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Leading Juniors

Charles AuldSt John’s ChambersCharles is a very robust and creative advocate. He is first-class both in conference and on paper. He boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of property law and is a very effective property litigator.’ 
William BatstoneGuildhall ChambersWilliam is always very thorough in his research and in the resulting advice. This linked with a good commercial awareness means that he knows what to focus on to get the best for clients. His advocacy is also  excellent.' 
Rawdon CrozierKBG Chambers ‘Rawdon has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things property. He is a good advocate and has great client care skills. Rawdon is always able to identify the most practical solution.'
Jay JagasiaGuildhall ChambersJay is able to quickly get to grips with complex factual situations and provide thorough and commercial advice. On his feet he is fantastic, robust in cross-examinations and detailed when dealing with intervention and submissions.' 
Christopher JonesSt John’s ChambersChristopher gives clear advice on the issues and strategy.'
John SharplesSt John’s ChambersJohn is outstanding on commercial property matters. He has vast knowledge, which he employs with great thoroughness.' 
Julian AllsopGuildhall Chambers ‘Julian is an excellent all-rounder who is good with clients. He has great clarity on complex matters.’
Adam BoyleSt John’s Chambers ‘Adam is a confident advocate and his skills far exceed his year of call, putting him on a par with those more senior than him and way above his peers of similar call and experience.'  
Matthew Cannings3PBMatthew is very personable and has good relations with clients. He grasps issues quickly and advocates clearly,  precisely and persuasively, keeping to the relevant issues.' 
Natasha DzamehSt John’s ChambersNatasha has a great eye for detail and is able to marshal arguments into very concise and effective submissions and pleadings.' 
Antonietta Grasso3PBAntonietta has brilliant client care skills. She is focused, on top of all arguments and, critically, thinks ten steps ahead.' 
Oliver MitchellGuildhall Chambers ‘Oliver gives very thorough advice and builds a good rapport with lay clients as he is personable and approachable.' 
Paul Newman3PB ‘As an advocate, Paul is charming, persuasive and has that all-important gravitas. He frequently finds an ingenious argument that his peers have not even considered.'
Michael SelwayGuildhall ChambersHis attention to detail when working through legal complexities is excellent and his advice is always clear.' 
Robert Weatherley3PB ‘Robert has the ability to boil down huge amounts of information on to a single sheet of paper. He has a great deal of compassion for his clients but is very robust with opponents.'
Oliver WoodingSt John’s ChambersOliver is a highly skilled barrister whose skill and expertise is evident on every instruction. In addition to his impressive breadth of knowledge, he is incredibly skilled in interacting with clients.' 

Rising Stars

Daniel Soar - St John's Chambers 'Dan is exceptionally user friendly and he has a knack for providing commercial and practical advice, delivered in an understandable manner. He is technically strong and will find solutions, even in complex circumstances.'
Brittany Pearce – St John’s Chambers ‘Brittany is very pragmatic and robust in her approach. She can think on her feet and does not shy away from situations which are sprung on her at the last moment.'

Property and construction in Regional Bar

St John's Chambers

St John’s Chambers is a ‘first-class‘ set for property and construction law work, with ‘a range of experienced barristers and upcoming juniors‘. John Sharples is ‘outstanding on commercial property matters‘ - he recently acted for the respondent in Ali v Khatib & ors, a Court of Appeal case which resolved conflicting first instance authority to clarify the law relating to occupation rent, including the weight to be given to the occupying party’s conduct or circumstances when determining when rent is payable. James Pearce-Smith acts in construction disputes involving builders and subcontractors as well as in professional negligence claims against architects and developers. Christopher Jones, ‘very confident in court and in arbitrations‘, has a broad property practice, while Charles Auld, ‘a robust and creative advocate‘, has considerable experience dealing with boundary disputes, landlord and tenant work, rights of way, and land registration. Adam Boyle recently acted for the respondent in Philpott v Bovisand Park Limited, an unusual considering whether an applicant might prescriptively acquire an easement over land, notwithstanding permission to use the land having been granted, if they are in fact subjectively unaware that such permission has been granted.



