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Bignon Lebray fields a team of some 100 lawyers who have expertise in a broad range of areas. The firm has a strong reputation nationally and has experienced recent growth. While the Paris office houses most of the team (some 30 lawyers), Lille also accommodates a substantial number (some 20 lawyers). Lyon is home to some ten lawyers and Aix-en-Provence to a small team of two. The firm also has a presence in China.

Industry focus: IT, telecoms and the internet Tier 3

Data protection, e-commerce and IT law all fall within Bignon Lebray's areas of expertise. Practice head Benjamin Mourot is currently advising a chemical manufacturer on all contractual negotiations and drafting in connection with the implementation of new IT infrastructure, while from the Aix-en-Provence office Julien Lecat is representing an online payment solution provider in a dispute arising from a security breach. The group also provides ongoing advice on GDPR compliance. Elise Dufour was promoted to the partnership in January 2019. Nicolas Moreau  was a new arrival from Brunswick La Morinerie.

The firm: Bignon Lebray is a French law firm established more than 35 years ago that provides business law services to large and medium-sized companies. The firm is recognised for delivering creative, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of its clients. Its fully integrated offices in France (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Aix-Marseille), its strategic presence in China (Shanghai) and its active involvement in the Meritas International Network provide the firm with a clear overview of its clients’ markets, as well as a good understanding of the clients’ roles within those markets.

Areas of practice: The firm has 80 lawyers, including 31 partners, working within 11 practice areas.

Corporate law – mergers and acquisitions: the firm advises clients on transactions involving the purchase or sale of private and listed companies, and creation of partnerships and joint ventures. The M&A department also assists with public tender offers, audits, corporate restructuring, acquisition financing, and risk and development capital.

Private equity: Bignon Lebray is also recognised for its expertise in the field of private equity, in particular in venture capital, development capital and LBOs for small and mid-cap transactions (companies valued up to €100m).

Tax law: the firm advises companies on corporate, transactional and strategic tax matters, including transfer pricing issues. The team has extensive experience representing companies in the context of tax investigations and negotiations with tax authorities and appearing on their behalf in courts. The firm’s tax experts also provide assistance with property transactions and with matters relating to employee benefits and estate planning.

Employment and social security law: Bignon Lebray is equipped to respond to all challenges faced by companies and their management in terms of employment law, human resource management and social security. The team advises clients on both negotiations and disputes.

Banking, finance and capital markets: Bignon Lebray advises financial institutions and private and public borrowers on all types of financing, including structured finance, derivatives and capital markets. The firm’s expertise extends to regulatory and UCITS-related issues, with significant experience in managing banking and financial disputes.

Competition and distribution law: the firm has considerable expertise in distribution and competition law. The firm assists clients with the management of their contractual relationships and the implementation and enhancement of distribution techniques, as well as with compliance issues.

Property law and property management: the firm works with both institutions and professionals on property transactions. The firm’s expertise extends to mergers and acquisitions, commercial leases, construction contracts, construction claims and disputes, and co-ownership management and disputes.

Public, environmental and PPP law: the firm offers extensive experience in all areas of public and environmental law, in both transactional and litigious contexts. It assists clients with development and promotional projects, preemptions and expropriations, PPPs, project finance, mergers and acquisitions and environmental audits.

Intellectual property and technology law: Bignon Lebray assists clients with identifying, protecting and enhancing the value of their trade marks, patents, designs and models, and databases, etc. The department also has extensive experience in the advanced technologies field, notably as related to information technology and the internet.

Transport & Logistics: the firm has both in-house and private practice experience, and extensive experience in the risk management and insurance fields. This allows it to assist clients in the shipping and logistics industries with both transactional and contentious matters.

Litigation and arbitration: the firm acts in disputes in all areas of business law across sectors including food, wine and spirits, industrial, transport, energy, health, urban planning, public and banking. Its lawyers assist and defend both companies and their management before civil, commercial and criminal courts.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate – mergers and acquisitions
Private equity
Tax law
Employment and social security law
Banking, finance and capital markets
Competition and distribution law
Property law and property management
Public, environmental and PPP law
Intellectual property and technology law
Transport & Logistics
Litigation and arbitration
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Mr Antoine Arminjon  photo Mr Antoine Arminjon
Mr Antoine Benoit  photo Mr Antoine Benoit
Mr Jérémie Boublil  photo Mr Jérémie Boublil
Mr Thomas Buffin  photo Mr Thomas Buffin
Mrs Caroline Cazaux  photo Mrs Caroline Cazaux
Mr Frédéric Coulon  photo Mr Frédéric Coulon
Mrs Julie Daniel  photo Mrs Julie Daniel
Mr Bertrand Debosque  photo Mr Bertrand Debosque
Mrs Florence Dedieu  photo Mrs Florence Dedieu
Mrs Laurence Defontaine  photo Mrs Laurence Defontaine
Mr Xavier Dequidt  photo Mr Xavier Dequidt
Mrs Marie-Charlotte Diriart  photo Mrs Marie-Charlotte Diriart
Mr Jean-Baptiste Dubrulle  photo Mr Jean-Baptiste Dubrulle
Mrs Elise Dufour  photo Mrs Elise Dufour
Mrs Xiao-Lin Fu-Bourgne  photo Mrs Xiao-Lin Fu-Bourgne
Mr Alexandre Ghesquière  photo Mr Alexandre Ghesquière
Mr Jacques Goyet  photo Mr Jacques Goyet
Mr Jérôme Granotier  photo Mr Jérôme Granotier
Mr Philippe Larivière  photo Mr Philippe Larivière
Mr Julien Lecat  photo Mr Julien Lecat
Mr Cyril Maucour  photo Mr Cyril Maucour
Mr Nicolas Moreau  photo Mr Nicolas Moreau
Mr Benjamin Mourot  photo Mr Benjamin Mourot
Mrs Delphine Nowak  photo Mrs Delphine Nowak
Mr Thierry Permezel  photo Mr Thierry Permezel
Mr Sébastien Pinot  photo Mr Sébastien Pinot
Mr Wilfried Polaert  photo Mr Wilfried Polaert
Mrs Ondine Prévoteau  photo Mrs Ondine Prévoteau
Mr Serge Rastorgoueff  photo Mr Serge Rastorgoueff
Mr Neil Robertson  photo Mr Neil Robertson
Mr Pierre-Emmanuel Scherrer  photo Mr Pierre-Emmanuel Scherrer
Mr Liwei Song  photo Mr Liwei Song
Mr Alain Vamour  photo Mr Alain Vamour
Mr Alban Van de Vyver  photo Mr Alban Van de Vyver
Mr François Vignalou  photo Mr François Vignalou
Mr Edouard Waels  photo Mr Edouard Waels
Mr Philippe Woerner  photo Mr Philippe Woerner
Number of lawyers : 80
at this office : 30
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