White-collar crime in Ukraine


Arzinger's team comprises of '‘well-known professionals in the market'. It focuses on high-profile cases, with recent examples included the Agroinvest case, in which it represented international grain traders in one of the biggest fraud cases in the Ukrainian grain market. The group's focus on major cases sees it undertake work in sectors such as agriculture, energy, food and beverages, retail, hospitality, infrastructure and transportation, automotive and life sciences. Kateryna Gupalo, who is 'both experienced and always available', and Oleksander Plotnikov are the lead partners. Senior associate Oleksandr Maksymenko is an emerging talent in criminal cases.

Practice head(s):

Kateryna Gupalo; Oleksander Plotnikov

Other key lawyers:

Oleksandr Maksymenko


‘Well-known professionals on the market.’

‘Team head Kateryna Gupalo has good experience and is swift in difficult affairs.’

‘Kateryna Gupalo is both experienced and always available.’

Key clients

Econia LLC

Porsche Ukraine LLC

Work highlights

  • Representing a major vehicle manufacturer in a series of criminal proceedings connected to the import of vehicles into Ukraine allegedly without due certification. The case is unique due to there being a great number of registered cars, as well as its technical procedural features, and also the attempt of law enforcement bodies to represent a case as a ‘diesel gate’.
  • Representing a group of major international grain traders in a series of criminal proceedings in one of the biggest fraud cases in the Ukrainian grain market – the so-called Agroinvest case.
  • Provision of legal aid to a client in criminal proceedings concerning allegations of committing embezzlement of property by the abuse of office while making a decision to issue a stabilisation loan to one of the Ukrainian banks in the amount UAH1.2bn.


At Asters, 'its strength lies in its deep knowledge of the case, outstanding collaboration between team members, and simple and direct communication'. The firm has one of the largest specialist criminal law practices in Kiev, and has a dedicated anti-corruption group. It frequently acts for both high-profile individuals and large companies in criminal investigations and internal inquiries. Practice head Sergiy Grebenyuk is 'an outstanding practitioner with excellent analytical skills and an ability to make the right strategic decisions'. Counsel Orest Stasiuk is also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Sergiy Grebenyuk

Other key lawyers:

Orest Stasiuk; Tatiana Popovska; Katherine Travkina


‘Their strength lies in deep knowledge of the case, outstanding collaboration between team members, and simple and direct communication. What I specifically like about Asters is that they put things into perspective and look at the strategic and long-term aspects of a case. ’

‘Partner Sergiy Grebenyuk is an outstanding practitioner with a vast amount of experience. He has excellent analytical skills and an ability to make the right strategic decisions.’

‘Counsel Orest Stasiuk knows how to evaluate the risks and rewards of moves in the case. I would also like to endorse associates Tatiana Popovska and Katherine Travkina.’

Key clients

Avgust Crop Protection

ED&F Man Trading Ukraine

Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (IBRC)

Pelagia AS

TAS group

Taryan Group

Work highlights

  • Representing TAS group in criminal proceedings on false allegations related to purchase of business.
  • Representing Subsidiary of sovereign wealth fund of foreign country in countering of repeated attempts of fraudulent takeover of the $25m in real estate assets. The team managed to stop three attempts of fraudulent takeover, reinstated the control over enterprise and assets, blocked attempts to move the property of the company.
  • Representing Pelagia AS with respect to criminal proceedings connected with fraudulent actions of its counterpart aimed to avoid payments for the supplied goods.

Aver Lex

Aver Lex is a leading white-collar crime boutique law firm, which focuses exclusively on high-profile economic crimes and politically-motivated prosecutions. The firm continues to lead the defence of Viktor Yanukovych, the fourth President of Ukraine, in an unprecedented case alleging treason. Appeals are now being heard. ‘They are not afraid of high-profile cases and are always enthusiastic in defending the interests of the client‘. Olha Prosyanyuk and Vitaliy Serdyuk lead the practice, which includes Igor Fedorenkoup-and-coming partner Artem Drozdov, and associates Bogdan Bilenko and Andriana Fozekosh.

Practice head(s):

Olha Prosyanyuk; Vitaliy Serdyuk

Other key lawyers:

Igor Fedorenko; Artem Drozdov; Bogdan Bilenko; Andriana Fozekosh; Volodymyr Yenich


Firstly, I would like to notice Vitaliy Serdyuk who is one of the best lawyers for white-collar crime in Ukraine. He uses an unorthodox approach in his work, and he knows how to answer tricky questions of journalists.’

‘Igor Fedorenko is an experienced strategist who can calculate each situation in advance, which allows achieving such weighty results. He has exceptional experience in dealing with such issues. Olha Prosyanyuk is an excellent head of the team, a bright manager and lawyer. She is always open-mind and friendly. She is always engaged in the most difficult and resonant cases. It is worth adding that they are really the best in the top high-profile cases. Over several years of work, they have shown that Aver Lex is a reliable partner who will never abandon a client in a difficult situation. ’

‘I am impressed by Olha Prosyanyuk’s management style, especially her ability to keep the atmosphere of a family in the team. She believes that nothing is impossible. I guess one of her character qualities is perfectionism, hence, both she and her team always give their best at 100%. Watching her work, I can say that she was destined to be a highly qualified lawyer. In my professional career, I have not met such lawyers as Vitaliy Serdyuk. He is an example of the Ukrainian legal profession. Vitaliy generates special defence strategies. He knows the criminal procedure in detail, which allows him to take a fresh look at the situation. Defending the client, he does not leave opponents a chance to win. Igor Fedorenko and Artem Drozdov are also very professionally strong in criminal proceedings and have a good command of the necessary soft skills. They are a perfect team.’

‘For many years, I have known AVER LEX and its partners Olha Prosyanyuk, Vitaliy Serdyuk, Igor Fedorenko and Artem Drozdov. They have all the resources to implement a comprehensive defence for their clients. Also, they have a great team of lawyers who have different experience in all areas of criminal proceedings. This lets them organise all processes despite the number of simultaneous actions or even several regions. The partners of the firm are not afraid of high-profile cases, even if there are personal or professional risks in these cases for themselves. They are always enthusiastic in defending the interests of the client.’

‘Vitaliy Serdyuk has no equal in criminal proceedings. He is fearless, determined, he is an excellent strategist. At the same time, he always tries to help everyone who applies to him, regardless of the subject matter.’

