Leading Silks

Angela Grahame QCCompass Chambers  ‘Her advocacy is consise and persuasive, and she has an approachable manner that is reassuring for clients who are pursuing cases as a result of having suffered trauma and are living with life-changing injuries.’
David Stephenson QCAmpersand Advocates  ‘Extremely thorough and knowledgeable in this highly specialist field. One of the top senior counsel in the field of clinical negligence, David has the ability to grasp complex issues with ease and identify the matters requiring investigation. He provides very clear advice for clients.’
Geoffrey Mitchell QC  – Ampersand Advocates 'He has enormous experience in clinical negligence and a well-deserved reputation for competence, diligence and integrity.' 
Graham Primrose QCAmpersand Advocates  'A magnificent senior counsel who excels in his field. He has excellent communication skills and is able to express even the most complex of legal situations in a clear and concise manner. He has the ability to develop a rapport with clients while maintaining a level of seniority, and his advice is respected by clients as a result.'
Iain Ferguson QC - Axiom Advocates 'A decisive and meticulous silk.'
Lesley Shand QCCompass Chambers ‘Sharp, focused, extremely intelligent and can absorb huge quantities of information very quickly and get to the root of the case. A very reliable and tenacious advocate to have on your side.’
Lisa Henderson QC  – Ampersand Advocates 'She has excellent interpersonal and client communication skills, and is able to explain matters clearly and in a way clients can easily understand.'
Robert Milligan QC  – Compass Chambers ‘Robert has superb knowledge of product liability matters. He is strong on strategy and in negotiations.’
Astrid Smart QCCompass Chambers  ‘Her medical knowledge and understanding are hugely impressive. She is excellent with clients, brilliant with experts and unflappable in all the circumstances.’
Douglas Ross QC  – Ampersand Advocates ‘Always exceptionally well-prepared and methodical. A very articulate practitioner, whose presentation of arguments in court is excellent.’
Kay Springham QCCompass Chambers ‘Kay is a very pragmatic silk who is always on top of her papers and a pleasure to work with. She is a strong negotiator and effective in court, and her client skills are impressive too.’ 
Steven Love QC  – Compass Chambers 'His in-depth knowledge of law and procedure is very reassuring and is a great asset, during the course of a complex litigation.'  
Una Doherty QC  – Ampersand Advocates ‘Una has an incredible eye for detail and getting into the minutiae of a case. She runs consultations, negotiations and court hearings very well, making her a go-to senior counsel.’
Vinit Khurana QC  – Ampersand Advocates 'With Vinit being dually qualified in law and medicine it is hard to find another advocate with his medical knowledge which proves to be invaluable in complex clinical negligence cases.  He is incredibly conscientious and hard-working and he is a go-to advocate of choice where you know there may be difficulties with witnesses.'

2020 Silks

Alasdair Burnet QC  – Terra Firma Chambers 'Always well-prepared and thorough in his preparation, he knows how to get the ear of the court and choose the best time to make submissions.'

2021 Silks

Archie MacSporran QC –Ampersand Advocates 'A silk who cannot be bettered.'
Graeme Middleton QC  – Compass Chambers 'An expert in personal injuiry litigation - extremely knowedgable, he is confident on his feet with excellent advocacy skills.'

