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Banking and finance: Bank regulatory Tier 2

DS Avocats stands out through its fintech, digital banking and cryptofinance group, but the practice advises on contentious and non-contentious matters regarding securities, corporate finance and capital markets. Recent transactional highlights include advising Assurances du Crédit Mutuel on Eurosic's €2.6bn takeover of Foncière de Paris and on the acquisition of Eurosic by Gecina, deals which were both led by practice head Frédéric BellancaThibault Verbiest, who specialises in digital banking and cryptofinance, splits his time between the Paris and Brussels offices. BNP Securities Services, Zürcher Kantonalbank and Bank of China are also clients of the firm.

Construction Tier 2

DS Avocats is often instructed by companies and regularly handles construction litigation, including advising on judiciary surveys conducted on commercial, hospital and industrial assets. Marie-Pierre Alix heads the six-lawyer team.

Environment Tier 2

DS Avocats has a strong team of some ten dedicated lawyers who advise on environmental issues as well as hygiene, health and safety matters. The firm recently acted in criminal environmental disputes initiated by various associations against its clients for alleged violation of permits. The practice is managing several highly sensitive cases, notably in the energy and nuclear sectors. It is notably defending Compagnie d’Aménagement des Coteaux de Gascogne before courts regarding the Sivens redevelopment dam project that is being opposed by environmental associations. The firm also has strong expertise in classified sites issues and is regularly retained to advise on industrial M&A transactions. It assisted GRT Gaz with the transfer of the entire capital of Elengy to the client. Imerys, Vinci Energie and Eiffage Immobilier are clients. Practice heads Yvon Martinet, Patricia Savin and Frédéric Lévy are highly regarded. Gwladys Beauchet, Grégory Gutierrez and newly promoted partner Safi Hadri are also involved. Raphaël Romi, who is a highly respected professor in environment law, joined as of counsel.

Dispute resolution: commercial litigation Tier 3

DS Avocats is instructed by many blue-chip French companies to represent them before the courts and, increasingly, during the pre-contentious phases. The practice has a significant industrial and commercial caseload, and also handles some international disputes and advises on compliance issues. The firm successfully represented Orange's Mobistore in a case following the termination of distribution agreements with Mim Com and Waris Telecom, and obtained the condemnation of Engie for unfair competition practices from the Commercial Court of Nanterre. It is also dealing with some major banking litigation matters. Safran Electronics & Défense and PSA are clients. Bertrand Potot, Marie Christine Mergny, Sandra Dorizon and Arnaud Constant are recommended, and Frédéric Bellanca is noted for banking litigation.

Industry focus: IT, telecoms and the internet Tier 3

DS Avocats recently acts for public sector entities on the implementation of regulatory and legal frameworks in heavily regulated sectors under the leadership of Thierry Granturco. Clients appointed the team to advise on the negotiation of contractual aspects pertaining to the implementation of software solutions in France and overseas. Catherine Verneret and counsel Gacia Kazandjian handled a number of GDPR compliance matters. Arnaud Tessalonikos heads the digital law and data privacy practice and is also a key name to note.

Intellectual property: Trade marks and designs Tier 3

DS Avocats provides day-to-day advice to the Louvre regarding the management of its brand portfolio, and recently acted for Électricité Réseau Distribution France (ERDF) on the trade mark issues arising from its name change to Enedis. In other highlights, Catherine Verneret assisted a major French retailer with three litigations pertaining to the revocation of an expired trade mark, and Frisquet appointed the group to advise on infringement proceedings. Other key names include Thierry Granturco and associate Mathieu Salvia.

Administrative and public law Tier 4

DS Avocats has urban law expertise combined with strong knowledge of project, public contract and general public law. The 37-lawyer practice advises public and private sector clients, including leading telecoms and transport companies, property developers and large municipalities. It is notably assisting with several large infrastructure and development projects, including advising the town of Boulogne-Billancourt with the adaptation of its urban-planning rules for the new Bolloré campus. TDF, Servier and Conseil départemental des Hauts de Seine are clients. Frédérique Olivier and Frédéric Levy head the practice. David Guillot, Laura Ceccarelli-Le Guen, Jean-Marc Poisson, Monique Ambal and Michaël Moussault are also recommended, along with newly promoted partners Nathalie Sultan and Fabrice Van Cauwelaert.