‘Igor Fedorenko and Artem Drozdov have a deep understanding of the criminal process. They also have a great sense of humor.’

‘Partner Artem Drozdov is a top white-collar crime lawyer. He sees a situation both from the defence side and from the side of an investigator. This skill allows him to predict possible developments and be ahead of the situation.’

‘On our projects, we communicate with partners Olha Prosyanyuk, Vitaly Serdyuk and Artem Drozdov. Olha is always attentive to both clients and her team. Vitaly always has a reasoned position, Artem has well-demonstrated organisational skills.’

Key clients

Viktor Yanukovych

Yaroslav Dubnevych

Igor Nasalyk

Judges of the District Administrative Court in Kyiv

Mykhailo Cheperdak

Igor Burak


Bunge Ukraine

Myroslav Prodan

Work highlights

  • Defending Viktor Yanukovych, the fourth President of Ukraine (2010-2014) in an unprecedented large-scale case with numerous proceedings and episodes.
  • Defending Yaroslav Dubnevych, a member of the Parliament of Ukraine of 7-9th convocations, in criminal proceedings initiated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine on the charges of grand misappropriation of PJSC Ukrzaliznytsya’s funds ($3.8,) during procurements for the supply of spare parts.
  • Defending Igor Nasalyk, politician, the former member of the Parliament, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine in 2016-2019, in criminal proceedings on a declaration of false information for the amount of $1.3m.

GORO legal

GORO legal may have a small white-collar crime practice, but it is involved in some of the most high-profile cases in the market. Of note is its involvement in the defence of Viktor Yanukovych, former president of Ukraine, against charges of treason; practice head Oleksandr Goroshynskyi has been involved in this case since 2015. In addition, he also handles a broad range of other criminal work, providing clients with support during searches and assisting with the return of temporarily seized property.

Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Goroshynskyi

Key clients

Mr. Viktor Yanukovych

Ukrainian special division “Berkut”

Work highlights

  • Representing Viktor Yanukovych in a criminal case on charges of treason.
  • Representing ex-officers of Ukrainian special division “Berkut” in a criminal case.
  • Representing Viktor Yanukovych in a criminal case concerning mass killings of Maidan protesters in Kyiv in 2014.

Ilyashev & Partners

According to one of its clients, Ilyashev & Partners has 'the best white-collar crime practice in Ukraine, advising on the most challenging cases mentioned in the media'. Roman Marchenko and Mikhail Ilyashev are both highly respected practitioners in the team. The firm also has a large bench of skilled associates, among them Denys Nienov. The firm handles every stage of white-collar litigation for high-profile clients, and it is also noted for its ability to conduct independent financial investigations, including in respect of crimes committed by senior executives.

Practice head(s):

Roman Marchenko; Mikhail Ilyashev

Other key lawyers:

Denys Nienov


‘The team can be considered as a very strong in criminal practice. The law firm is characterised as patient and diligent.’

‘Denys Nienov can be characterised as a mindful and highly-qualified lawyer.’

‘I think this law firm has the best white-collar crime practice in Ukraine. They are advising on the most challenging cases mentioned in the media.’

‘Denys Nienov is a young but already a very experienced lawyer. His advice literally changes lives of his clients.’

Key clients

SE Antonov

BTA Bank

Group DF

LU Invest


Smila Energo Invest

Work highlights

  • Representation of interests of BTA Bank in Ukraine and abroad in criminal cases on charges of fraud of former chairman of the board of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov.
  • Criminal defence of the official of Smila Energo Invest in the high-profile criminal trial, which opened in connection with the breakdown of the heating season 2017-2018 in Smila, Cherkasy Region.
  • Representing SE Antonov in criminal proceedings in Ukraine and Germany against the management and the nominee shareholders of Antonov Salis GmbH relating to mismanagement of funds and breach of trust.


Kinstellar frequently handles criminal investigations, enforcement proceedings and white-collar criminal defence in matters involving bribery, fraud, money laundering and theft, acting for high-profile individuals across the CE region. Iryna Nikolayevska is the head of compliance, risks and sensitive investigations, succeeding Kostiantyn Likarchuk , who has left the firm to join Avellum along with Lyudmyla Volkova. Since publication, the firm acquired DLA Piper's Ukrainian office, adding Olga Vorozhbyt, senior associate Oleksii Gerasymchuk and associate Artem Krykun-Trush to the team.

Practice head(s):

Iryna Nikolayevska; Olga Vorozhbyt

Other key lawyers:

Artem Krykun-Trush; Oleksii Gerasymchuk


‘The show deep involvement in solving the problem, working out every detail, with a variety of methods, as well as courage and consistency.’

‘It has a highly professional team in Olga Vorozhbyt, Oleksii Gerasymchuk, Artem Krykun-Trush.’

Key clients

Andrey Adamovskiy

Anna Tigipko

Work highlights

  • Acted for Ukrainian high-net-worth individual Andrey Adamovskiy in a dispute arising from the dissolution of Oledo Group in 2009, which resulted in a high-value dispute after the sale of VikOil (the principal cash flow generating asset of Oledo Group) to a global joint venture TNK-BP.
  • Representing a Ukrainian high-net-worth individual in connection with a criminal investigation initiated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, which involves officials of one of the state-owned banks and officials of a large agricultural group, which was owned by the client.
  • Advised British high net worth individual Anna Tigipko in connection with a criminal investigation initiated under application of the client’s ex-husband in connection with child abduction from the UK to Ukraine.

Sayenko Kharenko

Sayenko Kharenko provides 'clear, practical assistance which makes sense from a legal and business risk perspective'. Practice heads Sergiy Smirnov and Yevgeniy Solodko are 'hardworking and very diligent with a good understanding of actual business needs'. The firm has significant experience of handling criminal investigations, enforcement actions, internal investigations and white-collar crime cases, and it is frequently involved in high-profile matters. It recently acted for one of Ukraine’s largest taxpayers in criminal proceedings alleging tax evasion.

Practice head(s):

Sergey Smirnov; Yevgeniy Solodko


‘It was really nice working with Sayenko Kharenko. The team works very professionally, the responsiveness is perfect. They provided clear, practical assistance which made sense from a legal and business risk perspective.’

