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Leading Silks

Christopher Sharp KC - St John's Chambers 'A leading silk in this area. He is fastidious with a fine forensic mind.'

Leading Juniors

Thomas Challacombe - KBG Chambers 'Thomas has the immense skill of making clients feel comfortable yet reassured with his confident ability to advise across all fields of personal injury litigation. His advocacy is well prepared and delivered with authority.'
Mark Lomas3PB 'A superb junior. He has a fantastic manner with clients and always provides a calm and easy reassurance. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of personal injury work and never phased by any complexities.'
Andrew McLaughlin – St John’s ChambersHis forensic exploration of the material is his great strength. With Andrew you know he will leave no stone unturned. Clients love him. He is down to earth and personable so that lay and professional clients both equally enjoy working with him. His breadth of experience is a great asset. He is as good dealing with fundamental dishonesty cases as a catastrophic injury case. A superb senior junior.’
Oliver Moore - Guildhall Chambers 'He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable, communicates well and appropriately in any given situation, and is very good speaking with clients directly. He understands the minutiae of what clients and insurers require and always delivers. He is an impressive advocate in court.'
Anthony Reddiford - Guildhall Chambers 'Anthony is a very good trial advocate, with in depth knowledge of complex, high value claims. He communicates well with clients.'
Richard Stead - St John's Chambers 'A very good trial advocate with courtroom gravitas.'
Matthew White - St John's Chambers 'Matthew is very astute, and very good on technical detail concerning expert evidence.'
Emma Zeb Gatehouse Chambers 'Emma is an outstanding advocate and legal heavyweight, with the ability to untangle the legal issues while leaving no stone unturned, and then present them in an understandable and logical framework for the clients.'
Gabriel Farmer - Guildhall Chambers 'He is very analytical and communicates well. He is excellent at explaining complex issues to clients.'
Adam GaddPump Court Chambers 'He is a highly impressive advocate with a tremendous court presence and mastery of the papers. His skills of organisation are impressive, as are his analytical abilities, particularly of complex, expert evidence. His judgement is impeccable and his inter-personal skills are very good.'
Ben Handy - St John's Chambers 'Ben is very astute and gets to the heart of the issue straight away. He is a details man, yet he communicates in a very clear and concise manner, which enables all concerned to focus on the core issues. He is a very personable barrister.'
Martin Lanchester - Guildhall Chambers 'He is extremely knowledgeable about this area of law, and very prompt and efficient with his advice. He excels with clients and experts.'
Joanna Lewis - Queen Square Chambers 'Joanna has a wealth of knowledge in personal injury law. She is extremely good tactically and has a very pragmatic approach to cases. She is very good with clients and really listens to them so they feel in control of their case.'
Michelle Marnham3PB 'Michelle is a good communicator with clients and provides practical advice. She is knowledgeable, approachable and responsive.'
James Marwick - St John's Chambers 'James does not back away from a difficult or challenging case. He is robust yet able to change his style in cross examination, depending on the individual in front of him, and his advocacy is second to none. He has an excellent way with clients to make them feel at ease.'
James Hughes  - St John's Chambers 'A tenacious advocate, who is very approachable and appreciated by clients and witnesses alike for his easy-going manner and interpersonal skills.'
Tom Webb  - 3PB 'Tom is an excellent communicator. His advice is clear and definitive. All work prepared is detailed and always on time. Clients like him as he has a very calm manner about him.'
Kriti Upadhyay - Guildhall Chambers 'Kriti is tenacious and tactically astute. She is a very analytical and thorough barrister, who works hard and goes the extra mile for clients.'
Luke Ashby3PB 'Luke has a real eye for detail in his approach to challenging personal injury work. He can be relied on to get to the heart of the real issues and come up with well thought through solutions.'
James Bentley - Guildhall Chambers 'James is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and thorough - he is a very safe pair of hands. His advice is thorough, well thought out and easy to understand.'
Darren Lewis - St John's Chambers 'Darren is a tenacious advocate who presents his clients' cases with true passion. He is a formidable presence in court; he consistently demonstrates tenacity and rigour and is fearless in cross-examination.'
Oliver Manley - Guildhall Chambers 'An excellent barrister. Oliver is always well prepared and his work is thorough and detailed. He puts clients at ease.' 
Daniel Neill - Old Square Chambers 'Daniel is very good at unpicking very complex medical evidence and tactically considering how to deal with complex issues. He is excellent in conference with experts.'
Lauren Seager - Queen Square Chambers 'She grasps the important aspects of the case quickly from the outset, and is able to inspire confidence in the claim with her considered and balanced views.'
Rachel Segal - St John's Chambers 'She has impeccable attention to detail, and is able to give quick and firm advice on difficult questions.'
Richard Wheeler3PB 'Richard is very knowledgeable, and quick to get to grips with the essential elements of the case. His advice is always meticulous and considered.'

