White-collar crime in Ukraine


Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Lysak; Taras Poshyvanuyk; Yaroslav Zeikan


‘Professional, available and comprehensive.’

‘Polite, high availability, loyal to the client, very skilled and professional.’

‘I have worked with Oksana Varakina and George Sotnyk at Equity Law. They are very proactive and experienced lawyers who are good to work with. They are keen to collaborate on work.’

‘Oksana Varakina is a very bright and able lawyer.’

‘They are a close-knit team who obviously work collaboratively, and therefore very effectively. They also all have an impressive grasp of their subject-matter and deploy creative tactics in the defence of their clients.’

‘Okasana Varakina and Dmytro Polishchuk are impressive individuals – both are hard-working, hard-hitting lawyers who strive to do the best for their clients.’

‘Very responsive and great team players; legal advice on the spot.’

‘Proactiveness of the team has been second to none.’

Key clients

Officials of Chernihiv City Council

Former district court officials

Shareholders and officials of Sela Energy LLC

Ario Law Firm

Practice head(s):

Yevhen Hrushovets


‘Highly professional attorneys. What I love about them is their constant availability. They’re quick to respond and make prompt decisions. They’re a fantastic and friendly team; working with them feels right.’

‘Partner Yevgen Hrushovets boasts a wealth of experience, a unique strategic mindset, and undeniable credibility. Collaborating with him is always enlightening. As for Attorney Tetiana Melnyk, she’s practically an extension of our own team. She’s dedicated, unflappable, and ever-ready to lend a hand. A consummate legal professional.’


Key clients

Victims of the B2B Jewelry financial pyramid

Melitopol Auto Tractor Spare Parts Factory

City Soul

Oksana Solska


Practice head(s):

Kateryna Gupalo; Iurii Sukhov


‘The team and overall Arzinger approach to work and collaboration is very professional and comfortable.’

‘Kateryna Gupalo – the partner and Head of white-collar crime, with whom we have been working for more than 8 years – is a highly professional lawyer, solicitor, and partner in the Ukrainian market.’

Key clients

Porsche Ukraine LLC

Road Building Altcom LLC

Work highlights

  • Representing Porsche Ukraine and its top-management in a high-profile case connected with the case of the alleged violation of certification procedure for imported vehicles.


Practice head(s):

Sergiy Grebenyuk


‘Asters’ WCC team undoubtedly stands out in Ukraine, ranking among the country’s top choices. We have full confidence in their capabilities, and they provide us with a sense of security. The team demonstrates a strong passion for their work and remarkable partnership skills. Their competence, pragmatism, and proficiency in keeping us up to date with the needs of the case make them a trusted and reassuring choice.’

‘The head of the team Sergiy Grebenyuk is indeed the go-to person for all matters related to white-collar crime. His consistent ability to instill trust and provide a sense of tranquility to clients is truly commendable. Moreover, he is incredibly fast and skilled in replying to the client’s requests, ensuring that their concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.’

Key clients

ED&F Man Trading Ukraine

Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (IBRC)

Pelagia AS


Work highlights

  • Advising on a number of pro-bono projects supporting actions for hold accounted perpetrators for war crimes committed as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Aver Lex

Practice head(s):

Olga Prosyanyuk; Vitaliy Serdyuk


‘I have been cooperating with AVER LEX lawyers for a long time and feel their deep expertise in anti-corruption cases. Therefore, I do recommend them if somebody needs legal advice.

‘My colleague and I are in touch with Olga Prosyanyuk, a managing partner, Artem Drozdov, a partner and Igor Posyistak, Margaryta Ryzhuk and Pavel Teslyuk, lawyers. I am satisfied with their work defence strategy. Olga is a qualified long years lawyer. She appears in court personally. She often protects her clients at the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine. It is incredible how much detail she owns and uses the material of cases during her court hearings and speeches. I like Artem because he is well-organised and provides already-structured information.’

‘A great team, motivated, creative and totally committed to the case they take. The proposals in terms of strategy, the quality of the work, the reactivity and professional skills make this company unique. We entrust Olga Prosyanyuk and her team with the most sensitive work. They are excellent in all respects. I highly recommend their services. ’

‘We worked mostly with Olga Prosyanyuk, Managing Partner of the firm. Olga is dedicated to her clients and provides strategic and pragmatic advice. She is knowledgeable and responsive. Olga is a real professional, who knows how to build a great team with high quality service.

