White-collar crime in Ukraine


'The team is the best you can get in Ukraine', says a client of Asters who adds that it is 'very reactive, reliable and always able to understand our business goals'. Sergiy Grebenyuk is highly recommended in a specialist practice that handles corporate criminal defence and high-profile cases for public figures. Senior associate Oleksandr Yakovenko and counsel Orest Stasiuk are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Sergiy Grebenyuk


We feel like we are in good hands with them.’

Asters lawyers are very dedicated and thorough, highly qualified from a technical point of view as well as in regard to negotiation skills. Finally yet importantly, they are easy to work with.’

Sergiy Grebenyuk and counsel Orest Stasiuk coordinated our cooperation with Asters. Grebenyuk has tremendous strategic vision and the ability to develop persuasive arguments even in the most challenging circumstances. He is accessible and flexible and has a lot of experience in dealing with sensitive matters.’

Orest Stasiuk provides high-quality services, is solution-driven and always available. I like his readiness to go the extra mile for us.

I would also like to praise Volodymyr Tkachenko, and Andriy Timoshenko. Thanks to their highest professional level and hard work, favourable outcomes were achieved.

To the best of my knowledge, Asters are top performers in Ukraine in all the fields of law we cooperated in. We are confident in their ability to manage really tricky issues. Asters is our first choice in Ukraine.’

 The firm has a very strong team after the merger with EPAP.

I like the Asters team for its high client orientation, solution-oriented thinking and in-depth knowledge. Their lawyers have good communication skills and are ready to go the extra mile. Asters lawyers are always well prepared, in the picture and very responsive.

Sergiy Grebenyuk was a lead partner in this case. He is a very intelligent person and a fantastic lawyer. He always offers fast and precise advice. I trust that he is looking for our best interests.’

Counsel Orest Stasiuk and associates Olha Yurchenko and Dmytro Dubtsov assisted Sergiy Grebenyuk. Orest Stasiuk is a very good communicator and is extremely quick in responses and client-oriented.

Asters’ associates really have fought for us with all their forces. With them you feel in good hands.

Key clients

British American Tobacco

Leroy Merlin


Taryan Group (Poznyakizhilbud)

TAS group

IDS Borjomi International

Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (IBRC)


Avgust Corp Protection

Work highlights

  • Representing British American Tobacco in criminal proceedings initiated by the Prosecutor General’s Office related to relations with an out-staffing company.
  • Representing Leroy Merlin in highly publicised criminal proceedings related to out-staffing services.

Aver Lex

Aver Lex focuses predominantly on white-collar crime, which makes up 80% of its workload. It has one of the largest specialist practices, led by outstanding partners Olha Prosyanyuk and Vitaliy Serdyuk, which acts for high-profile public figures and large international businesses. The firm is 'probably the first to go to on the market and it is known for large political cases'. Artem Drozdov and associates Andriana Fozekosh and Bogdan Bilenko are highly regarded.

Practice head(s):

Olha Prosyanyuk; Vitaliy Serdyuk


Olha Prosyanyuk and Vitaliy Serdyuk are the best known practitioners, but Artem Drozdov is also very good.

Aver Lex is definitely one of the top law firms in white-collar crime. They successfully represented our company being an aggrieved party as a result of embezzlement committed by a financial officer in a Ukrainian company. The team is highly experienced, effective and reliable, providing skilful protection in complicated cases.

I would particularly give prominence to Atrem Drozdov. He has deep legal expertise in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure and a strong background in criminal investigation. He and his team developed an effective plan of action which helped us recover a significant part of damages and took quick actions where right decisions had to be taken fast.

Igor Fedorenko took part in the development of key forensic strategies which helped our company reach the result. Attorneys Maksym Kozlyuk and Tetyana Bazko were extremely helpful. The team gave comprehensive support in contacting pre-trial investigation office, drafting current documents and other day-to-day matters.

I’d like to single out Vitaliy Serdyuk and Igor Fedorenko. Vitaliy is an excellent spokesperson, he always knows how to communicate with media. He is never afraid of difficulties and entanglements. He is one of the best criminal lawyers in Ukraine with a perfect reputation.’

Igor Fedorenko is a perfect strategist. He always takes into account the potential risks and does the strategy to achieve the goals. They lead a big team of attorneys. Everyone is a qualified lawyer, hardworking person. For me, it is a pleasure to work with AVER LEX.

Attorneys of AVER LEX have advised our company on criminal and tax matters. The results achieved by attorneys in our cases once again confirmed that AVER LEX is a first-class team of professionals who always do more than they bargained for. On top of all of that, AVER LEX lawyers are very attentive and patient with their clients.

Partner Artem Drozdov is a top white-collar crime lawyer. He has a brilliant legal mind, understands white-collar and criminal investigation issues on both sides of the pond. He can explain complex matters in very simple words, even in a difficult case.

AVER LEX is an excellent criminal law firm, which is the best choice for many clients.

This is a very solid and well-organised company. They are able to deal with cases of the highest complexity and responsibility, to work under great pressure from the most serious opponents. Moreover, they always offer non-standard strategic decisions, which are not presented on the market yet.

Igor Fedorenko is an irreplaceable member of the strategic level team, a highly respected criminal lawyer. His advice is always pragmatic and addressed to effective problem solving.