Leading Juniors

Barney RossCompass Chambers 'Barney is an exceptional advocate and it is a pleasure to work with him. He is exceptionally diligent and provides very considered advice.'
Chris PatersonAxiom Advocates 'A technically bright advocate, very good on detail and getting to the nub of things - he is not afraid of a good fight when one is needed.'
Ewen Campbell  – Axiom Advocates 'He is in a very experienced counsel with a laser eye for detail and also has enormous judgement in finding the best solution for the client.'
James McConnell  – Ampersand Advocates 'An advocate of choice in the area of clinical negligence - able to cut through complex medical and legal issues, and not fazed by taking cases to proof.'
Kate BennettCompass Chambers 'Kate is a knowledgeable, able and hard-working advocate.  She has excellent interpersonal skills, and great ability to analyse cases and focus on the main issues that arise.  She demonstrates excellent judgement and, in terms of her oral advocacy, has great ability and the ear of the court.'
Robin Cleland  – Compass ChambersHe is very experienced in medical negligence (and general personal injury work) and this enables him to identify and advise on potential lines of claim in a specialist area and also discuss matters knowledgeably with experts.’
Chris JonesThemis Advocates 'An excellent advocate who never appears flustered by anything and is forceful in putting across his position but in a pleasant and courteous manner.'
Claire Connelly  – Compass Chambers 'She has great empathy and rapport with clients, outstanding attention to detail and is a tremendous advocate with a great success rate.'
Gavin Thornley  – Compass ChambersGavin is an excellent, very experienced junior counsel. He is always thoroughly prepared and written pleadings are of an exemplary standard. He has an eye for detail whilst retaining the ability to see the big picture. He is very approachable and has a relaxed but professional manner with clients which helps put them at ease during what is often a very stressful time.
Jenny Nicholson    –Ampersand Advocates 'Compassionate with clients, has the attention to detail required in high value and complex cases and provides clear and concise advice.'
Laura Thomson  – Arnot Manderson Advocates 'She is an excellent, hard working, diligent junior with many years of experience.'
Craig Murray - Compass Chambers 'He can see the bigger picture, and is also good at looking for the minute details which added together make the difference between success and failure - he is eternally calm in court and good with witnesses.'
Nick Gardiner  – Arnot Manderson Advocates 'Nick is very thorough and detailed in his preparation. He is very methodical in his approach and leaves no stone unturned,  a fantastic asset in complex clinical negligence cases. He considers the facts and medicine meticulously and leads the team well and achieves good results.'

Rising Stars

Shane Dundas  – Ampersand Advocates ‘Shane has a wonderful eye for detail and quickly gets to the heart of any matter.  He is extremely accommodating and responsive and can turn his hand to all tasks.’ 

Personal injury and medical negligence in Scottish Bar

Ampersand Advocates

Ampersand Advocates is active in a range of heavyweight personal injury and medical negligence litigation, with to some extent a focus on the latter, an area in which it is instructed by Scotland’s leading pursuer firms as well as defenders. Douglas Ross QC is active in both these areas, and in the personal injury field, he has a following in pursuer-side work concerning workplace incidents. Graham Primrose QC and Simon Bowie QC are instructed for the NHS in the mesh implant class action litigation. Vinit Khurana QC, who is also a member of 2 Temple Gardens in England, is thought to be the only doctor-turned-advocate in practice in Scotland. Medical regulatory work is another area of expertise for the team.



‘The stable has a great selection of advocates with very specialist medical negligence experience. I have never had an issue with availability of counsel.’

‘They provide annual training on clinical negligence which is always helpful. Very helpful clerking team. Good range of expertise.’

‘Ampersand has a fantastic variety of advocates at all levels. They provide annual seminars on specialist areas like clinical negligence. They are very much on the go-to stables for any clinical negligence matter.’


‘The Ampersand clerks are very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable of their counsel’s work.’

‘Alan Moffat is my go to clerk at the stable. He is excellent at helping to find the right talent for the job and is the driving force behind the stable’s aim of maintaining a roster of excellent juniors.’

‘Alan Moffat is very approachable and commercially aware.  He is always available to discuss queries and take time to understand complex and sensitive instructions and make recommendations on counsel. Sheena Hume never fails to be positive and would do anything she can to make life easier for counsel and agents.’

Compass Chambers

Compass Chambers features expertise across the reparation space, including in traditional personal injury work, In Burnett or Grant v International Insurance Company of Hanover, Robert Milligan QC  and James Hastie represented the widow of a man strangled to death by a nightclub bouncer, who was convicted of assault but acquitted of murder – at issue was if those facts were covered by an exclusion under the insurance policy covering “liability arising out of deliberate acts” of an employee; Robin Cleland was part of the team representing the insurer.



‘The offering of counsel is extremely impressive at every level. The clerking team is very pleasant to deal with and will bend over backwards to help.’

‘A go-to personal injury stable in Scotland.’

‘Compass Chambers is the leading personal injury stable in Scotland in my view, and has considerable strength in depth. The result is that it is rarely in the position of not having a suitable advocate available at short notice.’

A first port of call for any personal injury litigation.’


‘The Compass clerks are fantastically helpful and extremely well organized.’

‘The clerks at every level are a pleasure to deal with. Gavin Herd, despite being the practice manager, is happy to help with day-to-day enquiries. Lesley Hogg is always a joy to speak with on the phone and Lucy McConville is also lovely.’

‘Gavin Herd heads up an excellent team of clerks, with Lucy McConville and Leona Crosby being particularly helpful to me in the past.’