‘I constantly communicate with Vitalii Serdyuk, senior partner, and Andriana Fozekosh, the head of the military’s defence practice. They are proactive and experienced. Vitalii and Andriana generate many different ideas for resolving working issues.’

‘AVER LEX is a skilled team of attorneys in criminal law and litigation. They consult for legal assistance in complex cases at various investigation or court proceedings stages. They always act only in their clients’ interests, regardless of possible pressure from society or opponents. I know this team is highly trusted, so I do recommend their services. They are very active in anti-corruption and sanctions proceedings.’

‘Mostly, I communicate with Olga Prosyanyuk, managing partner. We have known each other for a long time. She is an excellent manager; she organises and inspires her team. Olga often moderates law forums and participates in national and international juridical communities. I always know other partners of AVER LEX, Vitalii Serdyuk and Artem Drozdov. They are great lawyers, and both possess the knowledge and skills to reach the best results in providing legal services for clients.’

‘I want to note the high quality and professionalism of their work. In addition, they have sufficient expertise to accompany processes with a foreign component. ’

Key clients

Military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their family members

Captive military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their family members

Limpieza Limited

Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

Nova Poshta

The family of a deceased service member of the National Guard of Ukraine

Volodymyr Chebotaryov

Work highlights

  • Advising the Military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to return military and civilian prisoners and search for missing people and on the organization of military service and exemption from it, on the economic activities of military units and subunits, and obtaining monetary compensation.
  • Representing Limpieza Limited in responding to sanctions and confiscations by the Ukrainian authorities.
  • Representing Nova Poshta in proceedings against a $11.5m fine imposed by the State Service for Consumer Protection.

Ilyashev & Partners

Practice head(s):

Roman Marchenko; Mikhail Ilyashev


‘I have been working with Ilyashev & Partners for over two years. The team has proven to be very understanding and sympathetic to the situation, highly professional and cordial, going the extra mile to accommodate the family’s needs. Excellent communication skills! Wonderful personal skills.’

‘The distinctive prowess of Ilyashev & Partners, particularly in their white-collar crime practice, is truly unparalleled. What stands out most prominently is their unique blend of astute legal acumen, strategic perspective, and unwavering commitment to client advocacy. The practice underlines an intrinsic understanding of both the subtleties of white-collar litigation and the broader strokes of international criminal law, crafting an indefatigable defence mechanism for their clients.’

‘The team at Ilyashev & Partners personifies a combination of seasoned veterans and dynamic young professionals, all of whom bring to the table a depth of experience and a fresh, innovative approach to legal strategy and problem-solving. Potential clients would appreciate knowing that this diverse, multi-talented team is not just proficient in the law but also excels in navigating the complex, often opaque corridors of regulatory and compliance frameworks, delivering not just legal solutions but also strategic counsel that is critical for business sustainability and growth.’

‘Engaging with Ilyashev & Partners has been an exemplary experience, significantly heightened by the distinct professional dynamism exhibited by its Roman Marchenko.’

‘Roman Marchenko is not merely a legal practitioner but a maestro of jurisprudence, navigating the intricacies of law with a finesse and acuity that can only be described as masterful. What sets Roman apart is his unerring commitment to legal excellence and client welfare. He embodies a rare blend of deep-seated legal knowledge, strategic thinking, and an intuitive understanding of the business environment within which legal issues unfold.’

‘Roman Marchenko’s approach to law is not transactional but relational; he doesn’t see cases but people and businesses in need of robust legal support. Each engagement with Roman reflects a partnership, a collaborative endeavor to find not just any solution, but the best one, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client.’

Key clients

Plant 410 CA

Gökşin İnşaat

First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant


PZU Ukraine

Ferrexpo AG

BTA Bank

Work highlights

  • Representing Ferrexpo Poltava Mining and Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining in criminal proceedings.
  • Representing the interests of a victim in criminal proceedings launched due to an authorised leakage of confidential information and disclosure of trade secrets.
  • Acting in criminal proceedings related to the participation in tenders of Ukrainian state enterprises.