Olga Prosyanyuk is an excellent team manager who is able to organise the internal work of the team as a well-coordinated smooth mechanism. Moreover, she is a brilliant criminal lawyer, for whom the main goal is to achieve the desired result for the client with all her might. Olga very skilfully and effectively communicates with foreign partners on the project. She actively fights against violations of the rights and guarantees of lawyers both within and outside the framework of the project.

Lawyers Bogdan Bilenko and Andriana Fozekosh are rising stars, highly professional, hardworking and confident in their knowledge.

Vitaliy Serdyuk, due to his experience, is involved in his projects in non-stop mode, which allows him to see non-standard ways of defence, which can radically affect the process. Most often his ideas are procedural bombs that neutralise the opponents.

Artem Drozdov is very professional in the development of the detailed defence algorithm simultaneously in several directions. He skilfully forms a network of team functions, which allows everything to be kept under control.

Igor Fedorenko has the ability to notice and anticipate details and circumstances that are not obvious. In fact, he is thinking up the methods of defence a few steps forward.

Igor Fedorenko can find an approach to any person and reach an agreement with anyone. In my opinion, one of his main qualities is the ability to discern the strengths of lawyers and put together a team that will able to meet the challenges.

Artem Drozdov is one of the strongest business defence lawyers. Artem can explain in simple language the most complicated case.

AVER LEX is the best in the WCC defence. The team understands not only the risks and the ways of their prevention, but they can foresee the development of the case several steps ahead.

Tetyana Bazko is a very professional litigator with extensive experience in the criminal proceedings. Moreover, she is an open and friendly lawyer.

Igor Fedorenko can find an approach to any person and reach an agreement with anyone. In my opinion, one of his main qualities is the ability to discern the strengths of lawyers and put together a team that will able to meet the challenges.

Artem Drozdov is a calm and clear person. He is one of the strongest business defence lawyers. Artem can explain in simple language the most complicated case.

Key clients

Viktor Yanukovych, the fourth President of Ukraine (2010-­‐2014)

Myroslav Prodan, former acting Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

Oleksandr Yanukovych, businessman, son of the ex-president of Ukraine

ZTE, Ukrainian branch of Chinese multinational telecoms company

Bunge Ukraine


Work highlights

  • Defending Viktor Yanukovych, the fourth President of Ukraine (2010-2014), in court litigation that arose following a criminal prosecution, in which the client was convicted of impeachment for treason, running an aggressive war, and acting to change the state borders of Ukraine.
  • Defending the former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, against various allegations.
  • Acting for Mysroslav Prodan, the former acting Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, in criminal proceedings alleging misappropriation of assets (involving amounts of over $3m), the illegality of property ownership, transfer of assets to third parties, as well as alleged laundering of money obtained through criminal means.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper is 'top-notch for its understanding of the law and a breadth and depth of experience'. The firm handles complex, high-stakes multi-jurisdictional compliance and investigation matters for companies and their executives. Olga Vorozhbyt leads the team, which grew with the hire of two specialists - legal director Yuri Rudenko from SDM Partners LLC and associate Artem Krykun-Trush from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Associate Vladyslav Danyleiko is another key name.

Practice head(s):

Olga Vorozhbyt


Olga Vorozhbyt is outstanding counsel and stands out from her peers for her ability to recognize the salient issues and incorporate them into the best strategy for the situation. Olga is a strategic thinker that does not get lost in details – rather, she is laser-focused on achieving the client’s goals.

The overall impression is highly positive. The team valuable qualities include high professional level of experience and knowledge, proper speed of work, practical approach to consulting and advising, proper level of getting to know the peculiarities of the business and decision makers.

Olga Vorozhbyt is a strong and effective manager and leader of the team. Yaroslav Yarovyi and Vladyslav Danyleiko conducted highly professional interviews and requested required information just right to the point without overloading business with irrelevant questions.

It has a great solid team of excellent specialists.

I am glad to recommend the outstanding white-collar crime practice of DLA Piper Ukraine. I am delighted by our co-operation, and note that the team has handled the case with exceptional care and professionalism, responding in a timely manner to various issues and keeping us up-to-date where needed.

For me as counsel, it was very pleasing to see the team taking care of every aspect of the case, only seeking our input or approval where definitely needed. I would like to also remark their thoroughness of research, creative approaches and attention to detail. I remain extremely satisfied with the quality of services provided.

Throughout our engagement, I have been in close contact with Oleksii Gerasymchuk, who was very reliable and instilled great confidence. He is definitely a lawyer you would like to have on your project. The project was headed by Olga Vorozhbyt, to whom credit must be given for addressing our general concerns, developing an in-depth strategy and being in complete charge of the project.

Olga Vorozhbyt is a very charismatic lawyer in whom you have absolute confidence in terms of representing you before a court or in negotiations.

A very professional and dedicated team. It was a pleasure to work with the team on a difficult and non-standard project.

Quick availability and readiness to help, and the team is very client-oriented with deep insights and professional scrupulousness in its approach to non-standard issues.