EU, competition and distribution Tier 4

DS Avocats fields experts such as Michel Debroux and Romain Bourgade to advise on antitrust and competition issues on behalf of an enviable client roster including names such as SNCF, EDF and Eiffage. Particularly active in the telecoms, energy and logistics sectors, with strong expertise in public law, the team also includes Sandra DorizonXavier LacazeArnaud Constant and Safi Hadri.

Insolvency Tier 4

DS Avocats regularly acts for investors, including Chinese groups, on bidding for insolvent or distressed companies. The practice notably assisted LDC and Plouray with Doux’s acquisition, as well as PMC with the takeover of Isochem. Practice head Martine Zervudacki-Farnier has long-standing experience. Thomas Objatek, Jean-Charles Gancia, newly promoted partner Christian Pascoët  and of counsel Jean-Yves Marquet are also noted.

The firm: Founded in Paris in 1972, DS Avocats is one of the leading independent law firms in France.

Through a network of 23 offices established on four continents: Europe (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy), Asia (China, Vietnam, Singapore), North America (Canada), South America (Argentina, Chile, Peru) and Africa (Senegal), it is the first French law firm with an international ambitious dimension.

Around 300 lawyers offer their global clients an in-depth expertise in both public and private business laws. This dual expertise is considered as a major asset by its clients, as it enables its professionals to bring a unique perspective to best serve their interests worldwide.

In the 1980’s, DS Avocats was the first European law firm to enter the Asian market and granted three professional licenses to exercise in Asia. This strategic move was in line with the trend of European companies to expand into the Asian continent.

Since then, the firm has pursued its international development. In 2016, DS Avocats opened new offices in Spain (Madrid), America (Vancouver) and Africa (Dakar), as a result of a thorough knowledge of both national and regional legal systems. In 2017, DS opened up to South America with new offices in Santiago and Lima.