Practice head(s):

Olexander Martinenko


‘Excellent firm – very responsive and high quality legal advice in challenging circumstances.’

Key clients

Joint Legal Team acting for the relatives of victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash


National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

Work highlights

  • Advised the Joint Legal Team, acting for the relatives of victims, before the Hague District Court in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) MH17 trial, to secure a verdict and an award of EUR 16 million in moral damages to the relatives.
  • Advising the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in relation to assistance with the second stage of the project aimed at the enhancement of the corporate governance practices, regulatory and legislative frameworks.
  • Advising National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” on possible corruption issues.

Sayenko Kharenko

Practice head(s):

Sergey Smirnov


‘The Sayenko Kharenko team has been very responsive, fast and highly professional. They provided clear, practical assistance which made sense from a legal and business risk perspective.’

‘Our key contacts are Sergiy Smirnov and Zlata Simonenko. Sergiy Smirnov is a highly professional lawyer who is very responsive and provides very practical advice. We value his attitude, dedication and professionalism, it’s always a pleasure to work with him. Zlata Simonenko is a very fast and quality lawyer with highly professional approach to services. ’

‘The Team under leadership of Sergii Smirnov is doing a tremendous job in understanding the client’s need and building trustful relations. Sergii and his team are always ready to help when it needed, but at the same time are perfectly good in not being overwhelming. ’

‘We really enjoy working with such outstanding professionals and kind persons as Sergii Smirnov and Zlata Simonenko.’

‘Strong expertise, client oriented, practical and creative approach to projects.’

‘Sergii Smirnov – very client oriented, excellent expertise, strong insight into the practice and environment, practical approach to issues.’

Key clients

Auchan Group of Companies



Joint-Stock Company “State Savings Bank of Ukraine” (Oshadbank)


Practice head(s):

Denys Bugay; Oleksandr Lukianenko


‘The law firm is characterized by its unique service in Ukraine and is one of the few law firms in Ukraine that also offer excellent service for international clients. From the first day of the mandate, I felt very well looked after and all strategies were fully explained in advance and then implemented.’

‘What sets VB Partners apart most is their meticulous strategies and keeping their promises. I have felt that I am in good hands with this law firm.’

‘VB Partners is the highest-level professional team. They are always committed to the law, and customer rights and interests. They have a wide network of professional contacts, which allows them to maintain effective cooperation under different legal matters. ’

Key clients

Shareholders and top managers of Delta Bank, PJSC

Svitland Development


Ukrainian Association of Football and its supsidiaries

Top-managers of Privat Bank, PJSC

Colliers International

KovalskaIndustrial and ConstructionGroup

SNEL Energy Limited

Top managers of Misto Bank, PJSC

Dnipro Metallurgical Plant PJSC


Shareholder of Astra Bank, PJSC

Vasil Kisil & Partners

Practice head(s):

Vasyl Prytula; Andriy Stelmashchuk

Key clients

Members of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities


Practice head(s):

Eleonora Yemets; Volodymyr Babichev


‘Pragmatism, strength of proposal, advice to clients, very clear writing. A team of very solid, efficient, attentive and inventive colleagues.

‘Eleonora Yemets particularly stands out within the team for her availability, the strength of her knowledge and the attention she pays to her client.’

‘Excellent analyses. Perfect understanding of the issues and perfect mastery of the client’s needs. Exceptional availability.’

‘Eleonora Yemets is a star. She quickly grasps the essence of any problem and considers all aspects of a problem in his advice. Her writing is well structured and convincing. Eleonora also has excellent knowledge of the sector and excellent interpersonal skills.’

Key clients

Adidas Ukraine

State Enterprise “Experimental Farm Elite”

Kyivgaz JSP

I&U Group

Merx Group

Uman greenhouse complex

Work highlights

  • Representing the broad spectrum of interests of electricity producers, the agricultural business, and the construction sector in criminal proceedings.
  • Representing a state-owned agricultural enterprise in criminal proceedings over the theft of property, collecting evidence and supporting the client during investigative actions.
  • Representing the management of a gas distribution company in criminal proceedings over the death of five people and the destruction of a section of a building as a result of violation of the health and safety rules for performing work with increased danger.


