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Firms To Watch: Clinical negligence: claimant

UK insurance leader Irwin Mitchell launched in Cardiff in mid-2022; the firm's clinical negligence offering in South Wales is led by Julie Lewis, who splits her time between Cardiff and Bristol. The 'supportive, empathetic and patient' team has significant expertise in handling matters across the full spectrum of medical injuries, in particular birth and neonatal injuries, neurological injuries of the spine and brain as well as complex fatalities. Other key members of the wider team - which is able to draw on 'invaluable' support from the firm's extensive network of UK bases - include Rhian Hooton, who is praised as an 'outstanding individual', and the 'attentive, responsive' Eleri Davies.

Clinical negligence: claimant in Wales

Hugh James

Deploying a ‘combination of exceptionally high technical expertise and grounded common sense’, as well as ‘empathy and understanding for every client’, Hugh James is ‘at the forefront of claimant clinical negligence litigation’, regularly handling the most complex and difficult mandates relating to brain injury, birth injury, catastrophic and fatal cases. A well as being well-equipped to secure the best possible outcome in the relevant case, the firm is subsequently also able to effectively deal with managing the finances of the victim, if necessary, through its excellent Court of Protection offering. Rhian Parsons is ‘extremely savvy’ and has vast experience in the field, particularly in cases of the utmost severity, including brain injuries, spinal catastrophic injury cases, and wrongful birth claims. The ‘thorough and indefatigable’ Katie McCraithreally fights for her clients’, regularly achieving superb results in often very emotionally fraught matters; she is also responsible for the development and maintenance of relationships with reputable experts. Elin Davies  ‘always goes the extra mile for her clients’, including in cases involving amputations, stroke management and fatalities. Associate Gareth Beard  ‘is very careful to understand the medical aspects of the case’, and has a very active caseload across a wide array of mandates, including cases involving diagnosis delays and several ongoing brain injury matters. Senior associate Rebecca Mather  ‘achieves great results for clients’ across a wide range of clinical negligence cases varying in complexity and value. At a senior level, as well as his duties as head of the firm’s overarching individual client services division, Stephen Webber  also has an active fee-earning practice that includes high value medical negligence cases. London-based Ruth Powell heads up the clinical negligence department having taken over the role from Mari Rosser , who herself still plays an active role on cases despite a more managerial position in general.

Practice head(s):

Ruth Powell (London)

Other key lawyers:

Stephen Webber; Mari Rosser; Rhian Parsons; Katie McCraith; Elin Davies; Mark Lane; Gareth Beard; Rebecca Mather


‘Expertise spans the most complex and difficult cases including brain injury, birth injury, catastrophic and fatal cases often worth millions of pounds. The time spent on each case ensures full and thorough investigation leading to excellent results being secured for the client.’

‘Hugh James is at the forefront of claimant clinical negligence litigation. Their overall approach is an effective mix of robustness and reasonableness.’

‘Empathy and understanding for every client. Genuinely caring about what a client has been through and how their life has been changed by the negligence. Focus on ensuring they have the best possible outcome and chance of moving forward after the conclusion of the claim.’

‘Able to handle complex cases in a sensitive and pragmatic way. ’

‘‘The characteristic of this practice which stands out is its combination of exceptionally high technical expertise and grounded common sense.’

‘The extremely savvy Rhian Parsons provides clear advice in a matter of fact and down-to-earth manner.’

‘Katie McCraith is a superb partner. The depth of her experience is evident in the approach to all her cases. She is thorough and indefatigable. She really fights for her clients.’

‘Elin Davies always goes the extra mile for her clients.’

Work highlights

Geldards LLP

The ‘strong negligence‘ team at Geldards LLP handles work on a national basis for clients who have suffered a myriad injuries, and as well as achieving excellent results in trial or settlement, it is also effectively able to leverage resources within the firm’s private client to advise on compensation protections trusts and probate issues. ‘Hugely experienced’ team head Spencer Collierregularly undertakes complex and high-value claims’, including on maximum severity brain and spinal injury cases, amputations, and proceedings involving the late and delayed diagnosis of cancer. Senior associate Rachel Kirby is ‘caring and compassionate to injured clients but robust in negotiations with defendants’, ensuring that she is a popular choice to take the lead on complicated and emotionally fraught cases, including as it relates to gynaecological and birth injury claims.