‘Both Rob Bocock and Paul Bennett are highly approachable and are excellent in matching counsel to the case requirements and the needs of the client.’

‘The clerks at St John’s are a credit to the set. Elizabeth Champion, Rob Bocock, and Simon Lyons make instructing any barrister possible with incredible ease.’

‘A first class set. All the barristers are excellent and their CPD training is brilliant.’

‘St John’s Chambers has proven its ability to take on a range of difficult and complex cases, both when it comes to expert advice and where representation is needed at a mediation or hearing.’

‘St Johns Chambers is a go-to chambers. They have a range of experienced barristers and upcoming juniors.’

‘A good clerking team.’

Work highlights

Guildhall Chambers

Members of Guildhall Chambers have ‘wide-ranging expertise‘ in property and construction disputes. William Batstone is ‘an effective advocate‘ who regularly acts for landowners, farmers, and arbitrators in rural property disputes. In 2023 he acted for two farm owners in Chaplin v Morgan, which considered the proper method of terminating farm business tenancies and 1986 Act tenancies, as well as for the claimant in Williams v TG & HM Williams and Sons, which is significant for addressing the question of the correct approach to satisfaction of an equity following Guest v Guest, with the claimant having farmed a family farm for several decades in the belief he would inherit it. Jay Jagasiaquickly gets to grips with complex factual situations‘ - he has recently been instructed, unled, for the defendants in Henwood v Copeland & McGaws, a High Court property dispute concerning an adverse possession claim against several valuable plots of land in Cornwall. Oliver Mitchell’s property practice includes cases concerning water, sewerage, and other utility assets as well as disputes over proprietary rights and boundaries.


‘Guildhall’s clerks are excellent; responsive, helpful and contactable. Stephen Arnold in particular is a go-to and makes it easy to go back to Guildhall again and again.’ 

‘Jordan Yandell and Joe Stayte are both first class clerks.’

‘Steve Arnold is very helpful and always quick to respond.’

‘Guildhall is a very good set of chambers that has grown from strength in recent years in relation to property expertise.’ 

‘Guildhall offered a good seminar recently on property disputes and they have strength in depth.’ 

‘Excellent clerks that are quick at providing fee estimates and are always accurate in relation to counsel’s availability and timescales for advice.’

‘Good clerks.’

Work highlights


3PB has ‘a broad range of expertise within chambers’ in relation to property matters, including development projects, planning, land use, lease renewals, mortgage disputes, and orders for sale. Antonietta Grasso has ‘brilliant client care skills‘ and is ‘able to cut through volumes of documents to get to the heart of a matter’; she has considerable experience handling boundary disputes, adverse possession claims, possession orders, and property damage cases. Matthew Cannings is ‘an excellent barrister‘ specialising in neighbour disputes, while Robert Weatherley, ‘an encyclopaedia of knowledge‘, has recently acted in several cases concerning easements. Members also offer construction law expertise, with Paul Newman undertaking a mix of contentious and non-contentious work, including professional negligence claims against construction professionals.


‘3PB has a strong team of clerks, particularly Joe Townsend.’

‘Jade Owen is very efficient and always happy to discuss your needs. Mark Heath is also very approachable and is prepared to have a chat about cases.’

‘Abi Griffin and Robert Leonard are always immensely helpful. Abi always offers a prompt response to routine instructions and Robert makes it easy to establish a relationship with a new barrister when the circumstances demand.’

‘Jade Owen, Matthew Scanlon and Joe Townsend in particular provide excellent service.’

‘3PB has a broad range of expertise within chambers meaning they often have someone available for a particular case.’

‘A very good, approachable set.’

‘3PB is a ‘go-to’ chambers – this is primarily because they are very user-friendly.’

Work highlights