Leading Silks

Peter Gray KC – Compass Chambers 'His expertise, combined with an excellent court presence and authority, make him stand out. He brings calm to even the most stressful of situations and is always able to put clients at ease.'
Fred Mackintosh KC – Terra Firma Chambers 'A silk who demonstrates in-depth knowledge and focus. He is attentive to clients, a creative thinker and has the ear of the court, even when making very difficult submissions.'
Murdo MacLeod KC – Compass Chambers 'Murdo is fantastic with a jury - he is able to break down very complex technical matters into concepts juries understand, and he is very persuasive.'
Barry Smith KC – Compass Chambers 'A strong leader in the Scottish market. In court he commands respect with his measured tone. He is respected by judges and prosecutors alike.'

Leading Juniors

Barney Ross - Compass Chambers 'Barney has a meticulous eye, and is always a master of his cases.'

Crime and regulatory in Scottish Bar

Compass Chambers

Viewed as ‘the leading regulatory stable in Scotland‘, Compass Chambers attracts praise as ‘a centre for excellence in regulatory crime‘. Peter Gray KC is highly regarded for his expertise in handling high-profile health and safety cases, and ‘in court he has a real sense of gravitas, and clearly has the respect of the bench‘. The ‘very well-regardedBarry Smith KC has an established track record in representing clients from the construction, maritime, retail and oil and gas sectors, to name a few, in cases involving environmental offences, deaths at sea and a range of health and safety matters. Murdo MacLeod KC is ‘an outstanding advocate‘, who is sought after by local authorities, health boards and prominent organisations.


‘Gavin Herd and his team are efficient, flexible and approachable.’

‘Gavin Herd is attentive and approachable.’

Compass Chambers is the go-to stable in Scotland for health and safety work.’