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Law Offices Patrinos & Kilimiris offers a full service across the IP space. Recent highlights include representing Merck in a patent infringement claim, securing an injunction against a rival generic pharmaceutical product. The firm also advised Honda on a parallel imports case that went before the Supreme Court. Constantinos Kilimiris is noted for his patent work, while Maria Kilimiris handles the trade mark side.

The firm: Established in 1919 by Dr E Patrinos, Patrinos & Kilimiris is the oldest intellectual property law firm in Greece. Anna Patrinos-Kilimiris and Tassos Kilimiris expanded it into one of the leading law firms in Greece, with a team of more than 20 associates, including six attorneys.

Located in Athens, it actively practises exclusively in intellectual property protection under European and Greek law.

It employs a select number of highly qualified attorneys combining specialist knowledge and experience with flexibility, in order to serve the client in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The firm collaborates with more than 15 technical assistants with a superior level of expertise, covering the principal fields of science, in order to guarantee the highest quality in technical translations and offer expert opinions on patent-related court proceedings.

Patrinos & Kilimiris combines the advantages of a traditional family firm, such as experience and consistency, with those of a fast-expanding company incorporating new members contributing their own particular knowledge, experience and skills. It has thus earned a top position in the Greek legal field. The fact that all key members of its staff have an excellent command of English and French, with some also speaking German, Italian and Spanish, guarantees direct and personal co-operation with a large number of international companies and law firms.

The exceptional level of the firm’s services and its clients’ appreciation is reflected in its continuous ranking, over the years, among the top positions of Greek IP law firms, in the major intellectual property law publications.

Areas of practice: The firm provides a full range of legal and technical services provided by experienced patent and trade mark attorneys including patent, trade mark and design counselling, filing and prosecution, copyright protection, domain name registration and disputes, customs actions, franchising, distribution and licence agreements as well as technical translations.

Furthermore the firm undertakes substantial IP litigation up to the national courts, OHIM and the CJEU. Patrinos & Kilimiris has a strong record of successful litigation in IP infringement proceedings acting for large international and domestic companies in all areas of IP.

Department Name Email Telephone
Patent litigation Constantinos Kilimiris
Patent litigation Manolis Metaxakis
Patent litigation George Panagopoulos
Patent prosecution Constantinos Kilimiris
Pharmaceutical Constantinos Kilimiris
Pharmaceutical Manolis Metaxakis
Supplementary protections certificate Constantinos Kilimiris
Patent office examinations Constantinos Kilimiris
Trade mark litigation before all courts Maria Kilimiris
Trade mark litigation before all courts Manolis Metaxakis
Trade mark litigation before all courts George Panagopoulos
Trade mark counselling and prosecution Maria Kilimiris
Trade mark counselling and prosecution Electra Kilimiris
Trade mark counselling and prosecution Youli Angelou
Trade mark searches Electra Kilimiris
Trade mark searches Yuly Aggelou
Copyright Maria Kilimiris
Copyright Manolis Metaxakis
Designs Maria Kilimiris
Domain names Maria Kilimiris
Counterfeiting and grey market goods Maria Kilimiris
Counterfeiting and grey market goods Manolis Metaxakis
Counterfeiting and grey market goods George Panagopoulos
Unfair competition Maria Kilimiris
Unfair competition Manolis Metaxakis
Unfair competition George Panagopoulos
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Constantinos Kilimiris  photo Mr Constantinos Kilimiris
Ms Maria Kilimiris  photo Ms Maria Kilimiris
Mr Manolis Metaxakis  photo Mr Manolis Metaxakis
Number of lawyers : 6



  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Litigation
  • Athens Court of First Instance
  • June 2018
  • Constantinos Kilimiris
  • Manolis Metaxakis
  • Patent Infringement case – Preliminary Injunction granted – Invalidity objection
  • The Greek Court confirmed EPO’s case law according to which, where an independent claim is acknowledged to be new and inventive, it follows that the claims dependent thereon, are also new and inventive. On the basis of this principle, the Court ruled that, in a case where a pharma mono-product is inventive, a corresponding COMBINATION product is inventive as well.


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Litigation
  • Athens Court of First Instance
  • October 2018
  • Constantinos Kilimiris
  • Manolis Metaxakis
  • Patent Infringement case – Preliminary injunction granted – Requirement of urgency
  • Urgency is a sine qua non condition for an injunction to be granted before the Greek Courts. In this case, it was clarified that an “imminent” circulation of the infringing pharmaceutical product occurs, when all regulatory requirements have been satisfied, such as MA and price grant, so that the MA holder may at any time thereafter launch the product concerned.



  • OTC  products
  • Athens Administrative Court of First Instance
  • Ongoing
  • Maria Kilimiris
  • Manolis Metaxakis
  • Opposition Proceedings – Likelihood of confusion
  • The Greek Trademarks Administrative Commission handed down a Decision, under which there is likelihood of confusion, in a case where the subsequent trademark consists of a prefix and suffix, which is the suffix and prefix respectively of the earlier trademark.


  • Automobile Industry
  • The Greek Supreme Court
  • January 2018
  • Maria Kilimiris
  • Manolis Metaxakis
  • Trademark infringement action proceedings – Parallel imports
  • This is the first reported case that was decided before the Greek Supreme Court, where the EU case law was affirmed regarding an objection of abuse of process that was raised. It was held that although the defendant may raise such an objection against a right conferred by EU law, such an objection shall be considered in light of the objectives pursued by the EU provisions relating to that right. In this context, it was also held that when considering this objection, a balance should be drawn between the interests of both the claimant and the defendant.


  • DPDgroup International Service GmbH & Co. KG
  • Courier Services
  • November 2018
  • Maria Kilimiris
  • George Panagopoulos
  • Domain name .eu dispute
  • I was held that the contested domain name .eu was registered in bad faith, i.e. for the purpose of disrupting the professional activities of a competitor. It was also held that the contested domain name was intentionally used to attract Internet users for commercial gain, by creating a likelihood of confusion

At Patrinos & Kilimiris diversity, equity and inclusion are central to the internal operations of our law firm as well as to our co-operations.

Our workplace consists of and embraces different cultures, ethnicities and genders.

In recognizing the difficulties a new mother may face, we offer our employees the option of an extended maternity leave, or to more flexible working hours, in order to support them through this transition.

Other ways of ensuring greater diversity of thought behind our business is, by constantly enhancing our talent pool.

Outside of our workplace, we choose to cultivate partnerships and supplier relationships that will promote and improve inclusion and diversity for our clients but that will also set an example for our community regarding business conduct in Greece.