Leading Silks

Roddy McIlvride KCTerra Firma ChambersHe is brilliant in court and can be relied upon to give expert advice on a number of areas of law.'
Calum MacNeill KC - Westwater Advocates 'Calum has exceptional intellectual ability. His approach is always well thought out and very clear. He has the ear of the court and is very persuasive.'
Alan Dewar KC – Ampersand Advocates 'A silk who is extremely knowledgeable, concise and certainly has the ear of the court.'
Robert Howie KC - Ampersand Advocates 'Robert is able to identify core issues in highly complex litigation quickly and with razor sharp focus, and provides practical advice on and solutions to those issues. His analytical skills are first-rate.'

Leading Juniors

Ross Anderson - Ampersand Advocates 'Ross is a good communicator and a first-rate advocate who is quick on his feet. He provides sound and detailed advice.'
Ewen BrownTerra Firma ChambersHe is extremely good at putting the complexities of legal procedure to clients in a clear and succinct way.'
Eoghainn MacLean - Ampersand Advocates 'He thoroughly considers the issues in a case.'
Usman Tariq – Ampersand AdvocatesHe is assiduous and tremendously user-friendly. Judges like his understated approach in court.'
Mark Boni – Ampersand AdvocatesMark is extremely professional in his approach. He has a good manner with clients and provides clear and concise advice on difficult legal issues.'
Brian CrookTerra Firma ChambersBrian is extremely approachable, thorough, and has an excellent grasp of the issues. He provides clear and comprehensive advice.'
Paul Reid - Ampersand Advocates 'Paul understands the pressures solicitors and clients are under and is incredibly easy to work with. He is across every detail, and can be relied upon to explain complex issues in simple language.'
Gordon Watt - Terra Firma Chambers 'A very thorough and intellectually bright advocate who is good with technical legal points.'
Timothy Young - Ampersand Advocates 'Timothy is extremely commercial, and takes time to understand the client's objectives and the wider context of the dispute. He is excellent under pressure and he is extremely robust. His written work is clear and persuasive, and he is equally impressive on his feet.'

Rising Stars

Michael Way - Ampersand Advocates 'Michael is very knowledgeable, and builds a strong rapport with solicitors and clients alike.'

Commercial disputes in Scottish Bar

Ampersand Advocates

Viewed as ‘one of the best stables for commercial disputes counsel‘, Ampersand Advocates‘ team fields expertise in handling insolvency matters, IP-related cases and professional negligence issues, to name a few. Laura-Anne Van Der Westhuizen KC has notable experience in advising on commercial disputes with planning and real estate elements. Graeme Hawkes KC is ‘very responsive‘ and regularly acts in litigation involving commercial contracts. Timothy Young ‘delivers complex legal issues in an easy to understand and pragmatic way‘. Shareholder disputes form a core pillar of Paul Reid‘s practice.



Good pool of advocates.’

Extremely efficient, friendly and responsive.’

A strong stable.’

Highly responsive.’


Alan Moffat is an excellent clerk.’

A responsive and user-friendly team.’

Sheena Hume is excellent – very professional, quick to get back to you and friendly.’

Always helpful.’

Kathryn Ferguson goes above and beyond.’