‘Our key contacts are Sergey Pogrebnoy and Sergei Smirnov. Sergey Pogrebnoy manages his team effectively and handles the issues responsibly. He is very pragmatic and practical. Sergei Smirnov is hard-working, very diligent and a very good lawyer with a good understanding of actual business needs.’

Key clients



Porsche Ukraine Group

Work highlights

  • Successfully defending interests of a group of companies owning one of the largest plants in Ukraine in corporate conflict.
  • Defending the interests and business reputation of one of Ukraine’s largest taxpayers in criminal proceedings for tax evasion.
  • Representing the interests of Oshadbank in criminal proceeding in connection with possible misappropriation and embezzlement at the pre-trial investigation stage.


At VB PARTNERS, the team 'consists of lawyers with comprehensive knowledge in Ukrainian criminal, corporate, business and tax law'. The firm acts for suspects accused of committing white-collar crimes, as well as victims of fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, tax evasion, fictitious bankruptcy, abuse of office and illegal enrichment, among other crimes. Denys Bugay, up-and-coming partner Oleksandr Lukianenko and associate Nikita Nuralin are among other key practitioners. The firm has also developed a compliance practice and conducts its own corporate investigations.

Practice head(s):

Denys Bugay

Other key lawyers:

Oleksandr Lukianenko; Nikita Nuralin; Denys Shkarovsky; Stanislav Yena


‘They offer different options in the most difficult situations; each of these options is very valuable and of a high quality. Moreover, the lawyers consider the issue and provide effective solutions even in the shortest deadlines.’

‘What I especially liked about Denys Bugay is his ability to remain calm in crisis situations. He truly believes in the importance of the work and knows how to translate that belief into high quality advocacy.’

‘Nikita Nuralin leads projects on business protection in the field of white-collar crime and dispute resolution. Nikita is hardworking, an active and constructive team participant with strong leadership skills. I can commend with confidence that Mr. Nuralin does an excellent job.’

‘VB partners’ team is a very strong and experienced one. It consists of lawyers with comprehensive knowledge of Ukrainian criminal, corporate, business and tax law. The excellent team work of VB Partners distinguishes this law firm among others. Our company has interacted with a few VB Partners lawyers on white-collar crime case and remained highly satisfied with the level of legal services that were rendered and its outcomes.’

‘VB Partners demonstrated deep and comprehensive knowledge of Ukrainian law and legal system, was always in touch (even after regular working hours), did a lot of preparatory work and fully supported our company’s managers during communication with the investigator, drafted complaints and other important procedural documents.’

‘The team of VB PARTNERS has a spectacular reputation for defending businesses. When working with this company, I very much value their reliability and responsiveness.’

‘Denys Bugay is always ready to take on the most challenging tasks and to come up with results in an impressively short time. Denys garners plaudits for his significant experience defending corporations against corruption and money-laundering allegations. Nikita Nuralin is truly exceptional white-collar crime lawyer.’

‘Denys Shkarovsky thinks outside the box. We are impressed by his analytical skills that he demonstrated in course of our cooperation. Overall, it is a pleasure to work with him. High-quality feedback is always accompanied by valuable comments on the work done, as well as a list of next steps and up-to-date recommendations for preventing perceived and theoretical risks.’

Key clients

Former First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Secretary of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine (2018-2019)

Continental Farmers Group

Former National Bank of Ukraine Board Member

IMMER Ukrplastic

Mallino Development Group

Spike Trade

Good Valley

Avellana Gold Company


Colliers International

Former Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

Ukrainian Association of Football

Svitland Development

Delta Bank Ukraine (shareholders and top-management)

Khreshchatyk Bank (shareholders and top-management)

Commercial Bank Premium (shareholders and top-management)

Classic Bank (shareholders and top-management)

Astra Bank (shareholders and top-management)

Omega Bank (shareholders and top-management)


Industrial group VIOIL

Glukhov Quartzite Quarry

Nykolaevsky Alumina Plant

Work highlights

  • Representing the former First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine in a criminal and most high-profile case on suspicion of embezzling UAH54m ($2m) that is being investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.
  • Representing a board member at the Former National Bank of Ukraine in criminal proceedings regarding the issue of a refinancing loan to one of the commercial banks of Ukraine in the amount of UAH1.2bn ($50m).
  • Representing a top manager of the largest state-owned energy company in the field of nuclear power in criminal proceedings where the individual is suspected of allegedly purchasing equipment for power plants at inflated prices. The amount of losses is around UAH600,076,964 (£22m).


ADER HABER garners praise for 'its well-coordinated competent work, and extensive experience in white-collar criminal cases'. Its work encompasses the defence of cases involving fraud, money laundering, misappropriation and theft of assets, tax evasion and fictitious bankruptcy, abuse of authority, negligence and illegal enrichment. Practice head Eleonora Salova is 'a highly skilled lawyer with a pragmatic approach who is always dedicated to finding best solutions'.

Practice head(s):

Eleonora Salova


‘I would like to note the high professional level of ADER HABER Attorneys, its well-coordinated competent work, and extensive experience in white-collar criminal cases. The lawyers, acting as defence attorneys, were very innovative and demonstrated outstanding experience concerning representation in the course of the criminal proceedings. They were committed to their work from the very beginning. ’

‘Eleonora Salova is a highly skilled lawyer with a pragmatic approach and always dedicated to find best solutions to the problems arising during the trial. I highly appreciate the professionalism of Eleonora, whose knowledge and experience have helped me on multiple occasions.’

Key clients

Oleh Valeriovich Lyashko

Fudmarket (TM Velyka Kyshenya)

Work highlights

  • Representing the interests of a client in the framework of criminal proceedings on the fact of legalisation of illegally obtained income on an especially large scale.
  • Representing interest of Lyashko O.V.(People’s Deputy of Ukraine of 5-7 convocations, Head of the political party “Radical Party of Oleg Lyashka) within the framework of politically motivated criminal proceedings.
  • Legal support for exclusion of the former director of the German company Nistas GmbH from the wanted list in Interpol in the amount of €70,080,000.