Practice head(s):

Spencer Colllier

Other key lawyers:

Rachel Kirby; Amy-Beth Probert


‘This is a strong clinical negligence team in Wales. The client care is of a very high standard and the fee earners are all experienced and fight their clients’ corners.’

‘Spencer Collier is hugely experienced in clinical negligence claims having undertaken this area of work for many years. Spencer is a first-class lawyer who regularly undertakes complex and high-value claims.’ 

‘Rachel Kirby is an excellent clinical negligence solicitor. She is caring and compassionate to injured clients but robust in negotiations with defendants.’


Work highlights

  • Achieved an exceptional settlement in a complicated matter of clinical negligence involving a spinal injury resulting from a failed medical procedure where life-changing damages of £1.27m were secured for the client.
  • Achieved a £0.5m settlement for a child who suffered a complicated Erbs Palsy following a botched delivery, with Court Approval.
  • Achieved a £350,000 settlement for a client who suffered a significant Cauda Equina lesion post L5/SI Discectomy surgery.

Harding Evans LLP

Drawing upon the expertise of 'high quality associates and partners’ based out of Newport and Cardiff, Harding Evans LLP has positioned itself as 'one of most effective clinical negligence teams in South Wales'. The scope of the work is broad and includes challenging cases involving catastrophic neurological injuries, where the firm stands out for its deep knowledge of the medical issues and law but also its 'emphasis on client care'. Drawing upon his many years' of experience in the field, team head Ken Thomas remains a favoured choice by clients (including on referrals as a result of his longstanding panel appointment on independent patient safety charity AvMA) in relation to cases of the utmost severity and 'approaches all his cases with the same vigour and passion'. The 'extremely intelligent and compassionate' Emma Scourfield was also recently accepted on the AvMA panel, recognition of her expertise in the space and her 'calm and empathetic demeanour' for clients having suffered brain, amputation, spinal and cerebral palsy injuries. Other recommended partners include Welsh speaker Sara Uren, who 'obtains excellent results in challenging cases', and Lauren Watkins, who 'builds a great rapport with opposing legal teams, resulting in excellent consensual outcomes for the client'. At an associate level, Debra King 'is compassionate with injured clients but knows how to maximise the value of their claims', including as it relates to Cauda Equina and gynaecology cases.

Practice head(s):

Ken Thomas

Other key lawyers:

Emma Scourfield; Lauren Watkins; Sara Uren; Danielle Howell; Debra King; Adele Wilde; Ashleigh Hill


This is one of the most effective clinical negligence teams in South Wales.’

‘High quality associates and partners with a good eye for detail and emphasis on client care.’

‘Ken Thomas is a hugely experienced serious injury lawyer who works tirelessly for his clients to make the difference in their cases. Although he has been around for over 30 years he approaches all his cases with the same vigour and passion. ‘

Work highlights

  • Acted for claimant on a claim for failure to diagnose a monochorionic pregnancy which settled at mediation.

JCP Solicitors

Drawing upon the expertise of lawyers with different levels of experience throughout South and West Wales, including a number of Welsh-speaking practitioners, JCP Solicitors is effectively able to resource matters in a cost-effective manner which draws upon both a ‘thorough knowledge of the law’, as well as medical matters. Although it handles a wide range of mandates, it is best-known for its expertise at guiding clients through matters of the utmost severity, particularly with regard to brain injuries where the team regularly works closely with the firm’s outstanding Court of Protection offering which is spearheaded by Lynne Morgan . Team head Matthew Owen has ‘a firm grasp of both medical and legal matters’, which he puts to good use for clients seeking compensation in relation to both birth and acquired brain injuries, in particular. ‘Excellent’ Carmarthen-based practitioner Thomas Rees  spearheads the firm’s efforts throughout the South West Wales region and has established a specialism in high-value spinal cord injury cases. Mei Li and Keith Thomas have vast experience in catastrophic claims brought about both by personal injury accidents, as well as as a result of clinical negligence.