The outstanding leader is obviously Olga Vorozhbyt, who was able within several years to build a strong team of 8 individuals reporting to her. Major senior associates that require mentioning are Yaroslav Yarovyi, whose outstanding advice on sanctions and export controls our company included into the Group guidance as advice to follow and Vladyslav Danyleiko, who is known for this thinking outside of the box and respective advice.

The firm is orientated to solve the client’s problems within an acceptable timeframe. The team were all of the same mindset as far as I got to know them.

Key clients


GORO legal

GORO legal is a small boutique that handles cases involving bribery and corruption allegations, and it has a strong track record of defending the interests and reputation of key public figures, including Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych. Oleksandr Goroshynskyi leads the practice, which excels in criminal cases, corporate investigations, tracking searches and interrogations, lifting arrests and much more. The team provides 'non-standard solutions and works quickly and effectively'.

Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Goroshynskyi


Oleksandr Goroshynskyi is highly qualified, with a huge amount of practical experience.

The security and success of my business quite often depends on the adoption of timely and correct decisions, especially when it comes to protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the company. Situations related to corporate security and business protection always require urgent reaction and consolidation of efforts. GORO Legal works quickly and efficiently, make the right decisions in seemingly insoluble situations.

Specialists of the GORO legal law firm have shown themselves to be responsible and qualified partners. The contact person in the firm for white-collar crime is Oleksandr Goroshynskyi. For today we use services only of this company. It is a good price for the services rendered.

Key clients

Mr. Viktor Yanukovych

Ukrainian special division “Berkut”

National Aviation University

Work highlights

  • Representing Mr. Viktor Yanukovych, former President of Ukraine, in a criminal case of treason and restoring dignity to the territory of Ukraine.
  • Representing the interests of Ukrainian special division “Berkut”, accused in connection with shooting in times of “Euromaydan” on February 20, 2014.
  • Representing the Head of National Aviation University in a criminal prosecution for malpractice as well as $315,000 Bribery Act claims.

Ilyashev & Partners

Ilyashev & Partners 'has gained exceptional experience over the last ten years on a number of large international banking fraud cases'. One client remarks that 'no law firm is Ukraine is likely to compete in terms of practical litigation and criminal prosecution experience'. Roman Marchenko and Mikhail Ilyashev are key names in the market. Among its clients are large corporates including Johnson & Johnson, BTA Bank and Roshen.


Ilyashev & Partners is diligent, knowledgeable, with lots of experience in the financial industry. Its team is extremely prepared and delivers timely and user-friendly service in all cases they handle. We’re happy to work with them.

My key contact is Roman Marchenko. Roman is an excellent attorney and a big name in the legal landscape. Roman has a huge reputation as a top-class attorney, a highly skilled drafter and negotiator. His style is very practical; he is always to the point and gives short and concise answers.

This firm’s unique strengths lie with the individuals who make up its superb legal team. Its lawyers are of the highest quality and a true pleasure to deal with. There is no problem I wouldn’t trust them to resolve.

Roman Marchenko is a phenomenon and the first point of contact for any work in that region.

Key clients


Andrey Onistrat

BTA Bank


Salve Finance Ukraine

Johnson & Johnson



Smila Energo Invest

Work highlights


    'Nimble and dynamic full-service firmKinstellar 'benefits from having a strong litigation bias and the services of a former criminal judge'. Managing associate Lyudmyla Volkova is a rising star. The firm's dedicated compliance, risk and sensitive investigations practice handles  anti-bribery and related legislation, internal investigations, compliance programmes, sanctions, background checks and risk assessments. Kostiantyn Likarchuk left the firm in 2020. Olexander Martinenko was a new arrival in 2020.


    Mykyta Nota is now counsel with the firm. He is detail-orientated and provides strong support.’

    The firm provides high quality in countries where it is not easy to find top level lawyering.

    Key clients

    Mr. Andrey Adamovskiy

    Corning Optical Communications Wireless

    Ms Anna Tigipko

    Work highlights

    • Acted for Mr. Andrey Adamovskiy, a high-net-worth individual, in a $150m dispute arising from the sale of VikOil to joint venture TNK-BP.
    • Acted for a high-net-worth individual in a $20m criminal investigation initiated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.
    • Represented a British national in connection with a criminal investigation initiated by the Odesa Police Department with the aim of withdrawing the client from the Ukrainian and internationally wanted lists.

    Sayenko Kharenko

    Sayenko Kharenko, which is 'very proactive, good at coming up with solutions and highly efficient', expanded its already strong capability through a merger with the criminal defence practice of Yevgeniy SolodkoSergey Pogrebnoy and Sergiy Smirnov are highly regarded for investigations, enforcement actions, and compliance issues. In 2019, the firm acted in more than 50 white-collar criminal cases with an aggregate value in excess of $2.1bn.


    Sayenko Kharenko provides comprehensive advice on a range of matters including white-collar criminal defence and litigation. Although it has many strengths, I would like to highlight its multi-functionality and flexible approach in handling our requests.

    We have been working with Sayenko Kharenko since 2016. The lawyers are very collaborative, dedicated, responsive, and driven to get the best results. Our key contacts at Sayenko Kharenko are partners Sergey Pogrebnoy and Sergiy Smirnov, who provide the highest level of expertise, efficient working methods, reliability and rapid implementation of decisions.