Ario Law Firm

Ario Law Firm has 'a very strong and smart team with great expertise, and hard workers who are very attentive to details'. Its work spans all crimes in the sphere of economic activity, official malfeasances, crimes against property, and business-related offences.  Yevhen Hrushovets ('one of the best criminal lawyers in Ukraine') and Julian Khorunzhyi are names to note. Newly promoted partner Andriy Fylyk is also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Yevhen Hrushovets; Julian Khorunzhyi

Other key lawyers:

Andriy Fylyk


‘It is a very strong and smart team with great expertise. They are hard workers and always in touch. They are very attentive to details.’

‘Partner Yevhen Hrushovets is one of the best criminal lawyers in Ukraine. He has strong communicative skills, great experience, non-standard thinking and good sense of humor. Partner Andriy Fylyk is very smart. His knowledge of legislation is perfect.’

Key clients

Families of Iran air crash victims

Mr. Andriy Sadovyi

Mr. Vyacheslav Platon

Political Party Samopomich

Ms. Oksana Syroyid

Victims of financial Pyramid B2B Jewelry

Work highlights

  • Represents interests of some families of victims of UIA flight air crash in Iran.
  • Represents Mr. Vyacheslav Platon in cancelling extradition to Moldova.
  • Represents Mr. Andriy Sadovyi in white-collar crime dispute with Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecution.

Barristers Bar Association

Barristers Bar Association, which is based in Kiev and Odessa, specialises in criminal cases and commercial litigation, handling matters not only in the Ukrainian national courts, but also in the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights, and courts in other jurisdictions. Its recent white-collar work included assisting The AIS Group of Companies with the lifting of seizure orders. Oleksii Shevchuk, Kostiantyn Hloba and Andrii Levkovets, who are all based in Kiev, are the lead partners.

Practice head(s):

Oleksii Shevchuk; Kostiantyn Hloba; Andrii Levkovets


‘The Barristers Bar Association is distinguished by its readiness to act immediately. It seems as if they have a plan for solving absolutely any problem. ’

‘With regard to personal qualities, these specialists are distinguished by a special attitude to each case and a personal approach to each client and his problem.’

‘Lawyers of the Barristers Bar Association are distinguished by their strong character and pressure, and the great desire to do their job better than anyone else. ’

‘They have a keen sense of fairness and this gives them the perseverance in the representation of client interests.’

Key clients

The Fifth President of Ukraine, Poroshenko Petro Oleksiiovych

Mayor of Kyiv, Head of the Kyiv City State Administration,  Klychko Vitalii Volodymyrovych

The AIS Group of Companies

Korbetskyi Myroslav Bohdanovych

Chairman of  “Pryluky Grain receiving Enterprise” LLC, Tymoshyn Serhii Mykolaiovych

Former Chairman of ARMA, Yanchuk Anton Volodymyrovych

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Dubnevych Yaroslav Vasyliovych

Work highlights

  • Representing a client suspected of committing criminal offences provided by part 4 of Art. 190, part 1 of Art. 358 of CC of Ukraine. Representation of interests at the prejudicial inquiries, participation in interrogations, lifting the seizure of property and assets of the company.
  • Representing mayor of Kyiv, Head of the Kyiv City State Administration, Klychko Vitalii Volodymyrovych in an appeal against the actions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding the initiation of dismissal from office.


CMS has a three-partner practice that is heavily involved in cases concerning embezzlement, forgery, bribery, identity theft and money laundering. Acting on behalf of large multinational corporations, the firm frequently handles high-stakes matters both in Ukraine and abroad. Practice heads Maria Orlyk and Anna Pogrebna were joined in late 2020 by new life sciences head Borys Danevych and his team, formerly of Danevych.law, who are 'very responsive, knowledgeable and professional' in white-collar crime cases. Olexander Martinenko joined Kinstellar.

Practice head(s):

Olexander Martinenko; Maria Orlyk; Anna Pogrebna

Other key lawyers:

Borys Danevych


‘Very responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Good contacts with local authorities. Good judgment in pursuing matters.’

‘Borys Danevych gives consistently good advice, is attentive and responsive to requests.’

‘A high level of expertise, good communication with clients, good teamwork, a professional approach that is result-oriented and pragmatic.’

‘Perfect understanding of subject matters, industry, regulation and practice, driving innovation in legislation and governance, great communication, participation in industry organisations.’

Key clients

clients from Danevych

Johnson & Johnson Ukraine

Eli Lilly and Company

Janssen Pharmaceutica



Credence Law Firm is a white-collar crime and litigation boutique with strong capabilities in high-profile and often politically sensitive cases. The firm has 'great experience in dealing with the anti-corruption matters and demonstrates fantastic problem-solving skills even under circumstances which may seem hopeless'. Oleg Tatarov, who is a former deputy chief of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Artyom Trekke, and senior partner and former judge Vasil Farinnik are among the standout practitioners.

Practice head(s):

Oleg Tatarov; Artyom Trekke

Other key lawyers:

Vasil Farinnik


‘It is simply a team who can deal with complex cases. They can make a client be inspired by the process and excited with the goal.’

‘Artyom Trekke is a great attorney who knows the law inside out, he is pragmatic and business-minded.’

‘Oleg Tatarov and Artyom Trekke seem really good strategic and tactical thinkers. It is my understanding that all possible scenarios are thoroughly examined and discussed in detail with the clients.’

‘Artyom Trekke is strong, straightforward and a hard nut to crack.’

‘Credence lawyers always provided a straightforward and honest explanation about the prospects and possible outcomes of my case. This made me feel comfortable that my interests would be well represented and defended.’

‘What I like the most about Oleg Tatarov as my legal advisor is that he is always looking and thinking ahead.’

‘They are fully committed and easy to work with. I always get immediate feedback to my enquiries. What I appreciate the most is that the team has never let me down.’

‘Artyom Trekke is a highly skilled and very experienced strategy maker. He was always brutally honest and precise. His comments were not always what I wanted to hear, but they were what I really needed to hear.’

Key clients

Vadim Novinskiy

Volodymyr Kaskiv

Oleksandr Kaskiv

Ivan Gelyukh

Valerii Chornobuk

Yuriy Kushnir

Work highlights

  • Represented Mr. Gelyukh in $710m criminal proceeding initiated by National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine in connection with implementation of Formula Roterdam+ developed for electrical services pricing.
  • Representing Vadim Novinskiy in a dispute with National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) on financial frauds arisen from the relevant authorities’ investigations re annual declaration filed by the client.
  • Represented Mr. Kaskiv in $10m criminal proceeding on financial frauds initiated by National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine as international wanted person and extradition procedure from Republic of Panama to Ukraine.