Areas of practice: The firm’s areas of practice are: public business law; urban development and planning strategies; real estate law; environmental law and sustainable development; contract and commercial litigation; commercial, competition, distribution and consumer law; intellectual property and innovation law; computer and digital law; data protection; corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and financing; restructuring; tax law; labour law; and banking and finance.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public business Jean-Marc Poisson
Urban development and planning strategies Daniel Chausse
Urban development and planning strategies Frédéric Lévy
Urban development and planning strategies Monique Ambal
Urban development and planning strategies Isabelle Carton de Grammont
Urban development and planning strategies Laura Ceccareli le Guen
Urban development and planning strategies David Guillot
Urban development and planning strategies Michaël Moussault
Urban development and planning strategies Eric Coutaud
Real estate Olivier Fages
Real estate Marie-Pierre Alix
Real estate Florence Bouthillier
Real estate Sébastien Legrix de la Salle
Real estate Robert Théret
Environment and sustainable development Frédéric Lévy
Environment and sustainable development Laura Ceccareli le Guen
Environment and sustainable development Patricia Savin
Environment and sustainable development Yvon Martinet
Environment and sustainable development Gwladys Beauchet
Environment and sustainable development Grégory Gutierrez
Labour Gwladys Beauchet
Labour Frédéric Godard-Auguste
Labour Patricia Jeanin
Labour Catherine Brun-Lorenzi
Contracts and commercial litigation, commercial, competition, distribution and consumer Bertrand Potot
Contracts and commercial litigation, commercial, competition, distribution and consumer Marie-Christine Mergny
Contracts and commercial litigation, commercial, competition, distribution and consumer Xavier Lacaze
Contracts and commercial litigation, commercial, competition, distribution and consumer Arnaud Constant
Contracts and commercial litigation, commercial, competition, distribution and consumer Michel Debroux
Intellectual property and innovation Bertrand Potot
Intellectual property and innovation Catherine Verneret
Corporate, mergers and acquisitions, financing Jérôme Lombard-Platet
Corporate, mergers and acquisitions, financing Bernard Tézé
Corporate, mergers and acquisitions, financing Arnaud Burg
Corporate, mergers and acquisitions, financing Arnaud Langlais
Corporate, mergers and acquisitions, financing Benoît Charriere-Bournazel
Corporate, mergers and acquisitions, financing Lubomir Roglev
Restructuring Martine Zervudacki-Farnier
Restructuring Thomas Obajtek
Restructuring Jean-Charles Gancia
Banking and finance Arnaud Burg
Banking and finance Frédéric Bellanca
Tax Jean-Luc Raffy
Tax Christophe Billet
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Arnauld ACHARD  photo Mr Arnauld ACHARD
Mme Marie-Pierre Alix  photo Mme Marie-Pierre Alix
Mme Monique Ambal  photo Mme Monique Ambal
Mme Gwladys Beauchet  photo Mme Gwladys Beauchet
Mr Frédéric Bellanca  photo Mr Frédéric Bellanca
Mr Christophe Billet  photo Mr Christophe Billet
 Romain Bourgade photo Romain Bourgade
Mme Florence Bouthillier  photo Mme Florence Bouthillier
Mme Catherine Brun Lorenzi  photo Mme Catherine Brun Lorenzi
Mr Arnaud Burg  photo Mr Arnaud Burg
Mme Mélanie CORNA  photo Mme Mélanie CORNA
Mme Isabelle Carton de Grammont  photo Mme Isabelle Carton de Grammont
Mme Laura Ceccarelli le Guen  photo Mme Laura Ceccarelli le Guen
Mr Benoît Charrière Bournazel  photo Mr Benoît Charrière Bournazel
Mr Daniel Chausse  photo Mr Daniel Chausse
Mr Arnaud Constant  photo Mr Arnaud Constant
Mr Eric Coutaud  photo Mr Eric Coutaud
Mr Michel Debroux  photo Mr Michel Debroux
Mme Monique FIGUEIREDO  photo Mme Monique FIGUEIREDO
Mme Véronique FRODING  photo Mme Véronique FRODING
Mr Olivier Fages  photo Mr Olivier Fages
Mr Grégory GUTIERREZ  photo Mr Grégory GUTIERREZ
Mr Jean-Charles Gancia  photo Mr Jean-Charles Gancia
Mr Frédéric Godard-Auguste  photo Mr Frédéric Godard-Auguste
Mr David Guillot  photo Mr David Guillot
Mme Safine HADRI  photo Mme Safine HADRI
Mme Patricia Jeannin  photo Mme Patricia Jeannin
Mr Frédéric Lévy  photo Mr Frédéric Lévy
Mr Xavier Lacaze  photo Mr Xavier Lacaze
Mr Arnaud Langlais  photo Mr Arnaud Langlais
Mr Sébastien Legrix de la Salle  photo Mr Sébastien Legrix de la Salle
Mr Jérôme Lombard-Platet  photo Mr Jérôme Lombard-Platet
Mr Cyril MAUCOUR  photo Mr Cyril MAUCOUR
Mr Yvon Martinet  photo Mr Yvon Martinet
Mr Marie-Christine Mergny  photo Mr Marie-Christine Mergny
Mr Olivier Monange  photo Mr Olivier Monange
Mr Michaël Moussault  photo Mr Michaël Moussault
Mr Thomas Objatek  photo Mr Thomas Objatek
Mme Joanna PELTZMAN  photo Mme Joanna PELTZMAN
Mr Jean-Marc PEYRON  photo Mr Jean-Marc PEYRON
Mme Chiara POGGI FERRERO  photo Mme Chiara POGGI FERRERO
 Christian Pascoët photo Christian Pascoët
Mr Jean-Marc Poisson  photo Mr Jean-Marc Poisson
Mr Bertrand Potot  photo Mr Bertrand Potot
Mr Jean-Luc Raffy  photo Mr Jean-Luc Raffy
Mr Lubomir Roglev  photo Mr Lubomir Roglev
Mr Guillaume SELNET  photo Mr Guillaume SELNET
Mr Jean-Marie Salva  photo Mr Jean-Marie Salva
Mme Patricia Savin  photo Mme Patricia Savin
Mme Anne Séverin  photo Mme Anne Séverin
Mr Bernard Tézé  photo Mr Bernard Tézé
Mme Marie TRECAN  photo Mme Marie TRECAN
Mme Catherine Verneret  photo Mme Catherine Verneret
Mr Philippe ZELLER  photo Mr Philippe ZELLER
Mme Martine Zervudacki Farnier  photo Mme Martine Zervudacki Farnier
Number of partners : 55
Number of lawyers : 300
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