    The Sayenko Kharenko team has been very responsive and highly professional. They provided clear, practical assistance which made sense from a legal and business risk perspective. Our key contacts are Sergey Pogrebnoy and Sergei Smirnov.

    Sergey Pogrebnoy understands the tasks quickly, effectively manages his team and formulates a comprehensive strategy on complex matters.

    Sergei Smirnov is a highly professional lawyer who is very responsive and provides very practical advice. I value his attitude, dedication and professionalism – it i always a pleasure to work with him.

    Sayenko Kharenko has a strong expertise in white-collar crime. They are strong in advice and actions. Sayenko Kharenko is strong in communication with law enforcement authorities in order to protect business.

    Sergii Smirnov is client-oriented and gives his team the right guidance to reach the desired outcome. He has a very strong expertise and is easily reachable.

    There is a large stock of human resources in the company. It has young lawyers who are actively involved in external activities, in addition to work, they are trying to improve laws in the country.

    Sayenko Kharenko has a strong bench of market-leading attorneys, known for their extensive courtroom experience. The firm provides consistently excellent quality work and articulate advice to anticipate client’s needs. They certainly do a great job of understanding our goals and figuring out the best commercial way to reach these goals.

    I find the lawyers at Sayenko Kharenko to be very responsive, technically excellent and very practical in helping to get the deal closed. Their white-collar practice is extremely strong, and they have people throughout the firm who are thoughtful, practical, and highly efficient.’

    Partners Sergey Pogrebnoy and Sergei Smirnov are very experienced and professional, results-oriented, very responsive and reliable.

    Key clients

    Philip Morris Ukraine

    Porsche Ukraine Group

    Work highlights

    • Representing Philip Morris Ukraine in criminal proceedings regarding allegations of possible tax evasion of UAH635m-worth of additional customs payments.
    • Representing a client in criminal proceedings relating to the unlawful appropriation of funds totalling $650m.
    • Advising Porsche Ukraine Group companies on business security issues and representing it in criminal proceedings.


    The 'strong and experienced team' at ADER HABER joins the ranking. It has two prominent practitioners in managing partner Yuriy Petrenko and senior associate Eleonora Salova (who is 'a specialist in criminal procedure and international criminal law'). Their work includes risk assessment, the defence of business owners and senior management, representation in courts and before law enforcement agencies, and arrests on accounts in Ukraine and abroad.

    Practice head(s): Yuriy Petrenko; Eleonora Salova


    A team under Eleonora Salova lead has experience, complies with international standards in its work, and is highly qualified in the criminal process.

    I recommend Eleonora Salova. She has a high level of professionalism, a constant desire for self-education and versatility in criminal proceedings.

    Eleonora Salova’s team has extensive experience and numerous victories in cases, which confirms their professionalism.

    Eleonora Salova has established herself as an experienced manager in economic crime cases and white-collar crimes. During collaboration, she showed a high level of professionalism and stress resistance. I also want to note her high qualification in providing expert opinions in published articles in relevant publications.

    The team has established itself as a group of specialists who understand all issues of criminal law and the process both in Ukraine and in the EU.

    The team of ADER HABER in business defence is distinguished by non-standard thinking. It is pleasant to work with them since, in the process, they comply with all quality and communication standards.

    Eleonora Salova has established herself as a high-class specialist in criminal proceedings. Working with her, I can note her extensive experience in this field, as well as indicate that in her work she can make non-standard decisions that focus on result and quality.

    Eleonora Salova as the head of the team of business defence established herself as a specialist in international criminal law, in the process of joint work on various projects proved to be a team leader. I can note a high level of communication with clients and quick achievement of results planned.

    The team that we engaged with works harmoniously, quickly and efficiently. Each team member has a clear knowledge and understanding of both the business processes of our company and the criminal process. All team members are interchangeable, which is why everything was always done on time on the project.

    Eleonora Salova heads a business defence team that encompasses specialists with strong knowledge in business defence and white-collar crime. The team specialists are pragmatic, find concrete solutions and know how to link the day-to-day and legal theory. Eleonora’s team has established itself, as specialists, with good skills and experience that helped solve problems in the legal field as quickly as possible.

    Eleonora Salova has established herself as a lawyer with a high level of responsibility, an unconventional approach to solving legal situations, which quickly led to the result and solution of the company’s problems.’

    Eleonora Salova is exceptionally responsive and meticulous, highly skilled in a range of white-collar crime areas and renowned for her prowess as a business defence litigator. She is well-known for all the right reasons. Her reaction is always spot-on, and she is a great negotiator.

    Key clients

    FUDMEREZHA, LLC (ТМ “Velyka Kyshenya”)


    I&U Group

    Ario Law Firm

    Ario Law Firm fields a team that is 'creative and has excellent knowledge'. Yevhen Hrushovets and Julian Khorunzhyi jointly lead the practice which has ‘high ethical standards and transparency’, as well as extensive experience in the defence of criminal cases. Its recent work includes the successful representation of public figures including mayors of Lviv, Mykolayv and Skadovsk, a Kazakh journalist and a Moldovan opposition party member.


    The firm is known for its efficiency and its non-standard approach. In most cases, we get a positive result.