At EQUITY Law Firm, ‘the white-collar crime practice is one of the strongest in Ukraine'. The firm has grown its presence in landmark cases, as is evidenced by its work for government officials and business leaders, including the defence of the Mayor of Odessa in an embezzlement case. Five litigation partners are involved in the practice - Viktor Barsuk, Yaroslav Zeikan, Vyacheslav Krahlevych, Oleksandr Lysak and Taras Poshyvanyuk. The firm also has a strong team of associates, including Bohdan Slobodian.

Practice head(s):

Viktor Borsuk; Yaroslav Zeikan; Vyacheslav Krahlevych; Oleksandr Lysak; Taras Poshyvanyuk.

Other key lawyers:

Bohdan Slobodian


‘The white-collar crime practice at EQUITY is one of the strongest and famous in Ukraine. This company is only one in Ukraine that can achieve acquittals for clients, even in the most complex cases.’

‘EQUITY is the only firm that accompanies the operation of the company. Their lawyers represent our interest in courts and act as intermediaries in negotiations. Considering that our case is one of the most debatable in the country, they provide their services with dignity and at the highest level.’

‘Vyacheslav Krahlevych and Taras Poshymanuyk are excellent professionals. I can say that Vyacheslav Krahlevych is definitely a lawyer who is 24/7 available, it seems that he dedicates all the time to his work. Taras knows Ukrainian legislation very well in criminal law and bankruptcy. I can approach him at any time of the day and I am sure to receive expert help and advice. ’

‘The key contacts are Vyacheslav Krahlevych and Bohdan Slobodian. They are skilful and reliable lawyers. Vyacheslav is a good litigator and negotiator. Bohdan is a skilled legal practitioner. He provides the optimum legal and business solution possible. I know that this company has good expertise in Ukraine and can solve all problems I would have.’

‘EQUITY is the strongest law firm in this area, because their lawyers have a wealth of practical experience. Everybody knows that they defend politicians and businessmen in the most difficult cases. I believe that their main strength is strategic thinking and full scope of the problem.’

‘My key contacts are partners of the firm Taras Poshivanuk and Olexandr Lysak. They are an excellent team. They prepare a detailed and efficient plan of actions to defend my interests as an injured person in a criminal case. They also prepared a strong and persuasive legal position for my case. I see how it is being realised now.’

‘Equity represented me and a colleague in a criminal investigation. I am sure that its main strength is the extremely efficient and high-quality work, even when deadlines are tight. They always consider and plan several steps ahead and suggest a strategy for defence which takes into account all the details and possible risks.’

‘I work closely with Taras Poshivanuk and Oleksandr Lysak. I appreciate their depth of knowledge. Their team also impressed me with the speed of providing legal advice and drafting documents. They also represented me in court. Bohdan Slobodian is a young lawyer in their team, but he is really talented, he is always well prepared and organised and attentive to all the details.’

Key clients

Executives of “Gavrylivski Kurchata”

Pavel Vougelman

Nasirov Roman

Dmytro Kryuchkov

Volodymyr Omelian

Odesa city council official

Mykytas Maksym

Corporate non-governmental pension fund of National Bank of Ukraine

Alexandr Efremov

LLC “Dilays”, Oleh Seminsky

Work highlights

  • Representing Nasirov Roman, former Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine was temporarily relieved of his duties on 3 March 2017, in criminal proceeding under the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor investigation of embezzlement of $75m in tax revenue linked to a gas deal.
  • Representing Odessa City Council Official Hennadiy Trukhanov and other representatives of Odessa state authorities in criminal proceeding because of embezzlement of property through abuse of office to the total amount up to $7m.
  • Representing the corporate non-governmental pension fund of National Bank of Ukraine in a $23.1m criminal proceeding in connection with charges of alleged embezzlement and financial fraud (legalisation of funds).


GOLAW has more than 15 years of experience in white-collar criminal defence work, where it handles all stages of criminal proceedings. Its work includes legal support in negotiations for the return of illegally retained assets and documentation, as well as representing clients' interests in investigations and prosecutions by law enforcement agencies. Igor Glushko and Angelika Moiseeva jointly lead the nine-lawyer practice, which also handles the determination of the amount of material damages caused by criminally punishable actions.

Practice head(s):

Igor Glushko; Angelika Moiseeva

Work highlights

  • Successfully represented the interests of Vita-Solar LLC – one of the leading investors in the Ukrainian renewable energy sector, a subsidiary of the Canadian company TIU Canada. The firm developed a winning defence strategy which led to the release of unreasonably frozen assets within the shortest time possible and closing of the criminal proceeding due to the absence of any offence.


At white-collar crime boutique GRACERS, the team is recommended for its 'endurance in stressful situations and the ability to find the right solutions to complex problems'. Serhiy Lysenko (who has 'very good theoretical knowledge combined with tons of practical experience'), Ludmila Kusa (who is 'creative, inventive and responsive') and Maksym Yaroshevich are the lead practitioners. Counsel Denys Solovey is also recommended. All are involved in the defence of high-profile political and business figures.

Practice head(s):

Serhiy Lysenko; Ludmila Kusa; Maksym Yaroshevich

Other key lawyers:

Denys Solovey


‘The GRACERS team seems highly qualified and reliable to me. A very good firm handling pretty significant cases.’

‘I would like to highlight Serhiy Lysenko. He has very good theoretical knowledge combined with tons of practical experience in the area of criminal law and criminal investigation. He is able to predict which details are going to be important, so he can always develop a strong defence in court.’

‘I was impressed that the GRACERS team acted very professionally in court. They completed the mandates on time and it was at a high level.’

‘Generally, we worked with Ludmila Kusa, who is full of ideas, creative, inventive and responsive. We also liaised with Denys Solovey who turned out to be a strong supporter in the trial.’

‘The team is results-oriented with positiive attitude. I like to cooperate with them. They can inspire clients to go on.’

‘Managing partner Serhiy Lysenko is a strong lawyer in the Ukrainian market. He is very solution-oriented and knows how to manage processes in a timely manner. I liked very much that a unique winning strategy was developed for each question.’

