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Richard Wheeler – 3PB ‘Richard is excellent at inquest work. He is a tenacious advocate but is also very intuitive and can read a coroner well in order to adapt his approach. He is excellent with clients and extremely personable, which is so crucial in inquest work. Richard is always fully prepared and readily grasps the key points in any inquest.’ 
David SapiechaAlbion ChambersDavid’s advocacy is very good. He is able to turn off his criminal advocate demeanour and conduct himself in a way that is respectful of the deceased’s family. David is also very good at making submissions and questioning witnesses in a way that benefits the client.’ 
Marcus Coates-Walker – 1 Crown Office Row 'I rate Marcus Coates-Walker in particular.'
Alexander WestAlbion Chambers ‘Alex has an extraordinary ability not to be fazed by anything which is unexpected; he glides above it all like a swan. His advocacy is concise and clear. He is also fantastic at analysing documentation and evidence and has an ability to get to the heart of a problem.’ 
Emma Zeb Gatehouse ChambersEmma is incredibly thorough. She thinks things through very carefully and always presents sound and reasoned advice. She is an excellent advocate, presenting her cases very clearly and succinctly whilst not missing any of the detail. She is also able to think on her feet and adapt her style according to how the case is progressing.’ 

Inquests and inquiries in Regional Bar

Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers’ inquests and inquiries team, led by Alexander West, continues to gain traction on the Western Circuit, with members now regularly acting for NHS Trusts, families of the deceased, regulators and businesses, with some cases involving hospital and custody settings. David Sapiecha is deputy head of inquests and has recently acted on several occasions in connection with inquests into the deaths of individuals with mental health issues discharged from police custody or the care of community mental health teams. Kate Brunner KC is currently chairing the Independent Isle of Man Covid-19 Review, while West is acting as counsel to it.


‘The clerks at Albion Chambers are brilliant. Nick Jeanes and Ken Duthie are particularly excellent. Nothing is ever too much trouble.’ 

‘Albion Chambers is a very good set. In terms of Inquests, I have taken part in training that has been offered by them and this was very good. The number of barristers who practice in this area is small, but those who do are very good.’

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