Personal injury in Regional Bar

St John's Chambers

The team at St John’s Chambers is praised by clients for its ‘deep breadth of knowledge on all aspects of personal injury‘. ‘Superb advocateChristopher Sharp KC has an excellent track record in representing claimants and defendants in high-value catastrophic spinal and brain injury cases. Senior junior Andrew McLaughlin is particularly strong as a trial lawyer in this field. In recent work, Matthew White and James Marwick appeared in Brown v South West Lakes Trust and others, a Court of Appeal case arising from a fatal car accident in 2017; issues in the case included the extent of the duty of care owed to unintentional trespassers by occupiers of land adjoining the highway.



St John’s Chambers has a wide breadth of expertise and experience.’

Always able to offer available counsel at the right level on any case.’


A highly efficient set.’


The clerks of St John’s are outstanding and deserve a special mention. Adam Marston combines a wicked sense of humour with good knowledge of the strengths of the barristers within his care and is always able to make helpful recommendations. Hugh Maguire is also extremely helpful and always willing to go the extra mile.’

Hugh Maguire is a first-rate clerk. Easy to work with, a good problem-solver and quick with communications.’

Adam Marston in particular is helpful and accommodating.’

Annette Bushell provides an excellent service.’


3PB ‘has a wealth of very knowledgeable barristers in the area of personal injury law‘. Practice head Michelle Marnham is ‘very skilled at building a rapport with clients‘ and has particular expertise in fatal accident claims, catastrophic injury cases and issues surrounding liability. Mark Lomas is ‘a heavyweight in personal injury law‘ and ‘a consistently high quality performer‘, and Tom Webb is instructed by insurers in multi-track cases involving allegations of fundamental dishonesty. Richard Wheeler is ‘tenacious‘ and ‘excellent tactically with significant insight and experience to progress complex cases‘. The ‘robustLuke Ashby stands out as ‘particularly good on complex liability disputes‘.



3PB is an excellent set, very well clerked and with a good range of skilled counsel.

The set goes out of its way to help, it always finds counsel for us, and is excellent at matching counsel to our particular cases.

A superb set in this field with great strength-in-depth.’


The clerks are excellent, particularly Edward Holdstock. He always goes above and beyond to assist me with counsel, even if it’s very last minute.’

The service is outstanding. The practice managers are very hands-on, and we always get prompt replies to any queries. They are all highly organised.

David Snook is excellent.’

Stuart Pringle is a top clerk and adept at finding the right barrister for the right job.’

The team is very well led by David Snook and has a wealth of experience. Edward Holdstock, in particular, is a credit to chambers. He always goes the extra mile for instructing solicitors and is on hand to seamlessly ensure no issues ever arise in the process. He knows his barristers inside out and is adept at matching them up to appropriate cases.’

Guildhall Chambers

Guildhall Chambers is described as housing ‘an excellent personal injury team‘; ‘the set offers a wide selection of barristers who cover the full spectrum of areas of personal injury law‘. The ‘always well-preparedOliver Moore fields expertise in fatal accident cases and catastrophic injury claims, with a specific focus on cases involving brain injuries. The ‘very intelligentAnthony Reddiford appeared for the claimant in NAX v MAX & Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group Ltd, concerning catastrophic injuries arising from a motorcycle accident. Martin Lanchester ‘s caseload includes catastrophic injury claims, road traffic accidents, employer’s and public liability claims and disease claims.



They have a number of experienced barristers and are adept at matching the right barrister to the right cases.’

Very good strength in depth.’

Excellent chambers.’

All the barristers I have instructed are knowledgeable, thorough and personable – I can trust them to do their very best for my clients.’


The clerks are quick to respond and very helpful.’

Olive Kavanagh offers very efficient clerking with a friendly demeanour.’

Olive and Caroline are fantastic. They acknowledge instructions quickly and are great communicators. They are very knowledgeable and always happy to make recommendations for counsel for particular cases.’

The clerks are wonderful, very nice to deal with. Friendly, organised and communicative!

Old Square Chambers

At Old Square Chambers, the personal injury team continues to handle a wide range of defendant and claimant work. Toby Kempster counts claimant-based instructions as a key strength, with notable expertise in high-value fatal accident claims, employer’s liability cases and occupational disease claims. Sophie Beesley is regularly instructed in road traffic accident claims, as well as employer’s and occupier’s liability claims. Kara Loraine is a key name for representing defendants and claimants in complex multi-track claims. In recent news for the set, Charles Woodhouse KC took silk in March 2022 and Daniel Neill joined from Guildhall Chambers in May 2022.