‘Serhiy Lysenko organises all communications and arranges business. He is a highly experienced lawyer, attentive and client-oriented. He is always in touch at the right time, which allowed me to receive urgent and competent advice on topical issues.’

‘I’m fully satisfied with the team and the quality of their work. The most important for me is that the team can show the result. This firm is my trusted consultant.’

Key clients


A. Ignatchenko

Mr. Dykhne

S.I. Group Consort Ltd

Work highlights

  • Representing clients in criminal proceedings over a $400m financial fraud.
  • Representing the client in a $1.2m white-collar crime case in connection with entering into Lease Agreements with third authorities when he was a director of the biggest airport of Ukraine.
  • Representing the client in criminal proceedings in connection with signed agreements between the client, the Department of Construction of Housing and Communal Urban Planning and Architecture on collection and disposal of hazardous waste for the total amount of $10m.


The Kiev office of Integrites assists a mix of clients with criminal proceedings, including victims of crime, suspects and individuals whose rights and interests have been violated during an investigation. Oleksandr Onishchenko leads the practice, which handled more than 50 cases in 2020, notably in the areas of tax evasion, fraud and other offences against state authorities.

Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Onishchenko

Key clients

Ferrero Ukraine

Work highlights

  • Represented interests of Ferrero Ukraine, the Ukrainian subsidiary of a major Italian confectionary manufacturer during negotiations with the tax authorities in Ukraine which related to the allegedly outstanding tax obligations on income tax and value-added tax.

Vasil Kisil & Partners

Vasil Kisil & Partners has a strong track record representing leading foreign and national companies, and their senior executives, in matters before law enforcement agencies and courts. Its work encompasses tax evasion, fraud, money laundering, false bankruptcy and other economic crimes. Managing partner Andriy Stelmashchuk and Nazar Kulchytskyy jointly lead the practice. Kulchytskyy frequently represents both companies and individuals in the European Court of Human Rights.

Practice head(s):

Andriy Stelmashchuk; Nazar Kulchytskyy


Avellum has been involved in a growing number of criminal investigations, both for international clients facing issues in Ukraine and for domestic clients being investigated abroad. Dispute resolution head Vadim Medvedev is the key partner in a practice that has recently handled complex cross-border criminal investigations in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Cyprus. It is often sought after for its broad range of corporate fraud investigation services. Lyudmyla Volkova joined the firm in late 2020.

Practice head(s):

Vadim Medvedev

Other key lawyers:

Lyudmyla Volkova

Key clients

Uber B.V.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Ukraina

Work highlights

  • Represented Uber BV in dealings with Ukrainian law enforcement, tax, and road traffic authorities.
  • Represented an international IT company in a complex dispute with a group of external fraudsters.
  • Advised one of Europe’s largest business and financial information companies on an audit of corruption risks during an M&A transaction.

Baker McKenzie, Kyiv Office

Baker McKenzie, Kyiv Office mainly acts for large international corporates in criminal matters, with a strength in handling the defence of white-collar and other criminal investigations. Practice head Ihor Siusel handles a broad range of white-collar crime, commercial litigation and arbitration, as well as regulatory compliance and bankruptcy matters. Senior associate Kseniia Pogruzhalska is also experienced in commercial and administrative litigation in Ukraine. The firm's recent work included cases in the pharmaceuticals, automotive and food and beverage industries.

Practice head(s):

Ihor Siusel

Other key lawyers:

Kseniia Pogruzhalska

KM Partners

KM Partners is best known for its tax and customs disputes practice, with its work covering a broad range of criminal matters relating to tax evasion, fraud and other economic crimes. Alexander Minin leads the practice, which is well regarded for its pre-trial work, with the majority of matters being successfully concluded before the litigation stage.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Minin

Work highlights

  • Supported a large gas trading company in its communications with the investigative authority.
  • Successfully defended a client’s rights in court and achieved cancellation of arrests imposed on three land plots owned by the client.
  • Supported a client during interrogations and searches, preventing unlawful attempts of the investigative authority to bring pressure on the client and violate his rights.

KPD Consulting Law Firm

KPD Consulting Law Firm is known for successfully defending directors, business owners and corporate interests in industries such as banking, automotive, heavy industry, transport, manufacturing and software development. Its work for domestic and international companies, and individuals, includes criminal investigations relating to fraud and tax evasion. Practice head Kyrylo Kazak is 'very energetic and client-oriented with a distinctive proactive approach and deep expertise'.

Practice head(s):

Kyrylo Kazak


‘It has a very transparent client-oriented approach. A professional team with a vast network of reliable partners in different countries. Proactive informing of the client about all steps of the case. Efficient management of expectations.’

‘Kyrylo Kazak is a very energetic and client-oriented professional member of the team. He has a distinctive proactive approach and deep expertise. A lot of successful won cases. Always propose multiple variants how to solve the case.’

Key clients

Porsche Mobility LLC

Porsche Leasing Ukraine LLC



Diebold Nixdorf LLC

CJSC “AMC “UkrSib Asset Management”

Complex Libidskiy JSC

Work highlights

  • Representation and defence in a criminal and criminal procedure matters value over $50,000. Protection of the management in criminal proceedings on white-collar crimes with justification of the client based on the results of the investigation.
  • Representation and defence of Porsche Mobility in a criminal and criminal procedure matters about value $800,000. Conviction of the pledgor for offence related to collateral misappropriation (Art. 388 of Criminal Code of Ukraine). Defence of Porsche Mobility in a number of criminal cases (over 55 cases in 2017) Losses from non-payment of credits, penalties for non-payment of credits, value of collateral being the subject of illegal transactions.
  • Defended a client in a criminal procedure with a matter value of over $1,500,000. Protection of the management in criminal proceedings on tax and white-collar crimes with justification of the client based on the results of the investigation.

LCF Law Group

In 2020, LCF Law Group merged with Evris Law Firm and Sheverdin and Partners, bringing new practices into the firm. The white-collar crime practice is led by Maksym Sheverdin, who joined as part of the combination and has 18 years of experience. Senior associate Alexander Plavan, who has experience in the Ministry of Justice, also plays a key role in the practice. The firm handles the defence of economic crimes in sectors as diverse as agriculture, IT and pharmaceuticals.