Practice head(s):

Matthew Owen

Other key lawyers:

Keith Thomas; Mei Li; Thomas Rees; Nick O’Neill; Elinor Laidlaw; Lauren Sharp


‘Swansea firm with particular and well-earned renown for claimant clinical negligence and personal injury.’

‘Good geographical spread throughout South and West Wales, with many Welsh-speaking lawyers. Excellent standards amongst fee earners and thorough knowledge of the law’

‘Matthew Owen is probably the best all-round claimant clinical negligence solicitor in South Wales.’

Work highlights

Slater and Gordon

The ‘highly committed’ team at Slater and Gordonworks well together’ to ensure that clients are ‘extremely well-served’ across a range of high-value and complex cases, where they also benefit from access to complementary services including Court of Protection and trusts services, if necessary. Team head Yvonne Agnew  is ‘one of the foremost UK experts in birth injury cases’, and as well as her continued involvement in high-profile cases is also a vital mentor for more junior practitioners within the group. At a senior associate level, Lara Bennett is a ‘dedicated and skilful claimant lawyer’, while Kelly Lloyd-Davieshas a solid grasp of the issues in each case’, including on birth injury as well as delayed or missed diagnosis claims. Julia Reynolds departed to Leigh Day in 2024.

Practice head(s):

Yvonne Agnew

Other key lawyers:

Kelly Lloyd-Davies; Lara Bennett; Wallis Crockford; Megan Cavanagh


‘A number of highly experienced and skilled individuals, who seem to work together for the collective good. They are impressive in the number of high value and complex cases they attract.’

‘The Cardiff team are highly committed clinical negligence lawyers. They are a strong team who work well together and ensure that the client is extremely well served.’

Yvonne Agnew is one of the foremost UK experts in birth injury cases.’

‘Kelly Lloyd-Davies is a true Claimant’s lawyer. She has a solid grasp of the issues in each case and can communicate complex issues to lay clients clearly and gently.’

‘Megan Cavanagh is a delight to work with on tricky clinical negligence cases. She is approachable and very good with clients, even where there are difficult issues to broach.’

‘Lara Bennett handles a variety of high value and complex cases. She is a dedicated and skilful claimant lawyer.

‘The outstanding Wallis Crockford handles the most complex cases with supreme skill and ability.’

Work highlights

Thompsons Solicitors LLP

The ‘friendly, professional and knowledgeable’ team at Thompsons Solicitors LLP provides an ‘exceptionally professional’ service to private and trade union member clients seeking recourse for injuries sustained during medical treatment. ‘Compassionate and understanding’ team head Matthew Jones leads from the front and is responsible for securing many of the highest monetary awards on behalf of clients, including as a result of brain and spinal injuries. As well as often providing vital assistance to Jones on his cases, ‘knowledgeable and responsive’ Chartered Legal Executive Lisa Osborne has her own vibrant caseload and continues to work tirelessly for victims of vaginal mesh. ‘Adept at handling complex cases beyond his level of seniority’, Robert Jones is also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Matthew Jones

Other key lawyers:

Lisa Osborne; Robert Jones; Max Simpson; Marta Molda


‘They are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They are always there when anything needs explaining and I always feel like they are on top of things and that they are doing everything they can.’

‘First-class clinical negligence team at Thompsons, who always put the clients first.’

‘Matthew Jones is compassionate and understanding and has gone out of his way to ensure that our best interests are always met and that we are always aware of exactly what is happening and what to expect.’

The amazing Lisa Osborne is knowledgeable and responsive, and provides clear and concise advice.’

Robert Jones is an intelligent and skilful associate who is adept at handling complex cases beyond his level of seniority.’


Work highlights

  • Settled a case for a minor arising out of an injury suffered at birth for an 8 figure sum.
  • Settled a case for a six figure sum where there was a failure to obtain adequate consent ahead of a mesh procedure.
  • Settled a case where spinal surgery was performed at the wrong level, leading to avoidable injury to the client.

GHP Legal

As well as personal injury matters, GHP Legal handles clinical negligence cases from its Wrexham and Oswestry offices; the key contacts are Robert Williams and John Hulme.