Practice head(s):

Vadim Medvedev; Kostyantyn Likarchuk; Andriy Fortunenko


‘ The level of collaboration is always satisfying and highly meets our expectations; – professionals from this practice are really experienced and committed to support our business with the highest level of quality – White-collar crime of Avellum is very stable practice in terms of team members, which is a big advantage comparing to other law firms, that suffered in this regards during the times of uncertainty in Ukraine.’

‘We reached out to Avellum shortly after the outbreak of the war and despite the very difficult circumstances, they were able to immediately assist us. The experience we had with the team was excellent and we look forward to working with them again in the future. ’

‘Kostiantyn Likarchuk: We worked with Kostiantyn and his team on a recent case and were very happy. Kostiantyn thinks creatively and out of the box to deliver a client’s commercial goal. ’

‘Clever, shrewd and able to see the big picture.’

‘Vadim Medvedev – has gravitas of a more senior partner. Andriy Fortunenko – really bright and strategically minded.’

‘The team approaches legal matters with great professionalism. They demonstrate a great knowledge of the law and are constantly updating their knowledge. ’

‘Andrei Fortutenko is an exceptional lawyer, consistent in the quality provided and very reliable. ’

‘They have in-depth knowledge of what is important in Ukrainian criminal cases and go to great lengths in order to achieve the clients’ goals. Can handle tens of thousands of pages of documents and high workload in an efficient manner.’

Key clients

Group of shareholders of Fintech Band

State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine

British American Tobacco (BAT Ukraine)

Innovatus Capital Partners

Work highlights

  • Represented a global IT company in a internal investigation into cyber fraud.

Barristers Bar Association

Practice head(s):

Konstiantyn Globa

Key clients





Andrii Onistrat




Practice head(s):

Maria Orlyk; Olga Shenk; Anna Pogrebna; Borys Danevych


‘Olga Shenk, Partner – competent, diligent, highly resilient.’

‘Professional, expertise, experience in the matter.’

‘Focused experience and expertise in criminal cases within Health-related industries.’

‘In depth analysis, collaborative approach, ability to listen and hear, intelligent solutions and advice.’

‘Intelligent, bright and brave, analytical.’


Work highlights

  • Advised an NGO on highly contentious data processing, criminal related risks concerning the counterparty of the client in Ukraine and other legal matters in Ukraine.
  • Represented a major CRO before the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine regarding allegations of tax evasion and associated speculations on the client’s current shareholding structure.
  • Represented a Ukrainian subsidiary of the world’s largest offshore drilling company before the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities in respect of the official document production requests in the criminal proceedings concerning the Ukrainian contractor.


Practice head(s):

Artyom Trekke

Key clients


Work highlights

  • Represented the officials within DTEK, a prominent Ukrainian company specializing in thermal energy generation, in dispute with National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine on abuse of official power and financial frauds under the Formula Rotterdam+ investigations.
  • Represented the former chief of State Agency for Investments and National Projects of Ukraine in political dispute with National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine on malpractice and abuse of official position.
  • Represented a private client in criminal proceedings brought by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine on the misappropriation of public funds by a group of individuals, who allegedly purchased state-owned real estate at a discounted price.


Practice head(s):

Serhii Lysenko; Liudmyla Kusa; Denis Solovei

Key clients



T1 Trading LLC


Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Onishchenko; Kristina Shyposha


‘Fast reaction and response, always in touch when need.’

‘The firm is well-established in the market, they know their job well and perform brilliantly. A thoughtful, collaborative and responsive team of pros. I would certainly recommend them as a legal counsel for the most intricate cases.’

‘Kristina Shyposha is my key contact. She is a name to remember – knowledgeable, talented and precisely focused. She is especially great at explaining complicated matters in an easy manner. Coupled with the strategic thinking and dedication, her ability to deliver results makes me 100% confident in her expertise.’

Baker McKenzie, Kyiv Office

Practice head(s):

Ihor Siusel

Benchers Law Firm

Practice head(s):

Oleh Valendiuk; Myroslav Hnatiuk; Olga Shapovalova


‘Benchers is one of the most prominent teams in the Ukrainian legal market, particularly known for their expertise in white-collar crimes. They are often the first choice when seeking recommendations in this field, thanks to their handling of high-profile cases involving officials, politicians, and other public figures. Despite the often politically charged nature of these cases, Benchers consistently excel in their pursuit of truth and justice.’

