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Leading Silks

Christopher Sharp KCSt John’s ChambersChristopher has a colossal intellect, which, coupled with a huge capacity for hard work, attention to detail and an acute awareness of potential pitfalls, ensures that cases are thoroughly prepared and brilliantly presented, both on paper and in court.' 

Leading Juniors

Thomas ChallacombeKBG Chambers ‘Thomas is very knowledgeable and approachable. He is particularly good with clients and putting them at ease, and explaining his advice in plain English.’
Mark Lomas3PBMark is a senior junior with incredible knowledge and skill. He has one of the brightest minds around and is always quick to see issues. His particular strengths lie with schedules of loss and medical evidence.' 
Andrew McLaughlin – St John’s Chambers ‘Andrew is excellent at drafting erudite defences and counter schedules. He is adept at probing cross-examination of witnesses at trial and putting forward complex cases in a straightforward fashion. He has in-depth medical knowledge and is a masterful tactician in mediations and without prejudice settlement meetings.’ 
Oliver MooreGuildhall ChambersHe is always well-prepared and has an accurate grasp of complex issues. He has an excellent rapport with clients who he puts quickly at ease. He is also an accomplished advocate in court.’
Anthony ReddifordGuildhall Chambers ‘Anthony has a great analytical approach to cases. He is very skilled and also very approachable. He is always willing to talk through complex issues and can see things from every potential angle.' 
Richard SteadSt John’s ChambersRichard is extremely knowledgeable, puts clients at ease and is an excellent trial advocate.'
Matthew WhiteSt John’s Chambers ‘Matthew has an incredible attention to detail. He is meticulous in his planning and written work and his persuasively balanced but no-nonsense approach makes him an exceptional advocate.’
Emma Zeb Gatehouse Chambers 'Emma is a technically excellent barrister with a good knowledge of the law and of complex medical conditions. She has an eye for detail and a forensic approach to assessing evidence. She provides clear and practical advice on claims.'
James BentleyGuildhall ChambersJames combines comprehensive and acute knowledge with an ability to comment and advise on complicated issues in very understandable way. He also exercises commercial pragmatism and has a pleasing manner.' 
Gabriel FarmerGuildhall Chambers ‘Gabriel is extremely thorough and has excellent drafting skills. He gets to the crux of a case quickly and is adept at analysing the evidence. Gabriel is also excellent with clients, experts and witnesses.'
Adam GaddPump Court ChambersAdam is a patient and thoughtful advocate with a tremendous court presence. His organisation is sound, which allows him to deploy his impressive analytical abilities, particularly of complex, expert evidence.'
Ben HandySt John’s Chambers ‘Ben combines a forensic approach to the evidence whilst taking into account broader issues in a case. He provides excellent advice on strategy and is a reliable and reassuring presence. He is also a resourceful and highly adaptable advocate.' 
Martin LanchesterGuildhall Chambers ‘Martin is extremely perceptive; he considers papers very thoroughly before providing comprehensive advice of a high quality. He has an in-depth knowledge of the law and is always well prepared for conferences and court appearances. Perhaps his greatest strength is his ability to bond with clients.' 
Joanna LewisQueen Square Chambers ‘Joanna is personable and approachable. She provides thorough, well-researched and detailed advice and is particularly capable at explaining matters to clients in a way that they can understand.'
Michelle Marnham3PB ‘Michelle is knowledgeable both practically and technically, thorough, sympathetic and empathetic.'
James MarwickSt John’s Chambers ‘James is an extremely gifted advocate, which also comes from thorough preparation. He is empathetic and cares about his clients. He also does not shy away from giving an opinion, either in person, on an ad hoc basis or on paper.'
Duncan McNair3PB ‘Duncan provides robust advice and sees the nuances in every case - he is very good on his feet and excellent with clients too.’
Jimmy Barber  - St John's Chambers 'Jimmy is wise beyond his years and call and is exceptionally detailed and thorough in the advice that he gives. He very quickly sees the issues in a case and his advocacy skills are second to none.' 
James Hughes  – St John’s Chambers ‘James is extremely personable and communicates well with those instructing and clients alike. He has good technical knowledge and his advocacy and courtroom presence are impressive.'
Tom Webb  – 3PB ‘Tom is an exceptional personal injury barrister. He is extremely knowledgeable and couples a pragmatic and constructive approach with forceful and well-reasoned advocacy. He is also well liked by clients and is very empathetic.'
Kriti Upadhyay – Guildhall Chambers ‘Kriti is exceptionally well prepared, enthusiastic and empathetic. Her attention to detail is apparent in her questioning of witnesses and well-considered submissions.' 
Darren LewisSt John’s Chambers ‘Darren has very keen eye for detail and his pleadings are succinct and robust. He is an excellent advocate and in cross-examination he is thorough.'
Oliver ManleyGuildhall Chambers ‘Oliver is really good at getting to the heart of the key issues in a case quickly. He is always thoroughly prepared and his written advice detailed. He is very good with clients and is a very impressive advocate.'
Rachel SegalSt John’s Chambers ‘Rachel has an unrivalled attention to detail, excellent response times, and is a thoughtful and concise advocate.' 
Richard Wheeler3PBRichard is probably one of the best all round barristers around. Both his advocacy and paper work is exceptional. He is excellent with clients and extremely personable, which is so crucial in claims involving serious injury work.'