Practice head(s):

Robert Williams


‘GHP provide a very bespoke legal service for their clients. They are a very experienced, friendly and capable team who have justifiably built up a very good reputation. Time is taken to understand the client’s case fully, and ensure that this is reflected in the way the claim is presented. They are not afraid to fight for their clients.’

‘Robert Williams goes all out for his clients. He does not shy away from difficult cases and explores all options to achieve the best result for each client.’

‘Robert Williams has a mathematician’s eye for detail. ’

Howells Solicitors

Susan Edwards  heads a 'diligent and proactive' combined personal injury and clinical negligence offering at Howells Solicitors that has a growing reputation acting for claimants in relation to cases of the utmost severity. Recognised as an 'excellent clinical negligence solicitor', associate Carys Jones ' arrival in July 2022 from Harding Evans LLP was a significant boost for the team in light of her 'compassionate' approach and ability to achieve 'very good settlements for clients’. 


Practice head(s):

Susan Edwards

Other key lawyers:

Victoria Garvey; Carys Jones


‘An experienced team of solicitors and legal executives who add insightful value to all of their cases. I have always found them to be diligent in their preparation, prompt in responding to matters, and proactive in their case management – overall a very good service.’

‘Howells is a growing clinical negligence presence in Cardiff.’

‘Carys Jones – Carys is an excellent clinical negligence solicitor who has years of experience dealing with injuries of the utmost severity. She is compassionate with clients and has an excellent understanding of the law. She achieves very good settlements for clients.’

Work highlights

Mackenzie Jones Solicitors

St Asaph-based firm Mackenzie Jones Solicitors has a good reputation among North Wales-based clients, where it is able to take instructions and provide advice in Welsh, if necessary, across a range of clinical negligence matters. Anna Mills Morgan, who co-heads the team alongside Richard Jones , 'explains every step of the way for clients and is supportive in listening to their needs and on the rehab progress'. 

Practice head(s):

Anna Mills Morgan; Richard Jones


‘The firm has a unique position to support their clients in this area, and especially to support for their Welsh speaking clients.’

‘Anna Mills Morgan has a very good working relationship with her clients, and maintains frequent contact. She explains every step of the way for clients and is supportive in listening to their needs and on the rehab progress.’

‘Anna Mills Morgan’s knowledge was second-to-none and she knew who to use as her support to bring the case to a favourable conclusion, I.e. medical experts, barristers etc.

Work highlights

  • Acting on behalf of a claimant against a local Health Board, where limitation was rapidly expiring.

NewLaw Solicitors

The ‘extremely approachable and friendly team’ at NewLaw Solicitors is well-versed at handling many concurrent files, from lower value multi-track to catastrophic injury cases, where clients benefit not only from subject and legal expertise from lawyers in the team but also access access to the firm’s unique group of welfare managers. Team head Nicola Davies  ‘is excellent at dealing with complex clinical negligence claims’, including spinal injuries and amputations. Senior solicitor Daniel Thomas  has an ‘in-depth understanding of the relevant issues’ across a varied case load that includes high-value spinal and stroke cases. Nicola Edwards is the operational director of the overarching specialist claims group.

Practice head(s):

Nicola Edwards

Other key lawyers:

Nicola Davies; Daniel Thomas; Michael Sims; James Mortimer; Emily Andrews


‘The lawyers are knowledgeable, experienced, extremely hardworking and well prepared.’

‘It is an extremely approachable and friendly team.’

‘Nicola Davies was really outstanding in dealing with a complex diabetic foot claim. She is excellent at dealing with complex clinical negligence claims. ’

Key clients

National Accident Helpline

Lilian Brown

Work highlights

Watkins & Gunn Limited

Although Watkins & Gunn Limited is far-better known for its personal injury work, Newport-based partner Jonathan Wellington devotes a considerable amount of his time to handling clinical negligence matters. Recent work has included a case for a girl left with severe brain damage following a failure to diagnose meningitis.

Practice head(s):

Jonathan Wellington


‘They provide a professional and personal service to their clients.’

Work highlights

  • Successfully represented a client in public liability trial which succeeded at trial. The claimant fell over a water stop tap cover and suffered a fractured right femur and psychological symptoms. The claim was made against both council and Welsh Water. Succeeded in full at trial against the council on the basis of poor inspection.