to report annually on our progress in the area of sustainability in the broad sense.

We are a member of AdvokatKODEKS where we have committed to report annually on how we work with sustainability and ethics in the broad sense, including anti-corruption, environmental and climate considerations, equal rights, diversity, etc.



Based on our internal CO2 mapping that has resulted in a carbon footprint report, we have undertaken to reduce our total emission per employee by 70% by 2030. This is why our carbon footprint report does not only include our own direct emission but also our indirect emission, ie the emission from the means of transport that we use, the emission by our sub-suppliers from their production of the products that we buy from them, etc. We choose to be completely transparent about our baseline and progress with 2018 as the base.



As a firm, we have launched a large number of initiatives to help us fulfil our ambition:

  • increased separation of waste for biofuel
  • focus on food waste in our canteens by introducing “The Surplus Box” where employees can buy surplus food to take home
  • establishing a strategy for green purchases and green supplier management (utilities and build-ings, office expenses, furniture and equipment, merchandise, IT and server hosting, etc)
  • focus on phasing out disposable packing
  • more than 80% of our office space now receives power from wind turbines which means a reduc-tion in our carbon emission. The remaining areas are leased premises, and we are in dialogue with our landlord about a transition to green power
  • reducing print and printouts
  • starting the work of drafting an offsetting and transport policy

All the initiatives are employee-driven. Fulfilling our ambition of a 70% reduction by 2030 will be a long haul. But already from 2020, we have decided to offset, on an annual basis, the gap that we have up to the 70% target.


It is our primary focus and firm position to concentrate on an organic (actual) reduction towards 2030, ie the long haul, so that only what cannot be reduced or cannot be reduced in the short run is offset. This is why we will also see a reduction over time in our offsetting as we start to see the effects of our organ-ic reduction initiatives.


As a principle, we will only invest in Gold Standard-certified offsetting projects that comply with our values of verification, transparency and “additionality” (the project had not been carried out if we had not invested in it). All this contributes to making sure that our offsetting has the biggest possible effect for the benefit of society.


As a firm, we deal with sustainability within four dimensions

  • Responsibility for the environment and the climate
  • Responsibility for humans. Governance code, equal rights, diversity, working conditions, supplier responsibility, etc
  • Responsibility for data security and tech solutions
  • Social responsibility.