Personal injury in Regional Bar

St John's Chambers

St John's Chambers is ‘an impressive set with a number of high-quality barristers’, praised by some as ‘the strongest set in the South West for claimant personal injury litigation’. Christopher Sharp KC handles medically and legally complex claims, often involving catastrophic brain and spinal injuries, for both claimants and defendants, while Andrew McLaughlin, a ‘tenacious advocate with vast experience’, represents insurers in high-value, multi-track claims. In Jenkinson v Robertson, Matthew White, ‘a master of fine detail’, represented a claimant in his appeal against an initial finding that he had been fundamentally dishonest in his claim following a road traffic accident. Jimmy Barber, ‘excellent at getting to the important issues in a case‘, specialises in claims involving accidents abroad, hearing loss, asthma, freezing injuries, and chronic pain, as well as in cases with complicating procedural issues.


‘Adam Marston and Hugh Maguire are quick, efficient, reliable, polite, and manage the members very well. Very dependable and trustworthy characters.’

‘The clerks are extremely helpful and responsive, particularly Adam Marston and Hugh Maguire.’

‘The clerks are well-organised and friendly. They always have a sensible choice or suggestion if there is a conflict of dates. They are accessible and can be relied on in a crisis! Adam Marston, Lara Hanney and Hugh Maguire in particular are excellent.’

‘The strongest set in the South West for claimant personal injury litigation by far.’

‘St John’s Chambers is an impressive set with a number of high-quality barristers.’

‘St John’s Chambers is a great go-to set for the South West and beyond. They have an excellent choice for senior juniors.’

‘St John’s is without a doubt the go-to set in the South West of the country, consistently providing a high level of service.’


3PB is a ‘go-to set‘ for some for personal injury work. Mark Lomas boasts ‘a huge amount of experience in personal injury work’. He acts for both claimants and defendants, often in cases involving traumatic brain or spinal injuries. Michelle Marnham, ‘a leader in her field’, primarily handles claimant instructions and specialises in complex regional pain syndrome cases as well as brain injury cases. Tom Webb’s cases regularly concern road traffic accidents, occupier’s liability and claims against employers.


‘The clerks at 3PB are excellent. David Snook is always a pleasure to deal with and understands commercial realities well. Edward Holdstock is also fantastic; he knows his barristers inside out and readily grasps the needs of an instructing solicitor.’

‘Natalie Bryan is wonderful – so friendly and if she can’t help she will go away and find the answer and come back to you. She is reliable and goes the extra mile always which is what you want in a clerk.’

‘Edward Holdstock is friendly, approachable and goes out of his way to assist you.’

‘3PB is simply a fantastic chambers with a real specialty in personal injury claims. They punch well above their weight and are regarded as on a par with, if not better than some, London sets. They have a fantastic spread of exceptional personal injury barristers at all levels.’

‘3PB is a growing set in the fields of serious PI and clinical negligence cases.’

‘This set has huge depth and breadth in PI.’ 

‘A brilliant set of clerks.’

Work highlights

Guildhall Chambers

Guildhall Chambers‘excellent’ personal injury team ‘deals with cases of the most significant value and complexity‘. James Bentley’s practice is evenly divided between claimant and defendant instructions, often involving brain injuries, the Fatal Accidents and Animals Acts, secondary victim claims, pain disorders, and complex loss of earnings claims. He recently acted in a case in which valuation was heavily contested because the precise nature of the injury in question could not be determined. Oliver Moorehas a meticulous eye for detail‘ and recently represented the claimant in a matter involving severe injuries following a road traffic accident, as well as an amputation several years after the accident, issues around life expectancy and contributory negligence, and other factual and evidential controversies.


‘Caroline Evans and Olive Kavanagh are brilliant. Issues inevitably arise from time to time and both are excellent at resolving these.’

‘The clerks are always very helpful and accommodating. Olive Kavanagh in particular is a pleasure to deal with.’

‘An excellent PI Team. They are always able to offer counsel and provide excellent training.’

‘The set is a fantastic set and deals with claims of the most significant value and complexity. The quality of counsel top to bottom is second to none.’

‘The personal injury team at Guildhall Chambers is fantastic. Throughout the year they provide really helpful training as well as bespoke training if requested. They are all very approachable and personable.’

‘Good clerks, always helpful and efficient.’

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers is known as ‘one of the best personal injury sets at the Bar’. Charles Woodhouse KC has particular experience acting in defendant claims involving chronic pain, functional illness, and mild traumatic brain injury as well as for members of the armed services. Kara Loraine was recently instructed by the claimant in the widely publicised High Court case of Mathieu v Aviva, in which a successful artist suffering from a brain injury following a collision with a moped claimed for significant compensation for loss of past and future earnings - the case considered whether provisional damages can and should be awarded for the risk of developing dementia due to severe traumatic brain injury.


‘Will Meade and Oliver Moliterno are excellent.’

‘Charlie Sparling, David Cunnington and Bruno Gill are all excellent.’

‘Old Square is one of the best personal injury sets at the bar.’