    Key clients

    Ms. Zhanara Akhmetova

    Mr. Olexander Balika

    Kyivrekonstruktsiya PJSC

    Mr. Oleksandr Yakovlev

    Mr. Vladyslav Marchenko and Mr. Mark Marchenko

    State Enterprise Pishchanskiy quarry

    Work highlights


      Arzinger 's team is 'is highly qualified, very client-oriented and always glad to help'. Co-head of dispute resolution Kateryna Gupalo leads the white-collar criminal law practice, in which senior associate Oleksandr Maksymenko is a key name. The firm's key focus is corporate criminal defence and it frequently acts for German companies, as well as international businesses in sectors including automotive, agriculture, energy and retail.

      Practice head(s): Kateryna Gupalo

      Key clients

      Econia LLC

      Work highlights

        Baker McKenzie, Kyiv Office

        Baker McKenzie, Kyiv Office handles criminal proceedings related to white-collar crime disputes both in Ukraine and worldwide. The group led by Ihor Siusel, who has a broad litigation practice, acts for large multi-national corporates in key industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking, automotive and technology, focusing on complex cross-border investigations and litigation.

        Practice head(s):

        Ihor Siusel

        Barristers Bar Association

        Barristers Bar Association in Odessa specialises in criminal law, handling every stage from initial arrest to trial. It has a track record of defending clients at the International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights and other foreign courts. The practice, which is led by Oleksii Shevchuk, Konstantin Globa and Andrii Levkovets, was founded only three years ago, but has already become highly active in representing corporates, People’s Deputies of Ukraine and state officials.

        Key clients

        Nadiia Savchenko

        Volodymyr Ruban

        Zdravo LLC

        Viktor Dudko

        Novoiavorivska Co-generation Power Plant

        Vladyslav Manher

        Kredytna Ustanova ’Evropeiska Kredytna Hruppa‘, LLC

        Kyryl Tliavov

        SE «NPC «Ukrenergo»

        Vodokanal, CJSC

        Work highlights

        • Defending People’s Deputy of Ukraine Nadiia Savchenko against charges of preparing and committing coercive actions aimed at dismantling statehood, infringing on the life of the President, members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, arranging terrorist acts and promoting terrorist entities’ activities.
        • Defending businessman Volodymyr Ruban against charges of preparing and committing coercive actions aimed at dismantling statehood, infringing on the life of the President, members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, arranging terrorist acts and promoting terrorist entities’ activities.
        • Defending pharmaceutical company Zdravo, LLC against charges of white-collar crime, misappropriation of budgetary monetary funds when delivering medical equipment by overvaluation of the marginal value of the medical equipment.


        CMS is noted for corporate white-collar criminal law investigations and litigation. Its work covers matters of embezzlement, forgery, bribery, identity theft, fraud and money laundering. Litigation experts Maria Orlyk and counsel Olga Shenk, along with banking and finance specialist Anna Pogrebna, act for large international corporates in key sectors such as agriculture, energy, healthcare, technology and automotive. Olexander Martinenko left the firm in 2020.

        Practice head(s):

        Maria Orlyk; Anna Pogrebna

        EQUITY Law Firm

        'They always find solutions for difficult cases', says a client of EQUITY Law Firm, which climbs the ranking. Senior partner Viktor Barsuk oversees a practice that handles a growing portfolio of work for government officials, business leaders and high-net-worth individuals. Oleksandr Lysak and Taras Poshyvanyuk 'always provide high-quality services'. In 2019, they achieved three acquittals in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.


        Equity team has the most professional lawyers we have ever worked with. Compared with other law companies they achieve acquittals for the clients. They make a unique protection strategy and do everything for clients.

        Oleksandr Lysak represents our interests in court at the highest level. He foresaw every step of defense. Olexandr and and Taras Poshyvaniuk are always available for clients. They are professional in the industry. Taras is a real strategist and always knows how to protect clients.

        Equity’s reliable team provides comprehensive advice to its clients and has an in-depth knowledge of local law, thus being in a position to work very efficiently, always paying attention to detail and being problem-solving oriented. With their deep industry knowledge and a pragmatic approach they always focus on achieving the best result.

        Key clients

        Hennadiy Trukhanov

        Volodymyr Omelian

        Dmytro Kryuchkov

        Roman Nasirov

        Agroholding “Havrylivsky Kurchata”

        Nataliia Ihnatchenko

        Stanislav Berezkin

        Pavel Vougelmam

        Work highlights

        • Representing the Council of Odessa in criminal proceedings investigated by the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.
        • Developing the protection strategy and representing the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine’s interests at court in a case investigated by the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.
        • Defended the chairman of the holding company Energomerexha in criminal proceedings investigated by the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.


        GOLAW's work in criminal proceedings includes negotiatingthe return of illegally retained assets and documentation, representing clients before law enforcement agencies, determining material damages caused by criminal actions and the representation of defendants in court. Managing partner and Vice President of the Ukrainian National Bar Association Valentyn Gvozdiy, the highly acclaimed Angelika Moisieieva and head of the criminal law practice Igor Glushko are recommended.


        As a part of the entire legal strategy GOLAW professionals helped us successfully with white-collar crime issues. It is their ability to choose the strategy and succeed that we appreciate so much.