Practice head(s):

Maksym Sheverdin

Other key lawyers:

Alexander Plavan

Legal Alliance Company

Legal Alliance Company is praised for its 'special attention to human rights and its attempt to create new positive legal practices'. The firm mainly focuses on litigation for multinational companies and private individuals, handling matters involving property and account seizure, the return of seized property, and the preparation of officials for interrogation. Illya Kostin and Taras Bezpalyy are the partners in a seven-lawyer practice that focuses on the life sciences sector.

Practice head(s):

Illya Kostin; Taras Bezpalyy


‘In my opinion, the team’s results depend on multidisciplinary work, interchangeability, the use of modern communications and rapid reaction in any event.’

‘I value the good reputation of the lawyers, their active civil position, special attention to human rights, their attempt to create new positive legal practices.’

Work highlights

  • Represented a group of pharmaceutical companies and protected their interests in the criminal case on counterfeiting cancer medicines and their distribution in 18 countries.
  • Protected the client’s rights in the high-profile criminal case that gained wide resonance in society due to the obvious unfoundedness of the suspicion and political pressure of the first Ukrinian officials on the pre-trial investigation body and the courts.
  • Successfully defended the clients’ interests during the pre-trial investigation as the court decided to mitigate the precautionary measure for the suspects and allowed to move freely throughout Ukraine for one suspect, and removed the electronic ankle tracking device for both of them.

Litigation Group

Litigation Group has a team of 'real experts providing non-standard and fresh solutions, and correct and prudent tactics'. Yuriy Demchenko and Denys Dyomin (who is recommended for his 'responsibility, meticulousness, attention to details, unsurpassed knowledge of the law') lead the practice, which is known for business litigation and white-collar criminal defence. Its work focuses predominantly on defamation cases, customs law and smuggling, and economic crimes.

Practice head(s):

Denys Dyomin; Yuriy Demchenko


‘Litigation Group are real experts. Non-standard and fresh solutions, effective methods of protection, correct and prudent tactics of actions in a given situation.’

‘Denys Dyomin was directly involved in my defence in a criminal case from the very beginning. I would like to note his responsibility, meticulousness, attention to details, unsurpassed knowledge of the law. Thanks to Denys.’

Key clients

Poroshenko Petro Oleksiiovych

Klychko Vitalii Volodymyrovych

The AIS Group of Companies

Korbetskyi Myroslav Bohdanovych

Tymoshyn Serhii Mykolaiovych

Yanchuk Anton Volodymyrovych

Dubnevych Yaroslav Vasyliovych

Work highlights

  • Represented Leonid Chernovetsky in a high-profile case on extradition. Leonid is Georgian citizen living in Israel and protecting interests our client before Ukrainian Law Enforcement Authorities we face the challenge to develop the legal position counting Ukrainian, Georgian and Israel jurisdictions applicable law.
  • Representing Oleksandr Grytsenko before Ukrainian Court and law-enforcement authority on the stage of pre-trail and trail investigations in connection with multi-million credit provided for Ukrainian Media Group sale-purchase transaction in 2013. Mr. Gritsenko is suspected in contributing to the legalisation of incomes illegally obtained by senior officials at Mr. Yanukovich time.
  • Successful defense of Denys Gurak in administrative litigation on corruption charge. The client was charged with the incorrect incomes’ declaration. The case is closed by the Ukrainian Court which is not regarded corruption component. Due to that the Client’s dignity has been fully restored.

Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners

Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners provides comprehensive legal assistance in criminal matters concerning business, official and professional activities. Much of the work of name partner Oleksandr Peremezhko and junior partner Evgeniy Usik focuses on allegations of abuse of public office, negligence of official duties, bribery, abuse of power, tax evasion and fraud. They recently acted for Passervice in criminal proceedings concerning the illegal removal of funds from the company.

Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Peremezhko; Evgeniy Usik

Key clients

















Work highlights

  • Acting as legal counsel to ALL-UKRAINIAN ENERGY COMPANY in a criminal case about illegal seizure and transfer of goods (carbamide with total value over $2,500,000.00) to Asset Recovery and Management Agency based on the resolution of judge of Pechersk District Court of Kyiv.
  • Successfully acting as a legal counsel to Passervice, one of the leading Ukrainian carriers, in criminal proceedings concerning corporate dispute and illegal removal of funds from the company, as well as attempts at illegal takeover of the company worth of about $1,500,000.00.
  • Acting as legal counsel to FIDES PE in a criminal case about illegal seizure and transfer of goods (carbamide with total value $1,270,000.00) to Asset Recovery and Management Agency based on the resolution of judge of Pechersk District Court of Kyiv.

Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners

Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners is a firm that focuses predominantly on dispute resolution and private client matters, which makes it well-positioned to handle the defence of public servants, government officials, senior executives, managers and business owners in white-collar crime cases. The firm recently acted for a candidate for president of Ukraine in a case concerning the origin of campaign funds. Managing partner Oleksandr Skliarenko and criminal law specialist Andriy Sydorenko are the names to note.

Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Skliarenko; Andriy Sydorenko

Work highlights

  • Represented the interests of a candidate for president of Ukraine during 2019 presidential elections relating to accusation of the National Agency on Preventing Corruption of incomplete reporting on the origin of funds, spent on campaigning.
  • Representing the former consul general of Georgia in Odessa relating to the pre-trial stage criminal proceedings on alleged misappropriation of budget funds and abuse of power.
  • Representing a trader of fertilisers imported from the Russian Federation in criminal proceedings charged by the State Security Service with alleged financing of terrorism in Ukraine.

Dynasty Law & Investment

Dynasty Law Firm is based predominantly in Dnipro, but also operates through its Kiev office. It has a business protection and white-collar crime practice that frequently acts for clients in key industry sectors such as technology, banking, mining and natural resources, and heavy industry. It is led by Vyacheslav Kokhlyakov, who is known for real estate, construction and criminal law matters.

Practice head(s):

Viacheslav Kokhlyakov

Key clients



Work highlights

  • Successful protection of the interests of an international company within the framework of criminal proceedings on the fact of large-scale fraud by an authorised person of the Ukrainian company.
  • Successfully represented a client in a criminal investigation during a series of investigative actions (searches) and the seizure of property.