‘Partner Oleh Valendiuk stands out as a formidable figure in the Ukrainian legal landscape. With a wealth of experience from his time in the prosecutor’s office, he now brings this invaluable expertise to serve his clients. Thanks to this, Mr. Valendiuk has successfully navigated numerous sensitive issues.’

‘Their practice is remarkably diverse and multifaceted, and the projects they undertake are widely discussed, consistently delivering excellent results for their clients. This positions the team’s professional opinion as especially valuable to the entire legal community in our country.’

Key clients

Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill PJSC

Mr. Dmytro Mormul

Work highlights

  • Representing a Ukrainian politician and businessman, ex-MP of Ukraine, in criminal proceedings on suspicion of committing serious and especially serious crimes against public security and official activity crimes.
  • Representing the former CEO of one of the state-owned banks of Ukraine, and later the CEO of the National Bank of Ukraine, in criminal proceedings regarding the seizure of funds of the state bank on a particularly large scale.
  • Representing former owner of Burisma, the largest private gas producing company in Ukraine, the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, in criminal proceedings on suspicion of organizing the transfer of illegal benefits to a high-ranking official.

Hillmont Partners LLC

Practice head(s):

Oleksii Miagkyi


‘The practice is one of the best for complex, challenging issues like enforcement in Ukraine. ’


Key clients

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits SA

Gillett Holdings Limited

Riordan Limited


Work highlights

  • Representing and protecting the rights and interests of Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits SA, the largest secured creditor of a beverage production facility in a number of criminal proceedings arising from a multimillion bankruptcy case in Ukraine.
  • Representing a UK-headquartered investment company in attempting to recover allegedly embezzled funds from a licensed Ukrainian asset manager

KM Partners

Practice head(s):

Alexander Minin

LCF Law Group

Practice head(s):

Maksym Sheverdin

Key clients

SCATEC Solar Solutions Ukraine LLC

AVK Group


Ovostar Union LLC

VR Global Partners

ESOTECH Joint Stock Company


Practice head(s):

Demchenko Yurii; Dyomin Denys

Work highlights

  • Represented the ex-major of Kyiv city, in a high-profile extradition case.
  • Represented the ex-Chairman of Ukreximbank,before Ukrainian courts and law enforcement authorities during the pre-trial and trial investigations of a multimillion credit provided for the sale-purchase transaction of Ukrainian Media Group in 2013.

Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners

Practice head(s):

Andriy Sydorenko; Andriy Trigub


‘Well-coordinated and strong team. Always available and ready to answer questions or quickly get involved in the process.’

‘Oleksandr Sklyarenko is an excellent administrator and a good referee in teamwork. Andriy Sydorenko – develops strong motivational documents, always considers the problem from different angles, which gives an opportunity to develop an even stronger position. Andrii Trygub is a strong negotiator and orator in court sessions, open to cooperation with a wide range of issues.’

‘The firm’s Partner Andriy Trygub is managing our case and acts as our key contact. Andriy specializes on criminal proceedings and white collar crime cases and has outstanding references on the market. ’

Work highlights

  • Representing a trader of fertilizers imported from the Russian Federation in criminal proceedings charged by the State Security Service with alleged financing of terrorism in Ukraine.
  • Representing the Head of debt recovery department in one of the largest banks in Ukraine (the Client), detained by the State Security Service and accused of bribery in criminal proceedings.
  • Representing a private individual, the owner of large commercial and agricultural land plots in a cross border dispute involving Switzerland, Ukraine and Cyprus, in a case of allegedly illegal expropriation of land plots.

Juscutum Attorneys Association

Practice head(s):

Dmytro Dychakovskyi


‘The Juscutum team provides full-fledged services related to crimes in the field of cryptocurrencies.’

SDM Partners LLC

Practice head(s):

Serhiy Dzis

Shkrebets & Partners

Practice head(s):

Meniv Oleksii

Key clients

PJSC Kharkiv CHP-5