        Valentyn Gvozdiy, managing partner – has extensive experience in white-collar criminal cases including international cases.


        Integrites has a small but effective white-collar crime practice that represents corporates and their officers in cases of tax evasion, fraud and other offences. Oleksandr Onishchenko leads the practice, which acts predominantly for international companies in key industry sectors such as retail, agriculture, aviation, energy and natural resources.

        Practice head(s):

        Oleksandr Onishchenko

        Work highlights

        • Represented Ferrero Ukraine in out of court settlement of a tax dispute.

        Vasil Kisil & Partners

        Andriy Stelmashchuk leads the practice at Vasil Kisil & Partners following the departure of Vitaliy Kasko to become First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine. The firm has significant experience in representing top foreign and national companies and CEOs before law enforcement agencies and in courts, and is known for its high ethical standards and its expertise in niche area including human rights litigation.

        Practice head(s):

        Andriy Stelmashchuk


        VB PARTNERS acts for suspects and victims of white-collar crime. Its work encompasses fraud, money laundering, misappropriation of funds and assets, tax evasion and fictitious bankruptcy, abuse of office, negligence and illegal enrichment. The highly regarded Denys Bugay and Oleksandr Lukianenko lead the practice, which counts top agricultural company Mriya and international real estate holding company Mallino Development Group among its clients.


        What makes VB PARTNERS’ white-collar crime practice unique is its work with transnational cases, its international cooperation, its internal compliance, its experience in crimes in the private sector, and its work on the protection of investors’ rights.

        Oleksandr Lukianenko is always available at the right time, which allows me to receive urgent and competent advice on the issues at hand.

        Nikita Nuralin proved to be intelligent, highly conscientious and effective.  Overall, it is a pleasure working with him.

        Key clients

        Mriya agroholding

        Mallino Development Group

        Nykolaevsky Alumina Plant

        Shareholders of Premium Commercial Bank PJSC

        Svitland Development Ltd

        Shareholders of Delta Bank Ukraine PJSC

        Shareholders of Delta Bank Belarus

        Commercial Bank “Khreschatyk” PJSC

        Spike Trade Group

        Work highlights

        • Representation of the interests of the Board Chairman of Premium Commercial Bank in criminal proceedings related to tax evasion, including in a pre-trial investigation that is carried out by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
        • Conducting a corporate investigation for Spike Trade Group
        • Representing the interests of an international holding company, specialising in managing commercial real estate and aqua parks, in a lawsuit to reverse decisions taken by the state registrar of real estate rights in criminal proceedings, while bringing to justice an official-state registrar of real estate rights.


        Danevych.Law handles complex criminal investigations focused on the pharmaceutical sector and clinical trials. It frequently acts for large life sciences companies involved with third parties under investigation, handling various phases of the enforcement process with particular capabilities handling fraud, tax evasion, abuse of powers, and conflict of interest matters. Borys Danevych is the lead partner.

        Practice head(s):

        Borys Danevych

        Key clients



        Johnson & Johnson


        Dynasty Law Firm

        Dynasty Law Firm, which is largely based in Dnipro but also has a Kiev office, has a busy business protection and white-collar crime practice led by Vyacheslav Kokhlyakov, who is known for both real estate and criminal law matters. The firm acts for clients in a broad range of industry sectors including technology, banking, mining and natural resources, and heavy industry.

        Practice head(s):

        Viacheslav Kokhliakov

        Key clients

        LLC “Demurinskii mining and processing plant”

        LLC “Master Technology” and “Maxi Marketing”

        LLC “Steel Production Company”

        LLC “Smart Solutions”

        Versobank AS

        Work highlights

        • Successfully defended LLC “Demurinskii mining and processing plant” in criminal proceedings concerning the alleged illegal mining and sale of minerals, as a result of which all suspicions of law enforcement agencies were refuted.
        • Successfully defended HR solutions provider LLC “Smart Solutions” in criminal proceedings pertaining to suspicion of tax evasion on a particularly large scale.
        • Successfully defended employees of Versobank in criminal proceedings relating to the alleged misappropriation of funds in especially large amounts.

        Juscutum Attorneys Association

        Juscutum Attorneys Association joins the table having significantly expanded its white-collar criminal law practice. Lead partner Volodymyr Rudnychenko hired four senior and mid-level associates, including two from his former firm Integrites, to handle a growing workload of business protection matters including cases related to tax evasion, bribery and corruption, fraud and misappropriation of funds. Clients praise a team made up of 'wonderful criminal law professionals who always help us'.

        Practice head(s):

        Volodymyr Rudnychenko


        The lawyers collaborate with us 24/7. Thanks to the prompt reaction, professionalism and perseverance of Volodymyr Rudnychenko and Borys Stanislav, all unlawful actions against our company was stopped, bank accounts were unlocked and the criminal proceedings do not cause us any discomfort. We can recommend this team only as highly qualified, as we remain fully satisfied with the services provided and continue to cooperate with them.

        Volodymyr Rudnychenko and Borys Stanislav are highly qualified white-collar crime experts. They really understand needs of clients, that is why they are able to offer flexible solutions during legal support.

        We are very pleased with the work of the Juscutum team. Despite the complexity of the cases with which we turn to them, they offer us solutions in a short time and we are always happy with the result.