Esquires Law Firm

Esquires Law Firm is known for its ability to provide 'non-standard and effective solutions' in business defence cases before regulatory authorities, including the State Fiscal Service and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Its recent work in criminal law included the defence of allegations of tax evasion and human trafficking. The practice's sole partner is Opanas Karlin, who is 'a committed advocate, who provides services at an exceptionally high level'.

Practice head(s):

Opanas Karlin


‘The key feature of the Esquires’ team of lawyers is ability to meet deadlines and to build a proficient defence strategy even in case of limited timeframes and complex matters. The lawyers demonstrate great experience and provide the client with the non-standard and effective solutions.’

‘Leading partner Opanas Karlin provides services at an exceptionally high level. He is a committed advocate, whose advice is always profound. He is persuasive, knowledgeable, able to meet the toughest deadlines.’

Hillmont Partners LLC

Hillmont Partners LLC invested in its white-collar crime practice with the hire of counsel Oleksii Miagkyi, a former judge in the Leninskiy district court in the Kropyvnytskyi region, to lead the practice. 'I would recommend the firm for its efficiency, pragmatism and kindness', remarks one client. Its broad portfolio of work includes assisting corporate clients with fraud prevention and their response to fraud.

Practice head(s):

Oleksii Miagkyi


‘The firm is efficient and pragmatic.’

‘I would recommend the firm for its efficiency, pragmatism and kindness.’

Key clients

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits SA

Work highlights

  • Representing Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits SA in criminal proceedings initiated by the Business Ombudsman’s office in Ukraine in relation to the €10m bankruptcy case in Ukraine that involved an alleged conspiracy to defraud the client.
  • Advising a foreign investor in the commercial real estate sector on criminal proceedings arising from a $200m complex multijurisdictional litigation in Ukraine.
  • Representing one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of coffee in a number of criminal proceedings in Ukraine in relation to counterfeit products.

Juscutum Attorneys Association

Juscutum Attorneys Association handles a diverse range of criminal matters related to tax evasion, bribery and corruption, money laundering, fraud and the misappropriation of funds. It is also active in matters concerning the developing areas of cybercrime and human rights law. Senior associate Stanislav Borys leads the practice, now that partner Volodymyr Rudnychenko has switched his focus to public sector matters.

Practice head(s):

Stanislav Borys

Key clients

International Airport Boryspil

Arsen Jumadilov, PEP

Torgovyi Servis, LLC

ELKO Ukraine

Mykola Kalensky

Work highlights

  • Legal assistance to International Airport Boryspil for more than half of all employees and top management during the criminal case in National Anticorruption Burau of Ukraine.
  • Advised ELKO Ukraine on protection rights of enterprise and employees during the criminal case after execution of public procurement contract. IT company provides equipment for the unified electronic ticket in the city of Kiev.
  • A civil servant, head of a state enterprise “Medical procurement”, was a potential suspect in a politically engaged criminal case, which was initiated on starting point of Covid-19 pandemic. Pro bono because of medical industry critical situation.

Legal House Group LLC

At Legal House Group LLC, practice head Denis Ovcharov and junior partner Oleksandr Horobets are 'experienced attorneys and high-level specialists in criminal proceedings'. The group garners praise clients from clients; according to one, 'from simple to complex matters, the firm always has our best interests at heart'. It specialises in legal protection during criminal prosecutions and investigations into internal theft and fraud, as well as assisting with internal anti-corruption policies.

Practice head(s):

Denis Ovcharov

Other key lawyers:

Oleksandr Horobets;


‘Experts of the white-collar crime practice, with the attorney Denys Ovcharov as its head, have performed great assistance in analysing our company’s risks, as well as advising on corporate security issues.’

‘We consider attorney Denys Ovcharov to be a high-class specialist. Denys Ovcharov is an attorney with over ten years’ experience in advocacy. The response time to the company’s problems and an integrated approach to solving client problems are his main characteristics. We shall also acknowledge Oleksandr Horobets as a high-level specialist in criminal proceedings.’

‘We remain regular clients of Legal House Group due to several reasons: complete trust gained in different situations and support on different cases; integrated approach to solving various problems. Employees completely cover our various requests: from simple to complex matters, the firm’s lawyers always have our best interests, cooperation with them gives a feeling of reliable protection.’

‘Each partner has strong expertise and experience in the direction he/she represents. Denys Ovcharov is a lawyer with ten years’ experience in economic crimes.’

Key clients

Forex club

Brain Source Internaitional



Radioactive filmTM


Work highlights

  • Providing legal assistance to a state enterprise in the criminal case that investigates grand larceny with abuse of authority and disclosure of state secrets.  Representation of the client’s interests at the stage of pre-trial investigation, related to participation in interrogations, searches and return of temporarily seized property, as well as the formation of legal position to protect client’s rights for the stage of court hearings.
  • Providing legal assistance pro bono to a client sentenced to life imprisonment within the case of replacing the unserved part of the sentence with a milder one. The client’s rights protection is basing upon application of human rights standards stipulated by the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

Redcliffe Partners

Redcliffe Partners is frequently involved in investigations and proceedings pursued by regulatory and state criminal and civil enforcement authorities. It fields a team of experienced litigators, insolvency experts, criminal defence attorneys and arbitrators. Clients include corporates, directors, officers and employees against allegations. The group's areas of expertise include cases involving allegations of tax evasion, fraud and other crimes. Dispute resolution head Sergiy Gryshko is the key partner. The head of tax litigation is counsel Oleksandr Markov, who is also involved in the defence of criminal cases.

Practice head(s):

Sergiy Gryshko

Other key lawyers:

Oleksandr Markov

Shkrebets & Partners

Kharkiv-based firm Shkrebets & Partners is known for representing political figures, municipal and state officials, as well as corporate clients and their officials. It is a major player in the legal market in the eastern region of Ukraine, particularly in the area of white-collar crime, Practice head Olexiy Meniv and associate Ivan Lagutin are the main practitioners.

Practice head(s):

Oleksii Meniv

Other key lawyers:

Ivan Lagutin

Key clients

PJSC “Kharkiv CHPP-5”

ME «Kharkiv Heating Networks»


Work highlights

  • Representing Nadiya Savchenko in criminal proceedings on the grounds of crimes under the Criminal Code of Ukraine.