        Oleksandr Horobets and Volodymyr Rudnychenko can easily consult at different times of the day. From the other lawyers we have worked with, Oleksandr Horobets and Volodymyr Rudnychenko stand out for their dedication and always achieve a positive result for us.

        Key clients

        SAMTEK-service, LLC


        Work highlights

        • Representing the interest of the former Head of Finance Division of a state-owned bank in criminal proceedings alleging abuse of power and misappropriation of $10m.
        • Representing Getsimport in high-value criminal proceedings concerning alleged tax evasion.
        • Representing the owner of Samtek Services, the supplier of food ingredients for confectionery, bakery and ice-cream manufacturing companies, in a criminal case against his business partner who committed a criminal offence aimed at the company’s hostile takeover via illegal re-registration of corporate rights.

        KM Partners

        KM Partners specialises in tax, legal and consulting services and handles a significant caseload in the defence of economic crimes. Best known for tax litigation, the practice, which is led by Alexander Minin, handles high-value tax evasion cases, as well as other white-collar criminal offences.

        Practice head(s):

        Alexander Minin

        KPD Consulting Law Firm

        The practice at KPD Consulting Law Firm is 'friendly, problem-orientated and delivers resolutions in time'. Kyrylo Kazak leads the practice and focuses on criminal matters and employment law. He frequently acts for large corporates such as Porsche Group in the defence of criminal matters, though he also represents individuals and company officials in white-collar and tax litigation.

        Practice head(s):

        Kyrylo Kazak


        KPD Consulting Law Firm and, in particular, the practice of criminal law, has a broad, comprehensive approach when considering clients’ requests. When analysing and resolving client’s situations, the focus is to foresee all possible risks, negative consequences for the client, and maximise positive results.

        The client is informed about all possible circumstances and details of the case, which are taken into account in the development and implementation of defence strategies and tactics. Legal representation is at the highest level, which ensures the client’s peace of mind and achieving the best result as soon as possible. Decisions are developed and implemented promptly, which prevents the client from having negative consequences of criminal prosecution.

        All employees of KPD Consulting Law Firm who have communicated with us have a thorough, in-depth knowledge of legislation. All specialists of this firm skilfully apply this knowledge in practice, within the legal framework, and build an effective defence strategy and tactics, which is most appropriate for every client’s situation.’

        ‘Employees of the firm, in particular the criminal law practice, consider each client’s request very carefully. This consideration is under control of practice head Kyrylo Kazak. Kyrylo pays maximum attention and time to client’s request, personally discusses these requests with his employees.

        Senior associate Andriy Petrishak is an experienced criminal law attorney who perfectly applies his sound knowledge of the legislation in practice. The legal positions developed by them fully satisfy the clients’ needs and ensure the achievement of the desired result in the absence of negative legal risks.

        Key clients

        Porsche Mobility LLC

        Porsche Leasing Ukraine LLC



        Diebold Nixdorf LLC

        CJSC “AMC “UkrSib Asset Management”

        Work highlights

        • Defending Porsche Mobility in a criminal matter with a value of c.$800,000.
        • Defending Porsche Leasing Ukraine in criminal proceedings with a value of more than $200,000.
        • Defence of Ozone Investment in criminal procedures with a value of more than $1.5m.

        Legal Alliance Company

        White-collar crime is the main focus of the criminal law practice at Legal Alliance Company, which acts for companies and their officials in investigations by law enforcement agencies and, ultimately, in litigation. Illya Kostin and Taras Bezpalyy conduct internal investigations for corporate clients, as well as defending individuals, including managers of state-owned enterprises.

        Practice head(s):

        Illya Kostin; Taras Bezpalyy

        Litigation Group

        Niche dispute resolution boutique LITIGATION GROUP joins the ranking having significantly grown its workload in white-collar criminal law. Tax evasion cases and economic crimes are its principal areas of focus, and lead partners Yuriy Demchenko and Denys Dyomin frequently act for public figures, among whom are former MPs and city mayors.

        Practice head(s):

        Yuriy Demchenko; Denys Dyomin


        Successfully represented our interests in court regarding the protection of honour, dignity and business reputation.

        ‘Yuriy Demchenko is an excellent attorney. He is highly intelligent and works hard for his clients. He is an excellent lawyer as well as an amazing litigator. Also, Yuriy is very knowledgeable about the case that we brought to him. We were very comfortable throughout this process and would retain his services in the future. We endorse him wholeheartedly.

        In general, we are pleased with the work of the Litigation Group and can confidently state the high quality of the services provided by this law firm.

        We can confidently say that Yuriy Demchenko truly is a highly qualified specialist in many areas of law.

        Litigation Group is one of the most professional law firms in Ukraine. From personal experience I can say that all work is always carried out quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, lawyers offer an optimal set of actions without imposing additional services.

        Thanks to the competent tactical work of this law firm, all litigation was completed in our favour.

        Denys Dyomin brilliantly represented our interests by demonstrating his excellent litigation skills successfully, quickly and effectively. I would also like to point out that this lawyer has the best methods of representing the client, in the courts and in other state authorities. Yuriy Demchenko also successfully represented us in the courts, and I would like to note his creative approaches to each individual case, all of which turned out to be very effective.

        Key clients

        Chernovetskiy Leonid (Former Kyiv Mayor)

        Avakov Arsen (Minister of IA)

        Shkiryak Zoryan (Head Cousil to MoIA)

        Pavlovskaya Kseniya (Privat investor)

        CF “Chernovetskiy FUND” (Ukraine)

        CF “Chernovetskiy FUND” (Georgia)



        Gopko Hanna (MP)

        Ptashnik Victorya (MP)

        Work highlights

        • Advised the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on reputational issues.
        • Acted for the ex-Deputy of General Director of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” in administrative litigation holding the client liable for an offence related to corruption.

        Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners

        Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners has extensive experience of white-collar cases, including those related to the abuse of public office, negligence of official duties, bribery, abuse of power, tax evasion and fraud. The practice, which is led by Oleksandr Peremezhko and Evgeniy Usik, is 'extraordinarily experienced and stands out for its knowledge and its fast, comprehensive and out-of-the-box approach'.


        Oleksandr Peremezhko as a managing partner always sees the cases through and makes sure the best results are achieved. He is not only a great attorney, but also has an impressive business understanding and analytical approach to each and every task he handles.

        Evgeniy Usik is always available and fast to respond if we have any question. He is sharp and effective.

        We started our cooperation with Oleksandr Peremezhko and Partners when the law firm was established. The level of service is truly remarkable. The lawyers are bright and quick-witted. The advice is comprehensive and well-thought-out. Over the years, the firm has without a doubt proved to be a right choice and a reliable partner, including in the area of white-collar defence.

        Oleksandr Peremezhko leads the advice and always keeps his finger on the pulse. We would also single out Evgeniy Usik, who is always ready to help.

        The team is motivated and professional, has speedy response times and excellent business knowledge.

        The firm provides thoughtful and timely advice at appropriate prices.

        Oleksandr Peremezhko is a brilliant attorney with exceptional business sense. Oleksandr possesses vast wealth of experience and knowledge.

        Evgeniy Usik should be recommended as an experienced lawyer with a professional approach.

        Key clients














        LE DOYEN LLC

        GEMINI LLC







        FIDES PE


        Work highlights

          Quantum Attorneys

          Quantum Attorneys joins the ranking for its work for corporate board members and executives accused of corruption, fraud, cybercrime, money laundering, misappropriation of funds and assets, or tax evasion. Counsel Dmytro Sichkar joined the firm in 2019 from an in-house role to handle investigations and court actions. Clients praise his 'comprehensive assistance and tailor-made approach'.

          Practice head(s):

          Dmytro Sichkar


          Quantum Attorneys has a really experienced team in business defence practice.

          We worked with Dmytro Sichkar who represented us as a client in a criminal case related tax evasion. We are really satisfied with his extraordinary work and assistance.

          Quantum Attorneys has an excellent team of tax and dispute resolution lawyers. They have deep expertise and a nonstandard approach while providing legal services.

          We had a chance to work with Dmytro Sichkar, a highly qualified and experienced lawyer with a solid background under his belt.

          Work highlights

          • Acted for an educational-industrial centre in the course of a criminal investigation related to tax evasion.

          Redcliffe Partners

          Redcliffe Partners' work in the white-collar crime area is largely in tax-related matters. Head of dispute resolution Sergiy Gryshko is the key partner. Counsel and tax specialist Oleksandr Markov also plays a key role in the practice.

          Practice head(s):

          Sergiy Gryshko

          Shkrebets & Partners

          Shkrebets & Partners represents political figures, municipal and state officials as well as corporate clients and their officials. Based in Kharkiv, it handles matters in the eastern region of Ukraine and among its key clients is PJSC Kharkiv CHP-5, one of the largest heat and power plants in Ukraine. Practice head Olexiy Meniv is the key name.

          Practice head(s):

          Olexiy Meniv


          Olexiy Meniv, head of this practice, has a specific approach to every client and is a professional with good qualification.

          The white-collar crime practice is very strong.

          Olexiy Meniv is an excellent practitioner.

          Key clients

          PJSC Kharkiv CHP-5

          Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners

          Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners fields 'a very strong and dedicated practice'. Managing partner Oleksandr Skliarenko and practice head Andriy Sydorenko frequently act for government officials, senior executives and public figures in criminal proceedings concerning bribery, corruption, abuse of power, the illegal appropriation of funds, money laundering, fraud and tax evasion.


          I recommend Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners for criminal dispute resolution. They are outstanding both in the pre-trial investigation and in the courtroom. I appreciate the firm’s commitment to confidentiality.

          Oleksandr Sydorenko leads the criminal law team. He and his criminal defence attorneys under-promise but over-deliver. 

          Work highlights

          • Representing the head of the debt recovery department of one of the largest Ukrainian banks in criminal proceedings on alleged bribery charges.
          • Representing the general manager of an aircraft repair and maintenance company in criminal proceedings initiated by the State Security Service relating to the aircraft works and services performed in a South African country.
          • Representing a former director and the first deputy director of a communal enterprise engaged in repair and maintenance of auto infrastructure in criminal proceedings concerning alleged illegal occupation of land plots.